‘Django Unchained’ Actress Says She Was Accosted By Police After Mistaken for Prostitute

Daniele Watts Detained

Django Unchained” actress Danièle Watts says she was accosted by police and handcuffed on Thursday in Los Angeles after being mistaken for a prostitute.

Watts, who played house slave “CoCo” in “Django” and is Martin Lawrence’s daughter on the new FX comedy “Partners,” shared the news on Facebook.

“Today I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place,” she wrote.

Watts also posted a picture of herself sobbing as she stood in front of an officer in shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes.

An LAPD public information officer said there was no record of the incident as Watts wasn’t arrested or brought into the station for questioning.

According to Watts and her husband Brian James Lucas, Studio City police mistook the couple for a prostitute and john after they showed public displays of affection. Watts refused to show her ID to the cops, and was therefore handcuffed and seated in the back of their car until they could figure out who she was. They let her go quickly afterward.

UPDATE: Los Angeles police responded to the incident in a statement on Sunday, saying that they were responding to a complaint that a man and woman were involved in indecent exposure in a silver Mercedes with the door open.

According to the LA Times, a sergeant and officers responded to the call and “located two individuals that matched the description of the suspects, and they were briefly detained,” said authorities.

“Upon further investigation it was determined that no crime had been committed,” police said in a statement. “Ms. Watts and her companion were subsequently released.”

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  1. Clark Tapia says:

    First of all there is no such thing as studio city police

  2. plynth says:

    Yeah, I can sympathize with the racial plight of blacks with the guy who got choked to death, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, but this woman was just tempting fate. Was she not getting enough scripts sent to her for other movies so she pulled this publicity stunt to garner sympathy? Stupid move.

  3. Taylor says:

    This garbage is what sparks ethnic, religious, gender…hatred in this country! They want to have sex near home–go home first. I have no interest in watching exhibitionist, nor exposing young and possible innocent people to trash behavior. “Race Card” is an issue that deserves attention–not demeaning it through lying!! There are always people that only look for differences to start trouble/even wars. Don’t feed it with lies!

  4. Nevaeh says:

    Regardless of the crime that was even being committed, if she had of cooperated with the police instead of loosing her mind, cursing at them, threatening them, and generally just being a public problem… she probably wouldn’t have ended up being cuffed. They released the audio of the incident and it’s clear she was out of control.

    She PROBABLY realized what people would say about her once they heard she was having sex in public in broad daylight so she decided to make it look like she was bein profiled so people would think she was doing nothing wrong.

    And YES, I feel this way AS A BLACK WOMAN in the same age group as her…. keep your tits in and your mouth shut and you might not end up on the internet looking like an idiot!!

  5. Baiyyinah Hameed says:

    I guess Women of African descent are not seen in 2014 as human beings. If you are in an afluent neighborhood with a cacasian male you are a servant or a prostitute. No other classification applies no matter your professional status.HUMAN RIGHTS DO NOT APPLY TO PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT.-BAIYYINAH

    • Anthony says:

      I’m sorry but what does your comment have to do with this story? There were no accusations of subservience OR prostitution by anyone, not even Ms. Watts. These aspersions are generated by people,such as yourself, who react without considering ALL of the facts or make bubble statements that are not directly related to the facts.
      Please think before you speak or make uninformed public postings, the type of comments you share are the ones that instigate unnecessary conflict, please stop it.

  6. beverly hornick says:

    If Django wants to conduct herself like a prostitute she needs to expect to be treated like one. Performing a sex act in a public place with car door open exposing public to her intimate behavior is just plain wrong on many levels and doesnt justify pulling race card on police for doing their job.She is not asking for equal rights she is putting herself above the rest of us and forcing us to be exposed to behavior better suited for the bedroom. Get a room!

  7. Don Majors says:

    OH, so this is not a civil rights violation ? ? ? ? So, it is OK for the police to just walk up to someone who some disgruntled person who is very apparently racist says something nasty (according to this person) happened. In the first place, the person making the call should be carefully and respectfully questioned. Then with only hearsay evidence, how can anyone justify throwing this girl into a police car ? ? ? ?

    • Anthony says:

      You are correct, this is not a civil rights violation. The police responded to a complaint and are required to document and make a report after being dispatched. The justification for detaining her in the police car was her refusal to cooperate and interfere with a police investigation, the officer was merely performing his duties as directed. There was no reason for Ms. Watt to become so defensive, unless of course she was guilty of something and trying to cover it up.

  8. kinoeye says:

    People trying to compare this to “showing your papers” in NAZI Germany are incredibly ignorant of history. Once this girl finished her “celebrity”-entitled temper tantrum and showed her id, guess what happened? She was free to go on about her day. The cop gave an explanation right at the start of the recorded audio: he explains that he received a complaint about lewd sexual acts being performed in public. Were they really just kissing, or was she going down on him in that car? Personally, I don’t care, but someone did and complained, so the officer has to take the call. The officer clearly explained why he was there and then proceeded to do his thankless job of having to deal with brats like her. The entire situation could have been over in 30 seconds. Nice to see this girl playing martyr, and totally delegitimizing the REAL and ACTUAL civil right violations that occur and must be guarded against.

  9. Bob says:

    Just two more people that the L A P D has to harass for no reason. What happened to free rights If we do not break the law, leave us the hell alone. Time for some serious police training.

