‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Revealed

Fantastic Four Casting

After a final rewrite to the script and a long casting process, Fox looks to have assembled the team for its “Fantastic Four” reboot.

Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell will join Michael B. Jordan in the latest installment in the comicbook franchise.

Mara recently closed a deal to play play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. While no offer is out yet, Bell is expected to be tapped to play Ben Grimm/The Thing. Teller has an offer to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, but deal points are a little further away from being completed.

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Teller and Mara have been on Fox’s radar since they were expected to test in November — events that were pushed when Simon Kinberg came on for the last polish on the script.

Bell came into the mix after Fox resumed screen tests.

Jordan has been attached for some time to play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch.

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Based on the comic “The Ultimate Fantastic Four,” the contemporary update will focus on the characters as young men and women. Josh Trank will helm the pic with Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn and Gregory Goodman serving as producers.

With its four leads on board, Fox will now try to find its villain and hopes to test a handful of actors in the coming weeks.

“The Fantastic Four” is slated to bow June 19, 2015.

Teller is repped by CAA, Mara and Bell are repped by UTA and Jordan is repped by WME.

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  1. Connectking65 says:

    The only way to succeed in a Fantastic Four film is to return to its roots, and play the characters the way the were created. This new film will be worse than the other two films. Roger Corman’s FF movie is looking better and better every year! I say get it right or go home!

  2. Bo Adcox says:

    This is going to be horrid. Hopefully, this will be the last FF flop and the rights will return to Marvel, where they can do something fitting with the characters.

  3. Rao says:

    Honestly, let them make this stinker. Let if fail. Let the rights go back to Marvel Studios/Disney.
    Fox doesn’t respect source material in any way. Not getting my money.

  4. metoo says:

    This just in: In A re-casting, Will Smith is now going to play Capt. America in the winter soldier ;P

  5. JR says:

    Unless there is a resounding huxxah for the movie being one the best costumed-hero flicks ever made (when it’s released), I’ll be avoiding this sounds-like-a-stinker at the theater. Ordinarily, I’m of the “wait-and-see” persuasian. But. while I’m not a big FF fan, this is peeing all over the source material in any manner they can think of. (Have you heard that they might be making Doom a woman? Wouldn’t surprise me, given what we’ve heard about this project so far.) This reboot just might single-handedly kill the comic-book movie genre.

  6. Markymark says:

    Here is the thing a lot people don’t realize is that Hollywood is running out of Ideas so they are just remake old movies and that is pathetic. If they remake the godfather I really be pissed

  7. Craig Hansen says:

    Interesting cast of mostly unknowns.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they explain Johnny Storm is Sue’s brother but they are of different backgrounds.

    Different dads/same mom, maybe? Or the other way around? Either Johnny or Sue was adopted?

    Time will tell, I guess…. Jordan’s the best actor among ’em, though.

  8. Markymark says:

    Why are you going to remake a cast that was great and authentic as the comics and look just like the characters in the comics and they you are casting all these actors that look nothing like the comic book characters well I m boycotting this movie

  9. Im just glad that this film will bomb at theatres. Once the franchise becomes trash under this latest race motivated reboot, Marvel can buy back the rights and do the FF as they always were. That funniest thing is that most of my ‘BLACK” friends hate the idea of a black guy as johnny, and all my white friends call anyone who doesn’t like it racist….LMAO So much for white guilt…lol

    • Eblivarator says:

      You don’t have any black friends

      • unclecranky1 says:

