‘Interstellar’ Final Box Office Fails to Hit $50 Million Estimates

Interstellar BTS Christopher Nolan

Interstellar” didn’t fly as far domestically as early estimates suggested.

Christopher Nolan’s space epic fell short of distributor Paramount Pictures’ $50 million projections, pulling in $47.5 million instead. Going into the week, Paramount expected the film to do between $50 million to $55 million in its opening weekend.

“Interstellar” debuted in a few hundred Imax theaters and theaters with film projection on Tuesday before expanding to 3,561 last weekend. Its total for its first six days in theaters also had to be revised downward. It stands at $49.7 million, not $52.1 million as originally reported.

Domestically, “Big Hero 6” was the weekend’s highest grossing film with $56 million.

Overseas, “Interstellar” was the weekend’s number one film, pulling in $83 million. When final numbers were tallied, the picture brightened for the film, which was originally expected to generate $80 million internationally. Warner Bros. is handling “Interstellar’s” foreign roll out. The picture opened in most major foreign markets, save for China (Nov. 12 opening), Japan (Nov. 22) and Venezuela (Dec. 5).

Studio rivals said privately that Paramount was being overly ambitious in its predictions that “Interstellar” would hit $50 million, but the studio countered that critics were comparing its results with the wrong pictures. Because of its science-fiction pedigree and its appeal to older audiences, the studio said “Interstellar” would only experience a modest drop in its Sunday box office, similar to “Prometheus'” 15% dip and “Inception’s” 12% fall. However, “Interstellar” ended up falling 33% from its Saturday total to $12.3 million.

“Interstellar” cost $165 million to produce, so it will need to be a major international success in order to turn a profit. The story of a team of astronauts seeking out a new planet for humanity has earned mixed responses from critics, some of whom hail it as visionary, others who decry it for sinking under the weight of its ambitions.

Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore told Variety on Sunday that he expects the picture will be a watercooler event that draws crowds through the Thanksgiving holiday. Nolan’s “Inception” also polarized viewers, but enjoyed a strong multiple on its $62.8 million opening weekend, closing its domestic run with $292.6 million.

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  1. Michael says:

    interstellar was a great platform for the actors involved. they did their job and they did a very great job at what was handed to them in their script. they’re all very accomplished actors and they deserve respect for their accomplishments in the movie. but, the movie was absolutely horrible 2 hours plus of nonsense no direction nobody, and no realistic reason why anything in the movie happened. there is no grounding, there was only heightened anxiety of what might happen next. I would have rather watched Nightmare on Elm Street. it was two hours of work list movie watching that I’ll never regain my life. people in Hollywood need to focus more on contacts in body and subject rather than half measured antics in filling. Hollywood needs to bring it together then quit ripping the customers off

  2. Donna says:

    This move was reviting, I noticed that I was sitting @ the edge of my seat and you could hear a pin drop. Matthew McConagh (I probably spelled his last name wrong) was AMAZING. Me thinks another Oscar or a nod.

  3. Stergios says:

    Can’t remember the last time I was so blown away by a film. It deserves to break the box-office everywhere!!! It’s a masterpiece for the ages.

  4. Bill says:

    Interstellar is the first “adult” movie I’ve seen in decades. People used to exploding objects or people emoting every five minutes won’t enjoy it; those who enjoy thinking and seeing a plot build will love it.

    It’s not a film for everyone; some complain many classic films are too slow and talky, and it won’t excite them.

  5. Daryl Dark0 says:

    Didn’t make 50 mill! Are you kidding me? Pretty much EVERY movie of Nolan’s beat everything by David Fincher and David O Russell in box office. The amount of unjustified praise Fincher and Russell get from critics seems like an instant reflex. And no one seems to care that pretty much all of their movies either DON’T break even or BARELY break even. Whereas Nolan seems to have difficulty earning a simple compliment. Critics need to wake up and realize Nolan’s the most successful major motion picture maker… of all time, and reward him for it for the sake of lending credibility back to the art form. Maybe if Christopher changes his name to David he’ll get the same level of undeserved respect for filmmaker who deserves it.

  6. harry georgatos says:

    I was blown away by Interstellar, a cross between Tarkovsky and Malick meditation. It will perform better around the globe. Hopefully Inception 2 is back in development for 2016!

