X-Men Spinoff ‘Deadpool’ to Hit Theaters Feb. 12, 2016

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds X-Men Origins Wolverine

Fox and Marvel have slotted “Deadpool,” their long-in-development “X-Men” spin-off, for Feb. 12, 2016.

Ryan Reynolds, who portrayed the character in 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” has been expected to star for many years, although no deal is in place.

Tim Miller is directing the superhero film with Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel’s Kevin Feige producing.

The talkative mercenary character, also known as Wade Wilson, was created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza. He first appeared in print in 1991.

If Reynolds does reprise his role in the film it would mark his first superhero project since “Green Lantern,” which floundered at the box office in 2011.

On Thursday, Fox also took “Assassin’s Creed” out of its Aug. 7, 2015, slot and moved its “Fantastic Four” reboot into the date from June 19. The studio did not set a new date for “Assassin’s Creed,” based on a Ubisoft videogame and starring Michael Fassbender.

Additionally, the studio moved its young-adult drama “Paper Towns,” adapted from the John Green novel, from July 31, 2015, to June 19.

“Deadpool” is the fourth film to be set for the Feb. 12, 2016, date along with Lionsgate’s “Gods of Egypt,” Universal’s untitled animated pets project and Warner’s romantic comedy “How to Be Single.”

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  1. Robert Beers says:

    Since the difference between an R rating and a pg 13 rating for fantasy material is almost always nudity and language the notion that removing those from a feature ruins it only shows how jaded the audience has become. Neither plot nor the flow of a story is harmed by such and, as has been shown, producing a PG 13 movie rather than an a R with everything else remaining the same increases audience size which increases earnings.

  2. sepakushite says:

    Tim Miller will get eaten alive by Marvel. Make no mistake he will not get to make his movie, and knowing Tim he will fight them every step of the way. Gavin Hood had more feature experience than Tim and look what happened to the first Wolverine movie. That coupled with the fact this r-rated material will be PG13, has disaster written all over it.

  3. joe says:

    Hype..ryan Reynolds + pg13 = fail. Why the publisher and ghost rider never worked…they are R rated comics.

  4. Tom says:

    Sean William Scott !! Cmon that guy would be perfect–right mix of snarky wiseassery and notgiveacrap attitude. Plus he’s really funny in anything he does. Such a better pick than that pretty boy stiff Reynolds.

  5. i can’t take him seriously for that role. from what i remember, deadpool was a veeeery serious and cryptic with his violence.

  6. bob says:

    YESS!! Ryan Reynolds. Consistency in characters makes me happy.

  7. TJ says:

    They didn’t say “comic book project”, they said “superhero project” and RIPD had about as many Superheroes as Archie comic books do.

  8. Sheila says:

    I am so ready for a Deadpool movie! Shut up and take my money! <3

  9. AtariBaby says:

    Is it right to say “Fox and Marvel”? My understanding is Marvel hates that Fox has some of their characters on a potentially never-ending basis, and would dearly love to see it fail. Examples: No X-Men characters (nor Spider-Man) are in their 75th Anniversary logo, and they are allegedly canceling “Fantastic Four” comic book titles before the movie comes out.

  10. Lee J Wot says:


  11. huan says:

    He’s a douchebag because he left out an old comic book that very few care about? Why make it personal?

  12. wellshy says:

    A comic book that hardly anyone cared about.

  13. JJ85 says:

    Why is Feige producing a Fox movie?

  14. ozzy smith says:

    I think an ideal song for the deadpool movie soundtrack would be Stone Sour’s ” Absolute Zero ” what do you fellow deadpool fans think?

  15. Leon says:

    For the love of god please be Rated R like the test footage was!!!!! Don’t diaper audience me with this ONE!!!!

  16. They’d better hurry, he’s not gonna be young and funny forever.

  17. mightymad says:

    Gotta be honest: the only thing that makes me happy about this new is the involvement of Kevin Feige – he’s probably the only one here who could do Deadpool right. But the fact FOX owns this title seriously inspired zero confidence – I am completely certain they will not bother recon what happen to Wade during “XMO: W” or disfigure him in any sort of way. Anyway… we beg for it, so now…. for better or worse… we’re going to get it.

