Denzel Washington, Antoine Fuqua Eye ‘Magnificent Seven’ Remake

Denzel Washington Broadway Raisin
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua are in early talks to pair up yet again on MGM’s remake of “The Magnificent Seven.”

Both men have the offers and while Washington is still weighing his options. Sources say it’s possible both will commit.

The original pic starred Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen and revolved around seven gunslingers that protect an oppressed Mexican village from a group of outlaws.

The script was most reworked by John Lee Hancock with “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto writing the previous version.

Washington and Fuqua first teamed up on the hit “Training Day” and their next pic, “The Equalizer” bows this September. Washington is repped by WME and Fuqua is repped by CAA.

Schmoes Know broke the news that Washington had the offer.

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  1. People are tired of remakes! If you want Oscars there are a lot of good writers that should give you fresh material. Think about it!

  2. Roger Poore says:

    Please mgm use your head more than a hat rack Russell Croe and Daniel Craig and Bruce Willis

  3. Gcampbell says:

    Somebody get Bruce Willis on the phone.

  4. thisluxlife says:

    You may like my post about seeing Denzel on Broadway :-)

  5. it was a eastern classic,,get your facts straight

  6. Roger Poore says:

    A slap in the face why ruin a classic western masterpiece look what was done to the Lone Ranger Shall I say anymore !! Some classicsl are better left for the true actors

    • Patrick Morris says:

      Your so called “classic western masterpiece” was actually a re-make – and total rip-off – of the Japanese “classic martial-arts masterpiece” the Seven Samurai (1954). They re-worked it so that the Asian guys wouldn’t be the heroes. So, you’re right, some classics are better left for the true actors…like Takashi Shimura.

  7. says:

    If Denzel and Antoine Fuqua are looking for a Western, why not a movie about Bass Reeves?

  8. cadavra says:

    Unfortunately, the PC crowd will no longer allow Mexican bandits to be depicted, so the locale with be shifted to North Korea.

  9. JOE S HILL says:

    I Havn’t the slightest idea of what is going on with MGM,but whatever it is,it ain’t good! if anybody has been keeping track of their scorecard,all they’ve been doing lately is remakes of their Film and TV library,
    and that is getting damned stale and tiresome! bad enough that the studio hasn’t yet reinstated its United Artists division,but to do another “MAGNIFICENT SEVEN” movie,is totally vain and stupid! they’d have
    WAY better luck giving that to Tarantino,,but they want to waste their resources and our time with pointless
    remakes,that couldn’t amount to the slightest thing possible! their recent remakes of “ROBOCOP” and
    “CARRIE” are total proof,that whoever is running MGM-likely Sony,isn’t doing a single bit of good,but
    wasting their time and ours,with such uncreative and dull ideas,,enough already! because as much as
    i like Denziel Washington,i WILL not pay a single dollar to watch another stupid remake,because if this
    is what Hollywood has come to,then no thanks,,i’ll live on the classic originals,way before i waste my money on remakes! “THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN” is an old United Artists franchise,and whatever MGM is thinking,i hope they fall flat on their collective asses,when one more of their remakes flops big time!

  10. ted says:

    Nobody gives a flying babushka about a remake of this classic, and frankly speaking, there isn’t the talent.

  11. Don says:

    Imagine my shock. Another remake. How original Hollywood is becoming.

  12. WMK says:

    They got to change the genre though make the Mag.7 a Seal team or Delta Force team because a western is so dated lol

  13. count me in says:

    The Blacknificent Seven

  14. You must be kidding! Is this a Joke?

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