George Clooney to Direct Movie About U.K. Phone Hacking Scandal

George Clooney
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

George Clooney has come on to direct “Hack Attack” for Sony Pictures, delving into the hot-button topic of celebrity privacy scandals.

The pic will be an adaptation of journalist Nick Davies’ account of the British phone hacking scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s news empire. The adaptation will be produced by George Clooney and Grant Heslov through their Smokehouse banner for Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“This has all the elements – lying, corruption, blackmail – at the highest levels of government by the biggest newspaper in London,” Clooney said. “And the fact that it’s true is the best part. Nick is a brave and stubborn reporter and we consider it an honor to put his book to film.”

Over six years, Davies investigated News Corp. and its subsidiary, News Intl.; his book shows how their habit of hacking into the voicemail messages of elected officials, celebrities and even ordinary British citizens and the victims of terror attacks was wide-ranging and ongoing. The resulting scandal would not only mark the end of News of the World after 168 years of continuous publication, but also spur a government inquiry that would bring to light some of the most unthinkable of business practices.

Michael De Luca will oversee the project for Sony Pictures. Shooting is scheduled to start next year.

“As the son of a journalist, George has a sharp interest in the role journalism plays in all of our lives – whether that’s for good, as in ‘Good Night, and Good Luck,’ or for bad,” said De Luca. “With ‘Hack Attack,’ George will explore the dark side of that world, a business where all of the rules of journalism are broken in the race for an easy and ever-larger payday.”

“The Monuments Men” grossed $154 million worldwide including $78 million domestically. Clooney most recently wrapped production on the Disney pic “Tomorrowland” directed by Brad Bird.

He is repped by CAA.

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  1. YouGotToBeKiddingMe. says:

    The progressive world view of George Clooney coming to a theater near you. Why doesn’t he make a movie about the DOJ spying of AP and Fox reporters or maybe a movie about the NSA violation of our unconstitutional rights? Those plots lines wouldn’t mesh with his big government agenda. Another Hollywood elite progressive using his time and other peoples money to sell you their ideology.

  2. Pat Roy says:

    But wait, Clooney doesn’t give a rip if our federal government does the same to us.

  3. t-bone51 says:

    Other than his movies being nothing but self-loving praise and glorifications, complimented with a full load of liberal hypocrisies, Rosemary’s baby is at it again.

  4. JACRA says:

    Always great to see exactly when a career will end!

  5. “Films aren’t journalism and they’re not history”, Paul Greengrass….

  6. Ariel Walsh says:

    Who’s going to watch that crap? How about making movie about ISIS terrorists killing Christians all over the Middle East, or perhaps IRS scandal?

    • mark generales says:

      Our family will no longer watch or participate or do anything that Clooney is involved with.

      There is no point giving this America hater any more money to spread his poison.

  7. hugh says:

    George Clooney next project due to start in spring of 2015 covers the IRS targeting conservative groups scandal. It has everything said Clooney “IRS abuse akin to Nixon and FDR, executive branch cover ups and lies and most of all, conveniently missing emails of the time in question”. Clooney went on, “the best part of it is that its all true, its an amazing abuse of power in this day and age”.

  8. Joe E in the IE says:

    Dutifully ignoring the endless all-you-can-eat buffet of move-ready scandals laid out by the current administration.

  9. Joe cotillo says:

    Why don’t Georgey Boy aim his ART(?) at the NSA telephone/internet/email recording of private American citizens?

  10. mark generales says:

    My family decided some time ago to vote with our wallets.

    we NO longer attend anything he is involved in – ever.

  11. Really?! I thought hollywood was tired of throwing money into bottomless pits? How can they be in their right minds funding a guaranteed loser like this? It’s bad enough that they pick this divisive progressive loon, but they’re tapping a project that no American has any interest in.

    It’s about time to short Sony stock as they will take this one in the ear.

  12. When will these egomaniacs ever learn that no one is interested in their political agendas? This will be free on Netflix in twenty minutes after the premier .

  13. molde says:

    Boring……. Wow, I can’t imagine the crushing tedium.

  14. BOBINNC says:

    And Hollywood wonders why no one goes to the movies. George – friggen YAWN!

  15. Edward Manley says:

    Anyone got any excess money they want to incinerate? George is building a nice little furnace…

  16. larry porter says:


  17. gina says:

    Another propaganda film by Cloony .. Are arabs financing this one like they financed his anti US military pro islam flicks?

  18. sicilianpapa says:

    Hey Looney, why don’t you make a film about the IRS scandal. Lois Lerner, a top IRS official, took the fifth. A dozen people under investigation in the scandal had their computers crash at the same time! Looney, the Justice Department is sweeping the scandal under the rug. The corrupt, left wing, so-called objective media has totally ignored the scandal. WOW! What a bombshell movie, Looney.

  19. Broke AND paying Taxes. says:

    Clooney s not a looney ..I’m sure he can put a password on his smartphones voice mail account.

    “Hacking” to a celebrity = not putting a password on their voice mail

    These people are not no no ..they are STARS……

  20. readmylips says:

    Does anyone really care what this communist, living in another country to avoid taxes and spouting garbage about America at every opportunity, thinks?

  21. Larry says:

    Hahahaha. What a joke. No one will watch it.

