Box Office: ‘God’s Not Dead’ Soaring to $8.2 Million Opening in Limited Release

gods not dead

Talk about a box office diversion.

Shailene Woodley’s “Divergent” might be the No. 1 film in America but faith-based audiences are once again proving to be anything but conservative at the U.S. box office.

Christian drama “God’s Not Dead,” opening in fewer than 800 theaters, is on track for an impressive $8.2 million this weekend. That’s a per-screen average of over $10,400 from 782 locations.

The movie, produced by Pure Flix Entertainment and Red Entertainment, was only thought to reach $5 million through Sunday, still an impressive figure, but much like other Biblical stories of late, “God’s Not Dead” is seeing a heavenly windfall from religious audiences.

Earlier this month, the Mark Burnett-produced “Son of God” opened to $26 million at the box office while Russell Crowe’s Biblical tale “Noah” is expected to top the box office next weekend.

The low-budget “God’s Not Dead” tells the story of a college student who sets out to prove God’s existence.

Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” appears in the film and shared with The Christian Post in an interview last week that his faith was strengthened as a result of the film, in which he appears as himself alongside his wife.

“I thought it was well written and it came together,” Robertson told the Christian Post, adding that the film “really raised the bar with these faith-based movies.”

Co-starring Shane Harper and Kevin Sorbo, “God’s Not Dead” is distributed by FreeStyle Releasing.

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  1. Dolores Drye says:

    I believe this proves that the majority of the film going public prefers movies that they can enjoy without all the sex and foul language they must endure in most Hollywood productions or be forced to get up and leave when they have had enough. This is why some of us prefer to watch old movies than risk being offended continually.

  2. Nietzsche says:

    God is dead.

    • Kelly Kafir says:

      You better be right… (even Dawkins has said that he cannot prove that). If you are wrong, you are super screwed. And you won’t be able to say you weren’t warned.

    • coppercarla says:

      God is not dead. But Nietzsche is.

      • Kelly Kafir says:

        Ronald, when you make comments like this, the left really thinks we are stupid. Nietzche is actually dead in the physical sense. He was the philosopher who wrote, “God is Dead”…

      • Ronald Bryant says:

        Nietxche may be spiritually dead right now if he hasn’t accepted Christ as His Savior. We need to pray for his salvation. I wouldn’t want to see ANYONE go to the eternal lake of fire. It’s not too late Nietxche, Get a copy of the King James Bible and read the gospel of John (Matthew,Mark,Luke,JOHN. Then if you truly feel Jesus in your heart just ask him to forgive you for all your sins and admit that you, along with every other human being, is a sinner and we don’t deserve the wonderful blessings of Heaven that we will get. Accept Jesus Christ Today and be free ..
        Brother Ron

      • Nietzsche says:

        Kevin Sorbo is dead.

  3. samsorbo says:

    Can you tell me why my husband, as the star of the film, is not even mentioned by name?

    • Reader says:

      Because this article is NOT a review of the film. Read it again.

    • Kelly Kafir says:

      Because Hollywood is controlled by leftists… But you know that. You all should hook up with the Friends of Abe and continue to make movies/TV shows that are worth seeing.

  4. God Bless the USA..psalm 85:10

  5. typo! says:

    Mark Brunett = Mark Burnett

  6. Sandi Caton says:

    EXCELLENT movie and much needed to encourage believers in a day when ALL things Christian are bashed & trashed.

  7. rm says:

    here we go again…atheists with nothing else to do but troll around online looking for Christian things to bash because they think it makes them sound smart & edgy, in reality it makes you sound like what you really are ignorant candy ass followers. why not spend less time online, get a life & move out of mom’s basement! i do not subscribe to any religion either but you people are sick little cyber bullies. you really want to be edgy? try picking on a Muslim….see what they do to your dumb ass! & comparing Christians to the jerkoffs at westboro is like comparing the average atheist to Stalin or Hitler. btw your mom just called, she wants you to come upstairs and take the garbage out- pussys

  8. GKN says:

    Curious this article isn’t signed. Not that I blame them. Good thinking actually, when touching on anything bound to draw the zealots (though sadly, they seem to feel they need to scream over any and everything these days).

  9. citizentm says:

    I don’t know about this film, or if I even want to see it, but trailers and ‘lead actress’ Shailene Woodley of Divergent make me run in the opposite direction.

  10. Wow….has the US dumbed itself down to the point of religious fundamentalism akin to what happens with radical Muslims in the middle east??? Just look at Westboro….Or are they simply that far gone with the average IQ that any original story with an actual message to tell outside of religious fervour is just too intelligent for them to grasp? Is that why you choose a film like Grown Ups 2 over Pacific Rim? You take your children to a Michael Bay Transformers adaptation but a film based on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs is just too much to take in….and contrary to what this post may have you to believe, I actually love America….that is what makes the current situation over there in regards to religion so much more depressing and frustrating….Grow up America, you were the first on the moon, what happened to that America? Buried under a pile of religious rhetoric….

    • Bill says:

      What a bunch of uninformed anti-religious zealotry.

      Despite what you have to say, Christians enjoy a variety of films and one that celebrates rather than denegrates it is a welcome change and if it’s quality entertainment, will be rewarded at the box office.

      Genesis was read on Apollo 8 and Buzz Aldein received communion on the moon during Apollo 11, so I guess the astronauts you refer to were clueless religious hicks as well.

      • Just Me says:

        You said: “religious fundamentalism akin to what happens with radical Muslims in the middle east???” Yo certainly have a flair for the dramatic. Please tell me which Christians in this century beheaded others for not following Jesus Christ?

      • Just Me says:

        Deal with it. We suffer the disgust of idolatry, hedonism, debauchery, greed, hatred, persecution, you name it…. and such were some of us, many still a work in progress. Westboro is a great example of what Christians are not regardless their (Westboro’s) profession, though cute attempt at trying to drag them into the camp. It won’t work. Surely you have more intelligent tactics. You may try using one of the other million God-hating remarks.we have heard since Jesus was born. The Jews heard it before that.

        It is noteworthy that for all the secular “tolerance” and anti-bullying laws in this country, Christians are the only group not protected. What’s it to you anyway? When is the last time a Christian has personally harmed you? When we opened a soup kitchen or a local mission, made charity packages for the needy? Prayed in public? (Oh, cringe) The only dumbing down I see is the incredible denial of an intelligent designer (God) based on hatred of things Jesus said and taught along with an accountability after death for how we live our lives here. One thing is certain. We shall all die and find out.

  11. Glenn C. says:

    Bet the liberals hate this. And/or shocked by the box office. Wait till Noah comes out! The world needs more films like this.

  12. Mona says:

    Absolutely awesome movie!!!! Why isn’t this showing in Canada??? We had to travel across the border to go & see it but sooo worth it. People NEED to start thinking about God again.

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  14. F S N says:

    Reblogged this on The Now.

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