    • Anthony says:

      Guess you chose not to read the story but still needed to spew uninformed opinion. There was no “harassment” and the police were responding to a complaint that requires acknowledgement and documentation before he could move on, no one was accused of breaking the law it was a matter of responding to a complaint and making an inquiry, simple as that.
      I think it’s time for “commenter training” for people such as yourself.

    • JHM says:

      There is no requirement that you show your ID to a police person who asks for it unless you are engaged in an activity that requires a licence or permit, for example driving licences if driving, a hunting licence if hunting, a fishing licence if fishing. You do have to give it your name if it requests your name and claims that it is investigating “suspicious activity” or an alleged crime.

      This isn’t Communist China, nor the former Soviet Union–there are no internal passports, you don’t have to carry your ID with you when you leave the house, nor by extension show it to a police person who asks for it even if you have it with you, but as a practical matter you do have to give it your name, and probably also some sort of address where you can be contacted..

  10. Baker says:

    Holy cow showing public displays of affection is now a reason to be arrested huh? Yet in downtown San Fran gays and lesbians can parade and dance naked and the cops don’t give a shit? Dear God man’s morality is diving to all new lows day after day. Our nation is going to back under nuclear fire for crap like this… not PDAs by the way. From what the article states there was definitely a racist undertone to this arrest. By the way why wasn’t her husband arrested as well? Another reason why the people at large hate and/or distrust police. My wife and I used to see crap like this all the time in racist New Mexico.

    • Anthony says:

      Why do so many people as yourself jump to negative aspersions and conclusions and ignore the facts, if you would have read and comprehended the reports from MANY available sources thoroughly, including this one, not one of them state that ANYONE was arrested, there were no racial undertones made by anyone(with the exception of people like you) and the individuals were merely asked for their IDs which is always standard and required procedure when an officer is dispatched to a reported incident whether the report is false or not.
      Her husband didn’t seem to have an issue with the request so why should she? Was she reacting to an accusation of guilt and trying to avoid it by distraction of the original inquiry? That seemed all too obvious, had she cooperated with the request, the officer would have told them somebody complained about their behavior and to move along, but noooo in order for her to cover up her self inflicted guilt she had to use the race card as a distraction and blow a simple warning into a national issue. If, as she said did she nothing wrong, why be so defensive?

    • gskorich says:

      they were having sex. not just PDA.

    • Trevor James says:

      Nobody was arrested. They were briefly detained and released. Both were detained. Only she is the actress, so the story is focused on her. Keep in mind that the police were responding to a complaint. They did not just happen upon this and take action.

  11. Jamie M says:

    I heard the audio. She was completely out of line, somebody should tell her that she is a C actress if that. Her sense of entitlement is typical of actresses, what a tramp!

  12. WillOfThePeople says:

    Suspicion of prostitution was the crime. As easy as it would have been to defuse the situation she decided to let the chip on her shoulder do the walking and she was detained because of it. This race card BS is getting very old. Even in the bluest of states we still have to hear these people whining.

    • Luis says:

      You sound like a moron, Will of the People. You think she deserved to be labeled as a prostitute when all she was doing was spending time with her husband?

      • Anthony says:

        Nobody labeled her a prostitute until the story was made public, then all of you rights activists made your false assumptions and shared them with the media, shame on you!

    • Ohhh please Will! Don’t you think we are just as tired of this made up word? “RACEARD”. It even underlines in red when you type it! Such is the ridiculousness of your premise that it actually exist!! I never here anyone talk about a racecard when Jewish people talk about how wrong and cruel the Germans were to them. Never hear nothing about no racecard when the Japanese speak of their Internment during WWII. Why in the world would you believe that we give less than a damn about you singing the word racecard! You need to go somewhere and sit down! Because the word Racecard is as played as your excuses to continually oppress a people that is just as entitled to those inalienable rights you exercise so freely! SMDH!

    • john says:

      race card nothing, this is racial profiling, had she not been famous, she may have been taken in as a prostitute, and if both her and her husband were white, would the call even be made? Every day woman are subjected to proving they aren’t sex workers, and even more so when the woman is not white. I think this entire scenario shows that anti prostitution laws do more to intimidate woman into a certain moral code set one group in society, and to discredit woman of color for being in areas where others would not like them to be. As a New Yorker in California, the levels of segregation and profiling under the surface are astounding.

  13. Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2950: Daniele Watts, “Django Unchained” Actor gets Mistaken for a Prostitute and Handcuffed and Detained for Kissing her Boyfriend (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

  14. I can’t count how many times my husband and I have kissed in public or how many times I’ve seen heterosexual white people do so without being hassled by police. For that matter, I’ve seen straight white people do far more than that and not get arrested. If you’re trying to say there isn’t a racist component to this incident I say you’re a racist yourself.

    • Anthony says:

      There is NO evidence of a racist component, the dispatched description was to assist the responding office to identify the suspected individuals nothing more. The description could have been a variety of races, why is it only racist when it comes to black people? Stop making excuses for people who need to make something out of nothing.
      Oh, accusing someone of being racist is mostly a personal opinion unless it can be substantiated by FACTS, don’t call ANYONE racist until you can prove it or it may come back on you as a suit for slander.