  22. Gary Lacey says:

    After George finishes with the film, chances are very high it will be considered pulp fiction!

  23. les9 says:

    The fact that Clooney thinks anyone wants to watch this movie just shows how out of touch and deluded he really is. I can’t wait to see this movie bomb.

  24. Steve says:

    I know people at Sony. They’re a joke. They signed Adam Sandler to a 5 picture deal and have lost millions. All other Sony movies lately have been bombs and the company is trying to sell off entire divisions. Hundreds are going to be laid off but they been told they have to train their Filipino replacements, who they are flying into LA, before they go or forgo severance packages.

  25. les9 says:

    “This has all the elements – lying, corruption, blackmail – at the highest levels of government by the biggest newspaper in London,” Clooney said. “And the fact that it’s true is the best part. Nick is a brave and stubborn reporter and we consider it an honor to put his book to film.”

    Right. This sounds almost as boring as a movie about protecting works of arts. Don’t care if it was a true story. This is bound to be at least as bad as Syriana, Men Who Stare at Goats, or anything else Clooney gets himself involved in. Clooney had one good movie: Ocean’s Eleven. Everything else about him is just absurd liberal noise.

  26. RAClements says:

    Wow. You guys *really* don’t like George… I wonder what he’s done to annoy you all..?

  27. Direct to Netflix in 3…2…1…

  28. alex says:

    Why would I want to see a movie on this topic? I didn’t care when it was all over the press, why would I find the story more interesting with a $10 popcorn, a $5 coke, and a $15 entrance ticket?

  29. S. Temper says:

    Wow! That movie will be as fascinating and enlightening as a muffled f@rt! Doesn’t George Looney have any friends who care enough to snap him out out of his pathetic self-indulgence?

  30. mark smith says:

    Beware of the leaven of the progressives. ..which is hypocrisy

  31. mark smith says:

    What are you talking about mark smith…look at all of the fine things I have done in the Congo. Me. I. Myself. Look.

  32. mark smith says:

    It’s hard to tell what George loves the most…himself or his politics.

  33. Daniel says:

    Honestly, the guy is a fine actor when he’s playing “George Clooney” but I have seen every movie he has directed and they have been awful. Leatherheads was unfunny and slow. Impossibly, Monuments Men was even less funny and even slower.

  34. mark smith says:

    Self righteous..uniformed…wrong..angry..hateful…subversive. .lover of self…hater of freedom.

  35. mark smith says:

    Another blockbuster.

  36. Mike Carter says:

    Can you imagine what a lefty beat up this will be??!!

  37. WallyG says:

    The working title is “Watching Paint Dry”

  38. Great news. This is one movie I will certainly not be seeing.

  39. sanityisrare says:

    The Loon strikes once again…

  40. Joe Tomas says:

    anything for a george headline. the guy is at best a b actor. 9 miles wide and 1/16 inch deep.

  41. Booooorrrring…..zzzzzz…..I doubt anyone of any political persuasion will watch this. Have we run out of historical dramas? Whats next? The story of Piers Morgan’s career at CNN?

  42. juandos says:

    I’m guessing Clooney’s movie will suck like his acting skills suck…

  43. Richard says:

    This movie may do well in the UK but I doubt it will draw box office in the US. Average citizens here are more concerned about government intrusions into our privacy than about a UK newspaper (along with numerous other papers) hacking celebrities and government officials. Of course Clooney’s film will probably not mention that such hacking was common in the UK and, given his leftist & elitist views, would not even consider doing a film about US government intrusiveness at least while the clown prince remains President.

  44. Alex Sweil says:

    Mr. Clooney has become so self-obsessed that he now turns his directorial focus on a film about celebrity itself. George, “cause films” tend to suck as evidenced by your good friend Matt Damon’s lame effort in “Promised Land”. This one sounds like its going to be a bigger clinker than “Monument Men” in which your lack of directorial talent almost stole the show. I say “almost” only because your your narcissistic acting along with that of Matt Damon showed that you were clearly on the wrong side of the camera. So Mister George Clooney just stick to acting and celebrityhood an occupation that thrives on the paparazzi that you pretend to despise.
    Perhaps you’re just afraid that one day they will expose you in some way that you truly afraid of.
    You wouldn’t be the first and you won’t be the last.

  45. Hollywood hypocrite says:

    Total scumbag. Just another Hollywood 1% liberool who is ashamed of America. Will never pay to see this douche or one of his movies.

  46. Jorge knows his popularity is dwindling.

  47. jackejack says:

    This has all the elements – lying, corruption, blackmail – at the highest levels of government by the biggest newspaper in London,” Clooney said. “And the fact that it’s true is the best part. Nick is a brave and stubborn reporter and we consider it an honor to put his book to film.” This statement makes it seem the British Government is run by the biggest newspaper in London.

  48. Chuck D. says:

    Sad that ideology replaces good business sense. Go George and help Hollywood drop even further in total revenues.

  49. Ha! Another Hollyweird propaganda piece about those “evil right wingers” and they wonder why no one will pay to see their liberal personal opinion drivel at the theatre. However I would love to see their portrayal of the Golden Years of the Obama Presidency. We could all use a good laugh.

  50. paul says:

    SWho cares?

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