J.K. Rowling Regrets Pairing Hermione with Ron Instead of Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling

Ron/Hermione shippers, brace yourself: J.K. Rowling thinks the famous pairing was a mistake.

The “Harry Potter” author took part in an interview, conducted by Hermione actress Emma Watson, for entertainment mag “Wonderland.” Though the issue doesn’t come out until next week, British newspaper “The Sunday Times” obtained and printed a few excerpts that say she thinks Hermione should have ended up with Harry Potter, instead of his red-headed best friend.

“I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment,” she says. “That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.”

Predicting her fans’ responses, she added, “I know, I’m sorry. I can hear the rage and fury it might cause some fans, but if I’m absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that. It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. Am I breaking people’s hearts by saying this? I hope not.”

She went on to say that Hermione and Ron would probably need relationship counseling, and Watson concurred that their relationship may not have been ideal.

“I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy,” Watson agreed.

Still, Ron fans should be happy their favorite Weasley is even still alive. In another post-series interview, Rowling admitted that she “seriously considered” killing Ron off.

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  1. tatjana says:

    I would just like to add that Harry/Hermione pairing would indeed be ridiculous unless Rowling goes back at the very beginning and rewrites the whole thing. Hence, unless if she revises/rewrites the story from book 1 to book 7 and changes the characters storylines completely, H/H pairing would truly be IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. And that will never happen. She will never do that since “Harry Potter and the cursed child” confirms that Ron and Hermione belong together. If something, that book PROVES that Ron and Hermione are destined to be together; In ALL the alternative/different timelines/realities they always were each other CONSTANT. Beautiful really.

  2. tatjana says:

    Book Ron was much more complexed character than movie Ron. Also, in the book, Harry clearly prefered Ron over Hermione. In the movies they changed that the other way around. In addition, Ron’s lines from the book, the best lines btw, were often given to Watson or other actors. I’ll give you an example: in Shreeking shack with Sirius we see movie Hermione jump in front of Harry saying :”If you want Harry you’ll have to kill us to!” And you see, the original story from the book goes: ” “If you want to get to Harry you will have to kill us to!”- Ron shouted fearlessly.” Another example: in class Snape says to Hermione: “This is the second time you speak out of terms, miss Granger. Are you incapable of restraining yourself or you enjoy being insufferable a know it all?” Movie Ron then says to Harry: “He’s right you know.”, while in the book we again have a different story: After Snape’s offensive response to Hermione, Ron replied: “You asked a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to know?” Snape’s response to Ron: “Detention, Mr Weasley!” A big difference if you ask me: Movie Ron basically didn’t give any support to Hermione, whereas book Ron defended Hermione’s honor and bravely stood up to a teacher. Furthermore, movie Ron was more than often pushed in the background while movie Hermione was forced more with Harry; screenwriters exaggerated their friendship at Ron’s expense. From reading the books, it’s more than clear that Ron is equally smart as Harry is. From books it’s clear that Ron, besides from being funny and amusing, is very brave, loyal, honest and has a good heart. Ron haters really need to re-read those books. I wonder if all these crazy and deranged Ron/Hermione haters are primarily movie watchers? Perhaps they have allowed the book characters to be overshadowed by the movie characters. But even so, Rupert is so gorgeous!!! And such a sweetheart!! He’s truly done an amazing job with the script material he has been given. So how can you not love him?!

  3. Elena says:

    Ron and Hermione make an awful pair simply because they’re disfunctional. I don’t believe in “if he bothers you it’s because he likes you” theory. I won’t excuse Ron because his lower selfsteem. It’s still stupid. Harry and Ginny could have been a “regular” couple if it wasn’t for his mother’s characteristics he found on her, ewww.

    Throughtout the whole story the one that never parted from Harry’s side, was Hermione. If that isn’t love, then nothing could be. Besides, Rowling said it herself: “In some ways Hermione and Harry are a better fit”. Whatever she says now is useless because the books are already finished, regardless of The Curse Child. Harmonians still support our ship TO THE VERY END.

    • tatjana says:

      Yes, it is love betweem harry and hermione, but NOT romantic love. Why are you pretending that it is? What does it even mean when you say that you will support your ship to the very end? What is “the very end”? It sound so pretentious and stupid. Anyway, it’s just empty words. I want to make something clear to you: Ron/Hermione is undercurrent of much of the storyline. Hermione is Ron’s main motivation. One of the main subplots is the will they/won’t they tension between Ron and Hermione. Rowling has been writing them into a romance since book 1, but you know that very well, don’t you? You’re just playing dumb which is much worse actually. Ron teased Hermione ’cause he liked her very much (but he always admirred and respected her), and WHY ARE YOU PRETENDING THAT SHE WASN’T DOING THE SAME THING TO HIM?! She mock and teased him throughout ALL the books and insulted him for no reason at all. They behaved that way because they were children and because they were uncomfortable with their affection for one another, so you see, when you say “I don’t believe in – if he(you should add – or she) bothers you it’s because he(/she) likes you theory-“, it doesn’t make any sense at all, because dear, IT IS NOT A THEORY, IT’S A FACT. That’s what HAPPENED. So what’s there to believe in or not to believe in?! I’ll repeat: THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED. Deal with it. Don’t insult Ron just because you’re frustrated and bitter things didn’t go your way.

