Bryan Singer Calls Sexual Abuse Allegations ‘Outrageous, Completely False’

Bryan Singer Calls Sexual Abuse Allegations

Responding to the sexual abuse allegations against him, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” director Bryan Singer has  called the accusations “outrageous, vicious and completely false.”

Singer also said that he will not participate in the promotional campaign for the upcoming Fox tentpole, due out May 23, to prevent the “fictitious claims” from diverting attention from the film.

The full statement, issued on Thursday, is below:

“The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false. I do not want these fictitious claims to divert ANY attention from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ This fantastic film is a labor of love and one of the greatest experiences of my career. So, out of respect to all of the extraordinary contributions from the incredibly talented actors and crew involved, I’ve decided not to participate in the upcoming media events for the film. However, I promise when this situation is over, the facts will show this to be the sick twisted shake down it is. I want to thank fans, friends and family for all their amazing and overwhelming support.”

Singer issued the statement eight days after the filing of a lawsuit in Hawaii federal court by Michael Egan, who alleged that he had been coerced into sex in California and Hawaii in 1998 and 1999. Egan claims he was 15 years old when Singer forcibly sodomized him; and that when he was 17, Singer forced him to inhale cocaine and later forced him to have oral and anal sex.

Egan also sued veteran executives Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard and David Neuman on Monday and made similar allegations — all of which have been emphatically denied by the execs.

Goddard’s attorney has noted that Egan was among the plaintiffs who filed a civil suit in 2000 against Michael Collins-Rector and others over alleged sexual abuse, in a case in which a default judgment was entered against the defendants, according to court records. Collins-Rector is described in Egan’s lawsuits as the resident of the Encino estate where wild parties were held in which underage boys were given drugs and alcohol and forced to perform sex with older men.

The Egan suits were filed in federal court in Hawaii, which has an April 24 cutoff date for old sex abuse cases to be filed under a two-year window established by the state legislature, which temporarily suspends the statute of limitations in civil sex abuse cases.

Egan made four claims against Singer and each of the three execs — intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery and invasion of privacy by unreasonable intrusion. Each of the suits recounts in explicit detail the sexual acts that took allegedly place between Egan and each of the men in Hawaii in 1999.

“Somebody has to stand up to these people,” said the 31-year-old Egan at a news conference Monday.

After Egan filed his suit against Singer on April 16, Singer bowed out of a scheduled appearance for Fox’s presentation of “Days of Future Past” set to be held at WonderCon a few days later. Writer-producer Simon Kinberg appeared at the event on behalf of the film.

Singer’s attorney Martin Singer (no relation) said last week that the claims against his client were “completely fabricated and announced that he would bring a claim of malicious prosecution against Egan and his attorney Jeff Herman “after we prevail.”

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  1. PETER says:

    Has any of the Bryan Singer pedophile scandal been on any of the evening entertainment TV shows–Mario Lopez, Billy Bush, Insider, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight? What the matter? Am I missing something?

  2. Johnny says:

    Wow. Now even my comments are getting removed from these threads. By the folks at Variety, I guess. I didn’t even name names. Trying to sway public opinion, are we?

  3. Pete says:

    If the guy is innocent why is he hiding behind his lawyer? If I was a famous director and was accused of this crime and was innocent I’d call for a press conference to dispute this and go on all the talk shows, show my face and dispel all of it…but you don’t see Singer doing that do you? He lets it out thru his publicist and his lawyer. I wonder why? It almost seems like he doesn’t have the guts to show his face? I wonder why?

  4. BillUSA says:

    I remember battling it out in the comment section of a Philadelphia sports website back when the Jerry Sandusky case was made public. My instinct then was the accusations were real and I feel the same way about these four recent defendants. I will say at this point (and admittedly without all the facts) I’m finding it hard to believe that it has taken Egan this long to make his claims public. I also wonder why this is being done just prior to the release of the latest X-Men installment. On the other hand, I can buy into the claim that the suppression of memories played a part as well as any intimidating factors. The only side I will take at this or any point is that if these allegations are proven to be true, then the book should be thrown at the perpetrators. My hope is that money and cronyism doesn’t help them escape the full extent of the justice system.

  5. Johnny says:

    I find it an interesting study to watch which comments on these various stories concerning the gay film community just disappear from view. People have second thoughts, I guess, about naming names, etc. Or, is there some censor deleting them??

  6. PETER says:

    Eric, obviously you don’t live here in West Hollywood, to say that your hunch is this is a big Hollywood problem. That’s an understatement. And it seems 20th Century Fox is already distancing itself from Bryan Singer to state early on that this is Bryan’s personal problem to deal with himself.

  7. JJ Tavron says:

    mr. singer….I just don’t believe you.

  8. Bill says:

    It says much about your bias against gays that you have already convicted a man for something you have no way of knowing the facts about simply because of his sexual orientation.

    (The ‘lust-filled’ thingy was HILARIOUS, though. Thanks for that.)