    • Rick says:

      She was detained for not showing ID. The call for police assistance was about a black and white couple as opposed to a black couple or white couple. The police officer was explaining why he selected them when describing the couple he was called out on. Is the office just supposed to not respond to the call? Also, you should be thankful the officer DID ask for ID. How many times have the police been in the spotlight because they DIDN’T ID someone at a stop only to find out later, they were wanted. The door swings both ways. I’ve been pulled over many times; pulled out of cars; frisked; had the police pull their guns on me and have even cuffed and arrested. it all started with, “show me your (ID)”…well except for the gun drawn times…Sometimes I was in the wrong; sometimes I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…but I never let things escalate. People have shit happen to them with the police and then play victim when their own common sense (as opposed to their ego) would’ve circumvented any problems. This actress (term used loosely) and her bobblehead boy friend (watch the vid interview of them…his head bobs up and down continuously all while he has a stupid smirk on his face) are classic examples of our society swinging way out of control in relation to entitlement and personal “rights”. This whole thing would’ve lasted minutes, but instead….

    • WillOfThePeople says:

      You sound like an imbecile. BTW: Get a room.

  15. Trevor James says:

    It probably doesn’t help that she was all over the guy in public (a crime and indicative of prostitution), whoever he was. Husband? Maybe. Also, the cops can ask for your ID in California if you are suspected of committing a crime. They don’t have to wait until you have committed one. Even when caught red handed committing a crime, you are still just a suspect until a court decides your fate. You are never guilty until a court says so. Everyone else is just a suspect which is why the cops can ask for your ID under such circumstances. Do you want to call the cops or confront the couple yourself? Most will call the cops to let them break it up and address the purple elephant in the room, especially if it is unethical conduct in public and in front of my kids. I don’t want them seeing that; save it for your home. Also, I am pretty sure an actress of her stature can put on some fake tears for a photo op. She wasn’t that good in Django and she doesn’t even look convincing in the photo; she looks like she is pulling a card to get out of the situation and then make a media issue of it. Disgusting. Good job police. Most of us still like and appreciate you. Please don’t be afraid to properly disarm, investigate, and handle the suspects who are plotting against me. Do your job and go home safe when your shift is up. Don’t let these ignorant liberals cause you to second guess your life or mine.

  16. Ted says:

    She wasn’t just “kissing” him. By her own description, she was sitting on his lap and making out with him in the front seat of their car. Most people would find that inappropriate, even for a married couple, if it was going on in front of a place of business.

    Still, the proper response would be to ask them to tone it down, not call the police. And people in California aren’t obligated to show their ID if the police don’t have reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed. The fact that the police department doesn’t keep records of stops like these suggests that they’re a commonplace occurrence and that the police know it’s wrong.

    • devotee94 says:

      Who the fuck cares if they were making out? As you say, they were in a car that one or both of them owns, so in a private space that no one had a right to invade in the first place. If passerby had a problem, they could keep fucking moving. Obviously she was fully clothed (not in club or “prostitute” wear, but floral shorts and a whimsical T-shirt). No ones rights were being violated by their PDA and PDA FULLY CLOTHED IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW. Do not fucking excuse this racist and unconstitutional behavior.

      • Rick says:

        I’ve had intercourse with the girl in my lap in the driver seat of a car and both of us kept our clothes on. If the girl has on shorts (esp. loose ones like she shows in the vid) and the guy unzips or unzips and unbuckles…you don’t have to get nude. And “where ever you park,” doesn’t make where you are private property.

  17. Cyprus says:

    If you’re not doing anything wrong, cops have zero right to request ID. Zero.

  18. Kay Cee says:

    So why was there any initial contact between her and the police? Is it illegal to kiss your husband in public?

  19. Lee Goaa says:

    The article states that “Watts refused to show her ID to the cops,” That will get you handcuffed and detained every time. She wasn’t handcuffed for being a prostitute or showing affection to a white man in public…she was handcuffed and detained until the police could establish who she was. Why in the world would she refuse to show her ID? Not too bright.

    • Marco says:

      Because unlike you she is educated and knows her rights.

    • Abbie says:

      You’re not too bright if you want to live in a police state where a cop, a civil servant, has the right to demand identification for no reason, “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!!!” Nazi Germany much?

    • Kayla says:

      She was fully within her rights to not show her ID. It was actually illegal for the cop to request it in the first place without a crime being committed. Her being handcuffed for not showing an ID shows a lack of intelligence from the officers, not the victim.

    • Because fuckwit, we have these things called rights, and allowing the police to trample them is not something most people are cool with. You are not required to show ID when you have not committed any crime.

  20. Joe says:

    While many of the CBS 2/KCAL 9 reporters dress like they’re hookers, there isn’t a chronic prostitution problem in front of the CBS lot.

  21. Darlene Harvey says:

    Why didn’t she just show her ID? People amaze me, They say they hate the cops. Don’t trust the cops, etc. THINK for a minute people – What would this would be like with no police?

  22. KS2 Problema says:

    If it was Studio City PD, why would LAPD even be consulted?

  23. Erik Viker says:

    And yet another example of bad policing almost certainly based on race. And they still pretend, in the age of cell phone cameras, if a cop behaves monstrously but doesn’t write it down, it never happened. Bonus WTF: why is it still unlawful for consenting adults to exchange money for physical contact?

