‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Revealed

Fantastic Four Casting

After a final rewrite to the script and a long casting process, Fox looks to have assembled the team for its “Fantastic Four” reboot.

Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell will join Michael B. Jordan in the latest installment in the comicbook franchise.

Mara recently closed a deal to play play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. While no offer is out yet, Bell is expected to be tapped to play Ben Grimm/The Thing. Teller has an offer to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, but deal points are a little further away from being completed.

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Teller and Mara have been on Fox’s radar since they were expected to test in November — events that were pushed when Simon Kinberg came on for the last polish on the script.

Bell came into the mix after Fox resumed screen tests.

Jordan has been attached for some time to play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch.

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Based on the comic “The Ultimate Fantastic Four,” the contemporary update will focus on the characters as young men and women. Josh Trank will helm the pic with Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn and Gregory Goodman serving as producers.

With its four leads on board, Fox will now try to find its villain and hopes to test a handful of actors in the coming weeks.

“The Fantastic Four” is slated to bow June 19, 2015.

Teller is repped by CAA, Mara and Bell are repped by UTA and Jordan is repped by WME.

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  1. why was the original FF cast not in this remake, this cast is horrible and so is the movie

  2. Ladarron Williams says:

    New is new. Whether its a major character or not. Its called creative license. Its called diversity. Get over it and see if the plot and the acting is spot on THEN you can comment on whether the producers and the casting directors got it right. Change is inevitable. You don’t have to accept it but hold your opinions until you see the new product. Its amazing how many reboots you can experience in comics, how many different parallel universes or timeslips or multiversal infractions there are but as soon as you change the ETHNICITY of a character, these fans BLOW UP!!

    Sad, tragic and uninformed

    • falcon says:

      The problem is that Sue and Johnny Storm are brother and sister. If they wanted diversity they could have changed Ben or even Reed to a different ethnicity. Yes I do know that they could be brother and sister. But they have always been depicted as blond hair and blue eyes. How would they feel if they took Black Panther. Falcon or Luke Cage and cast a white person in that role?

    • unclecranky1 says:

      You ARE mistaken. This is FOX purposely fouling up the F.F. to get at Marvel for taking their characters away from FOX. This film is going to be terrible. FOX is designing it that way.

    • MarkD says:

      Sorry, but it seems to be YOU that is uninformed. No one is complaining (overly) about a reboot, or canon changes. It happens in comcis all the time and I think most accept that. But most would be angry if (as mentioned earlier) SUperman was Asian, Spider-Main was Scottish, and Bruce Wayne was a Latino. Given all indications that this is less a “change” or “reboot” and more of a “Chronicles 2″… So yeah, people are right to be concerned. I won’t be seeing this UNLESS everyone is raving about how great it is. Somehow…I don’t think that will be happening, (But would be happy to be proven wrong.)

  3. Trex says:

    So far, I see Nothing to like about this new F4 reboot. I’m ok with changing some characters to Black. The 60s and before was a rather “Invisible” time for non-whites. However, I don’t like the idea of changing an Icon like Johnny Storm. I’m ok with Lawrence Fishburn being Perry White and MCD being Kingpin. Samuel L. Jackson is Perfect for Nick Fury. In fact, I think I like him better than I might have liked a White Fury. …. But I just don’t see ANYTHING good about this latest cast for F4. It’s as if Fox just decided to throw ANYTHING out there just to meet deadlines…. I WISH Marvel could free the rest of it’s characters from Film Prison.

  4. Christopher Gerstenberger says:

    You all have a narror point of view. 2014 isn’t about the color of your skin but rather what you do in your skin that is important now days. I understand the idea of who someone was, as you were a child, and carring it into your adult life. We are talking about fictional charaters here, not actual people who molded the world. Anyone can be any color and in 2014 we should welcome this idea.

  5. will says:

    The Fantastic “FOUR”…this cast will suck…4 words for letters….should not have changed what worked…even johnny storm could be captain America…but this cast and movie is going to suck

  6. Jared says:

    Despite the actor cast as Johnny Storm. This seems like it could be a good movie if there are not any more major changes to the Marvel universe. After all Johnny Storm wont be the first comic character to change his skin color. We have Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury a role originally played by a white guy. There is also L. Fishburne who is the new Perry White. We also saw Kingpin in Daredevil played by the late great Michael Clark Duncan. So maybe this new guy will not be too bad as Johnny Storm after all isn’t the actress who played Sue Storm in the original series part African American. We will see Jamie Foxx with blue skin playing the role of Electro who we all know is actually a white guy.

