Paul Walker Coroner’s Report: Car Driving Over 100 MPH in Crash

Paul Walker Car Crash

Report also states no drugs or alcohol was in the actor's system

The Porsche Carrera GT that was involved in a crash that killed Paul Walker was exceeding speeds of more than 100 MPH before the driver lost control and crashed into a tree, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s report released Friday.

The report also states that there were no drugs or alcohol in Walker’s system when he died and that the cause of death was traumatic and thermal injuries.

Walker was a passenger in the vehicle when the driver lost control of the car and crashed it into a tree on Nov. 30. The report says that “the driver lost control of his vehicle, and the vehicle partially spun around and began traveling in the southeast direction. The vehicle then struck a curb and the driver’s side of the vehicle struck a tree and then a light post. The force of those collisions caused the vehicle to spin 180 degrees and begin traveling in an easterly direction. The passenger’s side of the vehicle then struck another tree and burst into flames.”

Walker was best known for starring in “Fast and Furious” franchise and the seventh installment was still in production. Universal has stopped production and rescheduled the film for April 10, 2015.

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  1. omg I loved Paul walker so much can’t believe that he is gone😥😥😥😥😥😥

  2. Patridge Vee says:

    Paul walker was more than a perfect actor,he made people believe in the fast and the furious and also teached a lot about life ,I believe that in life there is time to end and begin a race,you never know when your time comes but hope we will all be given second chances to live again

  3. jessedave says:

    Pal walker was the best actor I’ve every seen I’ll miss pal walker nobody will replace him beacuse I’ve watched all the fast and furious movies now he’s gone I wish that God gave him a. Second chance but God needed him for other reasons well all miss pal walker…..

  4. Rosetta Butler says:

    I will miss Paul walker he is now in a better place Gone but not forgotton

  5. Tom Gallagher says:

    Very true, indeed. The driver was an idiot and they both paid the price. 80 km/hr or 50 mph is plenty fast enough. No one needs to speed faster than 60 mph, folks….

  6. Donna Dias says:

    He was an excellent actor and he will be sadlyi missed. I just losed my brother on December 9 2013
    I know how hard it is to loose a family member around the holidays
    That has happened a lot in my family
    It makes it even harder when there is no life insurance is . I now have to figure out how I am going to pay for the funeral home. I am on a fixed income so I don’t know what I am going to do. So let me say to everyone buy life insurance
    You can buy a life insurance policy for a little bit of money each. It is not right to leave it up to your family to pay for your funeral. Don’t think of it that you could be paying for life insurance years. With this wonderful man dyeing and my brother so unexpectedly you can see that it could happen to you too.I would like to know if any body has a suggestions on how I can pay this funeral home. I would greatly like to know if you have any suggestions
    Thanks Donna. Dias my E- Mail q


  7. Larry Rodriguez says:

    I will miss my greenhatwalker wyngate(80-98) friend its been especially hard this last year i allways think of Paul around the holidays because he would always find a way to come stop by the house on the way to his house,I know it’s been 15 years since I’ve
    live on that beautifull street or seen or talked to him but he was just that kind of a guy/man unforgettable.there was a time
    when he stop by the house and
    mom was telling me we were short
    $200 on a bill and with no
    hesitation he gave me his pin
    number and ATM card he was on
    his way somewhere, told me to stop
    by the house and bring back the card later. friends from1992
    through 98. R. I. P. my friend.

    • Donna Dias says:

      I believe he was the type of man
      Would help a friend like that.
      Just think about it. He had just
      Finished a fund raiser for the
      People who lost everything. He
      Did not have to do that but he
      Did . Had he not died he would
      Still be helping people. So if you
      Did not see my last comment.
      I asked you to think about your
      Family and buy life insurance.

  8. CitizenTM says:

    100 mph in itself is nothing in the country where Porsche cars are built; it’s a regular travelling speed on the autobahn – sort of like 65 mph in the US; but US roads are not build for speed above 75-80 mph.

    • eric234 says:

      100 mph is an unbelievable speed for this type of street. I come from Germany and 100mph are here 160 km/h. that´s unbelievable because it was not a autobahn. On an autobahn in Germany 160 km/h is a fast speed. Only on few passages on an autobahn you can drive in such a way when it´s not tempo restricted and often that is the case. And the report says it was probably more than 100 mph.

      • eric234 says:

        Yes, you are right. there is a group of people who are grazy enough to drive faster than 160 km/h. But only on the part of the roads where it s permitted to drive faster than 130 km/h on the autobahn. And most parts are not permitted for a faster speed. These criminals are playing with death. With the own death and with the others. I drive in the categories of 120 sometimes 130 km/h but not faster. And that is relatively save because that are very good and big roads with 3 or 4 lanes.

      • CitizenTM says:

        Hi Eric – I also come from there ;-) Yes – on a Landstrasse more than 100 km/h is dangerous and there’s speed limit. But it’s often ignored. And on the Autobahn 3/4 time when I ride 160 km/h there are plenty going faster. It calmed down though from 10-20 years ago.

  9. Dee says:

    That ‘driver’ had a name, you know. Roger Rodas. And there weren’t any drugs or alcohol present in his system.

  10. Lesson: Don’t drive like an dumb a#$

  11. Bill says:

    No drugs or alcohol in the driver’s system, either.

    Just a guy or guys showing off and they unfortunately paid the ultimate price for it.

  12. Dollface says:

    This report shows the racecar driver to be an absolute reckless idiot. So apparently nothing malfunctioned with the car. His foot just decided to slam the gas pedal to show off. Charmed.

  13. SausageSnail says:

    Can we use this tragedy as a catalyst to adjust the way we portray dangerous driving and speeding? Films like the Fast & Furious franchise glamorise dangerous driving, and avoid portraying the heartbreaking and life-destroying consequences. Dangerous driving and speeding are not cool, they are selfish and destructive.

  14. carmelosantiago says:

    Wow nothing about the driver himself its like he didn’t exist really.

  15. The article does not mention if the Driver had alcohol or drugs in his system…

  16. cadavra says:

    Not that it particularly matters anymore, but if Walker wasn’t driving, the amount of drugs and/or alcohol in his system is utterly irrelevant.

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