Idina Menzel Says ‘Frozen 2’ Is ‘in the Works’

Frozen 2 in the Works

If you’re not quite ready to “let it go,” you won’t have to.

Frozen” star Idina Menzel told The Telegraph that a Disney sequel is on the horizon.

“They’re all in the works,” Menzel said when asked to comment on the rumors of a sequel and a stage musical.

Although she won’t star in the play, the Broadway vet said she hopes to be asked back to voice Elsa in the next film installment.

“Not the stage show — I don’t know what will happen with that — but the movie, hopefully,” she said about her involvement. “We’ll see. I’m just going along for the ride.”

The blockbuster hauled in a massive $1.3 billion worldwide, beating out fellow Disney-Pixar toon “Toy Story 3” for the tile of top-grossing animated film of all time and becoming the fifth highest-grossing film of all time worldwide.

An ice show and a six-minute “Frozen” short are also in the works.

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  1. Heidi says:

    What I think is that Elsa should be paired up with Jack Frost

  2. Zakiya says:

    Fucking wonderful. As if having a movie shoved down your throat 24/7 wasn’t enough. And people wonder why I haven’t seen it yet.

  3. Ann says:

    What is frozen2 about

  4. Sharon says:

    I haven’t even seen the first one yet!

  5. Rick says:

    Overrated as hell but I can’t say no to more Elsa. Bring it on, Disney!

  6. Gabe says:

    they better find a dam good substitute for Idina Menzel on broadway and give Jodi Benson a character in Frozen 2 that’s all i’ve got to say

  7. Andre says:

    Hell yeah! They better consult Pixar with how to make a good sequel, or take a page from How to train your dragon 2. They better. I love the characters too much for them to get ruined, especially Elsa.

  8. mariaalves says:

    Eu assiste esse filme muitas vezez e cha encheio o saco

  9. How would a sequel work with the tv show Once Upon A Time? Anything that happens now needs to happen right after the Frozen section of Once or it would make no sense. Once has introduced events that followed right after Frozen ended, Anna getting married, Elsa being trapped etc.

    • R.J.J. says:

      Once Upon a Time is not canon to the Disney films. Hence why their Rapunzel was completely different from Tangled, among numerous other examples. A film sequel would be considered the canon continuation, not the TV show.

  10. Daniel H says:

    I actually thought of an idea about how Frozen 2 would work.

    It involves the kingdom Arendelle’s sworn enemy, Tyrelleus. The war-hungry King Magnus’s son Victor has fire powers in the same vein as Elsa’s ice powers. When Victor’s mother died when he was a child, the king brought his son to his battles and unbeknownst to Victor, used his son’s powers to win. At a dinner with people from other countries except Arendelle, the King talks about how he uses his invention of a “weather calender” to tell him when not to sail due to a storm. And the old man from the first Frozen who we all thought was the main villain, talks about the Snow Queen Elsa. Victor, happy that there is someone like him, wants to see her, but also to end the deadly and unnecessary feud with Arendelle. But King Magnus refuses because they are sworn enemies, they have a spat and Magnus coughs onto the floor. Magnus gets sicker. Thinking his father is dying, Victor sails with a secret crew to Arendelle.

    Meanwhille in Arendelle, Elsa is unhappy that her ice powers detracts many suitors. In fact she is envious about Anna and her love, that she makes him do things that keeps him away from Anna. When Victor arrives, He tells Elsa that now his father is near death that he wants to make peace. Knowing the history Arendelle has with Tyrelleus, she obviously does not want to speak to him. You can say that they’re was a frosty first impressions LOL. He gets her alone in a fireplace room and shows her his powers by collecting the fire from the fireplace. They have conversations about their lives and their parents and They impress each other with their powers as in Elsa making an ice breeze to move a fan, and Victor pressing a lump of coal into a diamond. The biggest part is when they are able to touch hands, since their powers make that impossible to touch other people. When they touch hands, Victor feels cool for the first time and Elsa feels warm for the first time.

    Anna does not believe that Victor is really for peace and looks for proof. She finds a journal from her father the late King about how Magnus used fire as a weapon in battles (Anna realizes Victor was used for the fire) and she found a letter from Victor to the late king and queen of Arendelle to come to Tyrelleus on the day they died in the storm. Meanwhile in Tyrelleus, King Magnus’ health improves and finds out Victor went to Arendelle. He charges him for treason and sends a ship out for his arrest. When the ship comes for Victor Elsa is confronted by Anna about Victor’s powers used in battles and the letters. When Elsa is told King Magnus is still alive and is under arrest, she confronts Victor. Victor said he only knew recently that his powers were used in battle. Elsa shows him the letter and he said he wrote it but the date is wrong, he wanted them to travel a week later or else-and he stops because he knew his father found the letter and forged the date so they would die in the storm. Victor thinks the damage is already done and apologizes for his acts. Victor is sad that Elsa is angry at him and does not want to see him again(she gives back the diamond), and mad that his father used him. Victor leaves in chains and special cuffs like they used on Elsa in the last movie.

