First Look: Wonder Woman in ‘Batman v Superman’

wonder woman movie director
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Director Zack Snyder has released the first photo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

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The image premiered Saturday at Comic-Con during Warner Bros.’ presentation in Hall H, which also featured stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.

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  1. Cole says:

    She looks nothing like WW! Get Cindy Landolt to star

  2. calirogue says:

    An amazonian warrior isn’t going to start out with a super duper Americana outfit. It makes more sense for WW to start out with something less flashy and EVENTUALLY end up with the red, white, and blue outfit. The movie’s introducing Wonder Woman. She hasn’t necessarily adopted the American way of life yet, but she very well might do that by the end of the movie. Calm down, people.

  3. Reblogged this on Quantum Multiverse by @Jedi_Knut and commented:
    This is a week old now and I can post without any knee-jerk opinion. Apart from the dark world that is portrayed all over the DC Movie Universe, which is so unlike what the DCU was, I like the direction that they went with Gal Gadot’s outfit. Personally it is far too close to Xena’s look from the old 90’s TV show and didn’t go far enough into ancient Grecian style. I am done ranting about how they picked a skinny petite woman over, what should be, a larger woman in the vein of Cory Everson. I reserve judgment for how well Ms. Gadot does as Dianna. If comic book movies have taught us one thing, they have taught us to not cry FAIL until the movie has been released… remembering the public outcry of Michael Keaton being revealed as the star in Batman (1989).

  4. Gdr says:

    I still don’t understand if it is Superman vs. Superman is a super powered being. Batman would be toast for breakfast even with the muscular metal plate to make Ben Afflack look chiseled. no way can the Batman’s utility belt beat out Superman unless it has some handy little red or green kryptonite.

    This is so not Wonder Woman and yes they have totally de-Americanized them to the point that it loses all credibility. Hollywood is just gone down this horrible path of mucking up everything trying to hock as fabulous…not.

    She should be in the Hercules movie because she is Xena.

  5. Joe says:

    Yup, Looks like the same sort of stupid sexist porn in a Synder film.

  6. leah says:

    Wow. Why did they change her costume colors?

  7. Dirk Van Dijk says:

    Such a shame they didn’t go for Elodie Yung… she would have been great for the part and has serious creds as far as playing strong characters is concerned.

  8. Star says:

    look the color sucks sorry amazon wonder women had colors let it be the way it was just new generation but the same

  9. Someone says:

    I love the costume. I hate the Xena comments. Do people fail to realize that Xena RIPPED OFF Wonder Woman in the first place?!!! Uggh Xena’s chakram on her hip is literally a visual knock off from wonder woman and her lasso of truth. And plus Wonder Woman has been wearing armor since the 80s. Wondy wore it first but Xena made the look popular. And the people who’ve never read a Wonder Woman comic in their life only sees Wonder Woman as the Linda Carter version who btw looks skinnier than Gal Gadot. The only difference is that Linda has bigger breasts than Gal but that shouldn’t be a problem because Wondy should not be judged by the size of her breasts.

    • zraick says:

      Thanks for your opinion, but I still maintain that as shown in the promotional image, there is too much a departure from the classic Wonder Woman. I did some browsing to find images of the comic book heroine because of your challenging statement about people commenting have never even read a WW comic.

      I almost every image I could find, she was dressed in Stars and Stripes. Red, White and Blue with a bit of gold thrown in.

      Linda Carter’s incarnation was much closer to the classic comic book WW than this one.

      If you look very closely at the design of this, there are lots of lines and details which are in line with the Comic book version.

      But in this case, it looks like it was once a WW costume and they just decided to paint the whole thing brown. Perhaps it is just the primer coat.

  10. zraick says:

    I basically agree but there are variations and then there are complete departures. Marvel has been doing quite well at striking the balance.

    In the DC world Even the latest Superman could not be mistaken for someone else even though it has been a revision. And Batman is the same as far as that goes.

    This Wonder Woman is just not at all recognizable. It is one thing to want to push the envelope and to be innovative, and another thing to completely miss the mark.

    I think she looks great, but just does not look like Wonder Woman at all.

  11. frankie342 says:

    I was sceptic at first until I have seen the picture a few more times I think
    It looks great but we should stop comparing one thing to another it’s just
    wrong and the youth of today do not want to see colourful and camp spandex
    superheroes any more they want them darker and bolder it’s like people comparing
    grand theft auto to saint’s row they’re completely different franchises just like xena
    and wonder woman that blinded me until I came to my senses and realise they are
    two different costumes and characters xena is from Ancient Greece and wonder
    woman is from the amazon and etc.

    Frankie Love Rock Smales

    smales tv uk

  12. macdomain says:

    this Wonder woman is no where near as beautiful as Linda Carter was. Not even close.