        THAT is not a useful comment. The man has a point. While these kids might be great actors, Reed in the comics started out in 1961 having a DOCTORATE or two – even for a genius, that takes TIME. He was in his late 20s or early thirties.. Ben, who had been his FRESHMAN college roommate (AND A FOOTBALL PLAYING ENGINEERING STUDENT – THEREFORE HUSKY), was at least as old as Reed, maybe older. Sue would’ve possibly been about five or ten years younger, and BLONDE. She and Reed were engaged. And Johnny, who was a teenager at the time, was ALSO BLONDE. It’s NOT about racism. These guys are pissed that Hollywood is fouling things up for them AGAIN. It’s not hard to find blonde actors, or husky guys. And they’d have been a lot LESS pissed off if whoever did the casting had gone with a black Ben Grimm or an all-black cast.
        Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did A LOT about race relations in the early 1960s, but the publisher of Marvel Comics at the time didn’t let them do a lot of overt stuff. He wasn’t racist – but he knew a BIG part of his audience was from the South, which WAS. For him, it really WAS all about the money, and if he could’ve made a million bucks doing a comic about oh, say, firefighting in Uganda by ostriches, let’s say, that’s what he’d have commissioned and published. He couldn’t. And he was scared of losing money.
        Now we’ve got Hollywood involved, and if there’s one thing about Hollywood I know, it’s that they have to put their stamp on EVERYTHING they touch. And in this case, they’ve hit a big ol’ nerd-nerve. I’m actually more pissed about Ben Grimm being played by Jamie Bell than I am about Michael B. Jordan.

  10. Dave says:

    NO to all 4…It was better with the other firsts especially jessica alba. :/

  11. Zen904 says:

    they do realize that Sue Storm and Johnny Storm are Brother and sister how are they going yo explain this one

  12. James Clement says:

    They can go ahead and change the cast around because i’m not liking it. Jordan is a good actor, i will admit that, but he can’t play as the Human Torch! Could we get someone GREAT to play Dr. Doom? Maybe put in another villain along with the main Fantastic Four villain. Maybe Wizard, Annihilus, Lucia von Bardus, Mole Man. Just someone to go along with Dr. Doom.

  13. Dawgma720 says:

    this just looks horrible from the beginning.. regardless of how it plays out for the cast.. or color or not.. Ben Grimm is a powerhouse and who they have to play him looks weaker than a wet noodle.. so not going to see this and I love comic book movies.. oh and the reshuffle of Terrance Howard to Don Cheadle still one of the worst moves they made as Don Cheadle is too puny as Rhoadie..

    • You realize that the change in Col. Rhodes was a Marvel Studios choice. Fantastic 4 is being made by Fox. Marvel has absolutely no say in the matter and no say on the casting for this film. Also the reshuffle was due to a money dispute between Marvel and Howard.

  14. How do you explain Sue and Johnny Storm? Adopted or what? This is just beyond stupid. If you’re going to make Johnny black, fine, but then Sue should be black as well. All ready a huge pile of crap.

    • Arthur says:

      I used to be like you hahaha. If it wasn’t like the comics then I don’t want any part of it!! Honestly, as nerds, we need to learn and break away from the main characters we love. This is all based on a different universe of Marvel. There are TONS of universes to Marvel that can be made up and added to canon. I knew some people who were mad because Nick Fury was black, without realizing he is black in the Ultimate Universe.

      • The problem though is if you have a problem with Johnny being black you get called racist, but if John Stewart was cast white the world would end and we’d all expect it to. While tweaking exactly how a hero got from point A to B in his story is fine the description of each character is embedded into every page of the comics. They should stay that way. Fox’s biggest problem is they try way too hard to deviate from the canon. These films are based on comic books that have a pre-existing fanbase. The worst step to take would be to piss off the majority of people you want to see your film.

  15. IncredibleBatSpider says:

    This looks horrible already….The first two were awesome.

  16. Rubs. says:

    this cast is corny.

  17. William says:

    Lame. Boring cast picked for this sad attempt to relaunch the Fantastic Four. Another FOX failure in the works.

    • SUPADAVE says:

      Serious dude!! Don’t do it!!!! Ya breaking da rules!!!! Sorry won’t see this colossal failure in the making!!! smh!!

  18. sar says:

    fantastic one, fantastic two, fantastic three, FANTASTIC FOUR.

  19. Tom says:

    So who is adopted? Sue or Johnny?

  20. blank says:

    This cast sucks the big one. Will not go see this movie. Miles teller? Really? I can deal with Johnny storm being black, that’s cool, but miles teller? I can’t do it. He already ruined the movie for me.i take it back. Miles teller sucks the big one.

  21. Wade Wilson says:

    I’d be annoyed as hell if Falcon or Luke Cage were white, and despite the fact I’m not a FF fan, I think changing Johnny’s race is needless and really stupid.