  4. Aslania says:

    Yes. She should have killed ron. That buffoon is a loser! First he insults hermoine in the past , gets jealous of his bestfriend and to top it all he is A WHIMP!! Harry or victor or malfoy would’ve been better for her

    • tatjana says:

      oh just go back under the rock from which you crawl out you stupid freak

      • tatjana says:

        to Elena: That’s NOT an argument (since your claim that Ron’s an idiot and not worthy of Hermione IS A PREPOSTEROUS LIE), it’s just plain ol’ hate; things didn’t go your way so you aiming all your hatred and frustration at Ron. How pathetic… Yes, I had my happy ending thank you very much, along with millions of other fans. Do I detect a slight jealousy from you?? Oh, and you can rant all you want honey, it’s fine by me. Ranting is all you have after all.

      • Elena says:

        Aslania is right about Ron’s attitude. I didn’t want him dead. He’s just an idiot but didn’t deserve to die. Other than that, Ron was unworthy of Hermione for lots of reasons, so shut up tatjana, you had your stupid happy ending so let us rant all we want.

    • Rose Tyler says:

      Hold on, who said anything about killing Ron? I’m just saying Harry and Hermione should’ve happened as a couple.

      • tatjana says:

        to John: BUT then she added “That in her heart of hearts she KNEW that she NEVER WOULD BE ABLE TO GO THROUGH WITH IT”, hence, she knew that she wouldn’t kill Ron off. So you see, Rowling NEVER “seriously” considered killing Ron, this “article” totally draged out of context things she said about Ron. If you wanna know the truth, READ THE WHOLE INTERVIEW that Rowling gave.

      • tatjana says:

        they were NEVER ment to be a couple, just best friends. there wasn’t ANYTHING even remotely romantic in their relationship

      • John says:

        Uh the author? Literally the last sentence says ‘seriously considered killing off’,

  5. Storm Bryant says:

    Yeah. Harry and Hermione should have been a couple. I wish they would have became a couple.

    • Jacob Bielski says:

      I can see Hermoine and Ron NOT getting together, but I can’t see her being with Harry. The social circle that Harry forms when entering the Wizarding World is his surrogate family, and Hermoine fills the roll of the sister.

      • Rose Tyler says:

        You should’ve seen it in Chamber of Secrets when he held her hand as if he was missing her. Or the way they hugged in Goblet of Fire or the way they huddled up close to keep warm in Prizoner of Azkaban.

  6. Tova says:

    I disagree. It was clear to me that Ron and Hermione had a thing by the fourth book. All the pieces started to get put together, why they were always bickering so much and all that. And the story only developed from that. It’s just a simple case of opposite attracts.They made each other better people. They both showed each other what’s really important in life – just in different ways I suppose. Hermione became a warmer and more humble person learning to live more in the now and have fun, while Ron started caring more about other people and doing what’s right (like engaging in house elves and S.P.E.W). J.K left all these little clues through out the books and Harry never noticed because Harry did not care about Hermione that way. In many ways, Harry was just as clueless as Ron so it’s not like he’d made a better fit. I’d been really disappointed if she had changed her direction as I don’t think as Harry and Hermione of a couple at all. Besides, is anyone really that disappointed with him ending up with Ginny? It’s a lot cuter considering how in love she was with him from the very start. I kinda only wish we’d gotten to see more Ginny and Harry before the two of them breaking up at Dumbledore’s wedding.

  7. I don’t agree with J.K. Rowling. I believe her choice of shipping Ron with Hermione was the best she could do. One of the reasons I love Harry Potter series is this couple. I would be terribly disappointed and unsatisfied if Hermione ended up with Harry or everybody else, such as Draco or Fred. From the first moment I show them (Hermione and Ron), I understood it was meant for them to be together. And there are millions of people with the same opinion with me. Hermione fits perfectly with Ron and Ron fits perfectly with Hermione. I love them. That’s all. I am not hearing anything else. And I have to admit that Rowling has disappointed me a lot with that announcement.

  8. Rose Tyler says:

    She still realized that Ron and Hermione aren’t good as a couple, and when she says something about Harry, I WILL BEG FOR THAT REDEMPTION! And I MEAN it when I say WHEN she says something. Because Harry and Hermione were PERFECT for each other.

