CANNES: Robert Pattinson Talks Up New Project, Fest Films (EXCLUSIVE)

Cannes audiences have not one but two chances to swoon over Robert Pattinson.

The actor known for his role as Edward Cullen in the blockbuster vampire-franchise “Twilight” arrived on the Croisette in need of a hit. And may in fact leave the festival with new blood coursing through his career.

Pattinson earned some of his best reviews yet for “The Rover,” the Australian action film directed by David Michod that opened out-of-competition on Sunday night. He also had strong buzz going into today’s competition debut of “Maps to the Stars,” a drama directed by David Cronenberg.

“He’s incredibly respectful,” Pattinson told Variety, saying he would love to collaborate with Cronenberg again. The two first worked together on 2012’s “Cosmopolis,” which underperformed at the U.S. box office. His other post-“Twilight” misfires include 2012’s “Bel Ami” and 2010’s “Remember Me.”

At the Vanity Fair party on Saturday night at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Pattinson said he’s getting ready to shoot actor Brady Corbet’s directorial debut, “The Childhood of a Leader.” He added that “Brady is just brilliant.”

And Pattinson revealed that he’s been talking to “Spring Breakers” director Harmony Korine about starring in one of his upcoming projects, although the details haven’t been worked out yet.

Pattinson acknowledged the role that made him an international superstar came as a complete surprise.

“No one thought it was going to be a big deal,” Pattinson said of the 2008 vampire movie. “We thought it was going to be like ‘Thirteen,’ ” he said, referencing the directorial debut of Catherine Hardwicke.

“I couldn’t do another ‘Twilight’ movie,” said Pattinson, who is 28. “I’m too old.”

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  1. marmeladexxx says:

    What about The Lost City of Z. With Grey and Cumberbatch?

  2. Alex says:

    I guess you didn’t learn your lesson from last week. Remember Me made a profit. It did not under perform. Show me anything where it was predicted to be a blockbuster. It was a coming of age family drama with an ending that a lot of critics spoiled before the film even opened.

    Considering all that, the FACT that it made a profit at all should be celebrated, not disrespected as “under performing.”

    Too bad you didn’t stick to the facts, and mention that Pattinson had two films outside of the Twilight franchise that did show profits, Remember Me and Water For Elephants.

    And I’ll also wait to see where Cosmopolis was expected to do great box office. It was a difficult intellectual film, adapted from an unpopular book. No one expected it to be a pop corn movie. The fact that it got made at all is the salient point, not that it didn’t make a lot of money. It was a critical success, it’s fresh on RT.

    The directors of Bel Ami said they had the script in development for 8 years before Pattinson became attached. It was one of his favorite books and that’s why he wanted to do it. Again, unless he had shown an interest, it never even would have been made. And since when are period costume dramas with unlikable main characters famous for being big hit moneymakers? Remember Cherie, Madame Bovary, Isadora, Edge of Love, House of Mirth, A Dangerous Method, Anna Karenina, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Painted Veil, The Young Victoria? They all under performed, too, like the majority of period dramas.

  3. caroline says:

    this article is a bit negative that does´n mean is not true, first to the less respectful fans, stewart is not mentioned here, so the comment below is immature, second , he in fact had a role in twilight , if it wasn´t for that role, I am sorry he wouldn´t be known, and it allowed finacially to search different projects now , even if twilight was not a great movie people should not forget that.

    cosmopolis, bel ami did flop at BO, but most indies do that it does´t mean they are bad movies. Remember me is a different type because it wasn´t an indie movie, but it didn´t actually flop but it wasn´t a smashing hit either

  4. Guest says:

    Why two versions of the same interview? One with a negative slant and one positive. Pretty sad that Variety and their writer would stoop to this for hits. God, the state of so-called journalism today. Sad games. Even entertainment news should be treated as news with integrity and professionalism.

  5. gabii says:

    you just ripped Pattinson in pieces , now after he gets nothing than praise you try changing your tune about you forget that he ever played in Twatlight and ever was with Screwart and give credit to a very talented young actor. Don’t get writers who dig in the past like there is nothing in the furure

    • Sky says:

      Robert Pattinson fans need constant validation in the form of putting down Stewart, who wasn’t even mentioned in this article. Completely immature of Pattinson’s fans. Maybe his other films didn’t need to be mentioned here, but yes Cosmopolis and Bel Ami underperformed.

      • Lans says:

        But why mention Stewart at all? She’s not even remotely alluded to in the interview but I scroll down to the comments and up pops her name in a (surprise, surprise) derogatory fashion. You fans need to grow up.

        Listen. Pattinson can win 200 Oscars between now and the day he dies but until then, he will always be primarily known as Edward Cullen. Just like Leo Dicaprio is known as Jack from Titanic. Edward is the role that pushed him to the spotlight and revived his fledgling career so that YOU can continue watching the movies he films. Both his fans and him need to stop downplaying that aspect of his career and stop pretending that he got to where is all on his own without the help of a massive franchise. Whether he likes it or not, he owes his entire career to Twilight.

      • Sky says:

        I didn’t know that published articles were only for fans. I thought this was Variety not a fan site.

        Bel Ami and Cosmopolis did underperform as neither were able to recoup their budgets. But honestly its not that big of deal in my book if a couple of movies in an actor’s career aren’t great box office successes. It happens to the best of them.

        Time to let go of the past and move on, someone should take their own advice and move on from something that happened in Stewart’s past. And again there is no reason to talk about her here.

      • Madison says:

        No, they didn’t “under perform.” To have under performed, they would have needed to be expected to do very well, and that was never an expectation.

        And if you aren’t a fan of Pattinson’s, why are you even reading this article and commenting on it? Time to let go of the past and move on, and that means not focusing on someone you don’t even like. “Putting down Stewart” is not the exclusive domain of Pattinson fans. She told the whole world what kind of person she was in her apology for having an affair with Rupert Sanders. I doubt that gained her any new fans.

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