Lisa Kudrow on Sony Emails: ‘Don’t Write Anything You Don’t Want Broadcast’

Lisa Kudrow PSA Arts
Dan Doperalski for Variety

Lisa Kudrow has some advice in light of the Sony cyber-attack: “Don’t write anything you don’t want broadcast.”

The “Friends” alum and “Comeback” star discussed the right to privacy on “The Huffpost Show” on Friday.

“How come I know you don’t write anything you don’t want broadcast in an email? How come I know that? Who’s advising people?” Kudrow told Huffington Post network president Roy Sekoff, referring to the Sony execs whose dirty laundry has been aired after hackers released stolen emails.

Kudrow said people would be better off if they had no expectation of privacy in email exchanges.

“It doesn’t matter how many times it says ‘This is confidential, meant for just between the sender and the recipient,'” Kudrow said. “Why don’t we know that there are no rules? Everything is broadcast and published. That’s the part I just don’t understand.”

In fact, she joked that she’s become opinions-less, just to be safe.

“I think we need to have more boundaries and accountability and a little personal responsibility for what we say,” she said.

Although Kudrow wasn’t mentioned in the leaked emails, fellow A-listers Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie and Kevin Hart were among those criticized. DiCaprio was called “despicable” for pulling out of the Steve Jobs biopic in the latest chain of emails to be released to the public.

Sony co-chair Amy Pascal issued an apology earlier this week for emails in which she joked about President Barack Obama‘s favorite movies, focusing on those starring African Americans.

“The content of my emails to (producer Scott Rudin) were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am,” she said. “Although this was a private communication that was stolen, I accept full responsibility for what I wrote and apologize to everyone who was offended.”

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  1. Canadian Zeta says:

    Not much of an apology. I think the statement is an accurate reflection of who she is: what we do when we think we’re not going to be held accountable is an accurate reflection of who we are. She’s only apologizing to people who were offended. She’s not apologizing for making offensive, racist dismissive remarks. Shameful.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I must agree with Canadian Zeta about Lisa Kudrow and her statement. She wanted to have it both way. She wanted to appear to be some kind of wise woman who know how to give the right advice.

      • cdhaskell says:

        I wanted to thank to Canadian Zeta for telling me who make what statement. It is amazing to see how Ms. Amy Pascal is amazing to see how she able to show her face and tell everybody that she didn’t make that statement with a straight face.

      • Canadian Zeta says:

        No! cdhaskell — The offensive racist comment was by the female Exec of SONY Amy Pascal. Pascal is the one who made offensive racist remarks about the Obamas not Kudrow. Lisa Kudrow was entirely innocent. She was just giving good advice in her blog: don’t write, email, twitter, or say anything you don’t want to see in print ever.

  2. Here is a novel idea. How about saying what you want. Then if it comes to light. You have two choices. Dealing with the issue or not giving an F’.

  3. ryepdx says:

    PGP, guys. It’s not perfect, but it’s the most proven solution at the moment. That way you’ve at least got a layer of protection if your emails get leaked. Encryption *works.*

  4. Harry says:

    Amy Pascal appears to be sorry that she was “caught” and not for actually making the comment.
    Sorry…but her comments are an accurate reflection of who she is.

  5. GKN says:

    Though I agree that nasty personal attacks are stupid (period, much less in in emails that could shown around), being ‘opinion-less’ i.e;.spineless ‘to be safe’ is another big part of the problem in this country. This is exactly how the loudest-mouthed idiots have virtually high-jacked “public opinion”. No one has the cajones to stand up to them anymore. On the contrary, let’s stop being such cowards, Lisa.

  6. Jim K says:

    Isn’t that what Hollywood always accused the Tea Party of being? Champagne White Liberal privilege on parade. I’ll have a bottle of bubbly schadenfreude, nice and chilled. Cheers.

  7. “Fellow A-listers.” Well, that was generous. LOL

  8. mac says:

    If Pascal and Rudin were say politicians or in any other line of business based on there lack of net-equet above all else the board would have at the very least suspended them by now , pending an investigation. To say nothing of the fact that the A listers what ever there charater defects may be ( at the end of the day were all human and there for not perfect – who knew ) would be well within their rights to look at potential law suits for defamation of charater – at the very least.
    The fact that they are still continuing to be allowed to work amazes me – however doesnt surprise me , phrases like – more money than sense or hypocracy and business go arm in arm .
    it also speaks volumes for Sony’s PR machine , or clear lack there of . They at the very least should be being flayed alive for there lack of advice and guidance on do’s and dont’s .
    also ,I dont think the reporter is actually saying Lisa is an A lister, and i doubt that lisa would see herself as an A lister to be fair , its just a very clunky sentence . It woulda been clearer had there been a full stop and perhaps . A listers such as ….
    Privacy and the Interweb . Most folks would like to believe that they are safe but if you read more into it . its the equivilant of papering over a doorway with tracing paper and some one poking holes through it whenever they want. Privacy is a nice idea in theory but in practice not so simple, if nothing else its a wakeup call to others in similar positions of power and to be fair the wider populus that you do seriously need to think twice about what you write and who might end up reading it

    • Steven Gibbons says:

      You said that those stolen emails were a defamation of character? You have no idea what you’re talking about. Those emails don’t come anywhere close to being a legally definable defamation of character. You want people to be sued for their private opinions? The world would stink if you were running it.

  9. FoundingFathersGhost says:

    She is right, but what does that say about the America of 2014? If there is no privacy and the court of public opinion can hold anyone accountable for their words, then what kind of nation do we live in? The Soviet Union? Running Man? 1984? Fahrenheit 451? Or maybe Lisa Kudrow is wrong and it is time to make a stand to protect and respect privacy.

  10. Nathan says:

    And Lisa Kudrow is is not an A-lister. Her show The comeback is the lowest rated show on tv, she’s barely a C lister.

  11. Nathan says:

    I bet she wouldn’t tell Jennifer Lawrence, “Don’t take pictures you wouldn’t want on the internet.” So why is this invasion of privacy ok but that wasn’t? Hypocrites.

  12. Man, I totally agree. There is NOTHING put on the internet that is confidential. And you can’t wipe it off a disc. Secure erasing doesn’t even do it. There isn’t anyone reading these comments that hasn’t said something evil behind someone’s back while making nice to them in person. That’s called “human nature”. If I called co-workers “scum sucking pigs” just because that’s how I think of them, nothing would get done. You smile, you compliment them, and promise to call later – then you roll your eyes and get away. Go to any party and watch the women. One half hates the other half but they all smile and laugh together. Big deal.

  13. AdrFax says:

    No, Amy Pascal, your insensitive and offensive comments don’t reflect who you are, your greed and (ill-adviced) cash-hungry decisionmaking does.

    I’m glad that Lisa calls back to common sense, something people in modern times usually lack; specially in the filmmaking business.

  14. charcramer says:

    And I agree with Lisa: why is it that I know this, but Sony execs do not?

  15. vs2001 says:

    Since when is Lisa Kudrow a “fellow A- lister” to the likes of DeCaprio and Jolie?

  16. SKDogLover says:

    Being in PR for 25 yrs, one of the key commandments has always been: Don’t put anything in writing that you don’t want to see on the front page of the New York Times. With the advent of social media, however, PR people have become sloppy and those not in PR – such as at SONY – don’t have a clue when they should be schooled. It now goes far beyond putting things in writing. We all must be responsible for all of our actions, be they public or private (that may become public).

    People everywhere – regardless of your career – take note.

  17. Donna Fontaine says:

    Bravo! Your comment is spot on – and thank you for making it smile worthy as well.

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