Police Find 50 Bags of Heroin in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Apartment

Philip Seymour hoffman Dead

A search of the home of Philip Seymour Hoffman home turned up used syringes and approximately 50 bags of heroin, according to law enforcement officials.

Police also found drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs. An autopsy is expected to be performed on Monday.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead of Apparent Overdose

The Oscar-winning actor was found dead in his West Village apartment on Sunday morning with a hypodermic needle in his arm. He was 46.

Hoffman, who won the best actor Oscar for “Capote” in 2005, most recently appeared at the Sundance Film Festival this month to promote his new films “God’s Pocket” and Anton Corbijn’s “A Most Wanted Man.”

VIDEO: Watch One of His Final Interviews

He was also shooting the “Hunger Games” follow-ups “Mockingjay Part 1″ and “Part 2″ in Atlanta, reprising his role as Plutarch Heavensbee from “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

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  1. Wade Boothe says:

    I am using my real name. I am not afraid to speak my mind and claim it. 50 bags or not makes no difference to me. This man obviously loved doing Heroin. When someone is addicted and does not want to stop they will not. Many like the idea of being clean, but actually doing it is a whole different story. I have personally battled with addiction to opiates. It damn near ruined my life. No matter what I tried I could not get away. Then one day I finally got enough. I got help and changed everything I could about my life. It was not easy. I still have to make a choice everyday about how I want to live. It is up to me and only me. Addiction is a weakness that can effect anyone. We all have a poison; with any luck we are able to avoid finding it. I don’t wish this problem on anyone. I am not what you would call weak. I am a retired US Army Ranger. I accomplished a lot of great things. Hard work and moral solidarity were not things I was unfamiliar with. Judge me all you want, god forbid you ever walk a mile in my shoes.

    • parkourz4real says:

      chill guvna I aint judgin ya but for real how’d ya know “This man obviously loved doing Heroin.”?
      What else he love doin? I ask coz if ya know he loved doin the H then ya musta spent time with him yeh? We don’t all have a poison man. Me and my mates drug of choice is life and we get hell high on that every day!! Sorry to hear hes gone capote one of my favs.

  2. david says:

    It’s just a shame god rest is soul amen

  3. Pablo says:

    VARIETY. . ..
    I just replied to another’s only to notice their comment has just been deleted. I happened to agree with everything that person said and they made a VERY good points. Whats wrong with you people??
    So its okay to come on here and speak ill of the dead and say outrageously rude and disrespectful things, things that ARE personal to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s FAMILY, but if we are personal to someone’s immature comment that’s okay??? So we can only voice our own view if its a view YOU agree with???!!!!
    Is it any different to VARIETY stating PSH snorted heroin up his nose, as you did?? Is your opinion the only one that counts here??? That’s funny given the media report the news whether they have all the facts or not.

    I’ll be cancelling my subscription and others I know who subscribe.. if its okay with you?!!!!!!!!
    I have the right to voice my own opinion and its why I live in a country where we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. But I’m sure that won’t stop you from deleting my comment too!!!!!!!

  4. Kieran says:

    Deleting people’s comments on here to suit your own needs!!..PSH, and all other heroin addicts can have no complaints about what it can do!. Fame and money wasn’t enough? Then playing with fire, only leads to one result!!!!!!!

    • Pablo says:

      WELL SAID A MOVIE FAN, well said. I couldn’t agree with you more. People like this “Kieran” are so tough when they’re sitting behind a screen in the safety of their house not revealing their real name or where they live. BIG TOUGH MAN. Man you are a joke so shutup.

  5. Paul says:

    I kinda am amazed each and every comment doesn’t somehow reference…

    Fifty. Bags.


  6. Karen Spencer says:

    So sorry. Couldn’t 50 bags of heroin have bought a lot of therapy or whatever it was he needed?

    • A Movie Fan says:

      Maybe he tried therapy!! Why do people instantly assume therapy heals all??
      When you are an addict, you are the LAST person you think needs help.
      It’s so easy to judge some-one you don’t know, from the comfort of your home or work!!

    • Luluinhollywood says:

      Geez. Gimme a break. Addiction doesn’t work that way. If all that was needed was money, every rich person on the planet would be happy. I’m so sick of ignorant people & their veiled or not so subtle judgements of a person they do not know, who was obviously hurting more than anyone realized. I hope you never have to deal with this closer to home, because your mindset will be a disservice to whomever you love in need of help.

      • A Movie Fan says:

        ‘luluinhollywood’… It seems certain posts are being deleted at a rapid rate! Obviously the right to our own opinion isn’t valid here where they pick and choose what is read.

        You know I agree with you, but I feel your words are falling on deaf ears. A lot of these judgmental people have never had to battle for anything. It seems ignorance really is bliss!!

        PSH was clearly suffering from a lot more than any of us will ever know and it is not our place to expect to be privy to his private details; that is for his family. Three children have lost their daddy, Mimi has lost a man she loved, isn’t that enough for them to deal with right now?!

        The studios have a lot to answer for; they are around these people more than most and often ‘spin’ the truth because it’s not in their best interest; they have a budget to stick to, a schedule to run to and a movie to finish so they can make their money back!! They turn a blind eye to anything celebrities do unless the media get wind of it, or, it affects the film!

        Actors now make SO much money, combined with the pressures the industry put upon them, is it at all surprising so many of them are struggling to cope?? Actresses are expected to be thinner as every year passes and we all wonder why they end up in rehab. Movies are my passion, having seen over 14,000 and I’ve loved watching PSH in all his roles; however, I feel though they are entertainers, they are put on a pedestal and with this comes a extraordinary pressure to be role models. I can’t imagine ever swapping my boring life for theirs; it can be such a fickle life, manic and yet lonely, not knowing if you’re accepted because of who you are or because of what you do for a living. No thank you!

