Hollywood Sex Abuse Doc ‘Not Likely’ to Get Distribution, Says Director

An open secret Documentary
Courtesy of Vesuvio Entertainment

“Thank you for telling this story!” an audience member cried out just before the first — and possibly final — screening of Amy Berg’s Hollywood sex abuse documentary “An Open Secret.”

The film premiered Nov. 14 as part of the DOC NYC festival, playing to a supportive crowd that looked like it filled Manhattan’s 475-seat SVA Theater to around three-quarters full. The controversial film faces significant hurdles in securing a release, a fact that Berg, who attended the screening along with some of the film’s subjects, acknowledged up front.

“We get one screening,” the director (pictured above with Evan Henzi, one of the film’s subjects) told the audience after the credits rolled. “Maybe we’ll get distribution. It’s not very likely.”

The film centers on the rise and demise of Den, an early digital network that’s alleged to have been the center of a Hollywood sex-abuse ring.

The movie features extensive interviews with Michael Eagan, who, subsequent to participating in the film, drew headlines for his allegations against Hollywood elites including Bryan Singer. (He subsequently dropped the lawsuit.)

Also figuring into the film is a discomfiting interview with Michael Harrah, a founding member of SAG’s Young Performers Committee, as well as the tale of young performer Henzi’s experiences with child-actor manager Martin Weiss. Todd Bridges, the “Diff’rent Strokes” star who has said he suffered sexual abuse as a young actor, is interviewed, while Corey Feldman, who has spoken out against sex abuse in the past, appears in footage from prior TV interviews but doesn’t directly participate in the movie.

Also in the movie’s DOC NYC audience was John Connolly, the journalist who investigated Den as early as 2002 before, as he relates in the movie, his story got mysteriously spiked by higher-ups. “The reason this movie is having trouble getting distribution is because of Hollywood,” he said.

Henzi also attended the premiere Friday night. “I hope this film doesn’t just get buried,” he said.

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  1. Mabel says:

    It’s now gotten to the point where every parent knows or should know that Hollywood is not a healthy or safe environment for children. Every reasonable adult knows that the industry does not do anything remotely close to an adequate job of protecting children who work in the industry. Therefore, willingly exposing your kid to that sort of potential danger is negligent parenting. Whenever an entertainment industry child gets molested by someone within the industry, then the child’s parents should be charged with child endangerment.

  2. John says:

    You don’t need a distributor to release a film these days. See VHX, Gum Road, Vimeo, no excuse for the doc not to get out there. This one should have enough controversy around it to drive an audience to alternative venues.

  3. Amy Amrap says:

    Hollywood, homosexuals, rape, drugged out leftists.. That’s the celebrity culture ready to stand strong against the imaginary right wing war on women.

    • Chris says:

      Stop spreading your vitriolic lies & homophobia, Amy.
      There is a war on women: war on their education, right to choose, & access to birth control.

      Also, (regarding your reply to Smooth) you have absolutely no right to invalidate & attack Millennials. High Ritalin usage was the result of high pressure social environments/standards in education system.

      We ARE the future, whether you like it or not.
      And if anyone’s opinion “doesn’t matter”, it’s yours: you are extremely ignorant, hateful, and generally disgusting.

  4. jmt9455 says:

    where’s the great outcry over the culture of silence that they treated the catholics with? oh sorry, nothing to see here, keep moving along……

  5. David Banks says:

    I hope Netflix buys it.

  6. winstons says:

    This is homophobia at its worst!

  7. Vikon99 says:

    Look at how Hollywood shields and supports pedophiles. Even convicted ones.

    Roman Polanski anyone?

    You will see this swept under the rug. Nothing to see here.”

    What corruption. What Evil.

  8. Don’t expect this to be supported by YouTube.

    YouTube is practically an arm of Google, which is lockstep and hand-in-hand with Obama and the Democrats, who are strongly supported by the liberals in Hollywood.

    • Smooth says:

      You suck pal. This is not the forum for your nonsense. Take your political bologna to Faux News where you belong wing nut, and stay there. A right wing creepy crawler slithering around, get away from here.

      • Amy Amrap says:

        Millennial.. quiet! You don’t count. What you say doesn’t matter. You’ve been brainwashed and drugged. Prepare for a life of maximum suck from which a brain full of Ritalin and closet full of participation trophies will not protect you.

      • mdoocey says:

        You are 100% correct, D Martin Black.

