Chris Pine Deeply Regrets Not Getting ‘Jack Ryan’ Right

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Chris Pine doesn’t think Paramount will be releasing a sequel to “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” any time soon.

The titular star of the rejuvenated franchise told Moviefone that the film’s low box office turnout has likely killed its future.

“No, I don’t think it made enough money for that to happen,” Pine said when asked if there have been talks of further “Jack Ryan” adventures. “That’s one of my deep regrets, that we didn’t totally get that right. It’s a great franchise, and if it’s not me, then I hope it gets a fifth life at this point. It’s just great. I love the spy genre. I hope it’s done again and with a great story.”

The spy thriller earned $50.6 million in the U.S. — not even matching its already-low $60 million production budget — and a worldwide take of $135.5 million.

Director Kenneth Branagh had said that he’d be happy to helm other installments since there were so many stories left to tell in the Jack Ryan world.

Pine was the latest actor to take on the famous Tom Clancy character, who has appeared in four other films: “The Hunt for Red October,” “Patriot Games,” “Clear and Present Danger” and “The Sum of All Fears.”

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  1. Phill says:

    I watched a movie for the first time didn’t see it in the movie theaters saw it on television FX the movies, they called John and not Jack several times early in the movie did anyone else notice that other than that I like the movie.

  2. Amy says:

    I loved this movie. I honestly didn’t understand why it was panned so much. I know some people were cheesed that it wasn’t actually based off a Tom Clancy novel, but I think it needs better distribution. I didn’t see it until it was on TV, for goodness’ sake!

  3. Ellyn Kelly says:

    My husband and I just watched Chris Pine and Keira Knightley in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. We thought it was fabulous, and loved Chris in the role. He and Keira Knightley were perfect together. We are movie goers and I don’t remember even seeing this in the theaters. We would definitely see the next one, especially if the cast was the same.

  4. Evan Cook says:

    Jeremy Renner in my opinion my have been better fit for Jack Ryan series than Chris Pine but I love him(Chris) as an actor, He has Star Trek nailed perfectly all I’s dotted and every T crossed.

  5. Tom Clayton, MD says:

    Like everything else Chris Pine does, I think he did a GREAT job in this movie! Why it didn’t make more money is more likely a marketing or distribution issue.

  6. RUTH JAMES says:

    I really enjoyed the movie, this is from someone who doesn’t normally watch spy movies.I do hope they make more.

  7. Jan says:

    I thought this movie was great, and it was so suspenseful. I could not have asked for more!

  8. Lindsay Mead says:

    I really don’t understand Hollywood. They spent $60mil and made over $135mil…how is that not a success? Who cares where the money comes from! I’m an author and my series sells the best in the US. But if it flopped in the US and was huge in China, I’d still keep writing that series! Why would I be picky about who my fans are? But then again, Hollywood doesn’t care about the fans. Hell, TV networks don’t either. They never stand by their products. Netflix seems to be the only exception.

  9. SallySue says:

    Me too!!!

  10. Wendy says:

    I thought Chris Pines was great in the part. Really hope there is a sequel.

  11. Pam says:

    I don’t think it was Chris Pine to blame for the low box-office, but perhaps a little lack-luster in the story line. Perhaps it needed more action. I personally loved it. It had a smart, intelligent, realistic plot that makes you come back and think. It was more brain than brawn. It’s something you have to come back to and think about. Chris Pine didn’t laugh enough…..I love his laugh!!!

  12. james360 says:

    good movie. entertaining. i love espionage movies. thought all the actors did a very good jod, especially chis pine. maybe this was not a 10 like hunt for red october…but still highly engaging.for someone who likes spy movies. great view!
    like to see the next one with same core cast.

  13. kam says:

    let me tell you what I think.
    Paramount.., I Hope you read this.
    The Jack Ryan character is something not known to this generation. The trailer to me was very ambiguous. I honestly only know of Jack Ryan cause growing up as a kid (I’m 25 now) I would walk into my parents room as a child and know not to talk or be a nuisance, if I saw my dad or both my parents watching a movie. I recall my dad watching lots of old movies and back in the days, a movie took more than a year to come out on TV. I knew to shut up and sit down or leave. So I know about Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford playing Jack Ryan. Not so much about Affleck. Sorry bro (I know you will do justice as Batman though :D).
    Point I’m trying to make is this generation doesn’t know who Jack Ryan is. You needed to spend more on marketing and you should have spent more on promoting the old franchise so people could have learned about who Jack Ryan is. Starting over and seeing Captain Kirk isn’t going to help if he has a stupid British wife in the trailers. (I love Keira, but her character in the trailer was so annoying if you know about Jack Ryan. His wife always played a woman who stayed out of his business. Ive never read any of the novels so I don’t know. I have yet to see this movie but Ive seen all the others.