        These people are not infallible. They are no different than the rest of us and a vast majority have turned to acting because it is an escape from insecurity, depression, reality. To all of you who say this shouldn’t happen because ‘they’ have everything they want… money buys material items, but sadly, it can’t buy happiness!!

        We have lost too many in the last decade and sadly, we’ll lose many more if the status quo remains. This is a time for support and understanding. If you can’t do that, stick to the golden rule… if you haven’t got anything nice or supportive to say. . . don’t say anything at all.

        With regard to the children… I don’t think children should be guarded from the truth either, but I believe the truth should come from those closest to them! Definitely NOT from the media who spend most of the time speculating/guessing about what may or may not have occurred. Children are very resilient and can cope with quite a lot but they are in no way equipped to deal with the media! This is sadly one of those times best left to Mom, Grandparents and close family and friends.

        A Movie Fan!!

  7. I am so sad about P.S.H. passing wonderful and talented actor,he will be missed,but most important is the fact he has left children who are and will be reading about their father ,I don’t think the press needs to keep repeating how he was found. WE now know how he died and I for one would like to hear the positive parts of his life.

    • Sed says:

      I don’t believe his children should be guarded against the truth of their father’s actions. Otherwise, the children of war casualties, mongers or criminals, and murderers and thieves and so on should also be included in the same press reduction, not propagation, as you suggest. Truth is the truth. People need to know and learn from it, not hide it away. No one will talk about a good side of a thief or a murderer in the press. It’s not just to have one child be insulated from the truth, but not another.

      • A Movie Fan says:

        I too believe his children should be told and for the reasons you stated. However, the details should come from their mom and family when deem it to be the right time. Children are very resilient and can cope with the truth often better than the adults can. But, unless it is handled delicately with compassion and understanding, it could negatively affect them.

        Both morally and ethically, this is why ALL forms of media (especially paparazzi), should give his family as much space as they need right now, for as long as they need it. Most media outlets care only about an attention grabbing headline because it’s what sells. These headlines should be taken with a grain of salt at the best of times.

        It is no-one else’s business to divulge ANY information to his family, let-alone his children.
        It’s more than likely we will never know the true story of his history and what took place that fateful day and night. The proper authorities would keep the family informed and I’d imagine the Coroner will deliver his official verdict once the autopsy has been performed. I personally believe those details are private and should remain that way.

        As a fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman and his work, I don’t need nor do I wish to know what exactly took place privately. I choose to remember him for his outstanding body of work, his commitment to the entertainment industry and his fans. I wish more people could see it in a more positive light and not continue to lambast him for a small but private percentage of his life.

        I hope the Paparazzi can find it within their hearts to let his family grieve in their own way privately and without fear.

  8. Dick Delson says:

    Anyone who uses heroin is insane,

  9. machavilli says:

    What a sad way to go….

  10. Robyn Wh. says:

    Was this drug tainted? so many people are dying from “accidental” overdose’s in the N.Y. area.
    Afganistan supplies this drug to addicts in America, I question “is it true”.

    • Tainted? Who cares if it was tainted…what was tainted was the mindset of his tormented soul to subject himself to such a vice.

      Heroin is the handcuff, the shackle and the mental glue that incarcerates the soul (mind, will and emotions) of a person, with the same effect as nicotine.

      The only difference, is that you can’t OD on Nick. Once Heroin gets in your system, it’s worse than a gambling habit, it lets you “THINK” you are winning, but you lost.

      You just don’t know it! Until it takes your life. Shoot dice with death, and you’ll take your last breath!

      You will NEVER beat the “House of Lies” run by the “Lord of the Flies!”

  11. Contessa46 says:

    What a tortured soul he must have been. I will miss the gift he so readily gave to the world. Too bad he could not overcome his demons.

    • Yet through the media they are called brilliant.

      • Luluinhollywood says:

        He WAS brilliant. Einstein cheated on his wife & left her for his cousin or something ridiculous like that. Jefferson & his slave mistress… Do you want to go down the line of brilliant people who had personal flaws & then discount all that they were & all their contributions?? It’s just silly & small minded. Humans are flawed. So are you. All you can do is be the best you can be, & have empathy, compassion, & understanding for the rest of humankind. Stop demonizing him. He was a brilliant talented actor. He was a father. A partner. A friend. An addict. That was one aspect of who he was. Not the whole of who he was. Sheesh.

  12. Peter Leahy says:

    Nice bunch of pals he had. Wow, I guess he met them all on Facebook. But why is it I can find sympathy for Heath Ledger but not this fellow. There something super self-centered and selfish about him. What a dick.

  13. Doug Deaton says:

    Addiction is such a horribly cruel master. It doesn’t care who it seeks, and what happens to the person’s soul it infests. Out of this incredibly sad death of such a fine actor, I can only hope that the Justin Bieber types are listening… and taking this to heart! God rest Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Gone way too soon!

  14. leo b says:

    Instead of the typical arrests and prosecutions, let’s focus on preventing more people from following Philip Seymour Hoffman’s fate /huff.to/1fFyb7H

  15. Addictionisanillnessnotachoice says:

    SHO: Here’s a response to your question. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/leo-beletsky/philip-seymour-hoffman-overdose_b_4715378.html

  16. Oscar the grouch says:

    50 bags of heroin. That’s one helluva Super Bowl party he was planning.

  17. SHO says:

    As sad as a loss of any terrific actor is, at what point do we stop immortalizing those who have a serious drug problem and start focusing on that as an issue…and getting them help?

  18. Glenn C. says:

    Wow. So much. This was inevitable then. Sooner or later. Too bad and too sad. What a total waste! Drugs! How they ruin!

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