  22. Switch says:

    This is not The Fantastic Four. Ultimate or not, this is not Marvel’s Fantastic Family. A re-boot was enevidable, we all knew that. With that in mind, pick up any issue or trade of The Fantastic Four and tell me what you see. It wont be anything like the new film they are going parade in front of you in 2015. Good day.

  23. Since most people who will go to see this movie don’t read comic books – pretty much by definition, given how many fewer people read comic books than see Hollywood movies – I don’t think most people will really notice or care.

  24. nottheguy says:

    Why bothering with this low quality material anyways?? Will not see this…

  25. Nark says:

    Decent actors they’ll do a good job. On my watch list

  26. Chibi Halo says:

    For anyone saying “Get Zoe Soldano” she’s pretty much locked in to anything Marvel does with Guardians of the Galaxy now for the Cinematic Universe. If the new movie does well and they decide to go with a second movie in the third phase of the CU she’ll likely be reprising her role from the upcoming film. Other than the small change for Rhodes, which wasn’t all that bad since it’s Don Cheadle but took a moment to get used to, they’ve pretty much stuck with the same casting through all of their CU movies. So yeah, don’t bank on Zoe Soldano for anything Marvel outside of the CU.

    • This is a Fox made film though, not Marvel. So it could actually happen. It’s like the people saying Idris Elba won’t ever be in DC because Marvel has him. Different studios can and will use the same actors if they fit a role. Look at Chris Evans from the original F4 to Captain America.

  27. jnich says:

    Last time I checked, mixed race families have different color kids all the time. Give them both light green eyes and a similar hair color they can play it off as twins. I would much prefer that over one of them being adopted. Their actual facial structures are very similar (chin, forehead, etc). I hate when people get up and arms over a universe where you can be INVISIBLE but not different skin shades.

    • Chibi Halo says:

      I have to agree with Tim on this one. Unless both parents had a white mom or dad there’s no real chance for one child to come out white and one child to come out black. It’s easier in an a household where one parent is pure Asian and one is pure white to have one completely Asian child and one completely white child as is the case for my cousin’s daughters, one is completely Asian and one is is completely white with very light brown hair. However, unless it’s a case like what happened with the seven year old twins in the UK where the grandmas are both white women, there is no way a half white half black couple will have two completely different looking children. I have two mixed race cousins on the other side of my family and neither one is white like their mom. This isn’t Pair of Kings where stuff like that is commonplace. They need to be very careful with how they approach Sue and Johnny and either make him adopted or a member of a mixed race blended family. I could accept either explanation over “Oh they’re biologically related mixed race kids.”

      • jnich says:

        I’m pretty sure most people understand the idea of DNA and how it works. My point was, it shouldn’t be unbelievable that Jordan and Mara are full blood siblings if their parents are mixed race. And since race has literally nothing to do with either of their origin stories, then who really cares about this particular casting when it comes to the race of the the characters. Many people seem to have a hard time believing that you can have two very different skin colors on two full blooded siblings, and I’m saying with some contacts and hair dye it’s not that big of a problem.

    • Uh, you can’t have mixed race kids if the parents aren’t mixed race.

      • jnich says:

        I’m pretty sure most people understand the idea of DNA and how it works. My point was, it shouldn’t be unbelievable that Jordan and Mara are full blood siblings if their parents are mixed race. And since race has literally nothing to do with either of their origin stories, then who really cares about this particular casting when it comes to the race of the the characters. Many people seem to have a hard time believing that you can have two very different skin colors on two full blooded siblings, and I’m saying with some contacts and hair dye it’s not that big of a problem.

      • jnich says:

        is it somehow important to the story that their parents are both white? Or mixed race? The Storms are from Long Island, not Russia or Denmark where their racial makeup MIGHT matter.

