Box Office Mojo Site Disappears Into IMDb

box office mojo has vanished with the site redirecting to’s IMDb.

The Box Office Mojo site was acquired by Amazon in late 2008. Reps for  Amazon were not immediately available for comment.

The free Box Office Mojo site was widely used by the movie industry for up-to-date box office results along with historical data and release dates of upcoming titles. It was founded in 1999 by Brandon Gray.

When Box Office Mojo was acquired in 2008, it was operated in a Los Angeles office by Gray and Sean Saulsbury.

IMDb provides cursory coverage of box office data, leaving out such information as the specific distributor, the number of theaters and international grosses. Its subscription-based IMDb Pro subscription site has slightly more information.

UPDATE at 7:45 pm PDT Saturday — Without explanation, the Box Office Mojo site returned.


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  1. It seems that all is well. The site is back up again.

  2. zack the movie critic says:

    It’s back, woo hoo

  3. stylinred says:

    What a horrible site to lose not only did boxofficemojo provide those in the industry with vital information but it provided movie fans such great insight and enjoyment!

  4. Michaele says:

    Amazon and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decision.

  5. Sam E. says:

    The site had been having problems for a couple of days my guess is it will be up again sometime in the next few days.

  6. I suspect that everything currently free on Box Office Mojo – other then the daily overview chart – will soon be hidden behind the IMDbPro pay wall.

  7. curte says:

    the numbers is good, but the international numbers there are a little spotty

  8. Shawn says:

    Just goes to show you how big corporations want to take away freedom of information from people. People who spend money at the movies make box office happen therefore have the right to know where the money is. Box Office Mojo is the best site ever so stpo dickin around and get it back online.

  9. Daryl Stovall says:

    Well this sucks! I’m gonna miss their Indices data and their ALL TIME B.O. charts.

  10. joe says:

    I’m done with this site.

  11. Rick says:

    jua plain dumb..once again big corporation dosen’t recognize what made a site or business special..l

  12. This is a major letdown. I can not believe that they would do this. I visit this site once every couple days. Why? What are they replacing it with? This is the stupidest move i’ve seen since madden football became the only football game in town… I stopped playing after that btw, i simply wouldn’t convert(nfl2k5 was and will always be the best). This is a bad move. bad bad bad move. shame on amazon. i’m done.

  13. wes says:

    This is absolutely ABSURD! I’ve relied on BOM for years as the BEST movie database. what a loss and what a disgrace. I’ve removed this dumbass now IMDB from my toolbar. Nice going Amazon.

  14. Andrew says:

    That’s really disappointing. I visited BOM every day and really enjoyed the analysts’ discussion, not just the raw numbers. I guess there’s no money to be made in it, just a place for movie fans to go… And a massive corporation like amazon isn’t interested in that.

  15. Wilco says:

    I miss the old box office site. It had much more detailed information. I want it back!

  16. N.G. says:

    This BLOWS!!! I want the original back. I was a frequent visitor to BOM. Horrible move amazon. I will boycott.

  17. Bill says:

    The site blows now… Bring back the original or we riot!

  18. This was a very bad decision!! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Of course what IMDB is doing is making the change to MAKE you PAY for the level of content and formatted information found on the late Box Office Mojo (R.I.P.). I will really miss this site. is an option that has the basic chart info but nowhere near the level of quality formatting and tracking analysis. I guess this is where the Internet is headed . . .

  19. Boo!!! I went to Box Office Mojo everyday! I never go to IMDB and don’t plan on it. Everyday people enjoyed that site too!

  20. alko says:

    Amazon really fucked up this time. Box office mojo was a great site with tons of info. IMDB has nothing!

  21. As an exhibitor I used Box Office MoJo daily for accurate up to date info on movies, Bad move Amazon, just another reason to dislike big corporations.

  22. Danielle says:

    OMGoodness! We have to hear about every dumb celebrity every minute of the day but when a major movie tracking website that’s been around for years has been acquired and redirected…no announcement!!!

