Robert Downey Jr: No Plans for ‘Iron Man 4’

Robert Downey Jr: No Plans for

Don’t hold your breath, Tony Stark fans.

In a new interview with Variety, Robert Downey Jr. shot down speculation about a fourth “Iron Man” movie.

“There isn’t one in the pipe,” Downey said. “No, there’s no plan for a fourth ‘Iron Man.'”

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The actor, in Toronto to promote his new film “The Judge,” signed with Marvel and Disney for two “Avengers” sequels, which hit theaters summer 2015 and 2018, but has been reluctant to commit to any more superhero films.

When asked if he would “let” somebody else play Tony Stark, Downey laughed off the idea.

“I like that the idea is that it would be up to me, like I’m casting director for Marvel,” he said.

“Don’t give it to anybody else,” his “Judge” costar Robert Duvall advised.

Downey did joke about the possibility of “The Judge” being a trilogy when talking about how much he cherished working with Duvall.

“Maybe it’ll be trilogy, like that other series he was in,” he joked. “I heard two of those were good.”

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“The Avengers: Age of Ultron” recently wrapped filming in the U.K. with director Joss Whedon and original cast members of the box office sensation.

It opens May 1, 2015.

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  1. Adam says:

    I think that the rules of Robert Downey Jr. that we have to make a 1 more sequel for Iron man 4 because from The marvels studios makes the rules thru 2019 and those are the rules that means Robert Downey Jr. lets do 1 more sequel and the Other Marvel’s studios will make a sequel

  2. Robert Downey Jr. needs good roles that he can sink his teeth in besides these tent pole films. Robert try being in my film BOGIE & BACALL as Humphrey Bogart!

  3. David says:

    This isn’t new. We knew this like a year ago.

  4. Greg says:

    This is a coded spoiler for Iron Man Dies in Avengers 3

  5. Richard says:

    He will still play Iron Man in the Avengers so its not like he will never play the role again. Besides breaks between movies sometimes help make things fresh (look at James Bond). In 4 years he might decide he wants to make another and the writers will come up with some cool new ideas. I thought Iron Man 3 was a big step down from the first one so a breather might be good.

  6. airdave817 says:

    Wait, is Marvel really TIRED of taking my money? ;)

  7. Alaysha says:

    I honestly can not see anyone playing the role of tony stark better than Robert Downey Jr. himself but of course there is going to come a time where he can no longer proceed on doing those films. He might think that time is now. I am very heart broken over the fact there wont be anymore iron man films but at least we get a chance to see him in the two up coming avenger films. Hopefully Robert Downey Jr. and marvel can see what a great combination the two are and not cast anyone else. But if they were to cast someone new i would suggest they give it some time. Not jump at the first chance they get to replace/ reboot iron man.

    • If he isn’t back then we have a smart-alec kid with an awesome lab kitted out by a billionaire, and who knows what funding who will be in his late teens by 2020 when it would come time for Iron Man to have a successor. I doubt it’ll be the same actor but the point is they’ve now set up a character in the cannon who can naturally take the reins when the time comes.

  8. TONY says:

    Give it two years…RDJ will be back

  9. Ken in Toronto says:

    Behind the green-screen, metal suit, gadgetry and laconic one-liners lurks an actor with some real acting chops. Mr. Downey Jr. may be getting bored with the franchise (and certainly the last 2 stand-alone IRON MAN flicks, while lucrative, weren’t really very good), and I can’t blame him. I ran ZODIAC again the other week…and was reminded once again how extremely good he can be…playing a realistic human character. He’s in town promoting THE JUDGE, which looks interesting, and which he seems enthused about. He is not enthused about IRON MAN. After the next coupla AVENGERS flicks, Mr. Downey Jr. should bow out gracefully…and focus on more meaningful properties.

  10. CorinthianPony says:

    I think there’ll be an Iron Man 4 and possibly 5, with Downey in the lead. Why not — he’s only 49 and looks 10 years younger, and both he and, more importantly, Marvel and Disney, know there are hundreds of millions more dollars to be made.

    I think these comments are the first round of foreplay with Marvel for a new contract — he wants it a little, and they want it a lot. There’ll be several rounds of this “I’m not that interested” and “Well, we’re not that interested either, and here’s who we think can be the next Iron Man,” and all the fencing and riposting that usually goes on. And in about a year we’ll hear the big announcement that RDJ has signed on for IM4 and maybe 5, at an undisclosed amount that will probably break another salary record.