  9. Eric says:

    If the studio had any class or character, they would quickly distance themselves from Bryan Singer (at least for the moment). These allegations are very serious and shouldn’t be written off as some horny hormonal director having a little fun. If an A-list Director was being charged with raping young girls at Hollywood pool parties, the story would be taken VERY seriously. There shouldn’t be a double standard just because Singer and the accuser are gay. The truth will eventually sort itself out. In the meantime, Singer would be wise to stay quiet. If you’re telling the truth you don’t need to publicize it. He’s already looking like a desperate guilty man…..My hunch is that this is a big Hollywood problem and should come to light.

  10. nelson says:

    Bryan Singer suddenly afraid of the press tour ! I wonder what might be bothering him ! Good looking white young males ! This sound like a true Hollywood story !! If you ask me !

  11. Jack T says:

    Wouldn’t be really easy to find out if those execs and Singer were in Hawaii at that time. If not – case closed. If so – case open….

  12. PETER says:

    Wow, Susie, keep talkin’ and putting it out there!

  13. skiimaan says:

    If Singer is innocent, he should just call a press conference without any lawyer on his side to say this
    “Tie me to a polygraph or two, I will prove my innocence.”

  14. Suzie Fockface says:

    To the idiots who are based their idiotic opinions on the “fact” that Egan didn’t pursue this earlier really ought to quit embarrassing themselves and instead read up on the actual facts. Namely that he and his mother filed reports with the police, the FBI and other law enforcement people a long time ago but, as usually happens when a criminal act in Hollywood is involved, the reports were “lost” money exchanged hands. And the reason Egan kept going back is because he and his family were threatened at gunpoint. The only people who are attacking the victim and circling their wagons to protect the drug-giving, gang-raping pedos are clearly of the same persuasion as the drug-giving, gang-raping pedos.

    • Bill says:


      A person doesn’t get raped at a party and keep going back to the party. Over and over. And over.

      Only an idiot would believe that.

      • Putt says:

        I say the same thing; which 15 years old gets raped by strangers and keep going to the house in which he was raped and even from California to Hawaii. I just can’t see the sense in all of the claims. Also, were these men in hiding for Egan to be making waves when Singer is just about to release his movie? I am certain Egan has had sexual relationships with other men during the last 12 years…that to me does not speak to a person who was truly traumatised.

  15. PETER says:

    Keep talking, Laura, loud and clear, so everybody can hear the truth and stop their denial.

  16. Laura says:

    It’s about time these guys are caught. I work in the film business and a lot on people knew for a long time that this was going on as powerful agents and studio executives at parties got young guys drunk and gave them drugs and took advantage of them. It amazes me how everyone is shocked. Believe me there are a lot more people than these 3-4 guys. People in high positions in major talent agencies and studios that have been doing this for a very long time

    • Bill says:

      They do it to young actresses, too. Not just young actors. If you’re going to call it out, at least be honest about it. I’ve been in Hollywood for 20 years, and this is FAR more commonly happening to females.

      It’s how many of them become famous.

      This isn’t a gay thing. It;s not a straight thing.

      It’s a male thing. It;s a using position of power to get sex thing.

      Funny how you all only seem to give a crap about this kind of vile behavior when a gay person might be involved in it.

  17. Paramount Employee says:

    Wow. Three posts from guys who think child molesters shouldn’t be held responsible because too much time has passed. Clearly, none of you are fathers.

  18. To me, Michael Egan’s stories do not pass the smell test. This alleged molestation happened 16 years or so ago & suddenly his “suppressed memories” popped & exposed themselves just in time to hit the mother lode. Why didn’t he say something away back then instead of going back for more so many times for so many years from so many different men? This guy to me looks like a Hollywood wannabe-has been with a bad nose job whose dreams of fame & fortune were never realized so he decided to go after them in a more expedient way & a bigger potential pay off. His mother’s hysterical but less than convincing performance before the TV cameras makes be think that she too has been practicing for her acting debut in pursuit of the big bucks. Such hysteria after so many years looks manufactured at best. This scenario is an occupational hazard for studio executives & producers & directors & many actors. I have a feeling that in he final analysis, the roles of accuser & accused will be reversed. If I’m wrong, I’ll be back to eat my words, although an out of court nuisance settlement won’t count because it would prove nothing for either side.

    • Putt says:

      I totally agree with your analysis. Whether you are an adult or a child a sexual abuse is a serious crime against a person, and should be treated with utmost respect. But in the case of Egan who clearly allowed himself to be involved in sex and drugs with older men FOR FAME AND FORTUNE makes his charges border on the line of a failed actor being bitter because he did not get the promised prize for sex. It is sad, because if such is the case, it makes light of those persons who actually suffered sexual abuse.

  19. Michael Anthony says:

    Egans suit should be tossed. If he knew 14 years ago that he was being abused, enough to join the other suit, he should have sued Singer then. Why the 14 year gap? And if all if this is true, and the police and FBI ignored them, why did they remain silent? The mother should have at least pressed on then.
    Toss the suit. It’s this long wait, when the party already knows what abuse is, US why many states are clamping down on statute of limitations. He knew he was abused by the other man and joined the 2000 suit. He shouldn’t be given a 14 year “pass” to file suit now.

  20. PETER says:

    Maybe he should have thought of this many years ago.

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