Charlie Hunnam Opens Up About ‘50 Shades of Grey’: ‘It’s Heartbreaking’

Charlie Hunnam 50 Shades of Grey
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Plenty of Charlie Hunnam fans were broken up about his dropping out of the lead role of “50 Shades of Grey” last year — and apparently, so was he.

Hunnam is now talking about the role he left behind, calling the decision to drop out of the adaptation of E.L. James’ best-seller “heartbreaking.”

“I felt like I had an interesting take on that character and felt like I could have done a good job of playing Christian Grey, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it on in the first place,” he told Life & Style over the weekend. “When you put the time into something like that and a character comes alive in your mind, it’s heartbreaking not to be able to play him […] It was definitely kind of heartbreaking having to say goodbye to that character and not bring it to life.”

The “Sons of Anarchy” star was set to play billionaire heartthrob Christian Grey, but dropped out of the pic last October. Universal, who is producing “50 Shades of Grey,” said the exit was due to scheduling conflicts with FX drama “Sons of Anarchy” and upcoming movie “Crimson Peak.”

Irish actor Jamie Dornan was tapped to take his place two weeks later. He will star alongside Dakota Johnson, who will play Anastasia Steele. Despite his heartbreak, Hunnam is open to see Dornan’s portrayal of the character.

“If they invite me to the premiere, I will go and see it there,” he said. “If not, I’ll go and buy some tickets on opening night.”

“50 Shades of Grey” is set to bow Feb. 13, 2015.

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  1. karadin says:

    You probably dodged a bullet Charlie!

  2. Keith Diggs says:

    So we are supposed to believe that he took the lead role in a movie without either him or his AGENTS knowing what his filming schedule was for the show he’s starred in for years or what the start date on his other movie was. Gotcha.

    • Kaleigh says:

      No, I believe as an actor, you pick up many offers that might be given to you, or you go on several auditions in the hopes you’ll get just one. Also, dates get moved around all the time depending on many different factors, and sometimes even re-shoots are needed months later. So you may think you have plenty of time available to start one thing, when all of a sudden the one you’ve already completely committed to changes. Hollywood isn’t exactly a well oiled machine, it’s kind of like any other business. Maybe even less organized.

  3. Vin says:

    Its a shame Jamie Dornan doesn’t have that Ian Sommerhalder piercing look.

  4. Joe Cocker says:

    What a lightweight story. Absolutely nothing new to say….

  5. Gwen says:

    It has worked out for the best. Charlie is handsome but not really the right look or physique for Christian. When somebody walks away, it’s for the best, especially in an artistic scenario.

  6. Mims says:

    Bahaha. Of course he can’t say what really happened: he picked up the book, read a few chapters in and realised he’d be flushing his career down the toilet by playing a psychopathic abusive douchebag, so ditched the project so fast he left a dust cloud and a Charlie Hunnam-shaped hole in the wall. You’re better off out of it, mate.

  7. preetybird says:

    I think he’s just being nice. He can’t very well be like “Uh I didn’t want to do it anymore because all the fans were too crazy! But please, producers out there think of me for your next movies!” I’m glad he didn’t do it. I’ll be interested to see what kinds of roles he picks after SOA.

  8. Michelle Farley says:

    I also believe it was fangirl backlash, I mean they signed a petition saying he’s ugly and what not! I personally love charlie and would’ve actually paid to see that stupid piece of horny housewife drivel if he was actually on it now however I’ll pass not worth my time or money!! Can’t wait for the new season of sons and more charlie!!

  9. Benedict Johnson says:

    I thought he left the project because of the fangirl backlash.

  10. ariadna ligorria says:

    Awwwwww Charlie and why the hell you left it?

  11. Deborah Brewster says:

    ive been waiting for this movie for a long time but if i had to wait for another year just so they put charlie in the movie i would!!!!! love you charlie there well be other movies but dont make this happen a second time!!

  12. Candie Messenger says:

    Wish it could have worked out for Charlie to play the role. Much better fit then the one who is filming it…He said he didn’t even enjoy filming it so what will the other to look like…Again wish Charlie could have stayed….

  13. Brenda Cardona says:

    I really believe YOU would have been awesome.

  14. Debbie O'brien says:

    Henry cavall would make the perfect Christian Grey

  15. David says:

    Charlie may be the only actor in Hollywood who does not want to be famous.

  16. shawna says:

    Travis Fimmel (Vikings) should play Mr.Grey if they chose NOT to wait for Mr.Hunnam… I’m not diggin Jamie Dornan… I’d wait if it were my Book…

  17. Charlie is wonderful in every role I’ve seen him in. He is too good for that movie although I’d have been interested to see what he could’ve done with the role

  18. peter says:

    I’d go to see it only if Charlie Hunnam were in it. He was awesome in PACIFIC RIM, a very well done film.

  19. He’s being polite. You know really he’s thinking, “Man, dodged a bullet there!” when it comes to that crapfest.

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