Comic-Con: First Look at Marvel’s Avengers in Battle in ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Avengers Full Poster

The Avengers look ready for battle.

As has become a tradition for Marvel Studios at Comic-Con in San Diego, the company released concept art as posters for its next tentpole, “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” out in theaters May 1, 2015.

Directed by Joss Whedon, the film will feature Ultron as the main villain. The character and his army of robots look like they’ll be posing a big threat to Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, the Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver — even Vision, who can be seen flying in the background.

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When combined, the eight posters depict a massive and intense battle that will take place in the movie.

See the images below.

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  1. talan7 says:

    What’s up with The Falcon and War Machine being left off. That sucks. I can see war machine being left off but not the Falcon. At the end of Cap 2 it was clear that the flacon and cap were a team. Why build that up only to nix it the next time we see cap. It would’ve been nice to see a black hero on the team and it really sucks that both of the black heroes that marvel has introduced recently can’t make it to the Avengers. What, black heroes don’t make the cut?

  2. me says:

    Same as the first movie isn’t it?

  3. jamie baxter says:

    What? No War Machine? No Falcon? They’ve both been introduced already in the solo films of Iron Man and Capt. America, but have yet to be included in the group film??

  4. Duder NME says:

    Iron Man should’ve put on his Hulkbuster for this.

  5. Alan says:

    Why does Scarlet Witch not get a costume?

  6. Merchant Mmo says:

    Thank goodness Thor is still male.

    • Alan says:

      Oh shut up you big baby. Sure, BETA RAY BILL can wield Thor’s hammer but a woman?! Oh no that’s too far!

      • NoodleDude says:

        Oh my goodness, this is the best comment I’ve seen thus far xD I keep forgetting about Thorse–er, um, Beta Ray Bill xD People get all pissy that Thor is a woman now but they’re fine with a horse-man wielding it? Wow, I’d hate for them to read any of the rest of Thor’s continuity. It’s not even the first time a character has been gender-altered in the series! (though, with Loki, he actually turned into a woman, as opposed to Thor being succeeded by a woman, in a similar vein to the Cap successions)

  7. LANDO'S SON says:

    Damn,it looks like Disney/Marvel is going after Avatar box office with this one.

  8. clt says:

    Nice. I wish it were being released this year for x-mas.

  9. E.a. Solinas says:

    Awesome, awesome poster. Thor’s armor looks a bit different, though.

  10. Awesome poster. Unfortunately the movie will probably be just as boring as the first.

  11. Ivan says:

    Wow. Sequel to the third biggest movie of all time. Only Avatar & Titanic did more box office. This film could be enormous. Disney’s hottest property. Even more so than Star Wars.

  12. Ronn Amon says:

    Whoa, they’re going “Ultimate Ultron” already!?! introducing 3 new Avengers (at least it seems),a new adversary who multiplies him/its-self to extremes, and (presumably) believably defeating said adversary in one movie seems a bit… crowded. Hopefully some of these characters will be somehow introduced elsewhere,like last time. If not any “virgins” seeing this movie will be overwhelmed.Even more importantly there may not be any space left for y’know the story. I really story stability isn’t being sacrificed for spectacle (and yes,to the snobs-you know who you are-a ‘comic book movie CAN have a stable plot/story

  13. Mark says:

    ah geeze! ANOTHER army?

    • Duder NME says:

      I don’t remember the original Ultron needing lackeys. Should’ve been just a singular villain instead of saving that up for Thanos.

    • braxton29 says:

      Actually, according to Joss Whedon, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and the Vision are Team Ultron. He included them into this movie to give the Avengers a challenge outside of the central antagonist.

    • MattW says:

      With 4 main heroes along with a few new ones they have to have lots of enemies in order to show all of the heroes fighting. Lots of bad guys is an important element.

  14. Is that Magneto?? awesome!! but I don’t get how those robots are strong enough to hold the hulk down but can kill black widow and hawk-eye with ease!

    • Bing says:

      its vision

    • soso says:

      also. This is just a concept art. It has to have some epic and tension to it. That’s why the number of ultrons seems overwhelming and that Natasha and Clint aren’t dead already. Otherwise the entire picture would have no point.

      • Duder NME says:

        Do these Ultrons also enter the fray through a sieve-like portal, thus “building tension” in a loose sense, or is this to be a free for all clangbang?

    • soso says:

      it’s the Vision. Not Magneto. I thought it was him too when i saw the poster, but then i remembered that Marvel isn’t entitled to mention the mutants in their movies.

      • NoodleDude says:

        though I do wish that they could include the fact that Scarlet Witch and Pietro /are/ Magneto’s kids ^^;;;

    • JohnS says:

      mmmm it looks more like Vision. And since there is an actor already portraying Vision in this movie, then I would say I am right.

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