The Shocking Coincidence Between ‘22 Jump Street’ and Jonah Hill’s Gay Slur

Jonah Hill Gay Scandal: The Shocking

The R-rated comedy sequel warns against gay slurs, particularly the word 'f****t'

Jonah Hill has dominated this week’s Hollywood news cycle, after a TMZ video leaked over the weekend of the actor using a gay slur when confronted by a paparazzo. On Tuesday, an emotionally distraught Hill appeared on the “Tonight Show” to apologize. Earlier that day, the 30-year-old actor expressed similar remorse for his homophobic remark on Howard Stern’s radio show.

But attendees at Wednesday night’s world premiere in New York of Hill’s upcoming release, “22 Jump Street,” were surprised to see a scene in the movie eerily resembles the actor-producer’s real-life scandal.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead.

Midway through the film, the undercover cop characters played by Hill and his co-star Channing Tatum are in a university library, trying to eavesdrop on a gang of drug dealers. When it looks like their cover is about to be revealed, Hill shoves Tatum to his knees, suggesting a sexual act. A drug dealer spots them in the stacks, and believes they really are a gay couple, at which point he utters the same slur that Hill was heard saying on the tape.

But instead of ignoring him, Tatum’s character loses his temper.

“In 2014, you can’t say the word ‘faggot,’” Tatum’s character says in a lengthy diatribe. As a result of the outburst, the drug dealers realize that Hill and Tatum are undercover cops, and a violent chase ensues. The heroes of the film don’t seem to mind. “22 Jump Street” argues, as Hill did on TV, that gay slurs must be eliminated from our daily vernacular.

At Wednesday’s premiere, Hill showed up for press photos but ditched the red carpet, refusing to answer any questions from journalists. He also didn’t attend the afterparty, although he was a large part of chatter about the film.

People close to Hill say he is emotionally devastated over his remarks and that family members and reps have been consoling him ever since the weekend incident.

Officials from Sony Pictures, which bankrolled “22 Jump Street” and will release the movie June 13, say Hill plans to participate in the film’s press junket in New York this week.

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  1. patrick says:

    i thought the same thing. it;s like, we’ll get jonah to say this bad word and start a fluster, then in the movie we’ll make a point to say how bad the word is. publicity stunt. even the way he said it seemed staged now that i think about it.

  2. hendry69 says:

    It’s not wat people say that is of importance or value, It’s what they do in life. I don’t think these actors are homofobic. OMG, they are living in a subculture that is full of gay influences. So they take over the behaviour of their surroundings. Like the white boy trying to be the word he never can say. It’s pathetic that people don’t acknowlege satire anymore. As a very open gay in Amsterdam, Jonah and Channing, no harm done here!

  3. Christina says:

    I’ve said this before. People who are mad/upset/annoyed/frustrated tend to say things they don’t mean. I personally don’t take offense to the word he chose to use.Who knows what I would have said. Just know that people make mistakes & say things out of nowhere. The good thing is that he apologized and he is very apologetic. I know that this is going to blow over. ♡ Jonah Hill

  4. Mike says:

    It amazes me how many people are personally offended by this. Get over yourselves.

  5. Zack says:

    Hill has used the same slur many times in the past. I am sure he is distraught that he was caught and that it could affect his career

  6. Matt says:

    Jonah Hill is such a likable guy who has repeatedly expressed his support for L.G.B.T. people and for equal rights in the past that this momentary lapse in judgment was and is inconsequential. His screenwriting has also included incidental positive messages that reveal his outlook on the world, so his sincere apology on “The Tonight Show” was enough of a gesture. The individuals who should be castigated are the ones who demean whole groups of people intentionally.

  7. scottie says:

    Who here hasn’t lost their temper and said something in the heat of the moment. Who here has to deal with being pushed to their limits by paparazzi who make money getting footage like this. Judge a man by how he lives his life…not by a heated sound byte.

    • Ken says:

      Yes, except THAT word (“faggot”) is linked to bashings, intimidation and death. Young stars like Hill (with a younger-skewing fan-base) have a social responsibility…especially if they claim to be LGBT supporters. There were many other curse words he could’ve used. But “faggot” is just so handy, isn’t it? This dude should keep apologizing.

      • J B says:

        You fools need to take a chill pill. A word only has as much power as you give it, doesn’t matter the word. There are countless words in our language that used to be racist/derogatory, but since they lost the power to offend they are no longer considered such. Jig, Peanut Gallery, Hooligan, Vandal, Bugger, Picnic, and on & on all have racial implications. Heck, hip hip hooray is a colloquialism from old German that meant lets kill the jews. As long as someone makes a big deal out of it, someone else will use it to offend. Unless the kid was saying this in a derogatory way in order to offend someone who is actually homosexual; then who really cares? Would you be just as mad had he called him a bastard? Plenty of fatherless children out there, probably more than there are homosexuals; and they have led equally hard lives.

        Long story short, people who get offended at crap like this are just looking for something to be offended about.
        The world has turned so politically correct that its like walking on pins & needles to ensure you don’t offend one of the masses of the sycophants who prey on others for their missteps.

      • LuLu says:

        Drama queen.

  8. Joe Lawless says:

    He’s a kid. He said a stupid, insensitive and politically incorrect thing and he apologized. It was sincere and he clearly regrets it. He’s been a vocal supporter of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community for a long time. Losing control is never a good thing but have you ever been stalked by the paparazzi? They’re more than enough to make anyone lose their cool and say something inane and cruel (which this was and he admits it). Look at what appears to be the consensus opinion. He’s apologized enough and should let it go. Smart to avoid the red carpet, party, etc, because the same press that hounded him will beat it to death for their own purposes. I’d work with him anytime.

    • Sorry_Sir says:

      Sure Joe…Jonah Hill, the 30 year old kid. People can use that excuse for Bieber, but not for the guy from ‘Accepted’

  9. Art says:

    He made a mistake , let it go. The comment made about the sexual preference of the design of his shorts pretty much opened the door , even though it should remain closed

  10. Glenn C. says:

    This is all so ridiculous. Way over the top concern! Come on!!!

  11. Newzheimer says:

    Oh, imagine the surprise! A mediocre, second-rate actor drums up a controversy just as his movie is about to open.

    Now where have I seen that before?

    Oprah claiming she was discriminated against by some showgirl in Switzerland just as The Butler was opening, maybe?

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

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