‘Gone Girl’ Ending: Rosamund Pike Discusses Shocking Scenes

'Gone Girl' Ending: Rosamund Pike Reveals

Warning: This story is obviously full of spoilers

In September, Rosamund Pike sat down with Variety for a 2.5-hour wide-ranging interview about her breakout role in “Gone Girl.” She spoke about how she prepared to play Amy Dunne, which included working with a dialect coach and training with a professional boxer, and she revealed secrets about the movie’s ending, which we agreed not to publish until after its release. There are many spoilers below, so stop reading now if you haven’t seen “Gone Girl” yet.

Ready? Ok…

(1) Pike filmed the “evil Amy” scenes, where she resurfaces alive in the woods, on the first day of shooting.
“We started day one of filming some of the stuff where she’s on the run, and she’s playing another person. That’s very hard. You haven’t played the person who is morphing into someone else.”

(2) The gruesome sex scene.
After Amy is robbed, she calls her boyfriend Desi (Neil Patrick Harris) and ends up murdering him during a graphic love scene. Pike says that was one of the most challenging parts of the film to shoot, because it involved a hidden rig attached to prosthetic skin that squirted blood when Amy slits Desi’s throat. “It covered us,” Pike said. “Then we got to a certain point, we froze, and more blood was added. You want it to go in certain places and not others, you mesh it with your body, because you struggle. Some of it gets painful, as it dries, your skin stick to each other and it’s like super glue.”

(3) The makeup department experimented with blood tests.
“There were so many people trying to come up with the perfect version of film blood,” Pike says. “Different shades, different consistencies. It has squirt in the right way, it has to spread in the right way, it has to seep into fabric in the right way. If it’s too sticky, it’ll make lines like syrup, which is no good. I spent so much time covered in blood in the film. And you have to reset it and wipe it off.”

(4) The c*nt scene.
When Amy returns home to Nick, they have an heated exchange prior to a TV interview they are doing as a couple. “Ben [Affleck], David [Fincher] and I rewrote that scene. He says, ‘You’re such a c*nt.’ I say, ‘I’m the c*nt that makes you the man you are today–the only time you ever feel like yourself.’ That’s Amy’s confidence. She’s right–she knows that gets him. And that’s the toxicity of their relationships right there. It’s a pretty damning message.”

(5) She hasn’t considered the possibility of a “Gone Girl” sequel.
“No, no, no,” she says at the suggestion, but leaves a small door open. “Only if Gillian [Flynn] wrote it. I don’t like the idea of someone coming in and saying I could get my hand on these characters. The filmmakers don’t even want people to know Amy is even alive at the end. People have been good about.”

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  1. HeyLook says:

    Everyone in the film was terrific. The movie, however, was garbage. I hadn’t read the book, so I had no comparison nor any expectations really. But Fincher’s too on-the-nose directing broadcasts everything that’s coming, so there are no surprises in a scene (that is to say, you may not know when someone is gonna die, get robbed, etc., but it’s clear every time in the scene before); we also saw FAR too much from the POV of Affleck’s character. Mleh. Boring. Obvious. Ridiculous.

    • agustin says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Haha

      • MimiB says:

        Well, obvious you haven’t read the book, which is written mainly from the perspective of the hubby. So, like it or not, the movie remains mostly true to the book. It doesn’t matter that some things are less than a surprise, such as the robbery, since the story is a psychological study.

        Millions of people have read the book and know the story and yet have enjoyed the film. I get it, you didn’t, which is fine of course. Each to their own.

  2. Chris says:

    There is no doubt that Rosamund Pike did an incredible job portraying Amy, but I believe the actresses playing the detective and Nick’s sister did exceptional work as well. I wouldn’t rule out supporting actress nominations from either of the two.

  3. To me, an actor becomes supreme when s/he is able to show a flicker of emotion in her eyes while keeping other facial features virtually immobile. Rosamund Pike reached the heights of acting perfection by allowing a quick, sinister veil to lock her wicked plans behind her hooded eyes

  4. vburgantx says:

    Rosamund Pike was perfect as Amy Dunne! The whole movie hinged on whether the audience could see all the “roles” Amy was playing, and how masterful Amy was at manipulating everyone. She nailed it! Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, and the rest of the cast was great too. I agree that the actress playing the lead detective stole scenes she was in, especially when the FBI were questioning Amy.

  5. Jerry says:

    She was really good in this, impressively good. But I actually think the detective lady was the best in the whole film though. She just stole every scene she was in and I hope she gets recognized for some kind of award because she just blew my mind honestly.

  6. JJ77 says:

    She did an amazing job in this movie, what a role.

    Definitely deserves at least an Oscar nom

  7. Erinn Ashley says:

    Honestly Ben was good, nothing extraordinary. But finally Rosamund Pike makes her Oscar worthy performance! She has emerged herself from the shadows and will now without a doubt, be chosen for more leading actress roles. I can’t wait to see her future films:) hopefully she can work out a sequel with the director and Ben.

  8. Kris says:

    Rosamund is simply incredible as Amy Dunne! I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The casting couldn’t have been more perfect. I see some Oscar nods in the future.

  9. Mairead Bertoli says:

    Just saw the movie Rosamund is absolutely fabulous playing Amy Dunne

  10. joelarue says:

    a 2.5hr interview and we get 5 bullet points?

    • gferguson says:

      The rest of the interview was posted previously. It was pretty detailed about everything non spoiler related about her part in the process. They really should have linked to it.

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