  28. mike says:

    I commented on this as they were casting, and now that they’re done I can see that once again, no one in Hollywood seems able to develop a good FF4 film. This is going to suck! For the obvious reaosns that many have already mentioned. I agree that from the previous cast Johnny Storm and the Thing were well cast. Mr. Fantastic needs to be someone older, 36-43 yo. That’s the character. Sue needs to be early thirties. What a mess. They need to get someone who is actually a fan of the comic book and not someone who just sees a way to make money off of a movie based on the comic book. As a big fan of the Black Panther, I hope that they make a movie of him or bring him into one of the Avengers films and that he is still an African Prince and they dont decide to rewrite him as an accountant from LA. The only way that I’ll catch this FF film is on a plane. Good luck to them.

    • In the comic book, they were all under 25 when they got their powers. Sue and Johnny were under 20 and Reed was like 20-21. So if you are a fan of the comic then you should have no problem with how young these actors are. What you should have a problem with is that Johnny is being played by a black actor. That is most definitely not in the comic.

      • mike says:

        That’s incorrect. I dont recall the exact age, but Mr. Fantastic was a already a scientist with a doctorate and Sue was his girlfriend (later wife) and Ben was about the same age as Mr. Fanstastic, if not a couple of years older. They were adults, not kids or young adults, except for Johnny. That was a big part of the story. The bottom line is that as comic book fans we want to see the characters that we’ve followed on paper brought to the screen as we know them. Otherwise it’s not the same story, it’s a modified or with made up characters. It’s a simple argument.

      • K says:

        When they got their powers, Johnny was 16, Sue was 20-22, Reed somewhere in the 30s, and Ben in his late 30s-early 40s.

      • unclecranky1 says:

        I’m not sure that’s correct. Reed was through college,with a doctorate, and so was Ben, when the ship took off in ’61…

  29. JC says:

    Dighton your opinion is useless seeing as you do not have an actual opinion on casting iconic characters correctly. go to another site and be a bleeding heart for some other more important issue you dork, why do you post anything if you don’t care?

  30. JC says:

    OK Here is the deal, Hollywood Writers and Producers keep trying to re-invent the wheel on these movie’s characters and keep FAILING … and we all know it. Yes it is great they are making big budget movies with decent stars in them and some of them are done pretty well. But Hollywood idiots think they know better than the character’s creators like Stan Lee. In my opinion Stan is comparable to greats like Walt Dishey and his vision of his characters should be honored when the movies are done, seeing as that is what most if not all movie goers are demanding anyway. This is not a racist thing in any way as I feel black people would feel the same way and not want someone in the movie to be black just in an attempt to be politically correct. If the character is Luke Cage, The Falcon, Black Panther, Spawn, Cyborg or a ton of others the actor should be a black man, if it is the Mandarin or Shang Chi the actor should be Asian case closed. There has never been a black member of the Fantastic 4 in over 50 years so why do we need one now? Here is my suggestion, use the comic stories as aguide for casting and creating a story fans have wanted to see on the big screen and stop thinking the writers know better than the original creator of the characters. After all you don’t see anyone turning Mickey Mouse white or Donald Duck black, and as a matter of fact when Warner Bros tried to eliminate Speedy Gonzales and said it was not politically correct anymore in the modern age, Latino races were angry and demanded his return. They would not have to keep rebooting these movies if they do them right the 1st time. Now let’s face it, everyone who truly cares and spends the most money on these characters movies, toys and comics all agree they would like to see their favorite original stories come to life on the screen. Everyone in Hollywood is so worried about being politically correct and changing the race of a character who has existed for over 50 years could not be more politically incorrect. I feel this way as do millions of others that a black character should be cast as a black person, and a white character should be cast as white and an Asian should be cast as Asian. This is simple and should not be over thought by the dopes trying to re-invent these characters in their own way. When the Lord of the Rings movies were done you did not see frodo or any other hobbit cast as an alternate race and thank God people like Peter Jackson know how to pay respect to the original creator and do things like they are supposed to be done. He may have taken a few liberties with the storyline here and there but he did not try to re-write the story for his own version nor did he try to change races of characters to be politically correct. For those of you who are unaware this has gotten so out of hand that a different cut of Iron Man 3 was made for the Chinese because the Producers were afraid the Mandarin character would offend them. So there could never be an Asian terrorist? They made a joke of the Mandarin in the American cut anyway and it made the movie a bit of a disappointment. At least they didn’t make War Machine a white guy, but the did turn him into the Iron Patriot which makes no sense at all. Comic readers know exactly what I am talking about, and I would dare say that most if not all members of any race do not want their heroes races cnbecause Hollywood wants to be politically correct. It’s 2+2 = 4 everyone. If someone is black in the comics get a black actor to play them, if they are white leave it be. I am sure anyone in the black community would be appalled if Hollywood decided to make Storm, Black Panther or Falcon a white actor or actress so why is it politically incorrect to have all 4 members of the FF be white people and why did Alicia need to be turned into a black blind character in the 1st 2 movies? I’ll tell you why, Hollywood creators think they are smarter and better than the original creator was when these characters were invented and that is why they are going to end up ruining all of our favorite fictional characters before they are done. At least the creators of Hellboy got that pretty much right. One last thought, money dictates what these Hollywood big wigs decide to do and they think they are better than the original creators of these characters but in the long run they are burning out the fans with all they are doing wrong especially with casting.