  13. Lee Stevens says:

    Ok, so we have a British guy playing AMERICAN super-hero Superman and an Israeli woman playing AMERICAN super-hero Wonder Woman.

    I am an AMERICAN who will NOT be seeing this film.

    • New Yorker says:

      I hope your comment is sarcasm at it’s finest, otherwise you are a moron of the highest order. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian, and Superman is from outer space.

    • ProudofRedWhiteBlue says:

      Totally agree! I hadn’t connected that aspect of their de-Americanization of our Superheroes! But already decided NOT to see this film or take ANY of my grandkids to see it since they de-Americanized Wonder Woman’s uniform…it’s like they don’t want any link to the U.S.A.!

  14. AJSteele says:

    The original WW was not a bulky woman. Two of the villains in Superman II were basically thin and average and they were believable when they tossed a bus or a person around. Gadot looks the part. How she carries the character with speech and movement is yet to be seen.

  15. Alan says:

    There is no way I would be able to suspend my disbelief watching this stick figure pretend to lift a bus.

  16. ProudofRedWhiteBlue says:

    Stupid is not knowing what you are talking about. Take a look at this photo of Xena and compare it to the knockoff they are calling WW, then maybe you’ll realize they only named her WW for marketing purposes which will be an epic fail. Changing her iconic costume this much would be like changing the colors of Superman’s uniform to brown, black and blue and changing the S to a K to refer to his real name instead of the one he adopted on Earth because you want to be ‘true to his heritage’. Be true to the character represented.

    • They didn’t change the custom its the way it looks in the new 52 era. I don’t think you read comics so you really shouldn’t say anything at all. Xena is a knock off of wonder woman not the other way around.

      • ProudofRedWhiteBlue says:

        I’ve probably been reading comics since before you were born! YOU really shouldn’t tell anyone what to say or not to say. Having an opinion is fine, but no one listens or give credence to someone who is plain rude. Even the 52 era has COLOR as in RED, WHITE (albet silver) and BLUE along with some stars to relate to the AMERICAN flag and original Wonder Woman.

  17. ProudofRedWhiteBlue says:

    Yep, seems overwhelmingly folks on here believe she does NOT look like WW, but like Xena destined for a remake of 300. They have lost so much box office revenue just with this one bad decision. And to the neophyte (someone who is new to a topic) who tells people to shut up about relating her to Xena, you have no argument so like a child you scream shut up. Pitiful.

    • AJSteele says:

      Look outside the comics a little and you will find that the photo has a redish brown free over it. The red, gold and blue likely remain. Also, WW came way before Xena, if anything Xena was a ripoff of WW.

    • People comparing it to Xena are stupid. It resembles Xena no more then any Costume for a Woman modeled after Ancient Greek Armor would.

  18. Tammie says:

    I agree she does look more like Xena princess warrior, they should of kept there colors,I just hope the movie is going to be good.

  19. Connie says:

    Hmmm Wonderwoman? She looks more like Zena. Not impressed. A shame you didn’t keep her colours. Ruined.

  20. m49p13 says:

    Still think Salma Hayek would have been perfect for the role :(

  21. Aurobindo Ghosh says:

    Crap…it won’t be anything like Avengers.she looks like some stupid uneducated maid and her costume is even worse. A sword? so I guess DC realized that a rope of truth is actually nonsense, I think that’s an inspiration from He-Man, the Mattle toyline they have recently adopted in their comics. And DC is desperately trying to compete with Marvel by making their characters look more realistic. Anyway, an island full with only women like her isn’t realistic at all. Didn’t DC ever think of that?

  22. ProudofRedWhiteBlue says:

    Uniform absolutely stinks! And only because they left out the American red/white/blue flavor! It’s always a good time to be proud of America and ‘represent’. They should have been true at least in part to the original Diana Prince/Wonder Woman who represented the best of “truth, justice and the American way” OR rename her as dark knockoff cousin…not try to say this is WW. They’re trying to 1-buddy up to the Dark Knight movie, 2-appeal to audiences who don’t love America or 3-add angst like they did in the Superman movie where he let his father be killed to keep his secret when the real Superman (or boy) would have found a way to keep his secret and save his father. Horrible subliminal messages they are sending, or in this case, not sending to our youth! Gal Gadot is gorgeous, but the uniform did not transform her into WW, it made her just a ‘dark warrior’.

  23. sorkensen says:

    Not a trace of the ole Red, White, and Blue??? Guess we have to forsake the original character’s American patriotism and replace it with a less offensive,more global, non-distinct, more mar$etable costume. Turns out the greatest evil villains our super heroes faced,…were the people who have
    creative influence over their characters. They have successfully killed off the Wonder Woman we used to know….and loved.