  9. Yemi Hikari says:

    Wrong. J.K. Rowling simply said she regretted pairing Ron and Hermione together. She didn’t say anything about regretting the pairing between Harry and Ginny let alone anything about how she should have paired Harry together with Hermione instead. Her words got taken out of context.

    • Rose Tyler says:

      No, she said in February 2014 that she regretted not putting Harry with Hermione. It was said in an article posted on Tumblr with that headline. Therefore, SHE DID SAY SHE SHOULD HAVE PUT HARRY WITH HERMIONE!

      • Manny P. says:

        No,she did not say anything about Harry and Hermione getting together. She only said, “in some ways they fit better.” in some ways… Hardly a ringing endorsement. Either way it says nothing about Harry and Ginny. She was talking specifically about Ron and Hermione.

  10. twiikeri says:

    Well, smart women tend to be happiest with a bit more complex guys than Ron. Maybe Ron thought so too. After all, when the horcrux was torturing him he saw Hermione with Harry. Still, there are many types of relationships that work. Some are based on matching personas, some on passion and some on loyalty and affection. Romione would fit in the last type, the friendly, unwavering but not so passionate love.

  11. Emma says:

    That’s a 4.21.8 about Ron and Hermione not being ideal. I mean, they bickered a lot of the time. That doesn’t even say polar opposites. Since Harry trusted her when she told him to relax after getting trapped in the Devil’s snag in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, I KNEW they would be a great couple.

  12. Ann says:

    Woah! Technically, she did NOT say she wanted to put HARRY AND HERMIONE together. She said that she put Ron and Hermione together for personal reasons, not to do with literature. Plus, right before she decided at the beginning it was going to be Romione, she actually was going to have Fred and Hermione. Harry was ALWAYS thought of as a brother.

  13. Rachel says:

    I love Ron and Hermione as a couple. He was defensive of her when kids picked on and in the book even spilled paint on a girl who was picking on her. Then he attempted to defend her honor against Draco, telling him now you crossed a line. Hermione cried over Ron not asking her to the ball even though she was with the famous Krum guy, and Ron was this little geeky boy. Despite their awkward romantic encounters there friendship remained constant. Both were by eachother beds when they fell sick. They were together more because Harry was off saving the world. Ron matured and finally realized Hermione was there all along and kissed her, She noticed in her words he was, brilliant and kissed him. Can’t we leave happy ever after alone. Harry Potter is not based in reality. What is wrong with a fairy tale ending.

  14. Bruce Dworkin says:

    Rowling’s writing did indeed lack sparks as appear in epic poetry, classic novels and even romance paperbacks. Surely for that reason and their own inexperience at least, there was unsurprisingly less than ample on-screen heat between young Grint & Watson. However, their characters’ young love for each other alongside the platonics of the relationship was easily believable enough for my taste, both in print and as drawn from, portrayed by & edited of Watson & Radcliffe.

    The movies reasonably abandoned “SPEW,” Hermione’s quixotic save-the-house-elf sub-plot, for the obvious run-time benefits. What they lost was precious little in sum. In meaning, it cost them the compelling deal-sealer for Hermione: Ron remembering, feeling the need and willingness to risk to save the Hogwarts house elfs during the big battle.

    They also left out Ron’s reading & reliance on that self-help slash dating manual which, although pretty contrived, demonstrated his delayed readiness to admit that he liked her for more than just having “nice skin.”

    Even so, the movie moments were fine, IMHO, starting with 11-year-old Hermione going out of her way to point out the dirt on Ron’s face when they first met, and including several times Ron going out of his way to tease, mock or otherwise make some common pre-pubescent show of affection for her — one of which left a clearly personally affected Hermione in tears and hiding for hours in the girl’s bathroom.

    Prisoner of Azkaban had 13-year-old Hermione & Ron both believably uncomfortable with their affection for one another, starting with their otherwise forgettable, snowy little scene at Hogsmeade in which they first saw the Shrieking Shack.

    Through then and into Goblet of Fire, in both book and movie series, Harry displayed overwhelming emotional interest in his parents’ memory, his role w/r/t Voldemort and all of a sudden in Sirius moreso than also-important friendships with Hermione & Ron, relationships with quasi-guardians Hagrid, Dumbledore & Lupin and antipathy for Snape, the Malfoys & the Dursleys.

    Ask me, as much as he would sacrifice himself for them as well as strangers, he took for granted the various devotions of Weasleys, Dobby, Hedwig, Neville & Seamus, Professor McGonagall, his Quidditch teammates and others from Colin Grevey to Minister Fudge. Hermione seemed aware of Harry’s noble but lonely & dispassionate focus from the get-go. Often and blithely, on page and screen, she demonstrated preternatural recognition of their incompatibility.