    • MarkD says:

      The problem with your examples is that none of them are iconic. (Perry White being the closest.) And Nick Fury became black in the comics before the films. Ancillary characters aren’t the issue. It’s different when you have a character that’s been around for about 60 years (longer if you count the 1940s Human Torch). Making Johnny Storm black is more akin to making Bruce Banner (or even Bruce Wayne) black. Or Thor. Or Tony Stark. Hey…shouldn’t Black Canary be, y’know…black? This has nothing to do with race…just honesty and respect to decades of comics history. Even the rest of the casting (not to mention the rumored…hopefully…female Dr. Doom) shows that the filmmakers will be showing zero respect to the source material. Making changes to canon is one thing…taking a dump all over it is another. This will be FF for the Twilight crowd. They can keep it..

  7. Logan says:


  8. kent greenwell says:

    Sorry, I liked the original 4 than these.

  9. Mike Hall says:

    Sorry to see Fox had a chance on doing a proper reboot. Casting is not even close to the comics. That’s why The Avengers is a great franchise, they are staying true to the fans. Won’t be wasting my money on this one. Fox learn from your competition!!!!

  10. Avenue Q says:

    Looks like the Human Torch stayed lit a little too long and came out extra dark and extra crispy.

  11. Tony Bevill says:

    Original cast. ORIGINAL CAST!! Bring back the ORIGINAL cast!! Or don’t bother!!

  12. Steve Mazerolle says:

    WTF, why change the cast now? The original crew were perfect. If any tweaking had to be done it would’ve been with Sue Storm played by J.A.
    Give her a little more maturity and that would’ve done it. Don’t fix what ain’t broken…

  13. What was wrong with the original cast of the Fantastic Four?

  14. Why is it all about racism? Fans just like it when it’s original and that does not have a thing to do with racism. Although Hal Jordan (Black dude) was the second green lantern to be introduced and was actually the most honored. Anyways, Jesus is Irish! Good day

  15. Simon Benter says:

    ok so sue and johnny are siblings hmmmmm not sure this works?

    • MarkD says:

      They’ll probably just say they have the same mother but different fathers. Heck, they’s say anything to alter the FF to their own PC preferences.

  16. Donavon says:

    Can anyone explain why Sue Storm’s brother is black now?

    • JR says:

      Sure Donavon, it’s to give black audiences a character they can identify with (and hopefully get them in the theater). Probably why Perry White is now black as well. Source material and logic be damned!

  17. shando66 says:

    You people complaining really need to get a life. IT’S A F**KING MOVIE…it’s not that serious!!

  18. muirtach says:

    I’m not sure how Kate Mara and Michael Jordan are supposed to play siblings.

  19. matt says:

    I really hate movies nowadays.

  20. Roger Potersnak says:

    Is anyone concerned not about any racial issue, but simply about the age of the actors? Isn’t Mr. Fantastic an older guy? Miles Teller also doesn’t look big enough to play The Thing…maybe they know something I don’t.

    • unclecranky1 says:

      Miles is playing Reed, who is Mr. Fantastic, and yes, he’s about 20 years too young (at about what? 12? to accurately play Reed…

    • unclecranky1 says:

      Miles isn’t playing Ben Grimm. Jamie Bell is. Y’know, the pale, pukey-looking little British stick-insect, there… Yep. Him. Big, burly football hero New Yorker Ben Grimm is being played by…
      110 lb soaking wet Jamie Bell.

  21. Hugo says:

    ok with the torch but reed richards is middle aged..what he got blasted with the ‘infanto-ray’?

  22. The ignorance in this comment section blows me away more than the odd casting choices. It’s 2014 people, grow up. Who gives two shits if a black dude is playing Human Torch, he’s an incredibly talented actor regardless of color. And the casting lands on the director, I’m assuming Josh Trank knows what he’s doing, he has his vision and he’s seeing it through. You’re not him so you have no clue how to cast for his movie. Plus this is only his second film, his career is potentially riding on this one, so I think he does care.

  23. Pablo rossi says:

    I am outraged by the completely wrong casting. Definitely I won’t go to see this movie.

