Harvey Weinstein Says He’ll Make Anti-NRA Movie With Meryl Streep

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein stirred up gun rights advocates when he said on Howard Stern’s radio show that he plans to make a project that takes on the National Rifle Assn. and the issue of firearms “head on.”

“They are going to wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them,” Weinstein told Stern on Wednesday, referring to the NRA’s lobbying and political strength.

Weinstein did not go into specifics about the project, but said that Meryl Streep was involved and that it would not be a documentary but “a big movie like ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.'”

“I don’t think we need guns in this country, and I hate it,” Weinstein told Stern. “The NRA is a disaster area.”

Such a movie is bound to be a political flashpoint, and Weinstein undoubtedly would open himself up to criticism over some of the violence in the movies he has produced, as well as his role as a prominent fundraiser for President Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates.

Just his mention of the project drew criticism from some gun rights advocates, including Emily Miller of the Washington Times. In a column, she pointed out that Weinstein also told Stern that he wanted to move forward on a project about Jews defending themselves during the Holocaust. She wrote that Weinstein “does not seem to know that the Nazis were able to confiscate the guns that the Jewish people owned based on Germany’s government registry.”

“Mr. Weinstein has been watching too many movies if he thinks the good guys find fully loaded firearms in convenient locations to use only when necessary,” she wrote.

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  1. vincefg says:

    Harvey, give it up. You can’t beat the NRA because the NRA is made up of real, decent, law-abiding Americans who value life and freedom. YOU, on the other hand, are nothing but a Hollywood hypocrite and a sexual predator.

  2. colony14 says:

    $10 says Weinstein has an armed bodyguard.

  3. Peg Ann Pies says:

    Make sure Harvey that all your security people do not carry guns. If they do it makes you even more of a hypocrite. I think you are a coward and a hypocrite.

    • CJ says:

      Weinstein’s being redundant. He already helped make the movie Chicago and no body wanted to be alive after watching that.

  4. Peg Ann Pies says:

    Gina I agree 100 % but do not give him the publicity of a boycott outside theaters. I will not see and for that matter never do see his ugly movies. Is anyone else sick and tired of seeing Meryl Streep. Move over. There are so many other actresses that deserve a chance. It is the Hollywood elite who vote for you anyway, not the people.

  5. Why would any rational person, even one who has lost a loved one to senseless violence, want to reduce the ability of millions and millions of decent law-abiding citizens to defend their families and themselves against a tiny number of loons bent on committing mayhem? How does making it more difficult for me to protect my family help to stop thugs and criminals, who happen to be among the most ardent “gun control” supporters in the country?

    It’s no mystery why thugs and criminals are staunchly for “gun control”, they would LOVE
    it if decent people were denied access to defensive guns…what is not easy to figure out is why any supposedly intelligent person regardless of political party or ideology would support efforts to reduce the right to self-defense that is probably the most salient and basic human right of all. Can someone who wants to limit 2nd Amendment rights please answer this?

  6. This is the guy who is making FLEDGLING Jason Steed the movie about an 11 year old boy who is left on a desert island and kills 6 people to survive before he rescues the marines. How can he on one hand be against violence and then make a movie for young adults based on the YA Novel Fledgling Jason Steed. He also Made the Alex Rider movie Stormbreaker, in that movie 14 year old Alex has a Machine gun and shoots up a museum.

  7. While I will not pay to see the movie, I’m not gonna make a big deal about the DE FACTO boycott. Pickets outside this bozo’s movie would be welcome publicity. Those that agree with him will be encouraged to turn out for what is likely to be a patently dishonest picture show.

  8. Robbie says:

    No living person has made more money glorifying gratuitous gun violence than Weinstein. No living person has done more to convince young men and boys that guns are off the chain cool.

    There’s less blood and guts on the killing floor of a meat packing plant than in many of Weinstein’s movies.

    Few people will pay to see his hack propaganda movie. He should win a major award though. Filthy rich elitist hypocrite of the year.

  9. ITTTY IT says:

    And BTW —how’s that definitive epic treatment
    of the awesomely rrelevant, RED China, Globalism
    and EUGENICS ‘uncomfortable’ KOREAN WAR coming?

  10. Scott Arnold says:

    Hmm… The federal government bought over 6 billion rounds of ammunition, anti-IED MRAP vehicles and Predator drones for DHS. Meanwhile the NSA spies on us and the TSA treats us all like criminals. When doesn’t Harvey Weinstein take on that? Oh, that’s right! That was “The Hunger Games”. My bad! I would have more respect him more if he would advocate getting rid of ALL the guns, including disarming the federal government. But, somehow I don’t think he’ll go there. It’s true that our culture loves violent movies but is stupid about what firearms actually can and cannot do. We have Hollywood to thank for that. Let’s see… if wanted to learn how to handle a firearm safely and proficiently, should I take lessons from an NRA-certified instructor or just watch Angeline Jolie blaze away as Lara Croft, Evelyn Salt, or Mrs Smith? Maybe Mr Weinstein get Angelina to show us how to make a bullet curve around an obstacle or how to make a head shot on a target two city blocks away from the back a moving train like in her movie “Wanted”! Every sane person should know the answer to my question, and I not saying Mr Weinstein is insane. But I would ask that he please stop posturing about how he has got the balls to stand up to the NRA. Make a movie about the the NSA or the Federal Reserve, and then maybe he’ll have a pair worth mentioning.

  11. johntshea says:

    If this has any effect it will no doubt be to provoke the surge in gun sales that usually follows any threat to gun ownership. A good time to buy shares in gun-makers perhaps?

  12. Jill says:

    This will increase the NRA membership. It will go through the roof after a movie like this. The sad part is Harvey knows it and is just doing this as a stunt to add to his millions. The bottom line with these rich elites is the buck. I am glad because I am a member of the NRA and want it to grow to protect our gun rights. Call the NRA and join today 1-877-NRA-2000.

  13. Wealthy Hollywood types can hire armed bodyguards. Many can even get a concealed weapon permit (INCREDIBLY rare in CA), claiming “there’s been threats . . . .”

    It’s the “little people” who should not be armed.

    Funny, many of the most anti-gun Hollywood actors make their LIVING in gun-filled action movies. Glorifying guns. IF they were serious, they should be boycotting their own movies!

  14. Mark says:

    The Jews realized too late that they had been setup for annialation by the Nazi gun registration and only a few brave souls decided tostand up against the Nazi war machine as evidenced in the Warsau Ghetto. The French took that lesson to heart and the French resistance sprang up. Do you really think criminals will give up their weapons while the rest of us just roll over. Weinstein and Streep can afford body guards but I don’t have that luxury. It’s easy for them to talk about disarming the people. When seconds count the Police are just minutes away.

  15. Joe Smart says:

    I’m really sick of people making the offensively stupid comment that the holocaust would not have happened if the Jews had guns. The Nazis rolled into France and Poland but they would have been stopped by some Jewish shopkeepers with guns? How stupid or cynical do you need to be to make such a patently absurd argument?

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