Pope Cancels Tentative ‘Noah’ Meeting With Russell Crowe (EXCLUSIVE)

Russell Crowe Fathers and Daughters Movie
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Paramount executives hoped the Vatican would give 'Noah' a boost

Pope Francis has nixed a would-be meet and greet with the creative team behind “Noah,” including star Russell Crowe, director Darren Aronofsky and Paramount vice chair Rob Moore, which studio executives had been scrambling to schedule as a photo-op, Variety has learned.

The meeting was tentatively on the calendar for 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in the VIP section so the pope could figuratively lend a blessing to the $125 million biblical epic. The reason the Vatican cancelled it, according to a source, is over concerns word would leak, causing a spectacle as Crowe and Aronofsky landed in Rome.

When reached by Variety last week, Aronofsky said the meeting had been proposed, but it wouldn’t happen if anybody reported or tweeted about it ahead of time.

“Noah,” scheduled for U.S. release on March 28, has been criticized by some religious groups for taking too many liberties with the story of Noah’s Ark.

Even though the pope doesn’t normally screen movies, he recently met with Philomena Lee, the subject of the Weinstein Co.’s “Philomena” at the height of Oscars season in February.

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  1. Judie says:

    I’ve seen the movie advertised on TV and the director made a comment that went right throught to the core when he commented that the move was a “mythology”. Welll to millions of us Christians it is not a mythology we believe every word of the Bible and what Christ did for us on the cross. Every word in the Bible to Noah of how to build the ark in every minute detail by God was carried out and it was so amazing. He and his family along with all the animals, two by two were spared when the floods came because they obeyed the Heavenly Father. This was no myth. The Pope knows this and there will be alot of Christians from many faiths who will not go see this film because it was not taken directly form God’s word as it should have been. It doens’t matter what actors are portrayed in this movie and eventually they will be punished. Believe it or not there is a Heaven and Hell for those who belive and non believers. Christians will not come to see a film that was produced without following the Bible as it shoud have been. Judie says:

  2. Francesca D'Alessandro says:

    Vatican Press Office has declared in a statement they didn’t cancel anything because the meeting had never been scheduled. The production had made a request to meet the Pope but it had been immediately rejected. You need to check your sources Variety

  3. marco says:

    ‘The Vision’ played by Vin Diesel can take the AVENGERS 2 to a bigger success than first movie? ★ http://opi.cc/V8I8966yR5z2y9b4

  4. seemore says:

    Russell Crowe is a tool. His arrogant wanna be personality is why I would never watch this movie. I wont watch any movie that he has participated in. The Pope feels the same way

  5. banger377 says:

    I’m point man for our church. If I feel like this is another thumb in the eye from liberal Hollywood, no one else from our church will go see it. We are thinking that this idea may spread to our sister churches. If this is true to the story, you will be rewarded.

    I’m pretty critical with what I am charged to analyze.

  6. Carolyn says:

    So, Russell Crowe wants to take a photo op with the pope. I have not and will not go see this movie. The destruction of the earth by water had nothing to do with global warming. The audasity of these Hollywood elites. Now they want to change the Bible.

  7. stevequinn says:

    Noah is just another Hollywood picture that re-writes history. This time they’re re-writing the Bible. The problem in this World is that there are so many people who believe the tripe that comes out of Hollywood and its leftist populace.

  8. Why should the Pope get involved in Hollywood hype?

  9. TonyG says:

    Who cares what Russell Crowe is doing . . . . nor the church at this point . . . there should never been a meeting planned in the first place . . . the church needs to stick to its business not the indecency in Hollywood . . .

  10. Dissociate says:

    I don’t know about Hollywood these days. Did they add to the Noah’s ark story and this is the reason why the pope made his cancelations?


  12. Does Hollywood have no shame, no limits of decency…. No, that’s obvious. Stop believing these stars are more than normal people, they are not Gods.

  13. Mark Robins says:

    Will Crowe be using his southern accent for this film?

  14. Alfred says:


  15. Vasco DeGama says:

    well THAT’S gonna’ ding Crowe’s profit points.

