Jonah Hill Was Paid $60,000 for ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Academy Award Nominee Jonah Hill

Like most actors, Jonah Hill was desperate to work with Martin Scorsese. So desperate, in fact, he opted to take a multimillion-dollar cut in order to be cast in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the actor revealed to Howard Stern.

Instead of earning his usual high-seven-figures, Hill opted to agree to SAG’s “minimum wage” for the seven-month shoot, which is around $60,000 before commissions and taxes.

But this isn’t the first time a major movie star has taken a pay cut to work on a particular movie. Hill’s “Wolf of Wall Street” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio agreed to a pay cut from his normal $20 million fee to star in Christopher Nolan’s 2011 blockbuster “Inception.” Because Warner Bros. thought “Inception” was a risky movie initially with all of its twists and turns, DiCaprio chose to forego his normal rate in favor of splitting first-dollar gross points, which means he receives money coming directly off the top of ticket sales once he has earned back his advance.

The risk paid off for DiCaprio, who saw his biggest payday yet after earning $50 million. Hill’s extreme pay cut probably means he, too, has a backend deal like DiCaprio’s for “Inception.”

Already an Oscar-nominated actor for “Moneyball,” Hill can add another notch to his belt as he also received an Oscar nom for “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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  1. ITTTY IT says:

    OLIVER STOEN called! —-he wants his CLICHES back!

  2. MCS says:

    Despite all that’s (being) said, what mystified me the most was that Jonah Hill is “a major movie star.”

  3. Capitalism is capitalism, folks. How would you prefer it worked? Fairly? Good luck with that…

  4. Yet these people want my money for their taxes? Disgusting. Look it up, the word is “donation.” Greedy primadonnas.

  5. caligula says:

    aww…poor little rich guy.

  6. CCM says:

    In the case of DiCaprio and Inception, he was paid $50 million for a film that grossed $825 million worldwide. Pretty good return if you ask me. Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them. Like it or not, the public at large determined a long time ago that pro athletes, movie stars, musicians, entertainers, etc. are worth what they are paid. If the public did pay attention to what these people did on a daily basis for entertainment value, this would not be the case. Personally, I feel quite fortunate to be able to enjoy the talents of these individuals on a daily basis.

  7. eduardo says:

    OH no! Scorsese pays below scale, minimum, for stars????? $60000 is peanuts for Hollywood talent!!! we need an IRS audit of Scorsese, and a labor board investigation!

  8. george says:

    look at the wikipedia entry on the real wolf of wall street that this movie is based on.
    notice how they leave out his ethnicity in all these stories, and the movie.

    sort of like when murders are reported on in the media, they say there is a suspect but fail to mention that he is black.

  9. Andrew says:

    Hill made it clear in the Howard Stern interview that he did NOT receive any backend points for Wolf. SAG minimum and that was it.

  10. Alex says:

    Multi-millions for these characters, and for just a few month’s “work”? Amazing!

    • SAGAFTRA says:

      Hey Alex, you have no idea how many hours and what goes on to film a very good movie, all you see is the end result…. you seem to not understand that when we’re filming a movie – a great one at that – that there is a LOT of work… you may work 40 hours 60 hours a week, try being on a film set for 15 – 16 hours in a day…. try different locations, trying to sleep, trying to have a family. I wish some people who have this “just for a few months attitude” had one month or even a few weeks of doing work. Try remembering your lines, and repeating them over and over for multiple angles. Please understand that what we do for work is for your entertainment, and there is a LOT OF HARD WORK that goes on in front and especially BEHIND the camera.

      • SAGAFTRA says:

        Hey Eric, a few questions? Do you enjoy your JOB? And Do you enjoy relaxing with your family and other things meanwhile catching up on a movie or tv show? If so, how do you think those are done? With hard work. I’m not saying you do not work hard at all! PLEASE do not mistake the Entertainment industry for it’s glorified treasures on the outside. I was just saying that if you knew how we do a film, then you could understand how someone earns their money – kind of like I don’t know what do you to earn your money. Pretty simple and basic if you think about it. One just happens to be something you might like.

