‘Godzilla’ Sequel in the Works at Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures


Goal was to re-brand property in 'Tiffany way,' says studio exec

Warner Bros. and Legenday Pictures faced monster skepticism from fanboys, but after scoring nearly $200 million this weekend at the global box office, the two companies are moving forward with what they anticipated would happen: a “Godzilla” sequel.

“It’s very validating,” Legendary president and chief creative officer Jon Jashni spoke to Variety of the film’s opening.

“You can’t ask for a better situation when you have a group of people, who were perhaps expecting to be let down were impressed,” Jashni added. “It all lines up when that eco-system aligns and starts feeding off itself.”

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As a principle hurdle in the re-making of “Godzilla,” Jashni said the filmmakers were faced with massive pre-existing doubt toward the property, originating from the critically lambasted 1998 Sony remake.

Though in respect to the Warner-Legendary version’s franchise potential, Jashni said that was always part of the conversation.

“Our initial goal was to re-brand and re-establish the property in a Tiffany way,” Jashni said. “Now, we’re trying to take in all of the results of the weekend.”

Legendary financed 75% of the $160 million-budgeted tentpole, with Warner accounting for the rest. Both companies split marketing costs.

“Godzilla” overperformed domestically this weekend, with a boffo $93 million. Meanwhile, the film bowed day-and-date in 64 overseas territories, where it collected $103 million. Pic expands to China on June 13, followed by Japan, though local distrib Toho holds rights to the film in that territory.

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  1. Darklord says:

    One of the most misleading ad campaigns in film history. I wish I could get my money back. People unfamiliar with the history of Godzilla may like this film. He’s hardly in it. He’s a bit player. Why was this film even called Godzilla? Older fans like me that actually want Godzilla to be the main focus of the movie, since it is called Godzilla, were very disappointed. It’s almost like a restaurant advertising steak but serves chicken and hopes no one notices the difference. A total bait and switch of an ad campaign.

    • guy says:

      Darklord, have you seen the original Gojira? He was seen just as little in that one and it is the one film in the series that is considered a classic film.

      Despite not seeing him all the time, he was the main focus of the movie. What did you want, Godzilla vs. Gigan?

  2. SeadogMillionaire says:

    I really liked this newest version of “Godzilla”. I love the monster and have seen likely every film (even enjoy the 1998 version), so I am excited that there will be a sequal !!!

  3. LOL says:

    Was Godzilla any good, folks? Just got back from a screening, but the first hour sent me to sleep. Woke up and some fat, murky CGI lump was decking another CGI piece of crap. What a boring and average movie it was.

    • shawn says:

      I’m surprised you didn’t like it. granted cgi is becoming old hat but man that cgi was amazing. they really nailed it when they reinvented Godzilla. looks perfect. the cast was good to. way better than the other Godzilla movie that’s for sure.

      • G says:

        I thought the movie was amazing, CGI was fantastic, looked so realistic, why did you even go see it, you knew there would be CGI and they couldn’t make Godzilla without it, unless you would had rather seen some men in suits duking it out. People like LOL always has something to complain about. Learn a little something about movies before commenting.

  4. PadawanLerner says:

    I loved Godzilla (2014),I am also glad they made him the good guy version,I always liked Godzilla when he is earth protector,more than when is depicted as a destroyer,with that being said when Godzilla has to take care of business mankind had best stay clear of the kaiju’s battle field. Congratulations are in order for Legendary Pictures,Thomas Tull and of course Garth Edwards on giving us the American Godzilla we should got way back in 1998.

  5. mick says:

    Godzilla great movie but Hawaii has no seagulls ouch!

  6. redleg1971 says:

    The sequel needs to include King Ghidorah, and maybe Gigan, Anguirus, and Mothra!
    Since Legendary owns domestic rights to Godzilla AND Pacific Rim, I would LOVE to see a cross-over, and have Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi piloting a new jaeger that was actually MechaGodzilla!
    THAT would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DXMage says:

      OH shit yeah!!!! A crossover Pacific Rim would be great with Gigan and King Ghidorah coming through the Rift and have MechaGodzilla come out of Japan secret facility seeing how there was already a Monarch facility there…. (now I’m thinking of Brock Sampson lol) and have more over the top monster fighting.

      • Andrew says:

        oh and license a few classic movie sound cues as well, please.

      • Andrew says:

        please no pacific rim…. just gigan or ghidorah and cut the human parts by 15-20 mins and add 5-10 mins more monster time and winner. rubber suits with cgi overlays would be a happy medium.

  7. Trever Lever says:

    Sequel needs to include Hydra! Marvel has already helped by promoting their own Hydra.

    • redleg1971 says:

      Godzilla in a Marvel movie is a good idea, but it’s not gonna happen since Warner and Legendary don’t own the rights to Marvel. I have the first issue of the 1970’s version of Godzilla by Marvel comics. It only ran for about 24 issues before being cancelled. He ended up fighting SHEILD before the series ended.

    • Phil says:

      I can see why you think that but that would be weird because Warner Bros owns DC

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