  16. He’s British anyways, or at least a Brit accent…go back home and open up jobs for American actors on TV and the movies

  17. Sparky2 says:

    One has to be very suspicious of anything to do with our Judeo-Christian principals when Hollywood or the NY media is involved. They are very secular and hugely atheistic and especially anti-Christian. They are staffed by far left liberal element of our society and find Christians repugnant. Think the Vatican knows what they are doing.

  18. Victor says:

    The Pope and Russell Crowe will not be going to Heaven when they die, – neither will they be going to Hell.

  19. Kalamere says:

    Really, the director hates God. No one believes the crap coming out of Hollywood.

  20. Edward Lozzi says:

    As a veteran motion picture and celebrity publicist with 4 years experience working for the White House Press Office, I must congratulate the PR people from this film and Paramount who were behind this cancellation by the Pope. As one who can recognize a publicity stunt (takes one to know one), I must smile at the brilliance. It’s called the “banned in Boston Principal”. In other words, if you ban something, especially by the catholic church, you will create more buzz and awareness in reverse psychology with all of it’s benefits. Pulling something over on the Vatican just makes me smile. Well done. Edward Lozzi http://www.lozzipr.com Beverly Hills

    • as a veteran motion picture publicist w/4 years experience, you should know the difference between ‘Principal and Principle’…so I take it you are a poser

    • mickrussom says:

      You scum propagandists are all alike

      • Naime says:

        What you say is probably true but does not apply here.

        Nothing is being banned in Boston or any place else.

        The stunt failed when someone told the Pope this was not a good idea – offending tens of millions of Catholics who tithe billions to his organization by lending ‘support’ to this secular picture clothed in religion. If you cannot get a liberal Pope to endorse what appears to be a joke of a ‘religious’ movie, you are not going to get the true believers to go see it.

  21. wks9370 says:

    Wow, I can see the world is full of people with no sense of what it means to have a personal relationship with God, through spirituality. Religion is an invention of man.. to condemn, torment and persecute the world in order to keep us from God’s love and purpose for our lives… It’s disturbing to read some of these comments – both from those who claim to be Godly and the unGodly… so sad.

  22. the pope has decided this bible fantasy story has gone too far!

  23. I won’t be going to see this Noah the environmental wack job worried about over population sheeesh…..
    shove it Hollywood.

  24. Is that dandruff on his jacket?

  25. I’m sure Noah is portrayed as a NWO Agenda 21er, beset with worries over Global Warming…. so much so, he donates his wealth to “The Collective”.

  26. Darcy Marketfog says:

    I am surprised that the Pope agreed to what is obviously an attempt to get his endorsement for a commercial entertainment project so as to increase ticket sales. The Pope should never agreed to this in the first place. It demeans him and the Office.

  27. Ron says:

    The Bible … The greatest book of fiction ever written.

  28. Jason says:

    It’s a movie. All you religious freaks are hypocrites. You will complain about this fib but you will dress up in your Sunday best to watch passion of the Christ. You are what’s wrong with this country!!! All of you bible thumpers are naive , judgement and brainwashed. Sick of this bs. This is an interpretation , not an attack ; it’s in your bible you assmunchs

    • wks9370 says:

      Jason does protest too much… a serial killer in the making. Nothing to believe in, no heart, no soul… I pity the fool.

      • Jason says:

        Only thing to pity is your closed minded self fool. Just because I don’t believe in the bible and think for myself, doesn’t make me different. You live your life a scared soul. If god does exist , ill deal with him/her .. Yea cuz god wants innocent people to die and children killed blah blah blah

    • Mike Germain says:

      Why the hate? At most, religious types believe in God. Best to direct your hate and vile and ignorance towards something or someone who actually does you harm. Good grief. I laugh at the knee-jerk reactionaries against God and religion — the “thou dost protest too much” is very very tangible…a huge disconnect. Mommy issues me does think.

      • Barry says:

        “closed minded self fool” – because one believes in the Bible?
        And NOT believing in the Bible makes you open minded? God will deal with you, but hopefully, it won’t be too late for you.