  24. JR says:

    As most of you probably already know, Jordan is being considered to play Cyborg in the Superman/Batman/Anyone-Else-We-Can-Shovel-In movie. Now that’s much better casting. As for FF, I’ll judge it when I see it on video. No way am I gonna shell out $20 – $30 to see a movie in the theater that the makers have so little regard for (source material, that is).

  25. Joey Valdez says:

    Hi folks, interesting thoughts here. I’m a fanboy, have been reading for 35 years and am a hardcore True Believer.
    Now here’s a FACT: it is VERY POSSIBLE that Johnny and Sue are FULL BIOLOGICAL SIBLINGS and have DIFFERENT skin colors. That’s genetics at work for you, amazing racist morons. There have been cases of siblings/twins that have a black father and a white mother coming out with two very different skin colors (e.g., Rashida and Kidada Jones). It’s not as rare as you would think.
    If that’s part of the plot point, I think it’s BRILLIANT – and it helps educate a LOT of people about genetics, AND delves into people’s prejudice.
    Imagine Sue Storm privileged and well-loved, and Johnny, equally privileged yet gets discriminated against and subjected to more prejudice because of the color of his skin. He’s hotheaded, she protects him, as a sister would. Sound familiar? I don’t know about you fellow fanboys, but THAT’S the FF that I know and love – always the “Modern Family” of comicdom.
    Science fiction that tackles racial prejudice AND reveals widespread ignorance of science fact? Sign me up!

    • Normandy says:

      Joey-that’s very interesting, but the character is white-always has been-and people dont want to see this experiment. What next? a black Annie called “Annie, bitch!” ???

      • Joey Valdez says:

        I care a lot about the character and the storyline – I’m a hardcore comics fan – yet I do want to see that experiment. And see, that last comment of yours reveals a LOT about why you wouldn’t like that experiment.

    • curtis says:

      totaly agreed about astonishing xmen was truly amazing i loved it that was a return to form but i just dont agree with such changes of any type in comic book films due to my love of the comic’s themself and tbh i just dont think its right that due to my dislike of fox destroying something i enjoy getting accused of racism when tbh i couldnt give to shits if he is black, green or orange with pink pokadots if its not accurate i dont like it i understand making slight changes but not such drastic one’s it annoys me and because it annoys me it doesnt meen that im racist

      • Joey Valdez says:

        i never accused you of racism, dude – you assumed erroneously, for some odd reason. there are other comments way below this thread that are undoubtedly foul and smack of racism. written by morons.
        some folks are purists, others enjoy it when things are really shaken up.
        everyone is entitled to their opinion. in the end, people will vote with their dollars.

    • Riley says:

      Why does any of that bullshit need to be in this movie?
      Save that shit for a fucking Lifetime movie.
      And enough with the racist shit. All these ‘racists’ would be just as angry if WHITE Panther was announced.

      • k says:

        The point could have been made without the gutter language.

      • Joey Valdez says:

        very well said, ash star! yes, stan was a maverick in his day – he wasn’t afraid to use comics as a vehicle for social issues, and to this day, marvel continues to do so – drugs, racial prejudice, sexual orientation, civil unrest, you name it. as long as the movie is done well, i think the outcome will celebrate, extend, and honor his and kirby’s work.

      • Ash Star says:

        If you knew anything about the actual comics, you’d know that the original FF comics and X-Men thrived on their “real world realness”. That’s what set Spiderman and the rest of the Marvel universe apart from the existing popular comics – the characters had to deal with more daily issues like stereotypes and violence and drugs and racism and sexism and that was literally the entire point of the Marvel world. Look at all the documentaries Stan Lee has made saying this was why it was so successful.

      • Joey Valdez says:

        35 years and counting. my favorite runs on the ff are lee/kirby’s, byrne’s, hickman’s. i liked ultimate ff and sturm’s unstable molecules. for x-men, claremont/byrne’s run is my standard. i also loved whedon’s astonishing and to a lesser extent, morrison’s run.
        what are your favorites?
        there were heated debates about the ff movie in the comics store last wednesday.

      • Riley says:

        And with those last lines you wrote, you pretty much described what X-Men is all about
        How long have you been reading comics?