    After the chess game, she said “You’re a great wizard, Harry.” “Me? Books. Cleverness.” On Buckbeak, when Harry asking if he’d made sense: “No! (And) I hate flying!” And screamed.

    She constantly berated him for bad planning, for being thick w/r/t ignoring help from her & Ron; for failing to do the proper things like figure out the dragon’s egg, turn in the map or ignore the Half-Blook Prince’s handwritten potions notes; for not going to Dumbledore or other authorities; for rushing in where fools fear to tread — flying up to confront Malfoy that first broom day, rushing down to the lake with all the Dementors, risking those scar-pained connections with the dark lord, following Bagshot upstairs and on and on.

    Meanwhile and increasingly, she saw Ron step up to the plate, beginning with saving her from the troll by using the very incantation for which he’d made fun of her not too long before, through his admittedly ill-fated efforts to stand up for her against Malfoy (with a broken wand that left him vomiting slugs) and Hagrid’s giant half-brother and continuing through his reluctant GOF reconciliation with Harry that earned him Fleur’s affection. Her attraction to him solidified physically as he began to grow tall & athletic (like his brothers) the year he started accruing Quidditch achievements (without the aid of Liquid Luck), and mentally (like his brothers) as he accumulated clever contributions like escaping from Umbridge’s Inquisitor squad & the ambush at the start of book 7 for which Tonks told her he deserved the hug she gave him.

    The Seven Part 1 flick cemented all of this with demonstrations of the increasing complexity of character he’d developed in keeping Harry from leaving before the wedding, showing restraint instead of killing the death-eaters at the diner in favor of Hermione wiping their memories (for she was “best at spells”), displaying such great heart when poly-juiced up as the rescued witch’s husband and such.

    The deluminator of course made clear his epic devotion to her, as did his clumsy little follow-ups that morphed into passionate defenses at Malfoy Manor as Bellatrix tortured her and into the Fiend Fire (and back) in the Room of Requirement.

    That she “got it” was clear way back, as I wrote, in Book 1 with the dirt, Book 3 in the snow, Book (and moreso Movie) 4 at the Yule Ball, and more and more in less and less young adult ways in Book & Movie 5 forward. She also “got it” w/r/t Harry even before he did, recognizing how he had it never for her but first with Cho and then with Ginny, as confirmed by the anything-but-electric moments in the woods when she suggested they stay and grow old there and again when they danced (nice addition to the books).

    The epilogue indeed failed to depict what might have been an inspirational realization of their compatibility, where they took pride in partnership with him finding reason and ability to realize the many Weasley strengths in himself as man, husband and father, with her life lightened up by his humor and comforted in his true devotion, and with both still hot for each other.

    Most importantly, of course, in preferring Ron over Harry: Ron’s pretty tall and Harry isn’t.

    • tatjana says:

      I absolutely loved your elaboration Bruce! I agree with everything you wrote. You explained everything so beautifully. The snowy little scene in Hogsmead when Ron and Hermione watched the Shrieking Shack, in “Prisoner of Azkaban”, is actually one of my favourite scenes with Ron and Hermione, although it is very short; HERMIONE: “It’s one of the Britain’s most haunted houses, did I mentioned that?” RON: “Twice”. HERMIONE: “Do you want to move a bit closer?” RON (totally confused): “Ha?” HERMIONE: “To the Shrieking Shack?” RON (stuttering): “Ooo…oh…I’m fine here.” Simply priceless.

  15. Pete Hill says:

    Ron and Harry really needed to be brothers, and Ginny is a much better complement to Harry than Hermione. I doubt they would have been able to continue being friends with Ron had they ended up together.

    Harry/Hermione is kind of a ridiculous pairing without changing their entire respective character arcs from day one.

    In the movies, I missed House Elves, Peeves, and the fact that Dumbledore is a complete weirdo throughout the series. And the fistfights- Arthur Weasley v. Lucius Malfoy and Harry v. Draco.

  16. Jamie says:

    I agree with her – it’s always been the one misstep in a tremendous series. Hermione and Ron were always manufactured, much like Harry and the red haired clone of his mother Ginny – whom he barely interacts with. I give Jo Rowling props for the retrospection and honesty.

  17. Bob says:

    Honestly I was more upset at how terrible the final two movies were. They lacked the magic of the earlier films (pun intended) and I found them dull and boring.

  18. Jon Raymond says:

    It’s actually more real this way. Life is full of regrets.

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      I totally agree. I, too, thought the last two movies were exceedingly dull and difficult to watch through entirely. In fairness, I did not read any of the books in the series including the last one.

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