Scarlett Johansson Goes Superhuman in ‘Lucy’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Universal has released the first trailer for Luc Besson’s sci-fi thriller “Lucy,” starring Scarlett Johansson as a drug mule with superhuman powers.

The movie, set in the Taiwanese capital Taipei, centers on Johansson’s character accidentally ingesting a drug she was carrying — giving her massive intelligence and superhuman strength. It also stars Morgan Freeman as a scientist.

The trailer shows a determined Johansson escaping from her captors as the drug takes hold and easily destroying all obstacles in her path.

“Lucy” has been described by Besson as being a film “about pure intelligence.” “We’re basically using 10 percent of our brain. What happens when we use more?” he told reporters in November, after wrapping an 11-day shoot in Taipei.

“Lucy” is produced by EuropaCorp and Gaul’s TF1 Film production, with backing from paybox Canal Plus. “Lucy” started shooting in mid-September at Besson’s Cite du Cinema megastudio in the outskirts of Paris.

Universal will release the film on Aug. 8.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Saw the trailer and got chills all over my body. Scarlett is incredible. Felt so inspired by her acting! Can’t wait to see this film.

  2. stachio says:

    lucy will feature the age-old racist narrative of pure white woman (scarlet johansson) being violated by scary, brown men. and the new white feminist trope of women gaining their power by violently eliminating brown men. who needs the white male savior when we now have white female saviors, taking it into their own hands to save their whiteness from all that non-whiteness. so radical.

    • John Shea says:

      Virtually all of us humans are brown. We’re usually only white when we’re dead. In any case, starting sentences with capital letters does make comments easier to read.

      • John Shea says:

        Such stereotypes! You don’t know me, who my ancestors were or what color I am. And the capital letters are a courtesy, not smarts.

      • stachio says:

        tell that to your ancestors who historically and presently continue to make all their laws based on who classifies as “white”. we didn’t make this shit up. wow, you must be so much smarter than me because you capitalize your sentences. and i’m so surprised that a white person is taking the time to undermine what i said about racism. that almost never happens!

  3. christopher says:

    i do see that women of such sensual beauty get the same reactions and effects as mrs lucy just by being so desired.

  4. Liger Underwoods says:

    Scarlett has a nice Juicy Lucy role that has the Twin Cites written all over it! But what happens when Dakota Rock Johnson steals her spotlight in Filthy Shades of Grey??? People will offer Don Juan Johnson of Crockett n’ Hutch fame, new roles because his daughter knows how to expose herself, like Kate Upton in Jamaica!..

  5. Tyler says:

    Rip-off of limitless? Yeah probably… I think Johannson makes up for it though with sex appeal!

  6. Meet Tha BeaTHOLES says:

    Just a cheap Limitless rip-off! Or The 5th Element of Limitlessness…

    Lucy in the sky with diamonds!

  7. saffir says:

    this looks really bad

  8. Kenmandu says:

    Sorry not enough violence…

  9. Dalibor says:

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  10. Glenn C. says:

    Sounds like “Limitless” to me. Love how they have to pretend it’s all “new”!

  11. astralweeks says:

    Lootzy, you got some splainin’ to do.

  12. Jamie says:

    hot, is all I can say.
    figure what else I can say at
    tag Jamie Hinte on tumblr.

  13. J says:

    Humans only using 10% of their brain capacity is a myth. Our brains are like a computer CPU; while only a small amount of neurons are firing at anyone time, those that aren’t are busy completing other important tasks. Numerous scientific studies have refuted this myth, including tests with PET scans and fMRIs. Suffice it to say, if only 10% of our brains were being used, we would be braindead. This is as bad as the pseudo-science they used to explain Crank 2

  14. Ardeth says:

    Dumb. It looks dumb.

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