Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Channels Her Dark Side in New ‘Serena’ Trailer

The new U.S. trailer for the long-delayed film “Serena” shows the darker side of Jennifer Lawrence’s titular character.

Although similar to the international trailer that was released in September, the new video hints that Lawrence’s Serena has blood on her hands. In addition to a clip from one scene in which Serena appears to be choking someone, the inclusion of the telling line “It had to be done … for us” also speaks volumes about her flawed character.

The film marks the third collaboration between Lawrence and co-star Bradley Cooper. They play a husband and wife fighting to save their North Carolina timber empire during the Depression.

Susanne Bier directed the pic, which hits theaters on March 27.

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  1. Jim Green says:

    This is it I have wasted enough time writing to defend myself against Tex, watch the film, everyone MUST see this film just to see how bad it is. Sadly you will NEED to wait till January in America but if your British its a must see it will make you angry and bitter by the end so at least its thought provoking. Well not return to reply to Tex thanks goodbye P.S tried to spare people from a terrible film but now I don’t care.

  2. Fred Smith says:

    Read the title of this article! it does not read Serena a Susanne Bier Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Collaboration trailer no it reads in Bold Capital Letters Jennifer Lawrence Channels her dark… this is marketing trying to sell a bad movie on a celebrities name or face and its shameful. Poor women is the figure head to this box office bomb.

  3. wks says:

    I have to agree with Jim Greene. He never said he hated JL, nor her body of work. Jennifer is an exceptional actor. I love most of her work, but nobody’s perfect- except Meryl Streep of course. ;)

    But even she didn’t get that way overnight. No one bats a thousand, and just like in baseball. Even the great ones strike out sometimes

  4. Hm says:

    JLaw shows a lot of dark sides lately. I like her nude side better.

  5. Jim Green says:

    The adoration for this women is ridiculous, the move sucked and the performance was terrible and praising up the mad aspect to sell movie tickets for Magnolia is just sad. You can’t keep blaming the director or the screen writer for the mistake of making this garbage film as the cast read and accepted the script and the direction the film was taking. Jennifer is also miscast and acts more like a petulant child being completely over the top and melodramatic even when the film is meant to be a serious drama. This film is getting more praise and attention then her Hunger Games film just because of Jennifer’s American Sweetheart image which is sad.

    • Tex says:

      Jim Green why so angry?
      If you have so much hate for Lawrence then why did you waste hours of your life watching a movie that she stars in? A movie long delayed and has mostly negative reviews. Yes, I agree the attention Lawrence gets in way too much but a good bit of the attention is from people like you who just want to hate.
      And it’s pretty clear that the director lost her focus on this film so if completely blaming Lawrence makes you feel better, then by all means continue to hate.

      • Jim Green says:

        Just read ALL the reviews and you are wrong they did not all like the acting some commented on her performance as being uneven. IMDd is reputable they are the leading source for Celebrity likability and reviews and are owned by Amazon its the fans who are over rating it(her)(including yourself) and again its A COLLABORATION so stop BLAMING the director THEY all made a bad film. I watched THE FILM in LONDON so i don’t even need a review I am telling you first hand that PEOPLE did not like it or her performance so get over yourself. You must work for Magnolia?

      • Tex says:

        Obviously you did need a review to tell you it was bad because if you would have bothered to read Rotten Tomatoes and not the IMDb troll board then you never would have wasted your time.
        And did you just learn that IMDb was owned by Amazon? Well congratulations Jim.
        You want me to stop blaming the director, did you tell that to the reviewers or just me?

        I’m still trying to get over IMDb and reputable in the same sentence. lol! Oh and I would be one of the happiest people in the world if I worked for Magnolia.

      • Tex says:

        Now Jim I did not resort to cursing in my debate with you and there was no need for you to do that either. I guess since I go by the name of Tex, you assumed that I never saw the film. I guess you were unaware of the two premieres where all were invited not just you British folks.

        It’s not about winning an argument, it’s about informing people. See what you have learned in our conversations. You have learned that you can not rely on IMDb to make your decisions for you. Have a nice day.

      • Jim Green says:

        Well done you just made yourself look like an a s s, you could not win the argument about seeing the film first hand so you resorted to dissing me, good so you just proved to everyone that you are a crazy nut job.

      • Tex says:

        I see you’re still very angry Jim. Take a chill pill and realize it’s just a movie, And that fact you let IMDb trick you and admit to that says a whole lot about you.
        You seem to have read so much about Jennifer Lawrence, if you really did then you would have read that this film was delayed for two years and no distributor wanted to purchase it. Guess why? Yes, because it was a bad film. And if you would have read Rotten Tomatoes not some useless troll forum like IMDb then you would have noticed that most of the reviews are negative. In addition to the fact most of the reviews praise Jennifer and Bradley’s performance and blame the director for this mess. So, the fact you claim you did your research is more than likely untrue. Have a nice day.

  6. Jenovo says:

    “Chocking?” Anyone proofread this?

    • Jim Green says:

      When did i hate her i stated that the film is a collaboration and i am angry that i was tricked by the IMBd rating that fans gave it which i went on used and watched this garbage film. Its a bad film miscast and overacted the director isn’t the only one to blame they ALL made a terrible film which i will never get the money or the time back from watching. I also went on celebrity hype everyone is talking about the worlds greatest actress, top 40 of the all time greatest ever, just Google it and this film i don’t believed the hype as her acting was overdone immature and uneven. So when did a negative opinion = hate? grow up i did not say she is fat or cant act, i told the truth she overacted, she is over hyped generally and was miscast in this part. Why did i come back to answer you? because you yourself are hating on me and i knew the over the top fans would comment saying i hate her but i say get over it she was bad this time if we comment she will improve but if we let it pass her acting ability will go down hill very fast.

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