      • Eric Fannon says:

        yeah, i did this in my past. 15-20 hour work days repairing homes from damage.
        All travel – kids at home… these POS’s are not worth this.

  11. D Hein says:

    It’s a risky business, no pun intended. For everyone of these guys there is 25,000 guys who will never get even one a paying gig and spend their lives pursuing that dream. Talented, good looking, likable, passionate, cool people that will never see any success at all.

    I guess my point is that with those odds… the winners deserve the spoils.

    • Scott says:

      Oh cry me a freakin’ river! You must be one of those out of touch, self-important people. Do YOU know how many people work 14 to 16 hr. days year round and never even see 6 figures? Pardon me if I don’t feel sorry for any of these “stars”.

  12. Charlene Richards says:

    But what was his “back end” deal….?

  13. sailordude says:

    I’m looking at the other comments. Is reading comprehension low or did you all just read the headline. He’s making millions on the back end from the film’s receipts (allegedly).

    • Idengas says:

      I, for one, listened to the entire interview while I was driving to a sales call. So let me tell you know it all’s that he gets NOTHING on the back end. He did it simply for the experience of working with Scorsese, which I think is kinda cool. he actually said it was such an honor he would have sold his own house to do it.

    • hey sailordude…reading comprehension? “Hill’s extreme pay cut probably means he, too, has a backend deal.”
      No where does it say he is making millions on the back end. Reading comprehension? Pot calls kettle black.

  14. sailordude says:

    So, he took a pay cut but he didn’t really lose any pay. He’s one of the working masses but he’s really not. Yawn.

  15. Ghostdog says:

    He’s worth every penny. Especially pennies. An arrogant fat little man.
    And, No, I don’t support pro athletes making millions either, Sammyglick. I don’t even watch professional sports

  16. sammyglick says:

    Please…half of the people posting snide comments about Hill’s acting and/or pay would not even think twice (or care to take the time to comment on the internet) when they see a pro athlete making millions for playing a sport kids and the rest of us play for ‘free’. Did you gripe about A-rod making millions to play baseball or Kobe making millions playing basketball? Likewise, are these same people ‘outraged’ by what some in the media make for ‘talking into a microphone’ for a few hours in a day. Somehow it’s fine for people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to have multi-million dollar contracts for simply ‘talking’, or on the other end of the political spectrum liberals like Larry King or Ed Schultz. Yet it’s not okay for Jonah Hill to make $60K for seven months of ‘talking and walking’ in a Scorsese movie?! The political bias of some posters is so obvious and glaringly hypocritical….as if it was Clint Eastwood or Bruce Willis (both outspoken Republicans/Conservatives in Hollywood) taking a big paycut to work with Scorsese (or another respected director), they would be hailed as heroes who did the ‘right thing’ to entertain their fans and the public.

  17. Trey Strock says:

    I am no tax expert in any sense of the word, however, wouldn’t it be considered imputed income to Mr. Jonah Hill’s employer since they received the benefit of his professional services at an extreme discount?

  18. bags_atx says:

    $60K? How is a fat man suppose to die in a hotel room with Blow and a Booker on that kind of wage?

  19. GozieBoy says:

    But he is painfully talentless and insufferable to watch. How in good graces does he command a “seven figure” salary per film? I refuse to go anywhere near any film he is in.

  20. Yoyo says:

    He was paid that much?!?!!? That is $59,999 more than I would pay. I just find him annoying beyond belief.

  21. Dr.Zhivago says:

    Since when is Hill “a major movie star”?

  22. Schnozzie says:

    Great interview Howard!

