Chris Evans Needs Help With the Title of His Directorial Debut

Chris Evans Danielle Levitt Captain America
Danielle Levitt for Variety

His directorial debut '1:30: Train' won't be called that

Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is expected to rake in record dollars at the box office this weekend, but star Chris Evans still needs your help. He’s looking for a better title for his directorial debut, tentatively called “1:30 Train,” a placeholder name that he doesn’t like.

Evans describes the film as a cousin to Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunset”– it tells the story of a young woman (Alice Eve) who misses her train home and spends the night talking to a stranger (Evans) at Grand Central Terminal. He recently finished editing the movie-not-called “1:30 Train,” and expects that it will enter the festival circuit next year.

“I got to think of a new title,” Evans told Variety last month, during an interview at his house in the Hollywood Hills. “Any ideas?” Here are some deal-breakers: he absolutely doesn’t want the new name to include the words night, city or strangers. “I just read this one script that I loved called ‘The Amazing Adventures of the Monogamous Duck,’ the best title ever.”

Evans speaks from experience when it comes to the tricky practice of naming a movie, and how a bad title can poison box office. He opposed calling his 2011 medical drama “Puncture.”

“‘Puncture’ was initially called ‘Safety Point,’ and they wanted to change the title,” Evans says. “They had a list of them and one was ‘Puncture.’ I was like do not name it fucking ‘Puncture!’ That’s like calling ‘Cellular,’ ‘Cellular,'” he says of his 2004 cell-phone thriller with Kim Basinger. “I like titles that aren’t necessarily on the nose. One of the titles for ‘Puncture’ was ‘Noble Rot.’ It’s a great fucking title.”

What should Evans call “1:30 Train”? Leave your suggestions below, and we’ll pass them along.

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  1. Becky Lynn Hainer says:

    I see Kismet has already been offered! I do love it and can’t wait to see it! Best of luck Chris!

  2. Becky Lynn Hainer says:

    Hello, I hope its not to late to help with a new title for One Thirty Train. I love the title Kismet! Tells just a bit about the story, but not to much. I can’t think of another title with that name either. Kismet, is it fate or fortune?


    Becky Lynn Hainer

  3. Evelyn says:

    How about
    2 soul intertwine,
    Find my soulmate,
    It just happened unexspectual,
    Not looking but found my soul, happy misshap
    heart, love, souls forever
    Just to name a few.

  4. Alyna says:

    “Robbed and late, but not alone”
    “Late enough for romance”
    I don’t know maybe I’ll think of something good (probably not) because these are kinda corny but kinda (?) cute.

  5. csthemoment says:

    I’d call it “Serendipity” – it means happy accident and it’s a brilliant word!

  6. Anam says:

    How about “When We Met” or “Started With A Kiss”

  7. Judy says:

    How about something like this: euphoric encounters with danger

  8. Crystal Dombeck says:

    I love titles to be random, and part of a deeper meaning.
    I came up with

    “The Reasons Why”

    I ,personally, strongly believe that in life everything happens for a reason. Every little second counts to how our future may or may not turn out. With this title its explaining that the incident of the girl missing her train and having to talk with a stranger all night, is ONE of the reasons why things happen a certain way. Her meeting this stranger IS the reason why she was late. … Everything happens for a reason.

  9. roosaponi says:

    “Time Between”

  10. Mary Ann says:

    “From This Night On” or “From Now On”

  11. Call it waiting on chance

  12. Lollar says:

    “Railway Instrumental” … Those familiar with the plot will get the word play.

  13. Andrea says:

    Consequences of Being Late

  14. Natalie says:

    Half Past One


    Charmed at Central (I’ve already posted this one.. oh well!)

    I hope I helped a little!

  15. Liz says:

    “Someplace Like This”

    “Somewhere We Could Stay”

    “That Familiar Distance”

    or maybe

    “Find Me At The Gate”

  16. Angelo says:

    How about “First Train to Arrive in the Morning” or “The Memorable Night” or “The man I met That Night”

    I’m sorry, i’m not that good with movie names, HAHAHA

  17. Aris Parker says:

    For Mister Chris Evans….

    “One Day, Two Weeks and Three Hours before the Big Hand Struck after Five”

    Here’s wishing u much success!

  18. Natalie says:

    Charmed at Central?

    What about, “New York to Boston”? Like, yes that’s what it’s sort of about, but doesn’t delve into anything that’s going to happen. Simple, but intriguing.

    Best of luck!

  19. Desi Singh says:

    The same conditions apply as in my first reply/comment/post, regarding any remuneration going to my favorite charity… My daughter!

    ‘Splendid Hours’ or ‘Splendid Are These Moments’ or ‘Splendid Moments’ or ‘Splendid Are These Hours’ or “A Splendid Love’ or ‘The Splendid Hours’ or ‘These Splendid Hours’ or ‘The Splendid moments’ or ‘These Splendid Moments’

  20. EK says:

    Chance Encounter in Grand Central

    Late Night Encounter

    The Train Station

    Missing the 1:30

    On The Way Home

  21. Lorelei M.R. says:

    Fate and Leather Seats.