  24. s says:

    I’m really sick of some of you sheeple saying that law abiding citizens should just lay down and comply with whatever police ask you to do just because it’s policy. That’s how we as citizens got into this position in the first place. We have allowed the police to run around like vigilantes- acting as judge, jury, and executioner without regards to common decency or the law. So, if the police ask you to strip naked in the streets and bend over for a full cavity search for no reason would you comply with that too? Where does this madness end? People please wake up and see what is really going on here.

  25. Ivan Cohen says:

    Supposedly this is not South Africa during the era of Apartheid but recently the actions of law enforcement agencies would indicate otherwise.

  26. Howard Spence says:

    I agree with you that she did nothing wrong. My question is why did that officer grow suspicious? Was it because she is black and her husband is white? Would he have had the same reaction and response to a white couple or even a black couple together acting in the same manner. If so then there is an element of race to this, just stating that to be honest, direct and truthful. Race is still a matter that America is very uncomfortable with. Our country and most of us as individuals have never truly had an honest look at race or even gender and our views on the subject including how we really feel unless behind close doors or putting our masks of politically correctness on. Society as a whole also has a negative view towards Latinas and Black Women. We are all conditioned to stereotypical thinking no matter who we date, what friends we have, what family we grow up in, what racially diverse environment we work or live in, how liberal, open minded or modern thinking we pretend to be. Politically correctness does not address our thinking. It puts our thinking behind a public mask. That includes blacks towards whites, whites towards blacks, black towards latinos, latinos towards Asians, Asians towards Indians (Native Americas) whatever the make up. The day we advance as a nation is the day that we are truly honest about this. I am Black and Latino and we as minorities tend to do to white people what we do not wish to be done to ourselves and in reverse a lot of white people tend to view Latinos and Blacks in a similar manner. Ignorantly prejudging each other in masses instead of as individuals based upon past experiences with some one else or views shaped through media. It is time to look truly at our own racist outlooks or beliefs and honestly judge people as individuals based upon their own character. That is the only way we can move forward together as a nation and by not putting a band aid on a real centuries old problem. In most states, including here in New York, there is a procedure of requesting ID to identify a person as a “suspect” or not. If she handed over her id he would have run her background check and found out that he was mistaken. Not that I agree with the procedure because I had be stopped many times without cause and had been “released” minutes later after they ran the info to find out I was “clean”. One exception was when I forgot my ID while bike riding and was stopped then handcuffed and detained at the police station until they could verify my identity. They were so red faced and apologized when they found out that I was “the wrong one” by calling my job at ABCNews and realized that I was an Production Associate. It is a BS procedure but it is a police procedure. Even though Stop and Frisk is “gone” for the Police Department this is still a “valid way” to identify perpetrators and justify that officer’s day on the job, their pay and existence.

  27. K. Kaprow says:

    Hell, I would have arrested her for that over-the-top Facebook post:

    “I was sitting in that back of this cop car, filled with adrenaline, my wrist bleeding in pain, and it occurred to me, that even there, I STILL HAD POWER OVER MY OWN SPIRIT. Those cops could not stop me from expressing myself. They could not stop the cathartic tears and rage from flowing out of me. They could not force me to feel bad about myself. Yes, they had control over my physical body, but not my emotions. My feelings. My spirit was, and still is FREE. I will continue to look any “authority figure” in the eye without fear. NO POLICE OFFICER OR GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ME. WE ARE EQUALS. I KNOW THAT I WILL ALWAYS BE FREE BECAUSE THAT IS THE NATURE OF MY SPIRIT.”

    Daniele Watts — Libertarian Hero, Nut Job.

  28. Ms.Manners says:

    What about the african american producer who was recently arrested and detained. He complied and SHOWED the cops his ID and still got thrown in jail!! What is going on? Is this a new form of racists Jim Crow attacks on innocent blacks by white citizens. Call the police on innocent black citizens just because they ‘look’ like bank robbers and prostitutes. And the police are taking these complaints at face value and arresting people? So freaking scary!!!

  29. Zaku says:

    So… in U.S. women that are suspected to be prostitutes are arrested and handcuffed like dangerous criminals?

    It says a lot about priorities and vision of sexuality…

  30. Nancie says:

    The police cuffed her, and she had done nothing wrong, nothing suspicious or immoral or illegal or even impolite. They should not even approached her. Being approached by police can put someone into a state of severe stress because if they harm or kill you, they won’t even lose their jobs.

  31. There’s a lot of debatable stats, innuendos, racist talk, accusations, name-calling and just rude people commenting. Here is how I see the incident. She should have showed her ID…period. The cop needs better training or he needs to let go of the stereotypes when it comes to black women who may dress a certain way. Being a cop I am sure is very stressful and they do make mistakes…which this could have been completely innocent. I can’t say if this is racist or not because I wasn’t there…it’s dismissive and inflammatory to say the cop is racist when none of us were there and we can’t read his mind. The fact that he questioned her is a result of bad training, in my opinion. While it’s true that blacks commit a lot of crimes we are not the only ones who do so…blacks do not shoot up schools, killing babies–etc. So, lets chill with the stats…that too is inflammatory. I’m black…grew up in Paterson, New Jersey…the hood but that doesn’t make me a criminal. Sometimes I wear my baseball cap backwards…but my career is motion pictures and my position is a Colorist. I style movies with color and contrast. Perhaps I am viewed as some un-educated black dude because my cap is worn backwards and if that is the case that isn’t my problem. I can’t change how people judge me I can only do my best in this world and I am sure that is Danièle Watts is also feeling the same way. You can only be you. Blacks have gone through a lot, especially from white people, so we at times have a knee-jerk reaction when we are questioned, accused or assaulted by white people. We should do better in our thinking as well. Not cry racism if there is no proof of it or have the whoa is me mentality. At the same time white people need to be more honest with what they are feeling and thinking when it comes to black people because even if you don’t mean something in a racist way sometimes it comes off as if you are racist. All that said she should have just shown her damn ID, felt offended because she had to and then went about her day.

