Bryan Singer’s Accuser Drops Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

The sexual abuse suit against Bryan Singer has been dropped by accuser Michael Egan, four months after the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” director was accused of abusing Egan when he was a minor in the late 1990s.

A federal judge in Hawaii, where the case was filed, granted Egan’s motion for voluntary dismissal Wednesday.

Egan had previously dropped his sexual abuse lawsuits against former Disney executive David Neuman and former TV exec Garth Ancier. He had been representing himself in his filing of a motion to dismiss the claim against Singer.

Egan was left without counsel after his attorney, Jeff Herman, announced on July 29 that he was seeking to withdraw from the case, saying that relations with his client had “deteriorated.” Mark Gallagher, retained to represent Egan in Hawaii, also asked to be removed from the case.

On Aug. 6 a federal judge granted their requests to withdraw.

Herman, who staged several high-profile news conferences in April, withdrew from the case shortly after a Buzzfeed report that he and Singer’s lawyer, Martin Singer, had agreed to settle the lawsuit for $100,000 but Egan refused.

Herman’s firm filed one other suit against Singer — by an unidentified British plaintiff — but that case was voluntarily withdrawn in July.

In a statement to Variety last month, Martin Singer (no relation to Bryan Singer) said that “Bryan and his team will continue to fight to clear his name and intend to pursue charges of malicious prosecution against Egan.” He called Egan and Herman’s case “an attempted shakedown of Bryan Singer.”

Ancier filed a malicious prosecution suit in June against Egan and Herman.

Egan made four claims in each suit — intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery and invasion of privacy by unreasonable intrusion. Each of the suits recounts in explicit detail the sexual acts that allegedly took place between Egan and each of the men.

The Egan suits were filed in federal court in Hawaii, which had an April 24 cutoff date for old sex abuse cases to be filed under a two-year window established by the state legislature, which temporarily suspended the statute of limitations in civil sex abuse cases.


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  1. gene says:

    you know vwat they slay— vwat happened in hollyshood sures stays tuned in hollyshood- if ze price is right dat is what it is— just ask old bob barker who did one or two or three or four or a lot more these tricks in hisis time

  2. Laurie66bay says:

    Someone wrote a big check. lol

  3. Wil says:

    From the scant details given it seems likely the guys attorneys didn’t think he could win and wanted a small keep silent payout that would compensate them for their time but Egan wouldn’t go for it. Lawyers decided there wasn’t any money in it and I’m sure Singer’s team was keeping them on their toes requiring lots of time to be logged against the case. Since client is sticking to guns they decided to withdraw.

  4. Hapscan says:

    The more liberal the website, the more strict the censorship. Proves once again that liberals are tolerant of everything…..that they agree with. Hypocrites of the highest order. Moral & truth relativists. A disease of pandemic proportions. West Coast Headquarters: Hollywood. East Coast Headquarters: D.C.

  5. Michael Johnson says:

    Of course. the character assassination has already been accomplished.

  6. iambicpentamaster says:

    “A federal judge in Hawaii, where the case was filed, granted Egan’s motion for motion [sic] for voluntary dismissal Wednesday.”

    Variety needs an editor for to edit, but still can’t afford me.

  7. Hapscan says:

    Hush $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  8. Grizz Mann says:

    Sometimes you wonder what happened to innocent until proven guilty? NAUT!

    • Alex says:

      These claims are relatively easy to make and can destroy an innocent person’s reputation for life. If a false claim is found to be filed, then the claimant needs to be held to account, possibly thrown in jail and made to pay for the damaged caused.

  9. Marie says:

    Singer lawyer said that he had submitted information that proves Bryan was innocent and that he would move to have the charges dismissed.

    Instead he offered Egans lawyer money to settle the case. And, now he’s saying that he going to sue Egan to get his client reputation back. But if Bryan is innocent why didn’t he move to have the charges dismissed the first time instead offering money like he said he would?

    The judge did not dismiss the case for lack of facts nor did she do it on Singers motion.

    Variety conveniently left out that if Egan want to refile his case once he retain counsel again he must file a motion to dismiss without prejudice and that is what he did.


    Egan, didn’t settle for the money he wanted justice and his attorneys only wanted a payday.

    In my opinion, this imakes Singer look more guilty than he did in the beginning no less. Egan is not dropping his charges against these men!

    Singers career is still in jeopardy because whoever hires him will still have to deal with this lawsuit looming and the possibly of others and he’s a high risk for insurance purposes.

    Singer must clear his name for work in the industry and not the public sphere, IMO.

  10. Steve Kane says:

    Unfortunately, when mud is slung some of it sticks even if the accuser is proven to be a liar. Many people will not get the message that Singer and the others were wrongfully accused. Of course, the media look for the biggest play they can get and do not care very much about the truth of the charges. These people are innocent, but it is important to remember that children remain vulnerable in the entertainment business.

  11. Political Correctness is Dead says:

    So after all that, we can all conclude that Michael Egan is nothing special other than a childish whiner and liar, who is used to getting his way, but didn’t this time. Hollywood should ban him from working in movies and television ever again.

