Paul Feig in Talks to Direct ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot With Women

Paul fieg typewriter
Michael Lewis for Variety

Paul Feig is being courted to direct and produce a “Ghostbusters” femme reboot.

Feig is not helming “Ghostbusters 3” or another sequel, in any sense of the word, as has been incorrectly reported.

The movie is a total reboot most likely with female characters played by comedic actresses in the ghostbusting roles, according to sources. The script will be written from scratch.

Feig, who is best known for helming the comedy hits “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat,” has been in conversation with Sony to direct the project. However, no formal negotiations have taken place yet. Sony declined to comment.

Feig is also re-teaming with Melissa McCarthy to direct her latest comedy “Spy,” which is slated for a Memorial Day 2015 release. The director has several new scripts in development at Fox that will likely be ready to go while he’s at work on “Spy” so this “Ghostbusters” femme reboot will not necessarily be his next film.

“Ghostbusters 3” was initially supposed to be directed by Ivan Reitman, the director of the original “Ghostbusters” and its 1989 follow-up, “Ghostbusters II,” but he dropped out in March. It’s unclear whether another director will be chosen for that project or if this reboot will take its place.

“Men in Black 3” writer Etan Cohen was brought on broad in 2012 to redraft “Ghostbusters 3.” “The Office” scribes Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky were hired in 2008 to revive the blockbuster franchise.

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  1. Claudius Valentine says:

    i also thought this was real news but i realize now that its just bad reporting from old rumors just because the director has had some movies that is filled with or for women .

    even the ghostbusters fan facebook (the main one for GB) said all this women reboot is just bad reporting and has no truth to it even agrees saying feig isnt going to nor has any time to do GB3 because his next movie is “spy” being released mid 015 which GB3 will start production early 015 so it compromises his schedule….next director please!

    btw im still a go for GB3 cant wait with the right director and MALE cast
    screw this female crap!

  2. Noooooooooooo. How do we make this stop?
    I’m not against having strong women roles. This might be a cool movie idea IF it wasn’t going to be a terrible reboot of a CLASSIC comedy!
    Don’t mess with Ghostbusters. Two and through. Without Ramis… just forget it.

  3. WTFReally? says:

    This sounds just f’ing horrible. Please for the love of humanity don’t destroy the franchise in such a heavy handed crushing manner. You want to add female busters …. fine but why all female?

  4. gbpiglover says:

    A comedic women’s film similar to the next Ghostbusters would be perfect! I would love to be part of such a project! I would have no doubt that it would be a hit. So write away!!

  5. Yet another poorly thought out film “idea” and another reason to not go to see a movie at a theater (especially an all-female Ghostbusters reboot – yuck!).

    • RDJ says:

      Here I thought most males grew out of the “ew, cooties” phase by ten. Apparently not. Girls are still gross according to 95% of males.

  6. is bad idea, replaced original men ghostbusters. ghostbusters ladies, not work, i don’t think so, dan aykroyd please don’t accept.

  7. Movie_Cynic says:

    Melissa McCarthy as Slimer.

  8. justin gayman says:

    please don’t if you cant do a proper sequel to ghostbusters than let the franchise rest in peace with Harold Ramis

  9. Duznot says:

    Every time I think Hollywood is out of ideas, they prove me right again.

  10. Nicain says:

    Nice, the reboot I never ever wanted to see.

  11. Jeff says:

    I’m calling this right now – BIGGEST REBOOT FLOP EVER! I have never laughed so hard at an idea for a movie in my life!

  12. James says:

    ENOUGH REBOOTS!! STOP THE MADNESS!! Its not like any of them are actually good…they’ve wrecked every 80’s icon they’ve tried to reboot so far. Better off picking up fan fiction and running with it. Just make it about the KIDS of the Originals…cameo the old farts as Dads and RUN WITH IT!! YOU CAN’T DO BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!!!

  13. frankie342 says:

    Can’t you people understand that people
    Like me have difficulty in grammar and i
    Have an disability this is discrimination
    And you Americans have not got the god given right to judge others that are from other countries on how they spell please leave us alone if you can’t then too bad..

    Frankie smales

    Smales tv UK

    • Tabby says:

      It is not discrimination to ask to use punctuation. Discrimination would be telling you that you’re not allowed to post, or excluding you from the conversation. Most Americans do think the world revolves around their butt, and the stateside spelling of words is the ONLY spelling, but most of us are smart enough to know that “color” and “colour” are the same thing, and most other English speaking counties have variations on spelling and slang. But, spelling was not what the reply was about, it was about your lack of punctuation.