    • Avery says:

      I agree with most of what you said about racism and misperception.

      I can’t agree with this, though::

      “All that said she should have just shown her damn ID, felt offended because she had to and then went about her day.”

      “She should have showed her ID…period.”

      No. Not “…period”. People should not be conditioned to follow a command from a person in a position of authority, just because they are in a position of authority. She was well within her rights to refuse to show ID. If everybody caves on their rights in these types of situations, just to make things easier, then our rights mean nothing.

      • Avery says:


        Did you click the ‘Reply’ next to my comment by mistake, or did you misunderstand what I wrote?

        @Tawan Bazemore

        I completely understand what you were saying. You were very clear. My point was that easier is not always best. Each individual has to decide for themselves if a particular situation warrants going with the flow or standing up for what they feel is a violation of their rights. It is not up to you or me to judge how she should have behaved in the situation.

      • Avery, what I am saying is sometimes it’s much easier to just show an ID. I think we all need to weigh situations. I do understand your point and I respect it but sometimes it’s just easier to show ID and go about your day. I am in no way walking around eyes wide shut, so please don’t misinterpret what Ia m saying. If you’re dealing with an irrational officer who is looking for a reason to assault you or arrest you its best not to escalate the situation…comply to a degree and final a complaint later. I just feel at times we try to explain the law to an unlawfully acting cop and it just gets brutal. That is all I am saying…just weigh the situation.

      • jususnolo says:

        Your right man,,,, she should have had her ID, Tattoo on her forehead, No wait they tried that in Germany didn’t they.

    • Abbie says:

      You’re dead wrong. She was under no obligation to show her ID. If you want to live in a police state, where civil servants can demand “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS” of anyone, you shouldn’t be in the USA.

      • I think you all have a very solid point and I apologize if what I wrote is offensive or just inaccurate to you but my whole point is weigh the situation…of course she doesn’t have to show ID…but what harm would it have done…period. Like I commented a few minutes ago. We need to weigh situations. Some cops are just out for trouble and they are looking for any excuse to arrest or abuse and simply compiling with an ID ‘may’ prevent an escalation. Not saying it will be it might. Then there are absolutely times a person should stand against showing their ID. It’s a shame that some or a lot of cops take asserting your rights as a provocation for their abuse. It’s not right and I am not sheep that just obeys and complies. I just pick my battles. There are other ways of getting these over-zealous actions by cops to stop; one being this thread and many other threads like this…also video taping and reporting, etc. Look this is just my belief and how I try to do things and I am not saying my way is right again I just weigh each situation as it comes. I firmly believe had she just showed her ID she would not have been in handcuffs. I am also not saying she was wrong for standing up for her rights, what I am saying in all this is weigh the situation.

    • Scooter says:

      Comply. Obey. It’s what we’re trained to do, right? There is a balance and in this case, the social contract was broken when biased subjectivity was applied to behavior that would not otherwise be construed as illegal. We have more people in prison in this country than China… And we don’t think there is a problem?

      There is a line. It was crossed. But not by the woman in the story. Detaining a woman for violating no laws is utterly unacceptable. We need to wake the hell up to what’s been happening here. Really…

      Obey… You obey. I’m no subject in this system. We’re equals or we’re in conflict. That’s all there is to it.

    • busy bee says:

      Well said Tawan. Thank you.

      • Avery says:


        “I am also not saying she was wrong for standing up for her rights, what I am saying in all this is weigh the situation.”

        Actually, you did say she was wrong. You explicitly stated that “she should have just shown her damn ID”.

        Consider this:

        1) We were not there. Why do you feel qualified, based on what you have seen on the internet, to judge the situation better than she did?

        2) What makes you so sure that she didn’t “weigh the situation”.

        I, for one, am not offended by anything you said. I’m just trying to get an important point across about how people have to decide for themselves how to behave in a situation like this and that we all have different values. Putting “…period” at the end of a statement does not actually make it an absolute. If she chose this incident as her battle, then that is her decision, based on her values. Whether she actually chose it or just reacted without considering the implications is something that *only she knows*.