    Elsa is in her room alone and sad. Anna talks to her though the door and reads the letter Victor wrote to her parents. She reads out that Victor was sorry his powers were used in battle and wanted to bring them to Tyrelleus to negotiate peace with his father. Elsa rounds up Anna and her boyfriend and Olaf and travels to Tyrelleus. Using her ice breeze they get to Tyrelleus fast.

    Victor is brought to King Magnus. Magnus ask what kind of monster Victor is to fraternize with then enemy. Victor asks “Who are you to call me a monster?” Victor is enraged at all of his father’s lies that breaks free from his chains thanks to the diamond he still held and was prepared to kill his father by using his fire powers to make the floor lava and holding the king in a cage. You could say like Elsa freezes to shut herself away from others, Victor ignites fire to display his anger. When Elsa arrives, Victor is too mad to stop and listen. So Elsa puts on ice armor to fight Victor. Victor fight with his his fire sword and was an inch close to killing his father when Elsa hugs Victor from behind and used her ice powers on Victor’s heart. Victor freezes (LoL), and smiles when he says “…so cold”. Elsa sobs and Magnus comes to Victor’s body. He says when Victor’s mom died, he did not know how to handle him. he just did not want his son to be afraid of his powers. But the power got into his head. Magnus puts a locket of a painting of Victor’s mom on his ice body. Magnus surrenders to the guards of Tyrelleus and leaves a tear on Victor’s iced body which defrosts Victor.

    Everyone is happy. But instead of a kiss and eventual marriage, Elsa takes Victor to a balcony and says that they cannot be together. It is not because of his powers, but because of his anger. Victor promises that he will gets help but says that much of his anger come from that he does not want to be alone. Elsa says “now I know there is someone like you out there, you will never be alone” In the end, the king is imprisoned and Victor and Elsa sign a peace treaty. Then they give a handshake that steams.

    I sure hope Disney sees this. LOL.

    • Gabe says:

      would that be king magnus from sofia the first?

      • Daniel says:

        They cannot be together at least not now. Anger management is a serious matter and it needs to be worked on for longer than one day. If they got together, this would not be a good sequel. It would knock Elsa down a peg as a woman if she immediately accepted a man with anger issues. Keeping them as friends while he fixes himself is a strong first step.

      • hell blaze says:

        the story is good but elsa and victor should be together not alone because they love each other their powes dont bother each other then what is the problem as far as it is concerned about his anger it can be controlled beause he will not be alone with elsa

  11. James says:

    How is this confirmation? She just said she’d be on board IF it happened. Look what’s happened every time Disney tries to make a sequel to a princess movie. It’s always a mess. When you’re working off of a fairy tale where everything is built around telling one story, it’s impossible to make a decent follow-up.

    I’m still waiting to hear more about Wreck-It Ralph 2; that movie actually has potential. It’s like Toy Story – well-rounded characters, wide-open setting where anything can happen, creative premise. I’m sick of having Frozen shoved down my throat while everything else gets ignored.

  12. Daniels says:

    Disney always does a horrible job making sequels. Lion King 2 and 1/2, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lilo & Stitch, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Mulan and Pocahontas.

  13. Matt C. says:

    Frozen is NOT Pixar. Just saying.

  14. samantha says:

    I love frozen a. Cause I lie the music and tha movie

  15. Jessica says:

    My daughter and nieces will be so excited..I guess I will be too.. :-)

  16. Danielle says:

    I cant wait to see frozen 2. My Family Loves the Movie .. the first one Good . Hopefully the second one is 2

  17. Vicky says:

    Frozen was my nieces favourite fim before she died and I think frozen 2 should be out of respect for her as that’s what she would have wanted

  18. Maulz says:

    is that nessecerry?

  19. David says:

    Flogging it till every dime is squeezed, Disney Style

  20. Austin Dreyer says:

    I personally make sure that frozen 2 will not make it to theaters

  21. I could already guess that there will Frozen 2 will be hitting in the theater real soon. I wanted to know where the second film will go. I hope that all the original cast member will appear in the film.

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