      I have never heard of a disability that only causes a “difficulty in grammar”, but I know many adults and children who have dyslexia, ADHD, autism, or English is not their birth tongue. If any of these apply to you, then you’re grammar itself is pretty freaking good. It’s just punctuation that you need to work on.

      Your first comment was short, so it was easy to read even without periods and commas…but your second was not. I;m not slamming you, because, again, if you have a disability, you’re doing really good, but its hard for a reader to know what you mean when the comment is one rambling paragraph with different topics. It also changes the meaning of what you say. “I like peanut butter. Swimming is fun.” is clearly two different thoughts, but if you post “I like peanut butter swimming is fun”…well not it reads that you like swimming in peanut butter.

      • frankie342 says:

        but sometimes I do not know that most people are insulting me
        on purpose due to I suffer with serious depression that I think
        that people are against me and reviewing is only
        escape I have I do not mean what I have said that
        I am trying to recover from it and it is hard I was picked
        on about my depression since school but some people
        do not understand my situation .



      • Former Proofreader says:

        “…then you’re grammar itself is pretty freaking good” should read “then YOUR grammar is pretty freaking good”; also “I;m not slamming you, because, again, if you have a disability…” should read “I’M not slamming you because, again, if you have a disability…” (only one comma – after “because”).

    • Stanton Fink says:

      That’s because creativity and creative thinking are now suspect, given as how the average Hollywood executive can not trust either to routinely bring in mega-profits. Hence the incessant reliance on remakes, reboots and the occasional book/comic book adaption.

    • Blu_Jawa says:

      You can not do Ghostbuster’s 3 without Dan! Having Girl Ghostbusters is Cool but you need the some of the Cast from the first 2. IMO “Janine” should have already been made a “Ghostbuster” in the second film.

  14. RickLowerboy84 says:

    No. No no no no no. STOP REBOOTING GREAT MOVIES.

    This shit is getting old. You bastards are doing nothing but screwing over the fanbases by rehashing familiar material on the cheap to make a quick buck.
    In any other field of work, you’d all be blacklisted for freakin plagiarism!

  15. Was this the same guy who played Eugene Pool on the first season of “Sabrina?” Also I am a bit confused. This is a totally different “Ghostbusters” production rather than GB3 that’s coming out?

  16. Severin says:

    I was a huge fan of the originals. An all female reboot of Ghostbusters would be exciting. There are amazing comedic actresses who would make this amazing.

  17. Please don't. Please. says:

    Ugh. Just…don’t, okay? Please??

  18. ellie says:

    Please no Melissa McCarthy as much as I hate to say it. I thinks we have had enough of falling over and doing the same thing in every movie. and Tammy was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life

  19. Im sure Melissa McCarthy is gonna be in this….and that sucks.

  20. Tabby says:

    …I think you mean Harold Ramis, not Ivan Reitman. When Harold died, the cast and Ivan ALL backed out according to reports. I read

  21. Signal Fires says:

    “Brought on broad” – ha ha. I see what you did there.

  22. hooligantuan says:

    Not interested. Female cast for the sake of a female cast isn’t interesting or novel.

  23. doug says:

    I think this could be fun, but please no melissa mccarthy

  24. John Dorian says:

    What they need to do is hold a “Casting” for a group of friends. Not just cast 3 strangers who work well together………actually cast a group of friends. I think that’s why 80’s movies worked so well you had the natural flow.

    It would be nice to see a group of no namers in the role. Im tired of hollywood basing a film around an actress. Put a no namer out there and make a good movie. You’re golden.

  25. clebospo says:

    This is ridiculous. Not only are there no female Ghostbusters, but there are only 4 that we care about. Doing a reboot like this is a slap-in-the-face to Ghostbusters fans everywhere. And Paul Feig, you should be ashamed. Especially since you aren’t funny at all, and your films aren’t funny. Probably because they all feature women.

  26. JB says:

    Meh. Reboot, remake, sequel: all those thing equal the same thing-a lack of original, creative ideas.

    • Lena says:

      Um Janine Melnitz, Kylie Griffin, And Melanie Ortiz would tell you different… There are female Ghostbusters. But in honesty nobody cares about them.

      • elco68 says:

        There is a short film coming out next month called Lily and Lucilles Hip Creature. Hipster paranormal detectives. I would like to see Stephanie Hunt from it in this.