  7. LOL says:

    Can’t remember the last time I yawned so much while watching a movie. Interstellar felt as long as its plot’s time frame. It deserved to have underperformed. This will be the moment Christopher Nolan became M. Night Shyamalan.

    • Vish Gos says:

      Did you just say “Shyamalan” ?? Lol.

      If Nolan’s worst movie is The Dark Knight Rises as agreed upon by common consensus he still is unputdownable.

      Spielberg became Shyamalan after that horrendous Indiana Jones 4.

  8. Kbking25 says:

    In my humble opinion, Interstellar didn’t make its estimated earnings for the weekend due to the abundance of important college football games being played.

  9. George says:

    Oh please. this film will gross more then GRAVITY! What a dumb article what about celebrating the total box office of this weekend! And yes its good to have smart movies, “most peoples” is the reason shit movies are made!

    • Vish Gos says:

      Let’s forget the B.O. for a minute. Gravity is baby food compared to Interstellar. So whatever the moolah, Interstellar has too much of a far-fetched plot and Gravity didn’t even have one at all.

      Let’s wait for the Oscars. Therein lies the real deal.

    • Jenovo says:

      Of COURSE it’s good to have smart movies – but there’s absolutely no way Interstellar matches the domestic–and likely the overseas–total of Gravity.

      There are plenty of smart movies that break out. This may not be one of them, that’s all.

      And while on the subject, if you’re so opposed to articles about box office grosses, why are you reading the box office section of a hollywood industry news source? Some people.

    • Adam says:

      Hollywood is first and foremost a business and when your film has a 165 million dollar budget you can’t afford to ignore “most people”.

      • Jenovo says:

        Thank goodness someone gets it. Films of this scope and magnitude can never be made for a handful of people. Some of the smartest, most visionary directors of our time have made films that are brilliant and accessible. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.

  10. Adam says:

    In my opinion, I think the film’s over-reliance on scientific techno-babble hurt it at the box office. Most people go to the theatre to see a compelling drama; not to feel like they’re taking a course in astrophysics.

    • George says:

      Oh Please, it is the Kubrick’s, Speilbergs, Scott’s, Zemeckis’s of the world that inspire our Nolan’s of the world to actually make films like this, that change the game, because this film is for all! Don’t undermine the audience just because our industry does! Why at that budget do we need to make sure we turn out Transformer, DC, Marvel esq type films? Thank god visionary peoples are there to reach out and expand our minds or at least get us debating!

  11. macd says:

    Uh-oh! Looks like word-of-mouth on “Interstellar” is spreading much more quickly than Paramount expected. Me thinks that bothersome B+ Cinemascore is going South.

  12. @darojas36 says:

    Great numbers either way

  13. Vish Gos says:

    Okay so this is just domestic. It’s doing pretty well in some places. South Korea, for example. It should do well in Japan. Smart people for smart movies

    • Jenovo says:

      LOL. Yea. The same countries where Ted, Into the Storm, Transformers 4 and Die Hard 5 were among their top grossing films over the last two years. Japan: the same country where After Earth outgrossed Looper, The Counselor, Hunger Games and Argo. South Korea: The “smart” country where trash like Non-Stop made more money than Hunger Games 2, and where one of the top grossing films of the year was about an elderly woman who magically enters the body of a 20 year old.

      There are smart and stupid people everywhere (as evidenced by your comment). Get over yourself.

      • nerdrage says:

        The trends in domestic vs foreign box office increasingly suggests that as dumb as Americans may be, the world outside America is even dumber.

      • Vish Gos says:

        I said it SHOULD do well. NOT it will. And I still want a Japanese 3-D printer this Christmas.

        Interstellar has also topped U.K., Australian and Russian Box Office as well. Currently it’s a top grosser worldwide at 136m. So these are smart or what ?

  14. WAIT! A movie studio shamelessly lies about an overrated/over-hyped movie’s box office take all weekend AND the media outlets buy it hook, line and sinker; writing endless lame “rare two $50M launch” stories? It would be shocking that Variety and other entertainment media are so incompetent they can be duped that easily; EXCEPT that it happens all the time!

    • Michael Anthony says:

      They don’t lie! Weekend and daily projections are based on a number of things and the projections not only come from the studios, but also a number of forecasting companies. Did u notice the international forecast was lower than what was actually brought in?

      Before you take someone to task, at least know what you are talking about!!

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