    • Dighton says:

      Oh shaddup already will you? There are worst tragedies in the world than who gets cast in a movie.

      • JC says:

        Amen Uncle cranky1, some people want to silence people’s opinions and it would not surprise me if Dighton and Sloppy Joe are involved in the reboot somehow trying to defend their choices as you said. These characters are as iconic as any fictional character out there and all the fans want [including myself] is for them to be done right and for their genius of a creator to be respected and honored with their choices, but I guess others think it is ok to insult him by doing a reboot where they do not honor him at all.

      • unclecranky1 says:

        Dighton: Interesting! So you’d be okay with it, if say, Fox were to remake Rocky with Jon Cryer in the title role,or Gone With The Wind starring Conchata Farrell as Scarlett?
        This is a forum to air people’s opinions, and this issue has drawn some STRONG opinions. Being rude to other people posting is NOT going to calm the situation down. The Fantastic Four is a comic magazine that’s been in continuous publication for most of my life – a long time indeed. People want to see the book brought to life correctly, is all. Everyone else is upset about the cast selection, for one reason or another – why aren’t you? And why do you feel the need to post, if you don’t have something to say about the cast? Why not go to a different article? Unless you’re REALLY the casting director, and feel the need to defend your choices (and defend them badly, at that – civilized people don’t act the way you are, period).

      • JC says:

        Wow Sloppy Joe, seeing as I am not the only one voicing this opinion it seems you and Dighton are pretty clueless seeing as you don’t even have an opinion just a rude comment to me who is echoing 90% of the others sentiments here. why reply if you do not have an opinion? are you working with the producers on this one?

      • Sloppy Joe says:

        Yes please shut up already too!!

  31. Terry Allen says:

    Sorry but I’ll be giving this a miss , this just isn’t the Fantastic Four

  32. Hector Ortiz says:

    This is stupid. Johnny Storm has to be white! His full blooded sister is white! We are just going to change the color of charaters that have been white for 40 or 50 years to black just because times have changed? Stupid idea.

  33. What’s the point of paying for the rights to do a Fantastic Four movie if none of the characters are even going to resemble their comic counterparts? Seems to show a lack of respect and faith in the source material on Fox’s part. As bad as the previous FF Fox movies were, at least they weren’t as far off as this.

  34. David Miner says:

    And Sean Hayes as Dr. Doom

  35. Michael says:

    Changing the race of an individual (Perry White, Nick Fury, Heimdall etc) i’m perfectly fine with. But changing the race of “one of two siblings”, that’s just not right at all. If he’s adopted into the “Storm” family, it goes against the lore of the character(s). If he’s the half-brother of Sue, then Johnny needs to be “pastier”. Sorry if that comes off racist, but that’s just the way it is.

    Personally, my cast list is as follows:
    Mr Fantastic (don’t mind which actor to be honest, but needs to act intelligently)
    Sue Storm (Kate Mara is fine for White-Sue, otherwise Zoe Saldana for Black-Sue)
    Johnny Storm (Chris Evans reprising the role for White-Johnny, otherwise Michael B. Jordan)
    Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis nailed the part, use motion/performance-capture for Thing instead of a rubber suit)

  36. James Choe says:

    Ultimate Fantastic Four has no black guy in the team. Then how about make Black Panther a white guy, and say he is based on the “Ultimate” version of him? Really Fox, if you’re gonna make a comic book based superhero movie, then MAKE LIKE ONE. You’ve already butchered some of X-Men characters and now you are going to screw up one of the most greastest super hero team ever made….. AGAIN. And I heared that these guys are planning to collaborate their two franchises into a shared universe. Please Fox, X-Men is already MORE THAN ENOUGH.