    • AJSteele says:

      Yes there is a ” trace”. Surf the net a little. This photo is likely in the trial stages as well.

    • Cain says:

      Why the hell would her costume depict American patriotism? She’s an Amazonian warrior not Captain America! There’s a red, gold and blue, (it’s obvious that the picture has filter, which is the reason why it looks so dark) and there’s also a star on her tiara and an eagle on her chest (which by the way are NOT exclusively American symbols, they are MUCH older than USA and other countries of today have been using them for centuries) so, yeah, she definitely looks like Wonder Woman. If you’re butthurt for not getting those idiotic, offensive and untasteful star-spangled panties that scream ‘murica while at the same time making her look like a cheap prostitute then you’re really not worth having discussion with.

      • zraick says:

        Well Cain, you certainly have no knowledge of the Wonder Woman story. Nor any idea of the comic books her character was created by. In almost every other successful adaptation to cinema, they designs were some version of the origins.

        This departure is just too extreme. It is a matter of subjective opinion and there are many who would absolutely disagree with you.

        From your comments, I think you have some issues which have nothing to do with comic books or super heroes.

        You certainly are not looking for a discussion.

    • pakaalito says:

      The original depictions of the character had her in blue hot pants with white stars, and a red top with a gold eagle. That will not fly. What you need to remember about Wonder Woman is that she was supposed to be a strong role model for women, not some lackey for this or that country. She stands for justice, and women’s empowerment.

    • Sara Star says:

      Maybe this is her origin story before she takes on the red white and blue costume? I hope so, its a lovely costume, but she looks more Xena (which makes sense for her origins, but not her career) than Diana.

    • R.I.P. Wondy says:

      You are so right!!! Wonder Womans’ greatest enemies are working at DC Comics and Warner Bros. This is a HOT MESS! Unfortunately all they see are dollar signs and if Wonder Gadot fails then they will say women just don’t work in films like this instead of just delivering the right plucking product! Zach Snyder should be casterated for this.

    • Robert says:

      Don’t kid me…That’s Xena, Warrior princess.

  24. Rita says:

    Those boots..The tiara…Doesn’t work. It’s like they didn’t even try. Really do not like this costume.

  25. Alric the Red says:

    I hope they keep this costume. Skip the silly red-white-blue costume. When you adapt these things into a live action feature, you have to make it look more practical. This is how a warrior in real life would look.

    And shut up with the comparisons to Zena. It’s stupid. Zena’s outfit is based on a warrior’s outfit, Roman and Greek. This is the same thing.

    • Living the Geek Life says:

      This outfit is not more or less ‘practical’ than her classic comics outfit. It’s just a very different color palette and even less practical heels. I have no problem with an update, but this thing just ended up too monochromatic (assuming it’s not filtered in this pic) and generic.

  26. O says:

    looks more like Zena, woman warrior, than Wonder Woman. Captain America still had red, white, and blue, patriotic suite. Hulk was still green. Batman still had pointy eared mask. etc. This new ‘wonder woman’ look is not good.

  27. John says:

    Come on folks. This will surely not be the costume in the JLA movie. I have little doubt we will see the traditional red, white and blue in the end. Do you watch Marvel’s Captain America? Did you have the same reaction to his initial costume design? The design in the photo is not far off from some of the comic adaptions. I am guessing the depiction is prior to her coming to ‘Merica and becoming WW (despite the WW on the belt). No need to troll everything and just let the story develop.

    • Alric the Red says:

      People want to make everything about patriotism or some crap. Skip that nationalistic nonsense. I want escapism, not politics.

  28. Tober says:

    Its just a movie. They are just comic books. Some of you people need to relax.

  29. Laura says:

    She looks like a Spartan warrior, not the Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman.

  30. brett says:

    terrible. just terrible and that’s not a crack at Gal Gadot, she’s probably a great actress but that is not WW and Zack Synder is just an awful, terrible director who feels like he has to put his personal stamp of change on everything. Not seeing this movie with Ben Affleck and now, fake Wonder Woman. PS. The reason why Marvel Movies do so well is because Kevin Feige ensures the films do not stray to far from the source material while DC/WB/Warner changes EVERYTHING (including Jimmy/Jane’s sex change), almost as though they are embarrassed by their own characters/source material. Until WB learns that to make a successful, well received movie — you DON”T CHANGE THE SOURCE MATERIAL — everything they do will flop.

  31. Gimlet says:

    She looks great but where is the red, white and blue?

  32. Omar Allen says:

    She looks more like a villain than a hero.

