Megan Fox Tells Fans Who ‘Don’t Love’ ‘TMNT’ to ‘F–k Off’

Megan Fox TMNT
Clasos/Getty Images

Megan Fox clearly takes after Michael Bay.

Fox isn’t fazed by any of the criticism surrounding her upcoming pic, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” When asked at a press conference how she felt about the backlash against the reboot, she had a four-letter word for the haters.

“Let me tell you something about those people,” she said during the Los Angeles event on Friday, as reported by CinemaBlend. “How much money did ‘Transformers 4’ make? Exactly. Those people can complain. They all go to the theater. They’re gonna love it and if they don’t love it, they can f–k off. And that’s the end of that.”

Fox is referring to both the vitriol surrounding Bay’s involvement with “TMNT,” which he’s co-producing, and the latest “Transformers” pic, “Age of Extinction,” which was bashed by critics and audiences alike. “Age of Extinction” is the worst reviewed movie of the series with an 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But it had the best opening of the year so far with $100 million and has grossed a whopping $985 million worldwide since late June.

Fox starred in the first two “Transformers” movies opposite Shia LaBeouf before being replaced by Bay.

She was condemned by fanboys last February when cast as April O’Neil in “TMNT.” “TMNT” co-creator Peter Laird even questioned whether she was fit for the role.

Coincidentally, Bay made similar remarks in June about people bashing “Transformers.”

“They love to hate and I don’t care; let them hate,” he told MTV. “They’re still going to see the movie! I think it’s good to get a little tension.”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” which also stars Will Arnett, bows next Friday.

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  1. ko says:

    koa minute ago

    Just because these people are rich and famous they think they can do what they want, make a movie with any story line and just beacuse they’re rich and famous everyone has to like whatever they make or they can fuck off. Michael bay wanted to make the turtles aliens for fuk sakes, until the people who can fuck off said that was retarded and thank god they didnt mess up the mutant ninja turtles by making them come from space. But if they did decide to go that way we would have no say we would have to like it because that would be the new ninja turtles according to Michael bay and the other rich famous assholes who dont care about the story. The movie would make 65 million opening weekend no matter what story they went with, its the ninja turtles name that is the money maker. So maybe instead of worrying so much about what new noses to give the turtles and how many buildings your going to explode with helicopters, worry about the story make it deep like Nolans batman because everyone is going to go see the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie regadless. So fuck off megan fox get some more plastic surgery, maybe some stiches for those lips to keep the dumb things from coming out.

  2. transformers 4 made a lot of money for the same reason tmnt made a lot- they are idiotic movies intended for children. children buy toys and drag their parents to see the movies. cut their box office in half and that’s the money the movie made by people who actually wanted to see it- the children.

  3. ” I think it’s good to get a little tension” seems to be a bit better way to handle this particular kerfuffle.

  4. Peter Brady says:

    I don’t know what planet “Fox” lives on, but I certainly never had an ounce of interest in “TMNT”, I I certainly have even less now.

  5. Meg says:

    It’s because I saw that she was cast that I decided not to see the movie. Much like Kristen Stewart, it is Fox’s attitude that is a turn off and it is presumptuous of her to believe that she is allowed to trash talk those who do not think she is fit for this part, just because they did it to her first. Talk about juvenile. Bay was more correct in saying that those who trash talk are going to and he left it that, no need to be petty. Like Stewart, Fox has shown how completely classless she really can be on numerous occations. I could probably handle the new look and all but having grown up with the original I gotta say fox won’t do the role credit because let’s face it, she is eye candy not an actress and she should just go with modeling. Bay is a hypocrit so there really is nothing surprising about him choosing to work with her again. Emma stone would have been a better choice in my opinion, she at least has more class than Fox, though she also has more range, talent, and understands what it means to adapt to a role not alter it.

  6. therealeverton says:

    You do realise that the Transformers films ALL cleaned up a the box office? The first film was a massive hit, the second a bigger hit. In fact in ticket sales the second, Fox starring film, likely did better than the 4th film

  7. Tim says:

    Those people pay her fucking bills. How about she gives back the audiences their time for wasting it on a big piece of heaping garbage.

  8. afanbutnotofher says:

    like I care what megan fox says anyway. she ak f–k off herself:)

  9. Dan says:

    I think I’m going to fuck off and watch GOTG instead.

  10. frankie342 says:

    priest: do you Megan fox take Michael Bay to be your Lawful wedded husband?

    Megan Fox: I do

    Priest : do you Michael Bay take Megan fox to be your lawful wedded wife?

    Michael Bay : I do

    priest : I pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss
    the bride.



  11. Paul lane says:

    This beautiful woman should get together with Lama Del Ray. Both have contpt for the audience. I’m guessing that’s a thing nowadays.. Yuck!

  12. No Dumb Turtles or Robots For Me says:

    When all you’re serving is super-sized platters of crap to an increasingly numbed, increasingly sub-literate culture starved for easy distraction, even crap can begin to taste good to many palates. Mr. Bay is your chef…and Ms. Fox will be your server. Bon appetit.