  18. Reblogged this on Rae Reviews and commented:

  19. As long as it’s not Jamie Foxx or Michael B. Jordan playing him I think they’ll do better than they will on the FF reboot.

  20. Lisa says:

    Ryan Reynolds=Deadpool. Awesomeness!!

    • iamthejustin says:

      as long as its done correctly… Fox already screwed up Deadpool once by sewing his mouth shut, as well as how terribly they’ve done with the XMen & Fantastic Four series. I love the character, but dont trust the company with making a good movie.

      • Lisa says:

        Tru. But judging from the test footage, somebody somewhere knows what the essence of this film should be: a wisea**, ruthless merc who can take down anyone. But, yeah, my fingers are crossed.

  21. Sim says:

    Fox will no doubt ‘fux’ this one up too..

  22. Wyckid says:

    I hope some people are joking when they are pulling for Ryan Reynolds… He’s completely unfunny and he’s box-office cancer. That test footage looked worse than the video game that came out over a year ago.

    • huan says:

      You’re in the minority on the test footage. It captures the spirit of the character, despite the budget production values and trying to cram a lot in in 2 minutes. If it’s R rated and a Feb. 2016, they obviously aren’t making it all about box office, which is good. As s popular as Deadpool is, he’s not a mainstream character.

  23. I hope they know that he’s supposed to be horribly disfigured under his mask and don’t try to have him be a pretty boy because Reynolds will star.

  24. Laura S. says:

    YES! FINALLY!!!!

  25. Troy Saling says:

    Just follow the “leaked” deadpool footage as the driving force–and you will be fine..And yes, Ryan has to be deadpool (IMO)

  26. Rob Bell says:

    Please, please do it properly. If it’s anything less than hilarious and brilliant, I’ll be gutted

  27. H.M. says:

    I’m kinda tired of Reynolds flailing about, trying to latch on in anyway, to the superhero phenomena sweeping the film industry the last several years. Yes, it must be galling for Reynolds to see others (perhaps especially ‘newbies’) break out while he hasn’t in roles he maybe could’ve done but now he’s getting to the part of age (cinematically) where the bloom is off the rose. I think that this train has already left the station.

    • huan says:

      I’m kind of tired of people tring to pin the blame on the actors when there were clearly much larger problems. While he’s not as good a fit for Green Lantern and Hal Jordan as he is for Deadpool and Wade, he would have been fine with a good script and better production values. He’s usually the better part of bad movies, and GL was no exception. Warner’s obviously had no idea what they were doing and rushed it to cash in on the comic book phenomenon. Deadpool, on the other hand, has been in development for years, and is in the writing and directing hands of people with an affinity for the character, and has producers who are well aware of the fans displeasure with the character’s depiction in Origins.

  28. Dash Hazard says:

    I think Tom Hardy could pull off a good DeadPool. He did awesome as BANE. As much as Ryan can be the funny smartass he still looks like he would get winded by a finger flick. Tom proved he was a scrapper with Bale. I’ve seen Bale fight with people on set and I can tell you he does not pull a lot of punches and seen people with bloody noses from him. In Inception he was always being a smart ass to Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt.

    Tom Hardy as DeadPool….got my vote.

  29. therealeverton says:


  30. Big Daddy D says:

    Part of the appeal of Deadpool..other than the humor, is the way the character breaks the fourth wall..interacting with the readers/public.

  31. Ben Kern says:

    Praise the Lord!!!! Most people have no idea how long fans,like myself, have been waiting for the Merc with a Mouth to have his own movie.

  32. pnut166 says:

    So Feige is going to work with Fox on an X – film ? Fraking awesome !!!

  33. voidhelix says:

    Ryan Reynolds NEEDS to be cast as Spike Spiegel in Shinichiro Watanable`s potential LA adaptation o` Cowboy Bebop. LOOK at him, and he has the attitude to make it work.

    • Big Daddy D says:

      “Massively popular”?? look, I love my anime as much as the next fanboy…but you’re off your nut with this one

      • Big Daddy D says:

        troll?? far from it, sir. I’ve seen the movie. It was OK. ghost in the shell/full metal alchemist..I preferred those shows..and I’m unsure what your last comment meant..you mean a cowboy bebop movie is in production?