  23. james t says:

    This is terribull. Or if you prefer French terribley. Seriously though they could of at least informed the public of the change. I literally typed boxofficemojo several times even though I was redirected each time to imdb. So much for free information. Hey guys don’t mention other sites. I’m sure Amazon will try to buy them too.

  24. no says:

    Well I’m not going there anymore. :/

  25. sadfran says:

    C’est un désastre… Box Office Mojo était une référence incontournable. So sad.

    • stphnlvll says:

      En effet, il était facile de suivre l’évolution monétaire d’une production. En plus, je m’en servais pour me trouver des suggestions de visionnement pour les fins de semaine ennuyantes. En espérant de retrouver un équivalent!! :o(

  26. nigginaggi says:

    Too bad. Gonna miss the analytic texts which were spot-on. How about pointing to non-Amazon Box-Office Pages and redirecting traffic there! Any ideas besides the already mentioned They will be appreciated by many…

  27. Aljohn M. Mangaya says:

    It is indeed displeasing to see that one of the most common sites I visit everyday was gone. I hope that they will bring it back.

  28. Bonanza says:

    Next move, buy rotten tomatoes and redirect it to IMDB.

    Sheeple eat more grass.

  29. Peter T says:

    Won’t be shopping on Amazon anymore now. If there are alternatives to finding box office figures then there must be alternatives to shopping. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  30. and i was really sad about iT……… i am checking the BOM website everyday :(

  31. Daniel Campaert says:

    Can someone (from Mojo perhaps?) explain to IMDB what a box office chart is? Greetings from Belgium.

  32. Mike says:

    i really enjoyed in it’s original capacity. I will miss it dearly and I will not participate in’s attempt to mimic it.

  33. JBP says:

    Well this sucks…

  34. jlinn says:

    I think I’m going to be sick…

  35. Harry says:

    To BULLIES like the IMDB – You can use your might to gobble up your competitors, like BOXOFFICEMOJO – and get away with it for awhile – but when you automatically redirect all the victims of your greed to the site of the victor… don’t expect praise – with our every mislaid/redirected click – you remind us of why we hate you.

  36. GreekGawd says:

    That explains why it sucks

  37. Joe says:

    this is lam! loved that site, they better keep the goodies in tact like the showdowns and easy eacces for the charts!

  38. Patrick says:

    How can they pull the site down? Doesn’t anyone at Amazon know the information the site provided? domestic and foreign grosses. Historical data. Talk about not knowing what you have.

  39. Eric T says:

    I used to use Guess I’m heading back to it.

  40. Ben says:

    Wow… well that’s screwed. Guess I will find somewhere else to get my movie gross stats from.

  41. Rox Boffice says:

    Horrible move by Amazon. No, I won’t check box office numbers from IMDB. Box Office Mojo had perfect style for offering the data, the new site does not. What are they thinking? Alexa web rankings say BOM had a strong summer in terms of visitors, it is/was a top 2000-3000 website, run by a small team. This is just bad business decision, on top of everything else.

  42. Does anyone know of a good site to check daily box office numbers? I cant believe they took Boxofficemojo offline! Not only did normal fans use it but a lot of industry professionals.

  43. Mojo Fan says:

    Box Office Mojo was my go to site. I used it multiple times per day to gather information. What a terrible move on Amazon’s part. Please put it back. I use IMDB when needed but really need Box Office Mojo’s up to date and historical data

  44. Dirk Blocker says:

    Booo … I loved that site. One of the few sites to give such detailed info. Maybe it was a move by the big studios, don’t want the bad press from the bombs they may put out.

  45. unhappy says:

    BAD MOVE!! IMDB doesn’t offer details that we want… such as the number of screens films are playing on, studios & running times, and a more detailed list of upcoming titles including how wide each release is.

  46. Duncan Carmichael says:

    BoxOfficeMojo was a good website and had all the information I wanted. This new site is horrible. Absolutely horrible.

  47. Ahsoka says:

    It sucks big time! stupid decision! it was a good useful site

  48. Ken says:

    Box Office Mojo – quick, clean, easy-to-glean information. IMDB – cluttered and annoying to wade through. What a stupid move.

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