Man Wants Refund After Buying $650 in Tickets to ‘The Interview’

Man Wants Refund After Buying $650

Sony apparently isn’t the only one who lost money on “The Interview” last week.

A man in Ohio tried to cash in on the buzz surrounding Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new comedy when he purchased $650 in tickets or 50 passes at $13 each to the movie.

According to WCPO in Cincinnati, Jason Best learned that a local theater in Clifton was among the 300 theaters to play the controversial film on Christmas Day and hoped to resell the tickets online at a higher price (i.e., he wanted to scalp them).

“I saw all the hype about ‘The Interview’ on the 23rd and thought, ‘Hey, folks are selling these tickets in other cities and it seems like that’s the thing to do right now so why not give it a shot so see how it goes,”’ he said.

But the plan backfired once Sony announced it was streaming the film online for half the price on sites like YouTube, Hulu and Netflix.

Now the man is demanding a refund from the Esquire Theatre.

“I thought I’d get my money back because the theater’s website *very clearly* said the tickets were refundable,” Best told WCPO in an email.

But a theater manager told Best that the arthouse didn’t have a website and that “The Interview” was listed as a special event.

It turns out Best had purchased the tickets from, which specifically warns on its website that theater owners reserve the right to withhold refunds for special events.

Plus the manager said that scalping tickets was illegal.

The $40 million-budgeted “Interview,” which expanded to iTunes on Sunday, recently changed from a wide to limited release after North Korean hackers threatened to harm theatergoers.

The R-rated comedy earned nearly $3 million at the U.S. box office this weekend.

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  1. Fernando says:

    is this news? This just in…I stubbed my toe in the shower this morning.

  2. I wanted to tell that gentleman who wanted the refund after buying 650 in tickets forgetting about it. He won’t get his money back any time soon.

  3. Made $2M in theaters, and $15M online…

  4. I thought that I was dumb but this prove one thing that I will waited until the film is available for DVD sales and wait until to rent the DVD or worst to buy the DVD.

  5. jldevoy says:

    NK definitely did the hack, brought to you by the same people who brought you ‘Saddam definitely has WMDs’.

  6. Gdog says:

    What an idiot!

  7. Gex says:

    It has not been definitively proven that NK was behind the attacks. In fact many security experts disagree with that assessment.

    Would it be so hard for press to talk about the hack accurately so as not to bang the war drums needlessly? How lazy are you that you can’t expand that one sentence to be accurate? We’ve had the press cheerlead us into a war not too long ago. How about you knock it off?

  8. cincinnati says:

    i definitely did not tell this guy we didn’t have a website, that’s inaccurate.

  9. Bob says:

    glad the guy lost his money the bad american or north korean where ever he is from. scalping movie tickets thats a new one, sports yes, concerts sure but movies, what a dumb republican, tea party move and he loses yea ,just like the next election

  10. Dirk says:

    The guy is an ass

  11. John Shea says:

    I can get Mr. Best a nice deal on a holiday in North Korea…

  12. He needs a lobotomy, not a refund.

  13. DumbA$$ Numero Uno says:

    Problem : Did something dumb in order to do something dumber.
    Solution : Do something even dumber!

  14. Bestisan idiot says:

    Best, this is called a business risk. Mad props to the theater to NOT refund this guy his money. With any quick profit comes risk, you got burned.

  15. benardquek says:

    Do ticket scalpers still exist in cinemas? I know it used to in the 1970s and 1980s but now???

  16. OMG, this is funnier than ‘Dumb & Dumber To’!😂👏

  17. Victoria says:

    Damn…would be from Cincinnati dummy

  18. Mike says:

    A bigger story is the people who paid as much as $700 for an Interview poster on eBay the day it was announced the movie wouldn’t be released. Now those same posters are going for about $50. After seeing the film, I want my money back, too. Definitely the biggest hype job of the year.

  19. Jake says:

    I thought it’s customary to refund unused tickets

  20. Dave says:

    Fuckwit. Pure and very simple.

    • My eye open wide when I read about the man in Ohio decide to buy 650 tickets to the Interview. I must agree with Dave that the man was dumb and naive. He should have read the fine word. I would be shock if he get his money back.

      • Lowell says:

        Charles David Haskell – this is at least the second stupid post you made in the comment section of this article. He bought $650 worth of tickets, not 650 tickets. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

        In another comment, you mentioned that Mr. Best should lawyer up because he’s entitled to a refund in the event that the tickets go unused. He was SCALPING them, which is illegal.

        Seriously, get a grip and bow out of here.

      • Rhett Jones says:

        650 dollars in tickets a big difference than 650 tickets

  21. Samuel says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world’s dumbest scalper

  22. Alex says:

    A scalper wants his money back? Not only is he a crook, he’s a very bad one.

  23. Michael S. says:

    Wait, wait, you just publicly admitted to buying tickets for the sole purpose of scalping them, which is illegal, and now you want the studio to give you money to recoup your losses? The only thing Sony is going to do is call the local police in your area, have you arrested for attempting to scalp tickets, and sit back and enjoy the rest of their day.

  24. Peter L. says:

    Well, well. The trials and tribulations of being an idiot. Your gamble, your loss.

  25. Henrik says:

    Haha. He definitely got what he deserved. What a moron.

  26. Filme noi says:

    LOL! That’s just stupid. Hope they don’t give him money back.

  27. Goodbyenoway says:

    What a complete idiot.

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