    THIS here, my fellow comic book fans, is A LOT serious than Ben Affleck playing Batman

  37. How exactly are they gonna explain Sue and Johnny Storm as brother and sister here? The milk man? I understand wanting a reboot, but going young like this imo is a mistake. Why does it seem Hollywood is trying to kill their own movies lately. Very odd role casting. First was Batman vs Superman with very controversial choices for key roles, now this. All i can say is, better be one helluva movie with these disasterous choices and rewrites. But please, for the love of God and all things Holy, DONT CAST Dr DOOM AS A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. TiredoftheHate says:

    It used to be in the world of Science Fiction and Comic stories that Tolerance and Acceptance was more likely to be accepted. Racial negativities and stereotypes in these comments are galvanized to rival any attitudes “The Thing” could muster. IT’S FICTION.

  39. William Mann says:

    The original Human Torch was an android. Would everyone just wait until the movie comes out and judge it based on THAT, please!

  40. Sue and Johnny Storm are siblings so how is that working with this cast, an adoption angle?

  41. S. Torre says:

    though this casting is unconventional.. i honestly hope they don’t turn Michael into the stereotypical one-liner ghetto black guy like hollywood has the habit of doing. i.e. Busta Ryhmes in that stupid Hallwoeen movie, Coolio in all his movies, and LL Cool J in that silly shark movie. I hope Michael B Jordan reads that script and does the character justice and i will let it slide that he should be white.. or why not cast Sue Storm with a black actress..that would be hot!

  42. Sebastian says:

    americans subconscious would love to see black people on fire.

  43. Jay Tee says:

    REALLY getting sick of these ‘young character’ reboots, just to get 15 year olds into the cinemas.
    Reed Richards is supposed to be the Patriarch of the group with something like a 20 year age gap between him and the siblings. Same with Ben Grimm.

  44. jeff.r says:

    Oh no!!! Someone tell me this is just a sick sick joke!!! What are these people thinking?!!!

  45. James Nall says:

    People call themselves FF fans and don’t pay attention to the fact that they aren’t using the storyline from the original Fantastic Four. Hell, in the article it says they are going with a storyline and younger character models from the ULTIMATE Fantastic Four comic books. That’s the same line of books that made Nick Fury black and modeled exactly after Samuel L. Jackson. Honestly, the original movies sucked. And no one gave a crap about them casting a Hispanic actress (Jessica Alba) as Sue Storm and dying her hair freaking blonde. And she couldn’t even ACT as a basis.

  46. Howard Spence says:

    Aren’t Johnnie and Sue brother and sister? How is that going to work unless they are not related in this version? In the words of Spock, “Very interesting Captain.”

  47. Mark Blaze says:

    Well this movie is going to suck- straight to DVD?

  48. Cool, another botched FF!

  49. Michael Dull says:

    No, it’s Kate Mara. Learn to Google things before spouting off a wrong.

  50. John says:

    Reboot?! What was wrong with the original ones. What’s wrong Hollywood, running out fresh ideas that you have to constantly reboot movies that has already been done?

    • Chibi Halo says:

      FOX loses money on the first movies and they feel like they have to redo everything. This is why I hate the fact that Disney couldn’t get the rights to the X-Men, movie Spider-Man (I love what they’ve done with the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series), and the Fantastic Four when they acquired Marvel. Marvel has done a very good job with their Cinematic Universe so far and when Disney was able to have distribution rights for the CU movies they let Marvel continue to do the job they’ve been doing and just use their marketing and distributive prowess to get the movies out there like hell. I hate that FOX and Sony won’t give up the other Marvel properties. I’ll bet you any money that the Marvel name won’t appear anywhere on this new Fantastic Four movie.

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