    • curtis says:

      its just against the comic’s johnny storm was white simple as that its just the same as it would be completly fucked up for blade to be white or bishop in days of future past to be white and also you do know how they are doing it in this film right ? according to this bullshit script he was adopted so half of your whole comment was pointless its not revealing no scienctific fact it is just changing what was written and has been a constant in fantastic four in every single universe if you was a true believer as you claim you should already know all of this they have changed his whole origin so instead of claiming that anybody who doesnt like the fact everythin about the fantastic four is being tore apart piece by piece is racist as a ‘hardcore true believer’ you should be able to see why people are pissed off about it if you cant see why people are pissed off other than the colour of his skin then i think that makes you a bigger racist than anybody who is pissed off

      • Joey Valdez says:

        35 years. i know my comics inside out. i’m hardcore. my letters – and my daughter’s letters – have been printed in actual comics several times.
        and yes, i do understand why people are pissed off. i TOO was shocked by it, but after my anger subsided, i reframed my thinking. i’m not sure if that script was final – it was a rumor.
        there is no comic book-related movie that is spot on – things have to be shaken up to fit the medium, entice non-comic book readers, or pique the interest of older fans – or some combination thereof.
        also, it is common for works of fiction to be rehashed to reflect the “zeitgeist”. that’s why there’s elseworlds. vertigo. the ultimate line. this is also true of shakespeare’s plays and sherlock holmes stories, for example. some, of course, are better than others, but at least the major themes and story points remain intact. the incredibles was an obvious homage to the FF and it was brilliant. i am also a sherlockian, and while i wasn’t too thrilled with “elementary”, i thought the idea was great, but the execution, wanting.
        so i’ll give it a shot. i hope they do a good job. millar is their consultant, so i’m curious to see if his big ideas translate well on the big screen.

  26. curtis says:

    this is a film im never going to watch i understand making a film your own but seriously wtf johny storm has never ever been black he is sue’s brother NOT half brother NOT step brother just her brother and they was both white an im expectin loads of people accusin me of being racist cause i refuse to watch a film with a black human torch but tbf i wouldnt watch a blade film if he was white because blade is black if they made a black panther film he would be black if any of those heroes wer made white there would be an apsolute uproar screaming about how the film makers are racist but its perfectly fine to make human torch black ? bullshit i hope this film bankrupts the company an the people who thought this would be a great idea rot in the burning pit of hell fire having there souls raped by demons for all eternity

  27. glenn says:

    Sue now has a SOUL brother, no problem……

  28. Ericjasper says:

    I rapped for u t a. Mala and bell : I selecting the right people for their career,I know it may not be easy for them ,but i know the world will step aside if they know where they are going :

  29. gadsila says:

    This will be a B movie at best. Fantastic 4 sucks anyways.

  30. Jeff Rittenour says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…WOW. The first 2 were ‘good’ and the characters well played. They rebooted FOR THIS!? AHAHAHAHAHA….

  31. unclecranky1 says:

    Yes, well, this is passing our time, Biff. The old make way for the young and the new. As to the new changes to old characters, That’s DC and Marvel screwing up what worked. Trying for new readers. Without which, I might point out, comics would stop being published as old farts like me died off… I HATED Keith Giffen’s Justice League America. Get over the crud you’re spewing out, and quit blaming “liberals” for everything. If young people didn’t want changes, “liberals” couldn’t do SQUAT.

  32. Normandy says:

    wait a sec-why is Johnny Storm black????

  33. MarkD says:

    Yeah…dumb trend. Look, I don’t mind if they felt that Perry White should be black in MAN OF STEEL. But did they have to change Jimmy Olsen into Jenny Olsen too? That actually annoyed me the most! So the rumor that Dr Doom will be female doesn’t surprise me.

  34. unclecranky1 says:

    Gee, Soupy MacGregor, I SURE hope they do. And that they include the new software in the movie that reaches RIGHT OUT and brainwashes right wingnuts like you into doing nothing but drooling…

  35. Gary Punjabski says:

    Can Will Smith call the producers and see if he can get his son, Jayden, a lead role in the movie? He was so good in that Dianetics movie, and it’d be great if Will could get his son a few more million dollars. I know he’s not as old as the Fantastic Four characters are supposed to be, but he will attract a lot of kids to the movie.