    I know that I, and many other fans, would never accept another actor as Iron Man. There’s been no one in Hollywood history who’s so thoroughly owned a continuing role. The truth is that Marvel and Disney had better just hang up the Iron Man armor if they can’t get RDJ back on board, because the outcry from the fans would be the loudest sound in the history of the Internet, and that’s not the kind of PR anyone wants.

  11. Jay says:

    Why?!…. We love RDJ and want HIM to sign on for #Ironman4 ….no one else!!!

  12. cadavra says:

    Oh, for Gawd’s sake, by the time AVENGERS 3 comes out he’ll have played the role six times. He’s already got more money than he can ever spend, so let him do something else. Yes, he’s wonderful as Stark, but nobody’s irreplaceable. Hell, we’ve got three concurrent Sherlock Holmeses (Cumberbatch, Miller and Downey) and nobody complains that Rathbone was irreplaceable. Let it go already.

  13. Jack says:

    josh holloway would not only make a great tony stark, he’d fit right into marvel’s budget.

  14. Bill Cowell says:

    I promise that with enough money dangled in front him he will do it. Probably would have to be in the $150 million range. He is getting $75 million for the Avenger’s films.

  15. Isai76 says:

    They should delivery a Brinks truck to RDJ to keep him in the fold. @ Marvel.

  16. verno says:

    echoing all of the comments thus far..
    adding that the superb downey was a fallen star, while comic readers across generations see stark as a wounded man.
    a perfect fusion of actor and character unlikely to be repeated.

  17. sage bollman says:

    I’ve always been inspired by the iron man story line, in fact I’ve built a model ark reactor and a suit just to get the feeling of power that iron man suit gives I’ve put my whole life into that suit because it fascinates me that other kids in our generation might actually bring that to reality in the future and it kills me that Robert Downey jr. Can’t think of a story line for another iron man and they can even base it mostly off of that kid from iron man 3 that tony stark gave everything to he could build the suits in the movie it would be awesome to add that in if there was a iron man 4 but please make another movie I love the iron man suit and ark reactor and I would hate for those two beautiful objects to die with the story – sage Bollman, age 14

  18. patricia says:

    No one could ever replace Robert Downey, Jr. as Ironman! No one could ever play him the way this man does!

  19. Ted says:

    Really only the first Iron Man and The Avengers were good. Iron Man 2 & 3 were pretty lousy. I like Downey as the character and have high hopes for Avengers: Age of Ultron though.

    • CorinthianPony says:

      Actually, Iron Man 3 was the BEST of the Iron Man movies – clever and intelligent script, great acting, amazing cast. The ones who didn’t like it were fanboys who wanted to see more of Tony flying around in armor. I appreciated the chance to see him OUT of the armor and on his own, having to rely on his own wits and courage. And the “Mandarin twist” was the greatest thing ever! Kudos to Shane Black and Drew Pearson for the best Iron Man story.

      • I agree I think Iron Man 3 was the best of the series, him having a panic attack in the bar, and how incredibly well he played the psychological impact of the battle of New York. The suit of armor metaphor as relating to psychological and emotional vulnerability and availability is so common in the zeitgeist and here we get to see someone who literally built one and doesn’t feel safe without it to the point where he assembled it in his sleep. It was just such a powerful scene, incredible acting and directing, it took my breath away. And I loved how he literally threw the suit onto Pepper to protect her. RDJ really got to bring out his acting chops in IM3 I think, we got a sneak peak at the flawed man, at how even beneath the suit, he had always worn a suit of armor, that his narcissism and womanising playboy lifestyle were in themselves just a protective shield hiding a wounded man.
        And if ever a man was made for a role it was RDJ for Tony Stark, he just frickin is Iron Man, RDJ just has that character he really is a lovably, slightly flawed narcissist, who you equal amounts want to punch in the face and lick chocolate body paint off… *coughs* yes well, I honestly don’t know how much of that character was scripted before RDJ got hold of it, or if they always had him in mind before even writing it, I haven’t read the comics to know if he was originally written like that but I get the strong feeling that while now if someone else took over the role they could probably do a passing impersonation, if someone else had been cast originally we’d have gotten a copycat batman in a red and gold suit. Just another moping, my parents are dead, my life is tragic, no-one can ever love me, superhero.