  33. JOJI says:

    This is the 1st time I have reacted to a reinvention of a comic book super hero. I’ve been a good fan of WW even if sometimes she can be really cartoony & so were all of the super heroes. The movie versions did well in reinventing/redesigning Batman, Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Spiderman (making’m more realistic) but this WW design went further away…taking the Amazon princes background in a literal sense. And the boring overuse turning red into crimson or brownish red or blue into blue-black…it’s an obvious effort to go along that road which has been always been done in most of all the comic book superheroes adapted on screen (been there, done that, & doing it again)…coming out too boring…

  34. Robertz says:

    Sometimes the departure works and sometimes it doesn’t. She looks great but she does not look like Wonder Woman.

    All the rest at least look something like the classics. I mean Batman and Superman still look like their origins enough that you would not mistake them for someone else, but if you didn’t know this was wonder Woman, you would not know it from the way she looks.

    Sorry, I just don’t buy this one.

  35. frankie342 says:

    all these changes to super hero costumes really started
    with batman forever where they thrown out the scripts
    and ditched the classy costumes for more edgier look.

    Frankie love rock smales

  36. joel says:

    they are ruining good comic book movies

  37. ICYNDICEY says:

    Am I crazy, or does everyone else think this looks like Kim Kardashian on the set of some crazy a(( Kanye Wesy video? LMAO!

  38. Nate Rothman says:

    Wonder Woman’s original attire was perfectly fine. Snyder thinks he needs to re-invent the characters? That is such arrogant, narcissistic bullshit. There was minimal things that needed re-inventing. And Wonder Woman’s badass outfit was NOT one of them. This entire MOVIE needs re-inventing with Zack Snyder NOT being involved in that process AT ALL.

  39. paul says:

    wow that is so bad ass. I could not imagine a better wonder woman outfit.

  40. AJ says:

    Soooo….judging from the comics nobody in this thread has read a DC comic in the past 20 years? The darker tones of their story arcs are nothing new. Also Wonder Woman has carried a sword off and on for years now.

    • AO says:

      These movies are made for people who don’t read comics. They know WW from Lynda Carter’s version, which is still shown on METV. Forgetting for the moment that Gadot is miscast, I don’t have a problem with the design overall. Just this muted, brown look with no red, white and blue, no silver bracelets, no gold tiara, and no glowing lasso. Just like the Henry Cavill Superman’s costume is no longer in primary colors and the whole movie was shot in annoying blue tint.

      I’ve been a fan and defender of Zack in the past, but after Man of Steel and now this, I dunno. Funny how he basically got Watchmen right, but not the League.

    • AJ says:

      *judging from the comments*

  41. J. Bachmann says:

    I agree with the comment that she resembles Xena too much. We’ve seen the “warrior princess” schtick before. Let’s remember, Wonder Woman came to “man’s world” to show him peace and what we could do if we devoted our energies in developing our minds and bodies instead of the ways of war. This looks too dark and brooding. But as always, movie makers know better than the fans.

  42. Digger says:

    I was always under the impression the Amazons are of Greek or Mediterranean origin therefore she would/should have an olive complexion. No problems there. I appreciate the detail, but it’s too dark, no blue that I can see, and way too much like Xena. It’s possible the look will change as the series progresses.

  43. Wayne Xoc says:

    Great Xena cosplay.

  44. StevenM says:

    I swear people nitpick about so many little things that they forget to enjoy what they’re complaining about. I think the costume looks pretty good, definitely better than I thought it would look. Though I think they could use the colors better in the photo, I still appreciate the detail they put into her look.

    Also for those complaining about the lasso, if you stop raging for a second and take a closer look her right side near her sword arm you can vaguely make out the outline of a rope. And yes Wonder Woman does use a sword. As if an Amazonian warrior wouldn’t!!
    tl;dr: Haters gonna hate

  45. karadin says:

    She’s brown, why is Wonder Woman brown? (and I don’t mean not African American or Latina cos that would kick-ass) if Chris Evans can pull off the full-on spangly, so can Godot.

  46. shes no Linda Carter…no femininity! gross

    • Zollicoffer says:

      What exactly isn’t feminine about her? The short skirt and thigh high platform boots, the d cups, the long hair, or the tiara and bracelets? She’s not grossly muscular, she’s just standing up straight and carrying a sword. More women should carry themselves like this gal.

  47. Duncan Beach says:

    NEVER MIND “THUMBS”, Every digit I HAVE is pointed DOWN. Lousy costume. SCRAP IT.

  48. frank says:

    SHE doesn’t look anything like Wonder Woman, not even close. What was the director thinking ???!!!!!

  49. ChuckM says:

    They are making weird choices and they started making those choices with the Man of Steel film. But let’s be honest we are all going to see it. Maybe not opening day but eventually. To the comments about the red, white and blue missing from the uniform I think I can guess why; they want her to be more of a world wide international hero not a Captain America like American hero. Especially since it is so important these days to make the money in the international box office. Still holding out hope. Its not looking good, but i love being surprised.

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