    • John Dorian says:

      Did you like the 80’s ghostbusters movie?….. cause it never would have happened if they didn’t “ripoff” the ghostbusters movie from the 70’s

      • Asides from the name, the two shows have no similarity. The Ghost Busters, was more of a slapstick parody of contemporary shows of the time, including Mission Impossible.

      • John Dorian says:

        Did you like robocop ?…… a remake/reboot/re-imaging of judge dread.

        Did you like power rangers? …. a copy of japans spiderman tv series.

        It’s not a matter of that they are reusing content it’s how they do it. And they are so obvious that all they care about is a quick sale and not creating a classic that 20 year’s from now people will WANT to recreate.

  27. Egon Bahr says:

    No way this happens next, they are all set to roll on GB3 according to Dan Aykroyd production starts in March and if they have suddenly decided to scrap that script Aykroyd would be complaining on every media outlet in the world. What they might do is add in parts for Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson as two new ghostbusters but I don’t believe they would throw out the script they have.

    • jhs39 says:

      Harold Ramis is dead and Bill Murray refuses to participate–there isn’t any way to do Ghostbusters 3 at this point without it having a morbid and sour taste that will destroy the movie. A reboot is the only way to move forward.

      • Tommy Orlando says:

        Harold Ramis is dead and the movie is “GHOST”busters…Professor Spengler has crossed to the other side – you KNOW Ramis would / will love the idea!

      • Dean says:

        Or, you know, just not make it altogether.

  28. frankie342 says:

    an female Ghostbusters team will be revealing and appealing
    Charlize Therron will make a fine Ghostbuster and it will
    be an whole new and fresh approach to the franchise and
    incorporate james bond style opening titles and have
    Apollo 440 score the music and give them leather
    Ghostbusters suits instead of old beige jumpsuits
    Robert downey jr as the mayor and Bradley cooper
    as walter peck it will be great idea oh yeh.



    • John Dorian says:

      i just hate it when “Fans” start saying who they want to see in the roles….. just because they like another movie with an entirely different script…… Yeah lets waste the budget on actors and then cut corners with storytelling…… that’s a win/win situation!

      • Steven says:

        @ Frankie342 For the love of God. Use punctuation. Hollywood destroys classic movies….and people that can’t use a little punctuation are destroying the internet.

      • frankie342 says:

        and I’m sick and tired of Hollywood destroying great classic movies have they
        not learnt from poor versions of the scifi series the visitors (V) in 2009 and
        flash Gordon back in 2007 and followed by knight rider probably not and
        now they are rebooting Baywatch and Battlestar Galactica for the big screen
        they already destroyed great classics like Robocop and fright night by poor
        3d reboots that it was so dark for the night scenes you barely could not see a thing
        and fans was praising Collin Farrell for his portrayal as vampire Jerry Dandridge
        in the lacklustre revamp to say it got yet another dire revamp this time set in Romania
        just like Philippe Mora’s dire Howling 2 film with Christopher lee but in this setting is
        Jaime Murray takes the lead as Gerri Dandridge in last years direct to dvd feature
        Fright night 2 :the new blood it goes to show how desperate is Hollywood with no
        originality and creativity just look at the expendables franchise that idea was
        taken from the magnificent seven back in the 70’s where it I was an ensemble
        of Hollywood elite back then but the whole purpose of the expendables was just
        a vehicle for ageing actors trying to be younger versions of themselves with
        lazy ass references to old action movies that they all did back in the 80’s
        onwards and what the hell is Frasier doing in the third act he could not
        pull of an action role if he tried he should have stayed to comedy and
        Ronda Rousey a poor Milla Jovovich clone lastly only relief with the
        third movie was Antonio Banderas that added humour into the film
        Mel Gibson’s big mistake was passing on mad max to star in this
        crap the best ultimate ensemble movie ever was aliens back in 86
        those colonial marines kicked butt and so did Sigourney weaver
        with that get away from her you bitch line classic but I never
        rated Jason statham anyway he is so underrated if he did
        have sense he should have stayed away from abominations like
        the expendables and fired his agent we do not
        need another lame ass reboot thank you.

        SMALES TV UK

      • Gaz says:

        I bet you are fun at parties/.

  29. Talisha Harrison says:

    Reblogged this on Geeking Out…At Night! and commented:
    Now this sounds cool!

    • Steven says:

      @ Frankie342 For the love of God. Use punctuation. Hollywood destroys classic movies….and people that can’t use a little punctuation are destroying the internet.

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