      • voidhelix says:

        Most replayed anime show on American tv EVER, continuously aired on Adult Swim every year since 2001. It has a massive support, this is REALITY. And a movie`s in development whether u wanna believe it or not, troll.

    • Big Daddy D says:

      Very few people know Cowboy Bebop from a hole in the ground.

  34. elric301 says:

    I thought Marvel got the rights to Deadpool back as part of the Fantastic Four tradeoff deal.

    If not, sure. Get Ryan back, make it for an R, and you’ve got some gold to mine.

    • voidhelix says:

      Opposite o` way it works. Studios shoot 4 PG-13 ratings to catch all demo`s / maximize revenue. R rated movies don`t BO as well.

      • R H says:

        Yeah, cause that tactic NEVER fails, just look at how PG-13 did wonders for Expendables 3’s box office…oh wait…SMFH

      • Big Daddy D says:

        Deadpool needs to be R..or at least over 16..whatever that rating would be. have you seen the test footage? it’s on YouTube.

  35. Carolyn says:

    First off its Kevin Feige not Keige and unless those words come out of his mouth I doubt he would be working under Fox as he is one of the soul reasons why Disney and the marvel characters will be grossing billions of dollars up to and including the year 2028 (the 14 year movie plan)…just saying

    • Carolyn says:

      Atleast they fixed the spelling…

    • Big Daddy D says:

      If they make a Deadpool movie WITHOUT Ryan Reynolds..it will be a TREMENDOUS mistake. If you thought the mommy porn women were screaming about Jamie Dornan over alexsander Skaarsgard or Ian Somerholder for Christian Gray..wait till they decide to use someone else for Deadpool. I, personally, will fly to Fox HE in California and give them such a WTF diatribe. Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool!

  36. Tim says:

    Technically, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an X-Men spin-off, making Deadpool a Wolverine spin-off

    Just sayin’.

  37. Me says:

    Sorry… I know you guys love him, but PLEASE don’t bring Ryan back! He didn’t NEARLY talk enough in the past origins movie, and when he did, it just didn’t feel like Deadpool. I feel like we need someone a little more wacky here.

    • SirBissel says:

      They sewed his mouth shut.

      The first 15 minutes captured him just fine.

    • Bruce says:

      You haven’t seen the CGI test filming did you? Artist Rob Liefeld approves and is just as excited. Reynolds lent his voice and its pretty damn perfect. It does prove Reynolds is the guy for the job.

      • Big Daddy D says:

        The test footage was incredible! Ryan has that character down pat. I can’t see ANY ONE else in that role. he’s been playing that character since Van Wilder/Blade:Trinity/Waiting/Just Friends….

    • CO says:

      Go look at the Deadpool test footage, that’s him doing the voice and it’s spot-on.

  38. G. says:

    So Ryan could end up reprising GREEN LANTERN in a JUSTICE LEAGUE film and DEADPOOL in a X-MEN spin-off. Perhaps he could even battle himself in a MARVEL universe cross over.

  39. PETER says:

    This is perfect for Ryan Reynolds, especially if he gets his body in top shape like he did in AMITYVILLE HORROR and BLADE TRINITY. Can’t wait!

  40. Wyrus says:


  41. Scottie says:

    Finally!!! Yes!!!

  42. Anthony says:

    Ironically, the last time Fox “tried” they took away his mouth. I wish Marvel could get their properties back. Let Fox and Sony release the movies, but have Marvel control the production.

    • SirBissel says:

      The only way for that to happen is if people just stopped going to the movies, and the movies stopped being profitable.

      Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen…

      • Larry says:

        Lame troll is lame. Affleck couldn’t fuck up ALL superhero movies, even if he did fuck up Batman. (Unlikely, unless it’s a shitty script. Daredevil could’ve been a lot better had it been written by other people.) If one man in one bad movie could end all comic movies, then Clooney would’ve fucked everyone over back in the 90’s.

      • Until Ass-speck kills batman like he did daredevil.

  43. Big Daddy D says:

    Can’t wait to see Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson..The merc with a mouth..Deadpool! This could be HUGE!!

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