Multiple Personality Disorder Case Set for Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

Multiple Personality Disorder Case Set Movie

Producer Aaron Magnani is developing a movie project from Dr. Richard Baer’s  “Switching Time: A Doctor’s Harrowing Story of Treating a Woman with 17 Personalities.”

Jen Kleiner, the director of “Nina Quebrada,” is writing the script.

The book, published in 2007 by Crown, centers on a female patient Baer treated who created 17 different versions of herself — men, women, young boys, a toddler, nurturing, prim, licentious — to survive. The Chicago psychiatrist eventually learned that the patient had been a victim of sexual abuse.

“Switching Time” is described as the first story centering on multiple personality disorder to be told by the treating physician.

Magnani is also developing author CJ Cherryh’s sci-fi fantasy quartet “The Morgaine Stories,” with Peter Arneson adapting. Magnani and Arneson previously worked on indie “Iron Doors” together.

Magnani is also producing “18 Wheel Butterfly” with Evan Rachel Wood attached to star.




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  1. Kathy Arnold says:

    After reading the reviews I wondered where the writers got their information. No 1. Dissociative Identity Disorder (the previously labeled M.P.D. is a disorder). Our minds are pretty terrific and scientists are just beginning to study how vast and how very much the unconscious mind can do. In D.I.D. this is such an example. The abuse is unending, and more than any child can bear without going insane. The unconscious mind takes the untold number of traumas and compartmentalizes into various parts of the child’s mind. Many times one trauma came be held by different alter personalities all unknowing of the others. D.I.D. is often the case when the abuse starts before the child is 5-7 yrs of age. When the child’s brain is capable of this type of unconscious hypnosis. We are all born with such an ability but in situations where the child does not encounter such repeated traumas it is not needed and as the child grows into adulthood the ability dissipates. In the cases of D.I.D. the abuse is nonstop, coming from all areas of their lives and there is no one there to take them away, so the unconscious mind does it for the child.
    No. 2 if you have to cite sources for your information then you have no idea of what you are talking about or the true knowledge. While Satanic Abuse is something that we all want to believe is not a thing. It is! We all hate to believe that, that kind of evil exists, but it does. Whether these individuals really believe in Satan or just use it as an excuse for their evil I have no idea. Maybe just using the name allows them to do such evil in ways they might not use in other ritual abuse, I don’t know. But I can assure you, people use this instance to do untold trauma to those weaker than them (i.e. children).
    Another fact that was cited under a internet search is the fact that D.I.D. is not or never was. Again I strongly disagree with that. It is because people like the previous writers have written, the stigma is so great that those with the disorder hide. We are not crazy, or objects of humor, or whatever ridiculous label you would like to attach to us. It is because of this prior objections that many with D.I.D hide in secret and doctors are afraid to share that they are working with such a disorder (even though they are making significant progress, for fears their ignorant peers will laugh or ridicule them.
    Dissociative Identity Disorder is! It is not crazy or comical, in fact recovering from such a disorder is emotionally, mentally and physically almost unbearable. But healing can be done, you do have the ability to become whole, the person you were meant to be before cruel, inhuman individuals got ahold of you when you were just an innocent.
    Sadly there are books, movies and “experts” who love to make it sensational. We are just human beings and we look and feel a lot like you. I have never been hypnotized, I will not allow it for many reasons, mainly because people and doctors can use it as an excuse for the finding of alters. All my alters came forward on their own.
    So please before you make such painful allegations, STOP, open your minds, because we would love to stop hiding from your ignorance.

  2. Bridget says:

    So this doctor hypnotises his patient to get this story (ethics!), goes through a divorce because of his relationship with his patient, gives her free therapy (ethics again!) and then gets an advanced degree in writing so he can write about her satanic ritual abuse (which does not exist and never has and claims of being carved with knives, etc., etc. What year is this? He never sought another opinion about a woman who well could have another condition. This is just sad that mental health allows this sort of stuff to go unchecked. Great review on the problems with this sort of dubious account.

    I don’t know why someone is trying to make a movie of this time-worn story AGAIN. Halle Berry’s was just a box office disaster – even her acting couldn’t save this outdated tale. This therapy had its heyday during Sybil, which has been debunked. (Numerous lawsuits came as a result of MPD therapy and name was changed to DID.) Dissociative Identity Disorder is thought to be the result of poor therapeutic techniques used on highly suggestible people. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  3. Ashlee says:

    Hard to believe someone could be making a movie on this story and your site posts an article with a title that is completely inaccurate as ”multiple personality disorder’ does not even exist. The proper name for the disorder is ‘dissociative idebisy disorder.’ Which such a stigma still surrounding mental illness, I think it would be in your best interest to do your research before labeling people on the proper terminology to use in idder to avoid unnecessary offensive public behavior.

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