      • Ragg, Ms. Manners and Fofacy here is my reply to someone else who replied similar to you: “I think you all have a very solid point and I apologize if what I wrote is offensive or just inaccurate to you but my whole point is weigh the situation…of course she doesn’t have to show ID…but what harm would it have done…period. Like I commented a few minutes ago. We need to weigh situations. Some cops are just out for trouble and they are looking for any excuse to arrest or abuse and simply compiling with an ID ‘may’ prevent an escalation. Not saying it will be it might. Then there are absolutely times a person should stand against showing their ID. It’s a shame that some or a lot of cops take asserting your rights as a provocation for their abuse. It’s not right and I am not sheep that just obeys and complies. I just pick my battles. There are other ways of getting these over-zealous actions by cops to stop; one being this thread and many other threads like this…also video taping and reporting, etc. Look this is just my belief and how I try to do things and I am not saying my way is right again I just weigh each situation as it comes. I firmly believe had she just showed her ID she would not have been in handcuffs. I am also not saying she was wrong for standing up for her rights, what I am saying in all this is weigh the situation.”

      • ragg says:

        Actually, according to the SCOTUS she doesn’t have to show them jack.

      • Ms.Manners says:

        Charles Belk Showed his ID and guess what…he got thrown in jail anyway. Sorry this is obviously not the solution. This brave young woman took a stand against police harassment. Jim Crow is over and police need to recognize.

      • fofacy says:

        They keep using the word “refused” which is police verbiage. She might not have had it on her to show it. Did you ever think of that?

  32. LorMarie says:

    So a black woman can be stopped by police for kissing a white man in public? Are you kidding me??? Whether or not she should have shown ID, questioning them AT ALL is outrageous.

    • Jay Angelos says:

      When you are stopped by police you have the RIGHT to ask why you have been stopped. If you are walking doing absolutely nothing illegal, immoral, or criminal. WHY can’t you be told what you are being stopped for. Anika Sophia last I checked this was not a police state….Nigel is correct you don’t have to say anything else.

  33. Anika Sophia says:

    Ok, she didn’t deserve to be accosted by the police. But, where do blacks get the idea that they do not have to submit to a command by a police officer, that being in this case, proof of ID? When they learn this, they will be a lot better off.

    • “They?” Where do “blacks” get the idea? “They’ll be much better off”? Lol ok… Thank you for being the answer to all racial strife in America. Do you even read what you write before you click post? The Us versus Them language just SCREAMS prejudice.

    • mulberrysdream says:

      They probably got the idea from the supreme court which ruled that being forced to show ID is unconstitutional. Keep looking for reasons to blame the victim though. We definitely need more police state apologists in this country.

    • Kay Cee says:

      I have a problem complying with any “commands”, I have a dog that does that now and I haven’t done it since I was in the Marine Corps. But hey, I appreciate you telling me what it takes to be a lot “better off”!

    • “Where do blacks get the idea that…” Thank you. You don’t have to say anything else. We understand what your problem is.

    • LJM says:

      Proof of ID? You mean she has to have evidence that she has an ID, as well as an ID? Weird. Also, you’re completely wrong about having to “submit to a command by a police officer” (“submit?” really?) to show ID. I don’t know about “proof of ID.”

    • Michael Epps says:

      Your stupidity is breathtaking.

    • Jody says:

      You actually do not have to show anything to the police unless you are being detained, California does NOT have a Stop and Identify law meaning she was well within her right to not show any kind of ID. You say no because you can, it’s your right as a citizen because why should you if there’s no reason to? We should not fear the police and they should know the law and where their jurisdiction begins and ends.

    • ceanf says:

      because you don’t have to provide papers to pigs upon command ass hole. this isn’t east germany.

  34. Nancie says:

    Police seem to find more trivial reasons each day for putting blacks in handcuffs. So now kissing a white man makes you look “suspicious” to police? This is a police state. This is like Apartheid or something. Disgusting.

  35. Luke says:

    Interesting that she appears fairly buxom in the scene from Django Unchained while, in the photo of her in real life, she looks like she’s barely 13 with her flat chest and non-female body shape. Maybe that’s why the cops were interested in checking her ID. They wanted to make sure she wasn’t a kid and the husband wasn’t a pedo. But I guess it’s easier to just cry racism as if we have’t heard that a million times already.

  36. She had no obligation to provide ID, and if she was placed in the back of a police car in handcuffs and not allowed to leave, then she was in fact either arrested or illegally detained. If you are not free to go, then you are under arrest, even if the magic word “arrest” isn’t used or if the police deny it. The police can claim the incident didn’t happen but photos and witnesses say otherwise. Taxpayers better be prepared to write a check.

    • Fin says:

      You need to go to her husbands FB page, there are pictures there of her in handcuffs as well as the cut the cuffs made on her skin and the full story of what happened – not this blip of a story. It is actually quite infuriating and upsetting. Just click on his name there in the article.

  37. Joe says:

    Your white privilege is showing.

    • DD says:

      pjohns, under what circumstances were you asked to show your ID. Were you just standing their being affectionate with your wife? Because that’s all this couple was doing. If you can’t see how racist and unacceptable this is, then you are are either ignorant or blind.

      • pjohns says:

        I’m not ignorant or blind. My point is that it seems in the mind of a black person, anytime anyone asks them to do anything that they may not agree with, it must be that their asking them to do this thing because their racist. The circumstances are irrelevant, if a cop asks you for ID, he must have a reason for doing so, and if your not guilty of anything then what’s the big deal. Why is it racism, EVERY TIME? You know sometimes when I check into a hotel, they ask to see my ID. OH NO, THAT HOTEL MUST BE RACIST TOWARDS WHITE PEOPLE. WHAT OTHER REASON COULD THEY POSSIBLY HAVE FOR NEEDING TO SEE MY ID? SEE HOW REDICULOUS THAT SOUNDS. When you pull the racism card for EVERYTHING eventually it loses its believability.