      • Jason says:

        Lol mommy issues lol like you have god issues. Biggest hypocrites all of you. Like you should tell women what to do ( abortion) or who to love ( gay marriage). Save your nonsense for the next sucker. I got no problem with a god, just not yours and your practices.

  29. Michell says:

    Hollywood can’t have it both ways. They must know that most Christians will not see their movie. We will not support what is attacking us.

  30. Breaks my heart that no film has undertaken a faithful Hebrew translation/understanding of what actually triggered the flood. That flood was regional vs. worldwide. It was undertaken to cleanse the region in order to maintain the Adamic lineage of Noah – his being the same lineage that led to the Messiah, which was to be free of the nephilim bloodline. Scripture makes it clear that other races were present (sixth day creation vs. 8th day creation) – the myth that Adam & Eve were the source of all mankind’s lineage was a tradition of men and was never scriptural. Too bad pastors/priests and churches have squashed that truth for centuries. The result? Yet another very misleading film account of a crucial period. In fact, the Lord made it clear that an era mimicking the extreme spiritual corruption such as found in Noah’s time would herald His second advent. Unless one understands the truth of those events, then the world will once again be caught “sleeping” and will be deceived by the flood of lies proffered by antichrist and his minions.

    • Jack Martin says:

      where would I look to learn more about what you seem to know so well?

      • Patti Lytle says:

        Yes, I would be very interested in knowing more about your comments. Some of this is new to me and would like to research. Thanks for insight.

  31. Beat Me Up says:

    Why would a Pope bless a film? JP II did not see Mel’s ‘Passion’ pre-release, even though Mel asked, but Mel proved humble enough not to smear the Vatican because of it. This director has such an ego, someone needs to remind him that he’s making a movie only, it’s not as though he’s in the ER performing heart surgery. That’s a pursuit worthy of a papal blessing, but this film… The pope is a economist by training, I think he knows when to say yes and when to say no and when he’s been played. He doesn’t have a clue who Russell Crowe is or anyone else affiliated with this film. I’m sure he’d only be embarassed by the all the money spent that could have gone to assist the poor. Man, Hollywood just does not get it (most times.)

  32. nevertell says:

    He should cancel. The movie is an agenda driven story that does not tell the story of Noah.

  33. You can’t cancel a meeting that was never confirmed. In fact, they tried and tried to get the Pope involved and NEVER did the vatican pay attention to it. Now they told Hollywood that they won’t do it and Variety calls it a cancellation as if there was ever something planned in the first place. WHAT shame media.

  34. Barb says:

    This Noah movie is another attempt to advance the “global warming” agenda, much like the movie Avatar was. Nonsense.

  35. Bob Ussery says:

    I think it’s sad that the Pope dropped this meeting. From all takes this movie has merit spiritually…yes, Hollywood’s touch is always there….yet a bit of truth in the movie seems worth it to me.

    • MichaellH says:

      The Pope didn’t ‘drop’ anything, since it appears such a meeting was only in the imaginations of some “Hollywood” types. The publicist for this movie might be disappointed, but the Pope’s calling isn’t to make them happy nor to contribute to the film’s financial viability.

  36. TG says:

    WTF… who is this “pope” hobnobbing with the iluminatti hollywood crowd… kind of says which pack he runs with doesn’t it…?

  37. loljaeger says:

    I’m sure the pope has much better things to do than a meeting with an actor…………………And I do like Russell Crowe. That said we really don’t know these people. But I do like Russell Crowe’s movies.

  38. Noah and Global warming? says:

    The Pope is a big liberal like Obama he would get along very well with big name Hollywood left wing wackos. I would not waste my time or money on this trashy movie, they managed to turn the Noah story into a global warming left wing propaganda story.

  39. mickrussom says:

    Noah and the scum who made it are offensive. I will not even watch a freed copy of this drivel.

  40. “It’s only a movie”, “It’s only a movie”, “It’s only a movie”, …..

  41. Dirk Digler says:

    So, the Vatican cancels because they were afraid of the paparazzi? Not because a photo op and tacit endorsement of a stupid Russell Crowe film is wholly inappropriate? Jesus Christ. Just get rid of the Pope. He’s become this foolish People magazine celebrity…

    • You call him a people magazine celebrity Pope yet he cancels a meeting for an photo op.