    • Tim says:

      Although I think your point is valid, it seems you don’t really know who Jack Ryan is either. You admit to knowing the early films, but you haven’t read any of the novels. You know part of the character’s film adaptations and nothing more. You don’t know that this film you’re talking about isn’t a Jack Ryan film; it’s a film based on some random action script, that simply had its title and character names changed to adapt the character for association. All of the previous films were based on novels. This one…just names.

    • kam says:

      BTW from the trailer, Chris Pine does seem to do a good job

  14. Ceinwen Reeves says:

    I have just watched this film and loved it. It held my attention throughout. I think the saga should definately continue with Chris Pine in the titular role

  15. Paula hunsicker says:

    Chris Pine should not be ashamed of his performance in, “Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit”. Our family love that movie, you had big shoes to fill and did a great job. I really hope that he will make another one.

  16. Mike says:

    Just watched on Netflix, wish I’d watched it sooner. I don’t get the bad reviews. I got exactly what I expected and really enjoyed it. It had a pretty standard plot, but it’s a movie, I didn’t expect an epiphany. Pine, Costner, and Branagh were all good, and Knightly was ok. IMO a good reboot and I would like to see more. I don’t see how a worldwide gross of more than double your budget and not even including disc sales is a bad thing….

  17. I agree, Chris Pine was outstanding as Jack Ryan and I would be up for seeing another movie, just don’t open it when a blockbuster is due out. No matter how good it is it will not be able to compete. They need to plan the opening of the movie carefully and it should do well.

    • Tim says:


      They could just try producing an actual Jack Ryan movie, based on an actual Jack Ryan novel, for which there are over ten available to do so from, and then make it a quality movie.

      As opposed to what they did do: make a spy-ish thriller and slap a couple familiar but unrelated character names into it. Great way to alienate the fan base. That’s the sole reason I refuse to watch it. It’s not a Jack Ryan story.

  18. Just watched this on Netflix ~ did not even know it had been done! Chris Pine was outstanding ~ actually am wondering of Harper is Clark! I sincerely hope they do more, from where this movie left off, and with chris Pine as the lead. He sold me as Jack Ryan, and I thought no one could replace Harrison Ford in the role. It was not the story, the director, or the actors and actresses ~ publicity do NOT do THEIR job! *shaking my head*

  19. Garry says:

    Didn’t see Shadow Recruit in theatre cause of bad reviews. Watched on HBO and thought it was great and Chris Pine was outstanding!

  20. Donna Sandell says:

    I loved the Jack Ryan movie starring Chris Pine. As far as I’m concerned they did get it right.

  21. Liam says:

    Branagh’s direction was the biggest problem with this film, not Pine’s acting.

  22. bp says:

    I like Chris Pine but this role wasn’t really for him.

  23. Sarah says:

    I just watched this on Netflix and I didn’t think it was horrible. It was different. I would say Harrison Ford will always be my Jack Ryan but Chris Pine was okay too.

  24. Jerrod says:

    I just watched it on Netflix. I thought it was good & Pine was great. I’d watch a sequel based on this one. Too bad.

  25. Jim Porter says:

    Truth be told, I liked the movie–and Pine’s acting. In the matter of Jack Ryans, I’d like to make my own list: 1. Harrison Ford, of course. 2. Chris Pine. 3. Affleck. 4 What’s-his-name. A sequel? I’d love to see another Jack Ryan or two or three (or four).

  26. Pine was good as Ryan The film didn’t do him justice. They should keep him in case of a re-reboot. What’s required is better, deeper scripting and inspired direction.

  27. ladydirt says:

    It wasn’t my favorite movie but Chris Pine did a good job and the movie was decent for the typical patriotic action flick that it was meant to be. He’s being too hard on himself. The movie suffered because it was too formulaic. Not because of the performances.

  28. Mike Smith says:

    As a long-term Clancy addict, I must say that any attempt at adapting his novels to movies is doomed before it begins. His magic is in the complex plots, many characters well-developed, etc. You can’t just take the basic plots (or characters) and stick them into 2 hours and expect it to work.

    For example, the believe-ability of the plot is dependent on the background development. In Sum of All Fears, the movie leaves you thinking that the idea of us being on the brink of a nuclear launch was ridiculous. In the book, it’s completely believable.

    The one scene from Jack Ryan that had some Clancy flavor was the detective work on the airplane when they were figuring it all out. Other than that, it was just another Hollywood spy thriller. Don’t worry, Chris–it wasn’t your fault.

    • Al Kirby says:

      I disagree with your position regarding adapting Clancy novels to movies; there is one exception.

      The Hunt for Red October.

      The script was tight, Alec Baldwin (pre-jerk) was really good, and Sean Connery’s performance was top drawer. Not a thing wrong with that novel-to-flick transition.