      • OJ says:

        I agree pjohns. if you’re not doing anything wrong what’s the big deal. Like the NSA spying on your e-mail. If you’re not doing anything wrong what’s the big deal.

      • Because if you aren’t doing anything wrong why should you be constantly surveilled? What happens when they decide your jokes you share or your comments on news sites are evidence of terrorism or criminal activity? Is it ok as long as that only happens to other people? Not all cops do the right thing. Most are awesome. Many make the occasional mistake. A few will beat you to death just for the thrill of it. Police, like all groups of people, have their bad apples.

      • Avery says:

        “My point is that it seems in the mind of a black person, anytime anyone asks them to do anything that they may not agree with, it must be that their asking them to do this thing because their racist.”

        Your statement implies that:
        1) The minds of all black people are the same (“…in the mind of a black person…”)
        2) You are somehow privy to motivations of all black people (“…anytime anyone asks them to do anything that they may not agree with, it must be that their asking them to do this thing because their racist.”)

        They also belie YOUR racism.


        “The circumstances are irrelevant, if a cop asks you for ID, he must have a reason for doing so…”

        ‘Having a reason’ ≠ ‘Having a LAWFUL reason’


        “…and if your not guilty of anything then what’s the big deal.”

        The big deal is that if people allow their rights to be trampled, then our rights are meaningless. The fact is, circumstances ARE NOT irrelevant. If you can’t see the difference between the way LA cops treat black people vs. how they treat white people, then you ARE blind or ignorant. How many examples do you need?

        Your hotel example is a perfect example of your ignorance.

        It is a false analogy for at least two reasons:

        1) Being asked for ID when checking in to a hotel is not even in the same zipcode as being asked for ID by the police when you have done nothing wrong.

        2) Comparing how a white person is treated to how a black person is treated (with regard to racism) is comparing apples to oranges. Unless you live in a complete news vacuum. The numbers don’t lie.

      • pjohns says:

        Avery, see my reply to Big Daddy D, your right the numbers don’t lie, and your statement that somehow blacks are treated differently by cops than whites are, UNDER THE SAME EXACT CIRCUMSTANCES, belies your racism. That cop did have a LAWFUL reason to ask for ID. Nobody’s rights were trampled, but her feelings were hurt, so she went right to racism. And I guess you live in a news vacuum if you don’t see that crying racism at every turn hurts your cause. The difference between you and me is that I would have just showed my ID, and I would not have felt like my rights were trampled, but just because your black you assume that law enforcement is just trampling over your rights. GIVE ME A BREAK, GET A CLUE.

      • Big Daddy D says:

        “if a cop asks you for ID, he must have a reason for doing so”…and if he doesn’t have a good reason for doing so? BECAUSE is not a reason…YOU FIT THE DESCRIPTION is not a reason. I’m black and Canadian. I have 15 years experience in security dealing with law enforcement daily. If an officer asks me for ID when I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m going to question why I’m being detained. pjohns…by your remarks, you are clearly white and have never dealt with law enforcement other than from a white privileged standpoint. maybe you should open your eyes sometime.
        I’ll give you another example of how dealing with law enforcement for no reason can skew your views. When I was 16, we used to hang out at our local mall..doing what most teenagers. do..hang out. I went to use the washroom, as I have a medical condition. When I came out, I was approached by 3 police officers. they requested my ID. I asked why..they said because we asked you. That’s not a reason to stop someone for no reason.
        Don’t get lippy with us.
        I haven’t done anything, so I’ll be as “lippy” as I please, officer.
        then why we’re you in the washroom so long?
        Because I was taking A SHIT, officer! I have IBM IRRITABLE ..would you like to see my medication, too??

      • pjohns says:

        Again, all these comments simply amaze me. Yes Big Daddy D, like I said, I am white, and it just so happens that I do work in law enforcement. Everyone keeps saying that the cop asked for her ID for no reason, when clearly from the beginning it was stated that they were trying to determine if there was a crime being committed, Prostitution! A police Officer has every right to ask for ID if he does indeed think that a crime is being committed. All she had to do was PRODUCE IT and then proceed with her PDA. Nobody would have cared at that point. BUT NO lets cop an attitude about it, HOW DARE YOU ASK ME FOR MY ID, I’M BLACK AND I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING YOU SAY YOU RACIST. The commenters above show the level of their intelligence by throwing out all of the F-Bombs and other profanities. And you, BIG DADDY D, if you deal with law enforcement on a daily basis then I’m sure you know that, statistically, blacks are about 60-70% of the prison population today. But I suppose that’s just because of racism, not because your people commit a higher percentage of the crimes on the street. So I guess that law enforcement should concentrate all of their effort looking at all other races for possible crimes. I’m really not trying to sound racist but where is law enforcement supposed to concentrate a higher percentage of their efforts when statistically that is where the crimes are.

      • Ricardo Rose says:

        Clearly, pjohn, YOU do not need to be in law enforcement. A couple KISSING is no justification to ask for ID. I had to stand in line behind a young white couple (in their teens) for ten minutes while they tongued each other the entire time. Should I have called the cops? Clearly she was a prostitute and he was the john right? Or were they just two horny teenagers? At most, maybe the girl’s parents should have been called. Maybe someone might have considered it statutory rape. The point is two people kissing in public is NO justification to 1. call the cops, 2. Detain them or 3. Ask for their ID.