  22. The Grand Central Conversation

  23. ferees says:

    “A Tube Steak Before Leaving”

  24. Katharine Yee says:

    Lately, It’s You
    Grand Central Love

  25. A fork in the tracks

  26. The Road Less Traveled

  27. The Early Bird Catches The Word

  28. Desi Singh says:

    ‘The Time We Spent Together’

  29. Kat says:

    Why not just “One Thirty”?

  30. rocky-o says:

    title suggestion…”rate of exchange”…

  31. Desi Singh says:

    Coming up with movie titles is one of the things I do for a living. So if you use one of mine I would very much appreciate a donation to my favorite charity… My daughter! Whom I Love with all my heart.

    Well there you go! That’s my first title!

    ‘Whom I Love with all my heart’ or ‘The Girl I Love with all my heart’ or ‘The Girl I Fell In Love With’ or ‘The Providence of Love’ or ‘You fulfill Me’ or ‘You Complete Me’ or ‘Happy to Meet You’ or ‘Love by Chance’ or ‘When The Morning Comes’ or ‘Waiting for the Morning Train’ or ‘When My train Arrives’ or ‘When The Train Arrives’ Or ‘Till The Train Arrives’ or ‘The Last Train Out’ or ‘Love Station No.9’ or ‘The Pick Up Line’ or ‘Hearts In Motion’ or ‘Two Souls Joined’ or ‘When People Meet’ or ‘When Lovers Meet’ or ‘When Two Hearts Meet’ or ‘A Simple Love Story’ or ‘All Aboard The Love Train’ or ‘Time Enough For Love’ or ‘Love Maybe’ or ‘Love Till The Morning Comes’ or ‘Love & Other Happy Accidents’ or ‘Lovely Acquaintances’ or ‘Captivating’ ‘I Lost My Heart In Grand Central.’ or ‘It’s 3 A.M. in the Morning’ Or ‘I Could Go On Forever.’

    No really, it’s 3 A.M. in the morning, and I could go on forever coming up with movies titles, but I have to get some rest now. So if Chris likes any of my titles or would like to hear more, please have him contact me.

  32. brou says:

    Waiting for it

  33. Jenny Lee says:

    “The Crossing”
    “The Conductor”
    “Conducting (main character’s name)”
    “Crossing (day/month/time)”
    “Almost Aboard”
    “The stories of a passenger bench”
    “Trains, clocks, and passenger stops”
    “Constructive Placement” (When, due to some disability on the part of the consignor or consignee, a car cannot be placed for loading or unloading, it is considered as being under Constructive Placement and is subject to demurrage rules and charges, the same as if it was actually placed.
    “Switching Order” (switch order: A order to move a car from one place to another within switching limits.

    That’s about all I have. :) Good luck!

  34. Richard Skomurski says:

    “Tracks of Fate”

    “A Missed Blessing”

    “A Terminal Encounter”

  35. Sharlene Moredo says:

    “Stillness” it’s about being in the now.

  36. Kelli says:

    “The Rest of the Way Home”, “On My Way Home”, “Fate: A Fool’s Name for Chance” OR “Perihelion” (the latter is the point where a planet in orbit comes the closest to the Sun). Just a thought.

  37. Maybe call the film “A Grand Central Conversation” or maybe “Terminal Love”. Just my two cents. Best of luck with the film Mr. Evans.

  38. Jacob Miller says:

    Fate Train
    Missing Fate
    The Miss of a Lifetime
    The Miss that brought Smiles

    You are welcome Mr. Evans. Please feel free to contact me with money and friendship offerings.

  39. CPS says:

    Maybe just add “The” to the title. “The 1:30 Train” or “The One Thirty Train.” Something simple, yet “The” makes it emphasize everything about it: that train, the consequences of missing it, and what can come from it all, just because of this one specific thing not going along with the plan. Good luck Mr. Evans.

  40. Joanna says:

    How about calling the new film: The Missing ? – since you said he said the film is about a girl who misses her train & ends up talking with Chris’s character all night instead ? It would intice people to see it because of the title.. & would make them think maybe its a thriller since the name of it would be: The Missing .. however once the folks would see it they’d realize it’s a life experience instead .. which I’m certain we’ve all had where we probably have missed a ride or a bus or a train some where before ..

  41. Andrew Moss says:

    In case you void it out for transit for train i mean it in the sense of passing over crossing through to something new as simple to see the beauty in the moment of time twilight As state of ambiguity or period of growth.

  42. Kimberly Kordana says:

    Not that bad

  43. Kimberly Kordana says:

    Pick up

  44. Kimberly Kordana says:

    Catch the next one

  45. Andrew Moss says:

    Transit in(to) Twilight

  46. Kimberly Kordana says:

    Nothing expected

  47. Kimberly Kordana says:

    Do I know you from somewhere?


    Have we met?

  48. James Timperley says:

    Til Dawn, A gift of time and chance, Gift from a stranger, Little did we know, A walk of chance and love, A glance a smile a walk, Something in your eyes, A gift of time(and love), Not looking for love, A gift of time, When did we know, When time became love, Our time begins, Time becomes love, Our time(Peter Hyams movie), Two people(Robert Wise movie) Gift of time and love, The two of us

  49. Eve LeRoi says:

    TIME TRAIN 1:30

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