  23. T. Evans says:

    Yeah, the writer never said he got ripped off or that he was undercut. Just that he took a drastic paycut to work with Scorsese. No one asked anyone to feel bad for the guy, it’s just passing info along. So, no need to freak out.
    Also, for everyone mentioning firefighters and paramedics, no one ever said that being an actor is more important than those jobs as it surely isn’t. But thats the nature of the entertainment business. It’s great work if you can get it.
    Also, as a Hollywood screenwriter, I can tell you some of these actors actually work pretty darned hard. Especially on a movie like this with Scorsese. There were plenty of 18 hour days on the set and Hill had a tough role to play. Again, you won’t find one actor, especially people like Dicaprio and Hill, that don’t know and often mention that they’re way overpaid for their work. But it’s relevant to the amount of money sold on tickets.
    In all honesty, I wish nurses and paramedics got paid scale to the ridiculous cash that hospitals and ambulances charge. That’s a real injustice. One trip to the ER can run you $20,000 depending on tests etc and you can sure as hell bet the nurses and techs aren’t seeing that cash.

    • Db says:

      You can thank medical malpractice slip-n-fall rat lawyers for the costs associated with a hospital visit. It covers the outrageous insurance premiums hospitals pay, and lawyers to protect their doctors. Also, a lot of people visit the emergency room for pointless reasons, or go and don’t have any money to pay or insurance. So people who can pay help to pay for those that don’t, since the hospital has to cover expenses somehow.

      And, yes, some doctors (surgeons) do get paid a lot of money, but they go through a hell of a lot to get there and there are very few who can do what they do. They could have taken their skill and intelligence anywhere to make millions, but they chose to save lives.

      • says:

        what an idiot you are, doctors and hospitals malpractice insurance is not higher due to lawyers keeping their laziness and misdiagnoses in check, its due to the insurers poor financial choices like the rest of wall street, no increase in malpractice cases has occurred quite the opposite, grow a brain first and thank a lawyer every day for your rights like freedom of speech to be able to spew such stupidity.

  24. simin says:

    Bar none the best movie production on every level possible for this cycle. Nothing came close, not American Hustle, not Her, no nothing if we are totally honest about it.

  25. JoeyB says:

    Hill was really good in Wolf, None of them need to worry about a penny for 10 lifetimes ,while most of us schlubs are barely scraping by ,and getting shafted by Oboinghole. So, Eff all these Celebs……

  26. His $60K for 7 months worth of work is still more than most paramedics and firefighters make in 12 — and they put their lives on the line every day.

  27. So in other words, he’s not worth the money so he cheaped himself out just to say he’s been in a Scorsese film… That’s pretty sad, like Stephen Baldwin clinging to his role in “The Usual Suspects” in order to validate his career.

    • blisteringlogic…you know what I find pretty sad? A guy like you with a fake name taking a cheap shot at 2 actors in one post. How many movies have you been in? And which one of your many films did you take just to validate your film career? ps…you don’t have a clue how Hollywood works. Not a clue!

  28. e0zotgr says:

    And I doubt he was really working that hard for all 7 months. Sure, some days can be a drag, but it’s unfair to say he worked for seven months for that cash.

    • Yirmin says:

      Amen. Reality is no actor would be on the set working 10 hours a day every day for 7 months. Even if they were actually being filmed on every day of a films shooting schedule (which is extremely unlikely) they would at most only be in front of a camera a hour or two a dau and spend the rest of the time waiting often in a trailer as nice as most folks homes.

  29. MoviesSuck says:

    Way too much!

  30. Nate Higgers says:

    60K for 7 months plus food, travel, lodging… yeah I’m so sad for poor Johan.

  31. Bucketstealer says:


    or does that not apply here? it so hard to tell when these noble causes do and don’t apply these days

  32. That’s Entertainment BABIE!!

  33. Cynthia K. says:

    I know it is not a lot of money for such a high-profile actor such as Jonah Hill, but many people do not make $60,000 in a year even working two jobs, so it is a little hard to feel like he got ripped off. Some perspective is needed–as usual in Hollywood. Also, many would argue an Oscar Nomination, and the chance to work with Scorsese are priceless!!

  34. Amazing — he did such a good job, as did Robbie!! There’s a pretty concise review for Wolf Of Wall Street here:

  35. Robbie Goldstein says:

    Red Granite should pony up.. Otherwise what actor will work with them. Leo should keep his he made a lot money for them

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