  36. Ben Strapaul says:

    When is the Lone Ranger sequel coming out? R.I.P.D. 2? The FANTASTIC 4 remake? Those movie are sweet. Cost my family and I five bucks to see them dollar theater. Keep making sucky movies, Hollywood, a family of 5 can see your junk in a theater for less than a McDonald’s combo meal.

  37. Moochi Vandalay says:

    I’m still awaiting Wonder Woman with Beyonce. She said she wanted the part and she is (cough) incredibly talented. I’m sure a few dozen people would pay full price to see that gem.

  38. Jerry Benderstein-Arshton says:

    Hunh? Another Fantastic Four movie. Wow, were audiences screaming for this? Didn’t we already see this movie? More lowest common denominator film making. If Hollywood opened up a little more and stopped being so incestuous with their hiring, we might be able to get some good, cheaper movies that aren’t superhero rehashes. But no, it’s just a shell game to pay off friends and fellow temple members.

    Most of Hollywood is absolutely clueless, prime examples being: R.I.P.D., Epic, John Carter From Mars, The Lone Ranger, 47 Ronin, After Earth, and White House Down.

    Although I do enjoy seeing some of these movies for 75 cents at the dollar theater two weeks after they open.

  39. troyison says:

    Well, this is going to suck.

    And yeah, I know they are fictional characters, but most comic book geeks establish incredibly strong ties with these characters and this selection isn’t true to the canon. The only one that comes close is Kate, and she isn’t a good match for Sue.

    The rest are completely wrong.

    I hope the studio reads these comments. Dear Studio, your movie is going to SUCK.

  40. Hunter1114 says:

    Wow…they’re all just so incredibly average and uninteresting looking…I’ll take a pass on this one.

  41. John Spurlock says:

    Wow!!! With this cast, we’re guaranteed the reboot will be worse than the movies it’s rebooting!

    Way to go Hollywood.
    We thought you couldn’t possibly get casting any worse than the last two FF movies,
    but you proved us wrong again!

    Who are you going to cast as Doctor Doom?
    Harvey Fierstein or John Travolta?

  42. Chris Rucco says:

    O.K., now why don’t produce a Black Panther movie with a white guy in the leading role? LOL

  43. gee with this cst why dont they round it our with justin bieber as doom then it can really go down in flames

  44. David Wells says:

    Well, they’ve managed to cast it in a way that makes it completely unappealing to me. At least I’ll save some money by not having to take my family to see it.

  45. dokdoom says:

    Johnny and Sue can still be biologically from the same parents and one be ‘black’ and the other ‘white’
    ‘Black’ complexion comes from the Sun’s effect on our Skin. Can anybody with even a modicum of intelligence then expect ‘The Human Torch’s appearance to stay ‘white’ under those conditions? had nobody else ever wondered why or how it has? what if that’s his superpower maybe? anybody heard of tanning? its a sci-fi movie..high time it got the science right.
    Johnny can still be ‘white’ and ‘black’ at the same time

    +imagine a character who starts off as a regular white guy but now not only has superpowers but those same superpowers change his appearance and supposed ‘race’ and how he deals with that.

    • curtis says:

      errrm you read the comic books right ? its a super power from cosmic rays he doesnt actually feel the heat so how exactly is he goin to get a tan that turns him black from his own ability ? thats like saying namor lives in atlantis and due to the water presure and extreme cold down there he has no skeleton and he is bright blue yes it would make sence but when ya start poking holes in these things it really gets beyond rediculas so tbf he should still be white

      • dokdoom says:

        i do read comics..voraciously.
        namor’s father was white and mother Atlantis blue..who knows what skin color he would’ve had? whatever though, he gets his abilities from that union and at birth so that’s who he is
        at least originally.that’s the point he gets his main abilities and whatever effect they have on him going forward. unlike Johnny who gets his later on at that point their ship is hit with the rays..and their effect on him .
        i think skin color either consciously or un had a major effect on comics whose writers and readers skewed white back then and speculate some of the reasons the creators made namor white include relatability to his targeted white youth readership demographic who back then were considered the one and only…on that note his chief mission was revenge against humans who incidentally also were white so like all superheroes he had to fit in without appearing to ‘other’…on that note too the concept of a mixed race hero taking revenge against white people for injustices to his people would’ve resonated with the wrong audience back then(black) and made some people uncomfortable.
        maybe equally so for a white guy to get cosmic rayed,get superpowers that naturally would have an effect on his skin color? the public would believe it but hell no way would they allow it..a white boy turned into a colored looking superhero? hell no way! guess its why there’s added emphasis on the heat having no effect on him..
        but demographics and attitudes have changed since then.. or should’ve…judging by some of the comments on this story.. to allow such a storyline somewhere in the marvel universe but even if that weren’t true this a sci-fi movie from the wildest fictional concepts we’ve believed from wildest comic book writers for nearly a century..this isn’t based on a true story, origins are changed all the time. anybody who has anything against a black human torch is therefore unimaginative, doesn’t understand fiction,doesnt understand comics or movies or adaptations and which source materials they use and maybe still racist…in that order