      Chris Pine is going to be a powerful actor, which we desperately need because of the dying level of Hollywood talent that is more concerned with beating political drums that doing their jobs.

      “Shadow Recruit” was borderline hokey in it’s script, but Pine definitely kept this movie from becoming a bomb. Hope he gets another shot at the Jack Ryan role.

  29. I thought it was an OK movie. I just thought it would have been better had he not been named Jack Ryan, but an original character. It still remains to be seen if Pine can actually carry a movie without Star Trek in the title, however.

    • Eli Gregory says:

      Excellent analysis. I’d only add that Clancy was a “politically incorrect” writer and Hollywood is more about promoting the propaganda than telling the story. So in “Sum of All Fears” the ME terrorists were turned into Nazis. Say what? Nazis have been gone since 1945 (in any serious way). But unless there’s some way to make the antagonists white Christians, Wall Street scions, the CIA, Republicans or corporations, Hollywood just isn’t interested.

    • Tim says:

      There’s a lot of irony in your comment!

  30. jim says:

    Chris Pine is an excellent post-cold war Jack Ryan. I also liked Keira Knightly’s version of his girlfriend/wife. The script probably was the main issue: world economic meltdown is not something that piques most people’s interest-outside of economists.

    • Al Kirby says:

      The problem is that the plot of this movie is VERY much in step with the current international situation.

      Unfortunately, as Americans slowly slide towards their public school programmed single digit IQ goal, this move would not draw many people’s attention, as you have stated.

  31. Sherman O says:

    Chris Pine did a fine job. Paramount screwed it up. End of story.

  32. sorka42 says:

    Of all the actors to play Ryan, I think Pine’s was probably the most accurate. I actually really liked that movie, even though it was slow at times, so were the books. You can’t expect some action packed, a stunt every 30 seconds type of movie from a spy thriller.

  33. benardquek says:

    That’s stupid of him to say something like that. First, the damn story was a cure for insomnia. The script writer should be hauled up and shot at dawn. Next is the director, who stupidly followed the script instead of improving it.

  34. Joe says:

    I liked newest Jack Ryan, I have a prejudice though as I like Chris Pine and all Jack Ryan. I liked and kept the movie. Fight scenes were innovative though he fought pretty good considering first time out. They’ll make more.

  35. Alex says:

    Hollywood loves reboots, Jack will be back, it’s just waiting to find out when and who.

  36. Jessica says:

    C Pine comments that he regrets that ‘WE’ didn’t get it exactly right. But the title you put on this article implies it is all Pine’s fault. I thought it was 100% the script that is responsible and Kiera Knightly’s overacted performance where you cld tell she was “acting” a part thru entire movie. Not natural. The rest of the casting and acting was perfect, great Director, good action.

    But the plot was too far fetched and unrealistic like the way they had Ryan go for a walk to ‘sober up’ during dinner, and even more unrealistic (and too perfectly timed) sneak into the Russian corporation and hack data which no way did that take just ten minutes – then just waltz back to run into his wife and the villain again too perfectly timed and fake. Chris Pine played Ryan perfectly inline w past actors and it’s no way his fault that he was given a weak script.

  37. John Larson says:

    Harrison Ford is Jack Ryan, as Sean Connery is James Bond

    • Slartibartfast says:

      Absolutely, but they need to make EXECUTIVE ORDERS, while Ford can do it – he’s not getting any younger.

  38. Diane says:

    I really enjoyed Chris Pine’s performance in the Jack Ryan prequel. I thought he and Kevin Costner did well together and was looking forward to additional films.
    I’ve rented it several times and told friends about it.

    • Tim says:

      I’m very happy you didn’t get your wish. Maybe you came in unknowingly, but I really doubt true fans want a Jack Ryan franchise built up around non-Jack Ryan material, especially with such a wealth of original source novels at hand that were wildly successful in creating this character’s world and life.

  39. Matt says:

    First of all – terrible, terrible title, especially when the spy genre begs for something titled “Cardinal of the Kremlin” or “The Sinkiang Executive”, etc. Second, Pine and Costner are not to be blamed for anything. The Branagh direction was pedestrian at best. The whole thing felt like a TV movie. And get control of your camera!!! That hand-held shit is wearing seriously thin, when a modicum of attention to the craft of editing will elicit far more intense results than running around with a stedicam. Even Greengrass should lay off that crap, but he is the master of effective ‘blurred’ action. Not Branagh.

  40. Bitsko says:

    The franchise jumped the shark with “The Sum Of All Fears”, in which a nuclear attack by Muslim terrorists was changed to a nuclear attack by white neo-Nazis by Hollywood.

  41. Joel Emmett says:

    Stop naming your movies after the lead character’s name. Unless his name is “Indiana Jones,” these titles mean nothing, suggesting the movie itself is meaningless.

