‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Tops Foreign Box Office with $82 Mil

Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow” racked up $82 million overseas this weekend, taking the top spot at the foreign box office and bringing the science-fiction adventure’s international haul to $111 million.

That number includes a $25 million debut in China, which will likely stand as Tom Cruise’s biggest debut in the People’s Republic.

“This is a film that has tremendous global appeal,” said Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, president of international distribution at Warner Bros. “People love Tom Cruise internationally, and they love this kind of film.”

Indeed, the Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow release appears to be performing better with foreign crowds than it is domestically, after bowing to an underwhelming $29.1 million Stateside. Producers are banking that international showings for the $178 million-budgeted film will generate stronger numbers than U.S. ones.

“The Fault in Our Stars,” the film that took the crown at the domestic box office with a phenomenal $48.2 million debut, unspooled across 2,871 screens in 17 markets, where it grossed $17.1 million over the weekend. Brazil, Mexico and Australia were among the markets where the picture was released. It will open in 19 additional markets next weekend, including Germany and Switzerland.

Sliding into the second spot was Walt Disney Studio’s “Maleficent,” which conjured up $59.7 million overseas. Rounding out the top five were “X-Men: Days of Future Past” with $42.1 million and “22 Jump Street” with $8.8 million.

“Edge of Tomorrow” rolled out over 19,000 screens in 63 markets. Among the notable results were South Korea ($16.6 million), Russia ($8.6 million), Mexico ($3.1 million) and France ($3.2 million).

The film has debuted in most of the largest foreign markets, save for Japan, where it opens on July 4. Kwan Vandenberg said she expects the film will play well in the country because it is based on the Japanese novel “All You Need Is Kill” that was recently the subject of a manga adaptation.

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  1. Sean says:

    Americans have sh*t taste. You need not repeat the day to know this.

  2. jonski22 says:

    well, Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie..it’s amazing…wtf the U.S hates Tom Cruise? I seldom watch movie, but when i see the trailer and i love the idea of Groundhog Day/Aliens/Invasion. And i have to say i’m not disappointed is worth the ticket.

  3. Ixiaz says:

    I promised myself that i would never ever again watch a Hollywood bastardization of a piece of written media i enjoy. It’s a shame people claim it’s good, cause with Tom Cruise as lead star i’ll sure as hell won’t touch it even with a 10 ft pole. Just looking at the plot confirms that they pretty much took the concept of the mimics and time slipping and rewrote everything. Wonder when, if ever, Hollywood will stop shitting over everything adapted from something other than western media…

  4. Fred Smith says:

    Good to see you are finally making use of your grammar education.

  5. J. Salt says:

    Exactly, I just spend ten minutes trying to find the columnists e-mail to correct this.

    I read the novel in 2009. The manga didn’t even exist until this year.

  6. rs tripathy says:

    as tom cruise iz my feb. what ever movie he signs ho ever he acts in it. i lik it. dats all about.

  7. I am the Paw says:

    It’s not entirely correct to say Cruise still has international appeal. Virtually EVERY tentpole summer/winter films makes more money at the international box office irrespective of who is the leading actor.

    John Carter box office:

    Domestic: $73,078,100 25.7%
    + Foreign: $211,061,000 74.3%

    A studio executive could have released a statement saying “international audiences have shown they love Taylor Kitsch as John Carter.”

    After Earth:

    Domestic: $60,522,097 24.8%
    + Foreign: $183,321,030 75.2%

    A studio exec could say the same thing about Will Smith in that film: “Will Smith remains a huge international star.”

    Is he? Or is he just starring in high budget, highly promoted films that always make more box office overseas? Well, the truth is just that, so it’s meaningless to say Cruise remains a worldwide star when nearly every big budget US film makes more money overseas irrespective of who is in the cast.

    • therealeverton says:

      Hmmm, except Will Smith does remain a huge International draw, as far as we can tell. and these films haven’t “always” been biggest internationally.

      After Earth didn’t star Will Smith, it starred Jaden Smith with Will as the co-star. Men In Black 3 starred Smith, as did 7 pound, Hancock and I Am Legend. (Those are his last 4 STARRING roles and all did good business overseas; even the $98m for 7 Pounds was good given the nature and “scale” of the film.

      But I see your point, there will be no way to tell until the film nears the end f its run. It certainly hasn’t been smart to release it so close to X-Men, Maleficent and The World Cup though.

      • kingschultz says:

        ok…..john carter made 211 million and after earth made 183 million……..based on your calculation edge of tomorrow will make 230-40 million…..but i am saying it vill make above 250 million…because cruise is biggest international draw…now what do you say?

  8. Jim Harlow says:

    I saw it yesterday, and thought it was tremendous. A great, entertaining, fun summer movie. Cruise was excellent. I went with two other guys, we all loved it. He is still a major star in my book. A++

  9. Glenn C. says:

    Good film. Really enjoyed it. Blunt and Cruise were great.

  10. We are well on our way.

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