      • wks9370 says:

        Jason are you really that ignorant or just playing? In God, there is no fear, no doubt, only faith.. The traits you speak of are of the devil, and he’s got you fooled real good. For your soul’s sake, I pray that one day you change your mind.

      • Jason says:

        All of you buy into this religious bs. Think for yourself. How are you 100% sure there is a heaven hell ? You live your life scared and afraid to accept what will happen when you die. Perhaps you just lay in the ground or oversee your loved ones. To live your life in fear and donate money to a scam is just a suckers bet.

  42. I hope this is a huge hit. The incredibly stupid criticism from far right, mostly ignorant, religious freaks about a movie they have yet to see is beyond moronic.

  43. AbortionProphecy.wordpress.com says:

    The movie takes liberties with the Bible account which, according to Scripture, is a HUGE no no. Hollywood is playing with fire by messing with God’s word.

  44. ryoughn says:

    Going to see the Pope after making a movie? Is the Vatican lowering its standards for honored guests? Does making Noah nominate them for automatic sainthood? They’re actors! Their profession only became respectable a century ago!

  45. I think the Pope got wise to the fact that he’s already in hot water for his crazy statements of the last year which makes him look like a freaking unitarian to the rest of the world. He probably doesn’t need to be identified with a movie from some guy who has not a shred of belief in the Bible or Noah and is gonna just use Noah to spout some humanist nonsense.

  46. DG says:

    Someone told the pope that any resemblance to the bible story “Noah” ended after the movie’s title.

  47. TJ Kesolits says:

    My suggestion for Russel Crowe visiting the Pope would be to not even mention the possibility in Variety. Now we have too many people looking for any sign of a potential visit. As a former security type, I have some suggestions for how to handle this, but will not mentioned them for the public.

  48. Levi says:

    I am a Christian. Personally I could care less if the director took a few liberties to bring the story to viewers in a more exciting and epic light.

    If you don’t like that, then don’t go see it. I’ll be there opening night because it looks awesome, and is personally one of my favorite Bible stories.

    Also, a lot of the Christians critisizing certain aspects if the movie aren’t doing themselves a service. Sometimes they don’t fully understand the Bible like they seem to think they do.

    • wks9370 says:

      Finally someone says something that makes sense…

    • That’s the typical reply to honest criticism: ‘don’t go see it.’ I don’t think you know as much about Christianity and the Bible as you profess. Giving any credence to a Hollywood picture is not the business of the Pope. The leftists in Hollywood can’t tell the truth if their lives depended upon it. And your hypocricy doesn’t help matters.

      • MichaellH says:

        Well stated. I’m not a Catholic but the notion of Hollywood types even suggesting that the Pope owes them a meeting is ridiculous.

    • Sally MJ says:

      Yeah, you’re a Christian, all right, who knows an awful lot about Christianity.

  49. Baldrnyu says:

    The Pope isn’t the one concerned about liberties with the story. It is some fundamentalist Christian groups and the Muslims. Muslims, Jews and Christians all have their own set understanding of the story of Noah, and they all come from the same book. Certain books of the Old Testament are within the mythos of Islam, as Ismael was a son of Abraham as well as Isaac.

    If you want to stir up a fundamentalist, suggest his interpretation of a bible passage is different than yours. That goes for those three big religions of the world.

    • thekid says:

      Where in the Bible does it say that God wanted to permanently exterminate the human race to save creation?

      • GKN says:

        I don’t know where you got “to save creation”, but Genesis 6, right after the tale of the giants “when the sons of God married the daughters of men”. In Gen 6:6, “the Lord said, ‘I will wipe mankind whom I have from the face of the earth – men and animals- for I am grieved that I have made them” after seeing how evil they were, fustigating a film that no one has even seen yet. Not even the critics.

        ‘Course, obviously, you haven’t read the Bible either.

    • If you want to stir up a humanist/atheist – tell him his gay parade is going to be cancelled

  50. WTF the Pope is going hollywood too … the end truly is near!

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