    • keithray says:

      sounds plausible though scripts already been written with a lame adoption angle.
      but it does make sense though I’d have thought he’d get at most a deep tan and not turn into a full black dude

    • Normandy says:

      no full siblings would be white and black-has never happened

  46. Trent says:

    Does no one remember that Johnny and Sue Storm are BROTHER AND SISTER?

  47. Danno says:

    Marvel needs to negotiate for the rights for every singe one of their properties and take control of all of the nonsensical bullshit these studios want to distort on these epic American stories. This offends me as an American of EVERY ETHNICITY.

    Would everyone willingly accept a Hispanic or Caucasian version of Harriet Tubman? How about making Blade a white guy? Perhaps they should portray Falcon in the next Captain America film as a Saudi-Eastern?

    I am offended at any time stories like these are altered for the purpose of causing strife between any of us.

    These heroes were thought up from the varied minds of people to represent GOOD Vs. EVIL


    • Roman says:

      Quit your bitching dude there has been whitewashing in cinema for YEARS. Hell, the entire cast of the first film adaptation of Uncle Tom’s Cabin (a film centered around a family of black slaves) was played by white people, including the slaves and titular character!

      Also Harriet Tubman was an ACTUAL PERSON not a fictional character so obviously she could never be played by a non black actress, that is, unless they bring black face back.

    • Eblivarator says:

      You like how whites portrayed blacks in minstrel shows? Or whites playing native Americans in western movies? Or how about Keanu reeves as a ronin? Johnny depp as a Native American? The tears of your butthurt are so delicious

    • David Norman says:

      It was Marvel that made Nick Fury into a black guy in the movies first, then followed it up by creating “Nick Fury, son of original Nick Fury” as a black man in the comic books at the same time they introduced Coulson.

      Also, the movie is set in their “Ultimates” line, which is a different “reality/universe” then the classic “marvel universe” line.

      Also, they are fictional characters.

      I have been collecting Marvel comic books religiously for 35 years, and as long as they consider to represent Good Vs Evil, and the movie is good, I really couldnt care less about skin color changes. I doubt Stan Lee does either.

      I do agree with you that it would be nice for Marvel to have it all under one production roof, as it allows for continuity and cross-overs. Some of these earlier rights deals (FF, X-Men, Spider-Man) were made before there WAS a Marvel Studios and were long term agreements. Now that the Marvel movies have been so hot no one is in a rush to just hand these rights back over. I am sure they will all find their way “home” eventually.

    • Terry says:

      How about Harriet Tubman is an actual historical figure not some fucking character. And white people play roles designated for Mexicans, Native Americans and Arabs all the fucking time are u serious? They would never make Falcon a major motion picture. And why would they change one of our only black characters white when we already really don’t have any. Your dumbass couldn’t even think of more than two that’s why you had to use a REAL LIFE legend for your half ass sorry ass example. Y’all can spare one, if you got such a problem with it than don’t watch the movie. Problem solved

      • curtis says:

        falcon, blade, black panther, bishop, nick fury (ultimate universe) and luke cage there ya go a few black super heroes could think of more but its half 4 in the morning an im to tired and tbf you sound abit racist there its okay for a white super hero to be turned black but its not okay for a black super hero to be turned white ? now thats racism

    • R.Williams says:

      It s a Hollywood movie! Fiction, by its nature, has no obligation to be accurate! Some of you need to pipe down with your ignorant, racist bulls*it!

  48. steve white says:

    Jordon only got cast as he is buds with the director, Lame

  49. um who’s the black guy?

  50. Kyle says:

    same time as Star Wars… well I know which one I’ll be seeing… *grabs Jedi robes*

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