    • Aren’t Brian Singer and Garth Ancier openly gay? If not that’s why they were targets of the litigation and they should come on out. The leverage of outing is a weapon the litigant hoped to use. If that’s true he’s got the wrong town and the wrong decade I’m afraid. The defendants have effective lawyers — aggressive, expensive, experienced, amoral (immoral’s even better) and plain mean — all the attributes that make a litigator successful. Shakespeare was so wrong to say first thing we do is kill all the lawyers. That wouldn’t be legal, after all. And just as in Islam there must be some good ones buried in the pile of miscreants. However the case ultimate comes resolves, it’s a bit like choosing factions in fractious Syria, hard to find a side to root for. Hollywood’s a whorehouse, and it always has been — as if you wastrels didn’t know. The stories of the sexual exploits and exploitations of our town’s top players are legendary. Where is Kenneth Anger when he’s needed most? Oh, his offspring are at TMZ I’m told. Remember Hollywood Babylon? Babylon my butt. Try Hollywood Gomorrah, Sodom by the Sea. Having said that, I’m getting worried about the big one coming on they way they always say it will. And that would be unfortunate for all — except attorneys who litigate against insurance companies. In the wake of all disasters there are always those who profit. Well, as it’s written in the third grade manual of sex education, onward and upward. .

  12. Realist says:

    It’s comments like this that make me pray to God that Bryan Singer sues this scumbag into oblivion. He was obviously innocent and this was nothing more than a cash grab from a morally empty sub-human. How you can accuse someone of such terrible things and cause irreparable damage to someone’s image is baffling to me. People like this sicko are screwed up in the head.

    • Marie says:

      You have ABSOLUTELY, no reasoning skills. Egan dismiss the case UNTIL he could retain another lawyer not because his case had no merit!

  13. Htos1 says:

    So, did the shakedown/plan work?

  14. Jacques Strappe says:

    How many men is Egan accusing or has he accused? If he is just so desirable to gay Hollywood men in power that everyone is lining up to have sex with him why would he repeatedly place himself in these precarious situations? Where were his parents? Pedophilia is as heinous a crime as they come but we have to respect the legal system in this country and the innocent until proven guilty protection it affords because it’s the only system we have in place, however imperfect it might be. I’m not defending Bryan Singer,either. I know absolutely nothing about the personal life of Mr. Singer other than he is openly gay. Everything I read about him online appears to come from people who don’t personally know him but claim to know definitively what he does in private. Sometimes hearsay does indeed reflect reality or at least part of a reality….and sometimes, it is just malicious gossip intended to harm.

    • Kaviner says:

      Apparently you never read any of the story that Egan told. Doing some homework might benefit you if you intend to spew your opinions so freely. Do you not have children? Do they tell you everything? I bet not – especially embarrassing things, or things they feel shame or guilt over. Read the background and then come back and update us.

  15. Michael Anthony says:

    And what did u do to help? Did u call and offer your knowledge and testimony? Did you witness any abuse?
    We all know the answer. You’re just repeating gossip. You have no FACTS, because you can’t prove your statements.
    I’m a victim myself. I won my 7 figure case. I had the facts and didn’t need people like you who think they know what happened. Unless you were there and a real witness, you know nothing.

  16. fai harris says:

    how very sad for all…so sleazy and damaging to all…could it be $$$$$$$$$$

  17. Alleged. I heard you like to fondle donkey balls L. See, now allegedly you’re into molesting animals. Now because you’re not being prosecuted or paying me to say otherwise I can say you will just continue to molest donkeys. See how that works?

  18. therealeverton says:

    No, this is how REAL victims don’t come forward. The ruin of legitimate victims claims by money/fame seeking false accusers.

    People assuming guilt just because someone says a person is a rapist/paedophile,, rather than looking at the facts.

    Innocent until proven guilty…the accusers own statements contradicts his claims and people were not even in the country he said he/they were.

    • Realist says:

      @ChrisB Why don’t you show some proof of these parties you’ve been to before trying to spread hen house gossip and tarnish an innocent man’s reputation.

    • Realist says:

      Dude, just stfu and stop with the spreading of rumors. It’s beyond disgusting. Until you have any sort of proof, keep your hearsay to yourself. You sound like an old gossip.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Paramount employee, below: so, the whole town, including you, have been to these parties?? If so, should have been a slam dunk case. So, why isn’t it? Don’t answer it with another fanciful reply.
      It NEVER matters what theWHOLE town knows. Its what can be proven.
      And if u know so much, why didn’t u call Egans lawyer and offer testimony?

  19. therealeverton says:

    And the people who KNEW he was guilty until proven innocent say…

  20. BuckwheatsMomma says:

    They withdrew because it was a LIE!

  21. tlsnyder42 says:

    I wonder if Ray Donovan got to the man’s lawyers?

  22. Arron D says:

    Where’s your studies to back up your claim? It is salacious gossip like that that probably started the money train rolling in the young man’s eyes.

  23. Jacques Strappe says:

    It was also once widely known that the earth was flat, most recently that Obama is a Muslim and that death panels were part of Obamacare, so what’s you’re point? Did you also know that a far greater percentage of straight men are pedophiles than gay men?

  24. Erm76 says:

    You’re an idiot.

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