        In addition, the first then a racist person says is “I’m really not trying to sound racist but”.

        You and the way you are thinking or the lack of thinking ARE part of the reason blacks and other minorities, women and gays are systematically and unjustifiably targeted, mistreated, jailed, beaten or tazed or shot by cops.

        YOU, Pjohn, are part of the problem. Heil Hitler, Moron!

      • Careful. If you are in law enforcement, the comments you are making are getting dangerously close to being enough to cost you your job. A Baton Rouge police officer was just forced to resign over less than this. The Internet is not as anonymous as you would like to think. Here’s your clue.

      • Ricardo Rose says:

        Seriously, unless they have reasonable suspicion that you are committing a crime or ARE in the act of committing a crime. police DO NOT have the right to ask for an ID or detain you. What are you not getting here? The issue that has been presented is that if the actress had been white, she would never had been bothered. It has clearly been shown this year and in previous years that blacks are being unjustly targeted by white cops. And you have an issue with American citizens demanding to being given their rights and being upset that their rights are consistently being taken from them? What kind of ignorant, blind sociapathic racist moron are you? SMH. Please, I hope you are not breeding.

      • jwillbrown7 says:

        You do not have to show ID for simply walking down the street or showing displays of affection with your significant other.

        Point is they forced her to do something she’s not legally obliged to do.

        But, good for you for being a good little sheep and doing whatever the cops ask of you.

  38. Ruby says:

    Ok people lets get it together now. Why is it everytime the police do some out of the shit people want to defend them. I have nothing against cops but when your out of line your out of line. What was their reason for wanting to see who she is? Is it a crime to kiss and hug in public? Was she giving him a hand job or a BJ? What was their reason for them intruding on two people. I don’t want to say it’s a race thing, but a horse is a horse. I’m just saying.

  39. jim says:

    California is not a stop and identify state. You are under no legal obligation to show your ID to a police officer when asked. Her husband is white, she is black. When they displayed affection in public, the police assumed the only relationship between a black woman and a white man could be one of prostitute and John. If you think race had no influence in this situation, you are in denial.

  40. I’m not feeling very sympathetic here. I’ve worked jobs that have taken me to unusual places at unusual times of day. I have been stopped by the police and asked for ID on several occasions. You can comply, or be indignant, in which case, you’re most likely to wind up in the back of a squad car.

    • Avery says:

      “I have been stopped by the police and asked for ID on several occasions.”

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that absolutely none of those situations bore any resemblance to a black woman, kissing a white man, being stopped under suspicion of being a prostitute. Context matters.

      Please, correct me if I am wrong.

    • LJM says:

      Supplicating oneself to authority is always an option, of course. Choosing not to do so, standing up for your rights, is an admirable thing. It’s not surprising you don’t have sympathy for a young woman who apparently has more courage than you.

  41. Peter Fitz says:

    Looks like she wants to get some much needed attention
    When the police ask you for tour ID you show it, no big deal
    Next out of the box will be charges of racial profiling

    • LJM says:

      Just because you’re happy to bend over whenever someone with a badge tells you to doesn’t mean that everyone is obligated to be as cowardly.

    • Ron says:

      Well you are a good little Citizen then. I am in some sketchy areas and have had the LEOs request my ID, I will then ask why; if they say “because” I will tell them while that is nice I am under no obligation to provide it and then will ask for a supervisor. It is amazing how fast they change their tune after a well dressed white man tells them this. Now if they give me what sounds like a valid reason then yes I will provide it

      TYo many LEOs will try to get way with stuff because people like you are good little citizens and will not question them. Respecting Officers and their position also means holding them accountable, that is something I learned from an Elected Conservative Republican Sheriff.

    • Joe says:

      Fitz and Fitzgerald you are too grotesquely ignorant people. First, Fitgerald, what’s unusual about Studio City? This was a couple doing what any other couple does and they have to show their ID. Second, Fitz, contrary to what your limited intellect is aware of, the police DO NOT have the right to simply accost you for no reason and demand you ID. It’s interesting how white people think this sort of treatment is okay if the person is Black.

    • Michelle says:

      The point here is that she is not obligated by law to show her ID, so if that is the case, then he was not allowed to detain her. What he did then was illegal. If you want to show your ID to a cop when he asks you, that’s your right, but I am a white female and if a cop asked me to see my ID for no reason, then I am not sure I would show it to him.

    • Joe says:

      But it is racial profiling. She’s black. Her husband is white. The police didn’t think they should be together so they questioned her. If she was white or her husband was black the police wouldn’t have bothered them. Do you understand the definition of racial profiling?

      • pjohns says:

        Seriously, every time a white person, or cop, asks a black person to do something that a black doesn’t want to do, blacks cry racism. I’m white and I’ve been asked, by a cop, to show my I.D. and you know what, I showed it and went on about my business. Was it racism when he asked me to show I.D.? No. Then why is it when he asks you? Its not, its just a cop doing his job. Get over yourself. All she had to do, as proven after she finally did, after all the drama, was show her I.D. and then she was allowed to be on her way.

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