  42. Tim says:

    You may have found it entertaining but let’s not define it as a “Jack Ryan movie”. It really isn’t. The studio took a random screenplay and just plugged in the character names from the Jack Ryan series and changed the title.

  43. jhs39 says:

    Shadow Recruit was possibly the most entertaining Jack Ryan movie to date–the problem is that the character is pretty vanilla compared with James Bond on the one end of the spectrum and Jason Bourne on the other–there simply isn’t anything that really distinguishes the Jack Ryan character from more successful movie spy franchises.

    • Matt says:

      Patriot Games is far better than Shadow Recruit, and Hunt For Red October is one of the greatest spy/adventure flicks ever made – thank you McTiernan!

  44. I’ve never felt compelled to watch any of the Jack Ryan movies without Harrison Ford. I have zero interest in Sum of All Fears. I’m just not all that into Ben Affleck. Chris Pine has yet to prove himself to me. Even JJ Abrams decided Uhura was more into Spock and so am I.

  45. Crystal Ilsley says:

    Dude, your Jack Ryan was right up there with Harrison Ford!! I have watched Shadow Recruit about 100 times, no exaggeration.

  46. Edward says:

    Dear Chris Pine,

    thank you for breaking our cinematic spines with your lackluster performances. We’re stil reeling from it. One of us goes into hiding as of now, the other one had to remove a pompous yokel recently – maybe a recovery is possible, despite your presence. We’ll see in 2016. Next time you don’t feel a role, don’t listen to your agents. Do the right thing and skip it.

    Kind regards,
    Jack Ryan & James Tiberius Kirk

    • Derp says:

      Dear Edward,

      I have some homework for you. Go home and rent the movie “Stretch” and then tell me Chris Pine is a bad actor. It’s funny to me when the uneducated make silly remarks about what they know not of. I look forward to watching Pine in a multitude of great films to come in 2015 & beyond.

      Kindest Regards,

    • Chris says:

      Dear writer,

      Thank you for being dumb enough to assume that the lack of box office in Shadow Recruit had anything to do with his performance which, by the way, got good reviews. I’d also like to assume that since you are both Jack Ryan and James Tiberius Kirk that you’re a Comic-Con geek that likely only gets laid when his mom’s decided to open her legs for him,

  47. Traciwinz says:

    Never understood why they didn’t run w sum of all fears cast in more movies. I found that one to be excellent. So was clear n present danger. Some not so good like the ira one.

  48. Tim says:

    It was really no surprise. As a fan who read the entire book series and boycotted this latest incarnation due to its bastardizatiom of the source material, I never expected it to be a successful film. From what I understand, the storyline itself was supposed to be an entirely different film that the studio just decided to plug in some Tom Clancy character names into. Talk about a lack of respect for a successful and respected author!

    If the studio were serious, there are several books that can be adapted. It can be started fresh with a long term plan for a real franchise. They could be faithful and tell the right stories in the timeframe in which they occurred, or adapt them for a modern vision.

    Is it really that hard, Hollywood?

  49. tony says:

    It didn’t make money and the lead actor didn’t think they got it right. And you call it “rejuvinated”.

    Glad you’re not doctors.

    • Tim says:

      That one got me as well. I would like to think the article’s author is just lazy and has no editor. Two blatant mistakes over a few short paragraphs. Eek. Rejuvenated? No, just revisited. And badly.

  50. rocky-o says:

    sounds like chris ain’t takin’ any blame himself…i got nothin’ against the guy, but he stunk up a few other films, including the ‘star trek’ reboots (which granted, weren’t all his fault…there’s plenty of blame to go around in those hot messes…)…but pine always kinda reminded me of a ‘tony dinozzo’ light…(and that ain’t sayin’ much)…maybe he should head on over to NCIS as tony’s cousin or something…maybe he’ll have better luck witht the small screen…he might actually be really good in that setting…oh yea…and…by the way…as far as the 4 other jack ryan films, ya’ forgot ‘clear and present danger’…

    • Gustavo H.R. says:

      I don’t know if you know, but both Star Trek movies were hits and a third one is coming in 2016. No hot mess to speak of.

      • Tim says:

        Every one of us here is a critic. Every one of us has an opinion. Some of us just get paid to share them. I’m sure your opinions have disagreed with those professional critics more than once. Mine have.

        Both those movies are so riddled with plot holes so large that The Enterprise itself could fly right through them.

      • Chris says:

        Okay Tim. So box office doesn’t negate the possibility of a hot mess. I guess that’s true. But what of the fact that both of them scored well with the critics too?

      • Tim says:

        Being a financial success does not negate the possibility of being a hot mess. It happens often with big, fluffy popcorn movies. No matter how much money they made, they’re bith pretty bad. Ironically, also made by the same studio that has produced an entire series of big, fluffy popcorn hot mess movies called the Transformers franchise.

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