  9. My comment was “moderated” because it referred to the similar MSNM cover up of Obama’s murky past.

  10. Kru Satyr says:

    Howood pssd off Obama hasn’t dropped the age of consent to 13, as SC Justice Ginsberg prefers, to make their kiddie teen porn business legal, despite the fortunes they’ve thrown at Democrat bashes.

    Howood gets relief grabbin towel boys at their soirees, snortin coke and rapin ’em.

  11. Alex says:

    Singer proved Egan was a fraud by using FOX shooting schedule, he proved that he was in Canada shooting the “X-Men” at the time Egan said they were having sex. His appearance in the film damages it’s credibility. The powers that be will use Egan’s appearance as an excuse to label the film B.S. This will further harm the people in the film who were abused, their abusers will say they’re lying. This film and this story will disappear very soon thanks to Egan.

  12. Leo says:

    Figures Hollywood wants to block this true account.

  13. knightandbishop says:

    “We get one screening,” Berg told the audience after the credits rolled. “Maybe we’ll get distribution. It’s not very likely.” Then the two muppets in the balcony shouted “YouTube”! To which Berg responded, “Hey, c’mon, the story is important enough to be told for a buck…this isn’t about getting justice for abused children.”

  14. joe says:

    If they wont distribute then put it on Youtube for free, and lt it travel the internet. It will be watched.

  15. RotalSnart says:

    So the Hollywood “Tribe” is accused. then the Socialist Media Tribe doesn’t report on it, then the Distribution Tribe doesn’t distribute it.

    Why is America trusting the 2%? Why doesn’t the Tribe write articles explaining why they are so disproportionately in control of the media. Where are there demands for proportional representation and diversity?

  16. Art says:

    Distribution? You know there is this new thing that we call the “internet”?

  17. Thomas Magee says:

    Big Hollywood is obviously going to protect their own, as they have been doing for the last 50 years.

  18. Paul Verlaine says:

    I think it’s odd that the complainants all achieved something, I mean, at least they got their shot at show business, and are important enough to be “discovered”. Where are all the “kids” that were just abused and ended up homeless?

  19. Team USA says:

    Meanwhile, in other news, 60 Minutes investigates how Michelle Obama is influencing fashion design.

  20. Linda Burdick says:

    Hollywood will clean up their “ACT”. I hope more screenwriters have the guts to explore this issue….to it’s finite end. From where i sit this documentary posits just the symptoms of a bigger picture with a bigger problem. Don’t be afraid of Hollywood, they are not GOD. They are simply people like you and me….making grave mistakes. All of us fall short in this arena.

    • Arminius says:

      Judging from your comment… you leave the perception that you sanction molestion and are possibly a molester yourself. You should be very careful how you comment on thing. But then again, sounding like an enabling liberal, you’re totally okay with that.

  21. Truelitistnot says:

    Hollywood has committed sex abuse and moral abuses against every person in the world darn near.

  22. MichaelZ says:

    Review coming anytime soon? Also, there’s this new thing called the “world wide web.” You should check it out.

    The film will be distributed even if old Hollywood prevents traditional distribution. Another crack in the foundation of these self-protecting monstrous sleaze balls. Amen!

  23. Glenn C. says:

    It needs to get seen. Out there. What cowardly rich low life’s out there! They protect each other. Scum!!!!

  24. wilma200 says:

    I’d like to see this documentary.

  25. Nanny Mo says:

    When it comes to pop-culture and the fantasy world we all enjoy (on some level), none of us wants to admit that the emperor has no clothes.

    • Truelitistnot says:

      The emperor has no clothes. I know a ton of people who know exactly what Hollywood is and have no problem saying it loud and clear.

  26. Morten Lund Jacobsen says:

    One screening and no guaranteed distribution. Entirely standard fare for an indie documentary. And yet this is somehow a sign of a conspiracy to bure this?

    • schwing says:

      Just trick PBS and HBO into thinking it’s about Republicans and they’ll make sure it’s on once a week for a year. Otherwise, the corrupt and dishonest leftist press will bury it. It never existed.

      • jonah says:

        Exactly. Remember Congressional Republican Mark Foley and the page scandal? Never heard the end of that one, and he didn’t actually do anything other than send texts. Probably turned the tide against Republicans in 2006. No doubt some of the Hollywood bigwigs mentioned in the current scandal were beating the drum against Foley back then.

      • Team USA says:

        Schwing, you nailed it perfectly in one post. Thank you.

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