Local Artist Erects Oscar Statue Shooting Heroin in Hollywood

Artist Erects Oscar Statue Shooting Heroin

L.A. artist Plastic Jesus says statue was inspired by Philip Seymour Hoffman's recent death

Just in time for this Sunday’s Academy Awards, a gold statue resembling an Oscar with a syringe in its arm was erected at Hollywood Boulevard on Friday morning.

The artist behind the sculpture, known as Plastic Jesus, told LA Weekly that the work was inspired by Philip Seymour Hoffman’s recent death. Coincidentally, hours after the statue was put up, an autopsy report revealed that Hoffman died of acute mixed drug intoxication, including heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines and amphetamine. Plastic Jesus said his cousin and his cousin’s wife also overdosed on heroin.

The 8-foot-tall store mannequin is meant to call attention to “Hollywood’s best kept secret” (as noted on its pedestal) and break the stigma attached to drug use.

After a passerby, who identified herself as a city official, threatened to confiscate the artwork, Plastic Jesus removed the statue. He tweeted that he plans to bring it back on Sunday.

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  1. JLB says:

    The actual Plastic Jesus’ Oscar Heroin Statue will be on dislpay at The Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles for the “Face It” show. (about Facing your emotions and issues) the opening is March 15th

  2. IG says:

    this is really low. have you no shame?

  3. Avid Reader says:

    A junkie is a junkie. They’re rich, they’re poor, well known and anonymous. You know what they say about art, “It’s not what you’re looking at. It’s what you see.” I see a commentary on the public’s interest in the problem of addiction, only when the junkie’s celebrity puts it in mind.

  4. johntshea says:

    I’d leave it there for a month or so. But ‘Plastic Jesus’ is wrong about ‘Hollywood’s best kept secret’. ‘Worst kept secret’ more likely.

  5. SFSolstice says:

    Image that, Hollywood unable to handle the truth? LOL

  6. I think the statue should be taken down removed. Drugs has nothing to do with Hollywood and Hollywood has nothing to do with drugs. This is a problem the world is facing today. Having a syringe on the statue like the Oscars is insulting to the people in Hollywood that create.

    As a filmmaker myself and a person who grew up in New York City, Washington Heights, surrounded by drugs, I can tell you this much, Hollywood is not to blame and are not the people that started this and unfortunately for people taking it that are true artists is a shame. This is purely a disease of addiction. I hope they remove the statute because it’s a disgrace to the very image of what the Oscars stands.

    • Nick Stern says:

      “Drugs has nothing to do with Hollywood and Hollywood has nothing to do with drugs.” Are you blind to the world at the end of your nose. It’s attitudes like this that ensures that the issue of hard drug use in Hollywood carries a stigma, and people die. People are afraid their drug use will ruin their career if exposed. And no-one is prepared to say ‘No’ to them…

    • ALPEG=2 says:

      ‘Drugs has nothing to do with Hollywood and Hollywood has nothing to do with drugs?’ The message behind the art piece is completely lost upon you. You are sheep with no imagination.

      • I think the statue is a representation of how people with way too much money and status in society spend that money. They usually have all they need in life so they look for other ways to compensate the things they think they are missing and Drugs are that tool. Yes you can say poor people also have this problem but they aren`t as openly free without any attention drawn to themselves with this problem. This is why for Hollywood celebrities the problem is hidden. Money can take care of a lot of nosey people! Because this is a world wide problem and not only a problem happening in Hollywood, people feel to bring it to the publics attention with a needle in the arm of the Oscar Statue is wrong, I DON`T AGREE! Hollywood has the world wide means through Media and every other way they bring celebrities into our homes and our lives to use this publicity for the good things people can do about their problems, not Hey look at me I`m a Bad Ass, I just got myself into more trouble because I have more money than God! This is why we are losing more and more celebrities to drugs! Because they don`t know what to do with all their newly acquired fortune! So hey I say more Power to the message of the needle sticking out of Oscars arm! Maybe Hollywood was never supposed to be about all the Nasties of Drug abuse but there is no stopping of that message now! Even the Oscars can`t hide the truth!!!!

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