‘Godzilla 2’ Gets June 2018 Release Date


Warner Bros. and Legendary have scheduled the next installment in their “Godzilla” franchise for a June 8, 2018, release.

Gareth Edwards, who is also developing one of the “Star Wars” standalone pics, returns as director of the monster movie sequel. At Comic-Con in July, Legendary disclosed that Godzilla will be joined by a number of other iconic beasts from the long-running franchise — Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah — in the next movie.

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“Godzilla” has already grossed $508 million worldwide, making a follow-up something of an inevitability. Legendary financed 75% of “Godzilla’s” $160 million budget, with Warner providing the rest and the companies splitting marketing costs.

Legendary recently announced a “King Kong” prequel, “Skull Island,” which will bow November 2016.

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  1. DPetty says:

    You have a error in your article: skull island is a sequel not a prequel (original King Kong set in 20s, skull island set in 60s)

  2. aaron price says:

    i hope i post this commet right but i think that hot chick that star in san andreas, should be in this next godzilla movie. i hope i posted the comment right earlier. i never been to film school or have any experience in making one, but i know i can make one heck of a godzilla movie. garedeth did a great job and it put some awesome ideas into making godzilla more graphical, i cant draw very good but i can make a path in making godzilla like he should be. i watched and studied the legedary pic that edwards made. i really hope he get in contact with me, because we only live once and i would love to help. i have probably 3 or 4 bad ass ideas in making the king of monster put chills up peoples bodies and make kids go crazy over him ( GODZILLA ) , Mothra and ghidorah. i live in somerset kentucky. :) I am applying for and with job Legeday pics and garedeth edwards, and i work my ass of on a farm for my relative and I HAVE A DREAM :). i promise i will work everyday untill it’s perfection, just get in contact with me or meet me in person down here in the BOON DOCKS….lol :)

  3. john says:

    have more godzilla fighting scenes DO NOT just show pieces of the fights way to much of the human story line we watch godzilla to see godzilla not 10 mins of him in a 2 hr movie sheesh

  4. richard astill says:

    please when you make godzilla 2 can you make it not so dark please .i really enjoyed the first one so keep up the good work .

  5. Rajan says:

    Godzila 1st part is very very beautifull movies I have full star in this movie

  6. Godzilla 2014 took a little getting used to but it was a tremendous movie. Instead of the Big Guy seen
    knocking over buildings repetitively with tanks ablazing, this version set a good, new foundation for,
    hopefully, future adventures. They paced his appearances, but the MUTO’s were very pleasing and
    added suspense to the “feel” of the experience. Most people could conceivably get “bored” with Godzilla
    destroying structures and wrestling with other monster foes over and over again. I liked the script set up
    whereby other events/people were placed amongst the “action” scenario….which made me feel like I
    was down there with them in SFrancisco dodging the creatures, etc. Hope they can recreate something
    new and interesting with the old Godzilla nemesis’s. If not, creating new enemy beasts is okay by me.

  7. Greg says:

    I think it’s a mistake to use Kaiju that have already been done to death by TOHO. The MUTOs in the first film were fresh and interesting. It sounds like the next movie will be a remake of the 60s movie Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster. I have my doubts and think this might kill the franchise. I hope that I’m wrong.

  8. JD says:

    While I quite liked the 1st one, the trailer for it did it no favours whatsoever. In fact it was the most misleading trailer I’ve ever seen for a movie. SPOILER ALERT. Gave the impression that Bryan Cranston was to be the lead role. However he died within the first half hour and most of his scenes were in the trailer. The trailer gave no indication that there were going to be two other creatures in it that Godzilla had to fight and looked like it would be a fight against Godzilla when in fact it was Godzilla on the same side as humanity. If Liz Olsen is in the next one, give her more to do then just answer the phone and look stupidly up at buildings falling.

  9. Dk77042 says:

    Pt 1 was a’ight, disappointing in that I had high hopes for it. Hope he does a better job on 2.

  10. Alex says:

    Cracks me up “worst movie EVER” and “nozilla”. May I ask that you use a stopwatch and time how much shark is in jaws or Alien in Alien. By comparison what we saw of Godzilla was very generous, yet these are classics and are hailed as masterpieces in filmmaking ssame as some are calling Godzilla. And as for the “worst movie ever” I’m afraid nearly 75% of the world disagrees (see rotten tomatoes) so join the minority and watch a Michael Bay movie, seems that’s what you want. Can’t wait for 2018 go go Godzilla!

    • Brian says:

      The lack of monsters in Jaws and Alien was supplemented with a good story, and solid, well-rounded, interesting characters. Godzilla had neither of these. It’s not an interesting character-driven movie like those 2, it’s not about how the characters react to these situations, it’s a straight-up monster movie. And as a straight-up monster movie, it needed more monsters. It’s not the worst movie ever by any stretch, but it’s not a good movie. In fact, I think it’s pretty bad.

  11. Jim says:

    The Godzilla remake was a little underwhelming. It did really well the first week or so out of curiosity and then ticket sales plummeted drastically, even more than a typical blockbuster drops. Word of mouth and reviews weren’t so hot. Bryan Cranston was easily the best actor and the most interesting character in the movie but they killed him off halfway through. I love watching the cheesy old Godzilla movies but don’t see myself forking over $15 to $20 to watch the sequel in a theater. Can’t imagine they will do much more with the movie. Same as the second half of the last one, just insert different monsters.

  12. Melissa says:

    Then don’t watch it Michael!! I promise, you don’t HAVE to watch EVERY SINGLE MOVIE that makes it to theaters. And I agree with Rob.. Worst ever? Really? You must be 12!! If something doesn’t appeal to your eye, don’t go watch it. When movies make money, whether it’s a good idea or not they are going to try and make a sequel to take in more dough. No one is making you go watch the second one so don’t make a fuss over it.

  13. Not all Godzilla monsters were that interesting, seeing them as a kid is one thing, but to revamp every bad guy, isn’t worth seeing all over again.Like who really care to see a giant moth bug? Get King Kong in the squeal before you RUIN the entire buzz..TAKE IT FROM A FAN!!!

  14. Bill says:

    The first one should have been named nozilla.. I hope they have mozilla in this one.

  15. sr says:

    the first one was the worst film I have ever seen. It frankly was a pile of garbage, crap. I will NOT be paying money to see #2, in fact, #2 is exactly what we all do each day. A pile of poop.

    • Rob Bradley says:

      Worst ever?

      Are you 12?

      • jhs39 says:

        It was pretty boring when the monsters weren’t onscreen but if Godzilla is the worst ever movie you’ve seen then you must not have seen very many movies. If you go to Redbox right now and rent every movie in the machine at least 70% of them will be worse than Godzilla.

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