Jackie Chan Approached for ‘Expendables 4,’ ‘Rush Hour 4’

Jackie Chan Expendables 4
Stuart C. Wilso/Getty Images

Jackie Chan is in high demand.

According to the legendary action star, he’s been approached for three potential sequels: “Expendables 4”, “Rush Hour 4” and “Drunken Master 3.”

“Sly (Stallone) wants me for ‘Expendables 4,'” he told Den of Geek earlier this week. “I said, ‘okay.’ Because they already asked me to be in two and three, but I refused. Well, I didn’t refuse, but I said, ‘Sly, can’t we just do you and me? Not just a bunch of people and me only coming out for five minutes.'”

It appears that Chan is holding out for a bigger role or an anti-“Expendables” pic with just two action stars. That’s probably best as “Expendables 3” flopped in the box office on Friday when it made its franchise-worst debut. The pic is also set to be the series’ lowest-grossing opening.

“So if I’m in ‘Expendables 4,’ I want it to be me and him,” he said. “Then it might be interesting. Otherwise you just come out for five minutes.”

Chan also said that he’s waiting for the right scripts before agreeing to return to the “Rush Hour” and “Drunken Master” franchises.

While talking about the possibility of “Drunken Master 3,” which he said he basically already shot with 2010’s rebooted “The Karate Kid,” he said he won’t settle for a “rubbish script” for “Rush Hour 4.”

“I believe after ‘Drunken Master 2’ stop; better than we make no more,” he told audiences this week during a Q&A in London promoting his film “Chinese Zodiac.” “Unless we have a better script. Just like lately they want to make ‘Rush Hour 4.’ I said ‘No, show me the script first. I don’t need another ‘Rush Hour 4.’ You need ‘Rush Hour 4.’ Show me the script.’ I don’t want to do a rubbish script just because they want to make the movie.”

Costar Chris Tucker said two years ago that he and Chan were “looking into” doing a fourth installment.

“‘Rush Hour 4,’ we’re looking into it, me and Jackie [Chan],” Tucker said. “We’re trying to get it going so we’re developing something.”

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  1. Chris boone says:

    I really dont care how late i am but my name is chris boone age 16 i loved the rush hour series they are my favorite movies i watch them all the time every since 3 i was wishing for a fourth one jakie and chris are my two favorite celebs they make a great team i literally know all of there lines in the movies especially three like the scene when they went to get Su yungs stuff or the beginning lee meet our dates the fat one yours😂😂they kill me i would be so grateful to see another rush hour jackie and chris i really hope yall think about this i miss the rush hour franchise

  2. Karen Hwang says:

    Please Jackie, no more ‘Rush Hour” and “Shanghai” films, I wanna see you in “The expendables 4”.

  3. anchor1 says:

    I every time used too study piece of writing in news papers but now as I am a user of internet
    therefore from now I am using net for articles, thanks to web.

  4. Michi says:

    Expendables? Even if it is only Mr.Stallone and Jackie Chan,sorry to Mr.Stallone, i think Jackie Chan is too…..Young,Vibrant and too Cool to be Expendable just yet. I have my favorite Stallone movies, really i do,no disrespect intended. I’m holding my breath for Rush Hour 4. I love them together, i have all 3 Rush Hour films on DVD and i love each of them, after watching them time and again over the years i still laugh. WRITERS!!! IS THERE REALLY NO ONE BRILLIANT ENOUGH TO SEE THERE ARE STILL LAUGHS TO BE HAD WITH THESE 2 AMAZING TALENTS? GET BUSY AND GET THESE BOYS A SCRIPT! Mr.Tucker, you’ve been missed. Mr.Chan,you can do no wrong. The gift of laughter is precious and i never ever take it for granted. Thank you gentlemen for the laughter you’ve blessed me with in the Rush Hour films. Please, one more boys!

  5. jony kenedy says:

    this good&bravo….expendables 4 waiting yes…

  6. Leo Kaiser says:

    As a major action movie star in the 1980, Jackie Chan would be a great addition to the Expendables movies!

  7. Barry says:

    Love expendables 3, it was lots of fun, I think some people expect these types of films to have alot of depth, they aren’t ment to have much depth rather lots of action, explosions and a story line you can at least follow.