    • therealeverton says:

      The idea that anyone in the western world in 2014 is starved of options for entertainment is beyond laughable. If anything the fact that they get so many people away from the smartphones, tablets, games consoles, Tv and other media/realworld entertainment choices that the 21st century has to offer, when young filmgoers are declining rapidly, is in fact the proof that your hypothesis is fatally flawed; the opposite of what you say is the case. If they didn’t like what was being served up, they would go to any one of the myriad other, usually cheaper, options.

  13. The new TMNT film will be awesome. For those who don’t think it will be, don’t watch it. Like any movie, you will have your opinion. It’s the chance you take when you see a film and you have the right to complain and not be happy with it. Personally I have seen films I didn’t care for so much, but I moved on. If people want to spend time hating on things, hate on things that matter like how people don’t have the right to euthanasia or that marriage should be allowed between consenting adults. I can respect another person’s opinion if it has reason, however, if they persist in voicing their hate then they too can fuck off. I have a feeling most people who see the new TMNT movie will enjoy it rather than fuck off. Points to Fox for calling it for what it is. People are sick of people being politically correct or not calling things as they are. This type of honesty is to be encouraged among us all. For those who don’t like the truth, they can fuck off too. Cowa ‘fucking’ bunga!!!

    • therealeverton says:

      Yep, can’t win for saying what the truth is. These people bash her, and make personal, demeaning sexist comments about a film based on something they liked as a kid; she’s right, clearly most people love the way Bay makes #TTransformers ilms, as they consistently make similar, or larger, amounts f money. If not, why are you wasting your time and money going again and again to see something you hate? A civilian plane shot down and nobody had done a thing, Israel and #Palestine insisting on blowing the crap out of each other until the end of time and to hell with how many people they slaughter, or put in harm’s way, and people waste time getting personal and hate filled on two people they don’t even know? People who work hard and clearly entertain a lot of people.

      ~I do not like the look of this film at al, why are the Turtles twice the size they should be, they do not look like they need ninja training, they could just thug their way through an army of machine gun totting ninja, or a herd of elephants!. But even so why am I going to waste my life bashing it, when I have not seen it AND do I need to get personal in attacking Bay, or Fox? Are they killers? Thieves, Paedophiles? I happen to like Fox, and no not because she’s “hot”, which I’ll say yes she is, but I think she happens to do a decent job whenever I see her i anything.

      Robert De Niro has made a few terrible films, is there some big hate campaign for him about those misfires?

  14. gawkocracy says:

    I think she is right. People can complain but money talks. I Have seen Transformers 1& 2 . I have had enough and I have not seen the other two. It would be stupid of me to watch I am not interested in the others especially when people complain about it so much.

    I have a Movie pass that let me watch unlimited movies so for me it is not about wasting money it is time. I don’t want to waste 3 hours of my time.

    Saying that however I LOVE a good popcorn flick if you love Transformers I think that it’s awesome. In general I dislike it when people bash stuff.

  15. Pino says:

    This movie sucks and everyone knows it already. The fanboys will give it money but it will still suck. Keep eating the popcorn and looking at the boobs and explosions you fools. Cinema is dead and people are dumb.

    • Joe says:

      Let Miss. Fox and Bay stay on their high horse until they make a movie that flops and the studios no longer bankroll their movies. Then they will look as stupid as they are now.

    • frankie342 says:

      if I want to see big ass tities I would rather watch dial a porn star
      24/7 channels where it is nothing but nonstop bra’s and thongs with
      a hint of big tits but get rather bored after ten minutes of it and lend
      up taking photos of old buildings with grand history and write articles
      for websites and watch my fave show on the internet called the angry joe show
      at least he’s funny and entertaining and let’s face it Megan Fox is Michael Bay’s
      Bitch she will do anything to be in his movies including doing a striptease around
      a pole and doing a harem dance .



  16. TinaWin says:

    People see the high grossing films because they r fun and people like them. You don’t have to have English actors in a cafe talking us to boredom to be a good movie. The public says those low grossing movies such but the critics love them. I’m with the people. Who cares about the critics.

  17. frankie342 says:

    actor john saxon stated in an interview that he hated filming
    cannibal apocalypse back in the 1980’s but he loved the
    paycheck for making it but fans still loved it even ultra rare
    video copies are trading over £100 pounds on the internet
    to say originally censored and cut in England and even
    teenage mutant ninja turtles the original films almost
    got banned for enticing kids to throw and hit nunchuckas
    at people and because violence and gore really sells
    just like make them die slowly the notoriously banned
    movie in 31 countries back in the 80’s due to cruelty
    to animals and deviant ultra violence towards women
    but violence really pays well in movies just imagine
    singing in the rain becomes an horror movie titled
    screaming in the rain a horror musical people
    will pay to see it because violence sells.



  18. Diane says:

    People go to movies to see all this blood, gore and garbage movies. Many stars just make movies for the paycheck, sometimes it looks like they phoned in their part. There are still some good movies, but they are far and few between. I try to read reviews and also word of mouth, but even then I’ve seen some real stinkers. Many of the high grossing movies I wonder why people would pay to see them.

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