        The reason why Iron Man 1 stands out as being so amazing particularly compared to most other superhero movies is that Iron Man was fresh for a large portion of the audience, even as a comic it was never super popular, and most people going to see the movie this was their first introduction to the character, this meant they could actually spend 70% of the movie on an origin story and it be compelling. The problem with every superman, batman, spiderman etc reboot is that they have to once again retell the origin story and still try and tell something original all in the length of a single feature, it gets cramped and cut and the fight at the end is rushed and anti climactic, and we feel as if we’ve already seen most of this movie before, because like we need to be told the superman origin story _again_?! Sequels often then are better because the origin story is out of the way and we get a whole movie dedicated either to an entirely original script or to one of the legendary antagonists.

        That I think is why Iron Man stands out and why I think people tend to think IM1 was the best of the series, also I expect it has something to do with comparison to its peers, after all when IM1 came out it was spectacular compared to everything else out at the time, it changed the landscape for comic book movies. When IM3 came out people were comparing it to The Avengers, which was an amazing movie, so in our minds it had much stiffer competition.

      • Kobe Bryant says:

        Try and remember to differentiate opinion from fact.

  20. Robert needs to portray Humphrey Bogart in my film BOGIE & BACALL.

  21. therealeverton says:

    There will be a 4th Iron Man film, just as we got On HEr Majesty’s Secret Service, Live & Let Die and so on. It would be great to have one more with Downey Jr. but Bond has gone one for 50 years and nobody thought Connery could be replaced / succeeded so..

    But yes, I’d love more DOwney Jr if possible.

  22. Cleveland says:

    I like how the people hating on iron man movies like the character alone is more popular than superman. Take that in nolanites

    • Ted says:

      I’d have to say Batman is still the most popular comic book character worldwide. TDK & TDKR both made over a billion dollars each (without the help of 3D upcharges).

      • Craig Tolbert says:

        Actually, The Dark Knight didn’t hit one billion until it was re-released and it was the IMAX sales (upcharges) that pushed it over the top.

      • milojthatch says:

        See, and I’d have to say that Spider-Man is the most popular character.

  23. marvel has a ton of properties to introduce, and a super crowded next couple of years , especially if WB/DC actually manages to pull off their plans , my guess is there just isn’t room for iron man 4 definitely not until l after avengers 3 . my guess is that’s when you’ll hear about iron mas future whether marvel will recast /reboot , iron man 4 of just continue on into more avengers movies so this is non news until then.

  24. Liam says:

    I don’t think he means hes not planing on returning I think he means he hasn’t been offered it yet.

  25. anoncnn says:

    Disappointing to hear. I would love an Iron Man 4 someday.

    The first Iron Man is my all time favorite movie and the third is one of my favorite Marvel movies.

  26. Mikesommers says:

    Considering how terrible the previous three Iron Man movies were, I’m not exactly broken up over this news.

  27. robRmh says:

    That really is a disappointment I would love to see Iron Man 4 at least for final closure.
    However if his family is more important at this time then so be it, just like I would like to see
    him in Sherlock Holmes also. Time doesn’t wait for no one. I say “family first” regardless.

  28. The Butcher says:

    Reblogged this on pundit from another planet and commented:
    Say it isn’t so!

  29. He needs to portray Humphrey Bogart in BOGIE & BACALL. Robert we are waiting for you to accept your Oscar willing role!

  30. Glenn C. says:

    Thank GOD!!!!!!
    I walked out of the second one after 20 minutes in the theatre and also walked out of the third one!!!! Both versions had awful stories that were very very badly directed!!!!! Pieces of total crap!!!! Don’t care how much money it made! A lot of fools out there that don’t know a good story and good directing! Sell them anything!!!!

    • CorinthianPony says:

      You missed a lot, especially in Iron Man 3, which was the best of the series. The script was so smart it flew over a lot of fanboys’ heads, though.

    • Faith says:

      I too enjoy wasting my money by walking out of a film without giving it a fair shake. You’re a revolutionary.

      • J_Man says:

        Nicely done my friend, that was money well spent. It still took your money and you only saw 10% of it. Looks like they still won.

  31. Stephen says:

    Disney is going to pay him SOOOO MUCH to keep doing Marvel movies. $100MM a picture for five? It’s not that crazy.

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