  8. Yeah Jackie i agree with you… Do whatever you want.. But we love to see you & Tucker in RH4 and Drunken Master also

  9. Hello jackie i am your avid fan from phils.i love watching all movies..and its for family movie funny and excited.happy to hear u hav new movies ex4,rush hr4,druckin master wow i love them both.most i love hoping you and tony jaa athai actor having a movie.he is very good actir good of mua thai arts…..hoping u get attention of my msg…tnnx.more power to u…

  10. Tariq says:

    King of action & king of hearts! Love you Jackie and you were right! :*

  11. Jackie is right… It’s not being selfish you know… those actors needs more scenes in the movie they were legendary right? They deserve a good script… It would be a waste of effort if they recruited Jackie in that film with just a 3-5 mins. scene… many people will not be satisfied for sure….

  12. jackie chan is famed for his martial arts stunts and his humour…whislt he delivers those i will always watch his movies..do what you feel is best Mr Chan..

  13. Mutemula says:

    if he don’t want to be in expendable 4 just leave, don’t out all other stars because of him jackie chan be a man and join expendable crew and stop been selfish.

    • Kyle says:

      So you’re saying it’s selfish that Chan wants to be in the movie for more than 5 minutes? I say congrats to him. Add something new to EXP3. Jackie Chan deserves to have a longer showing time in the movie. I don’t think it’s right for him to out everyone else but there is NOTHING wrong with him wanting longer screening time. Selfish?! Pleaseeeeeeee

  14. jane says:

    I’d love to see him in EX4

  15. Alex Gborlee says:

    We can’t wait for Rush Hour 4

  16. mrharkings says:

    i hope expandables 4 will have a better script than others.

  17. Harrington Nakeva says:

    Chan trust n believe him self due to his ideas I like the guy,well done jackie

  18. Stallone needs to realise that growing the size of his Expendables doesn’t mean BETTER films. I understand that for number 4, he recruited some new faces but when they get screen time, you just don’t get into it. I think with one sole partner (Jackie), together with a more dramatic and darker script, then it would made a change.

  19. Damon says:

    I agree completely with “WalterWhite”, “WillFranklin”, “Yunume”. Waiting for that just right script is the sign of an experienced actor. I do have a request. How about doing the villains this time? No humor and please keep the cliches and tropes to a minimum. A straight villain with a goal and no morals to get in his way. I can see you change your brand to a new level. When Denzel Washington played the villains more people took notice.

  20. crisfin says:

    waw..jacky was invited to the Expendables

  21. russell says:

    He is snob he is greedy he just want the spot light come on now Jackie went from awesome too bummer

  22. Okay so he’s a total snob.

  23. Whitney Brown says:

    Jackie I absolutely love u!! I am ur biggest fan

  24. Mr. Chan, I’m on your side. I see no need to do the same boring sequel just because they want it done. The thing is, it’s just no good without a great script. Following up a not-so-good script with ANY script is very tough. Expendables 2 was okay, but NOT great. So E3 looks to tank from that alone, no matter how good it is. People tire of sequels. Of course, DM3 would be a good idea, but, if the outtakes from the first two are any indication as to what you’d have to put yourself through, what with your latest mishap and all, I’d be VERY cautious. Put your health first, and forget the movie-making machine. All they want is your blood. They’re parasites, my friend. You take care of yourself, good sir.

    • WalterWhite says:

      Very True but I do at the same time want to see more of Jackie, I miss him and Jet Li on the big screen doing their stuff they do. Jackie is so bang on about Expendables look how short the big action stars have on screen why would I want to see Jackie in the movie for 5 min only.

      • windnvidia3d says:

        you realize he set Chinese Boxoffice records two years in a row right? 2012 and 2013? He is currently filming Dragon Blade Starring Chan, Adrien Brody and John Cusac – He released his 103rd film? o.O He is the hardest working star in the world – He releases near 2-3 (some years 4) films a year or atleast working on that many; while balancing all of his endless charities that he over-sees hospitals, childrens schools etc (I mixed up childrens hospitals and schools) – but yeah. Look at the mans IMDB.

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