Pauly Shore Wants to Make a Sequel to ‘Encino Man’

Pauly Shore Wants to Make a

On the heels of the success of “Dumb and Dumber To,” Pauly Shore wants to make a sequel to the 1992 comedy “Encino Man.”

“’Encino Man 2’—let’s do it,” Shore told Variety. “My agent and I are talking about it.”

The original “Encino Man” centered on two California teenagers (Shore and Sean Astin) who found a caveman in their backyard (Brendan Fraser) and taught him how to fit in.

Even though critics detested the film, it was an early hit for Fraser and Shore — grossing $40.7 million — and became a chestnut for millennials in the pre-Adam Sandler days.

Shore said that the film’s screenwriter, Shawn Schepps, has an idea for a second installment, but she hadn’t written it yet. He wouldn’t elaborate on the premise. “I think it would be fun,” Shore said, while walking the red carpet of the Chris Rock movie “Top Five” on Wednesday night. “It was a cute movie.”

He asked readers of Variety to help get the project off the ground. “Just Tweet at Brendan and Sean Astin and Disney.”

Shore will be seen next in “Pauly Shore Stands Alone,” a documentary airing on Showtime on Thursday night. “It’s my version of the Joan Rivers documentary,” he said, “where I’m letting down all the walls.”

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  1. dn says:

    Ha ha There IS already a sequel.LONG time ago.

  2. Lee coulton says:

    I will love to see a sequel I think it should continue from the end of the first one

  3. Jennifer says:

    I forgot to add one more thing. I’m reading the comment from down below . The storyline remember the cave girl?? That came in the ending of the movie and Pauly shore said I’ll be back” I’ve been waiting since thinking they’ll be a 2 Encino! So whoever write that comment down must of remembered the ending with the CAVE GIRL!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I think pauly shore is a great actor he should go for it! I loved the movie it got a 3 star rating! I don’t no why critics hated it? All of the actors in that film should get together and REMAKE IT!!!

  5. cdhaskell says:

    I could be wrong when I typed this but most fan wanted to see Brandon Fraser’s character and not Pauly Shore’s character. I would love to see how Brandon is handle the world since the end of the movie and the frozen dog. It would be nice to see both Brandon and Pauly working together in the same film.

  6. O says:

    Encino man 2? I for one been waiting for the sequel since the ending of the movie when pauly said I’ll be ba’ack….and never did!
    I’d like to see it but what would be the storyline frozen dog, baby it was based Brandon Fraser character not pauly shore. All I’m saying is they would be better off remaking it. then do what they should of done than make the sequel. But the culture is different now if they are gonna do it hope it’s done right.

  7. avishan says:

    i like to meet you. you are very funny.

  8. Regan Fraser says:

    As Brendan’s brother, I will share that he himself once aid to me that Encino Man was ” a really stupid movie”. But if that means laughs and money, then I’d say go ahead and do a sequel. As for a premise… what would Link be doing? I know. A job in a cold storage warehouse. As for Pauly Shore as Stoney, it isn’t far-fetched what he’d want to be doing 25 years later on….comedy…so go for it!

  9. TomNewYorker says:

    i’d love to see a Bio-Dome 2.

  10. I can’t wait to see what kind of story that Encino Man 2 created to make the fan come and pay the movie ticket. I hope that the three lead actor will again play the role. Will the story focus on the son of Encino Man or will they discover another man trap in iced.

  11. Jack says:

    Chris Rock is making “Top Five.” Step it up, Variety.

  12. jhs39 says:

    I’m sure Pauly Shore would say let’s do it to any movie or TV offer at this point. Dumb and Dumber is much more highly regarded than Encino Man and the audience for the Dumb and Dumber sequel very likely turned out to be smaller than the studio anticipated–the second week box office drop-off means that Dumb and Dumber To’s modest budget is the main reason it will make a profit. That’s not something that should inspire studios to make sequels to 1980’s or 1990’s comedies and it’s certainly no justification for an Encino Man sequel which would be a guaranteed straight to video movie that there is virtually no demand for. Everyone in Hollywood knows there are more profitable ways to spend money than on a Pauly Shore movie.

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