Box Office: ‘God’s Not Dead’ Soaring to $8.2 Million Opening in Limited Release

gods not dead

Talk about a box office diversion.

Shailene Woodley’s “Divergent” might be the No. 1 film in America but faith-based audiences are once again proving to be anything but conservative at the U.S. box office.

Christian drama “God’s Not Dead,” opening in fewer than 800 theaters, is on track for an impressive $8.2 million this weekend. That’s a per-screen average of over $10,400 from 782 locations.

The movie, produced by Pure Flix Entertainment and Red Entertainment, was only thought to reach $5 million through Sunday, still an impressive figure, but much like other Biblical stories of late, “God’s Not Dead” is seeing a heavenly windfall from religious audiences.

Earlier this month, the Mark Burnett-produced “Son of God” opened to $26 million at the box office while Russell Crowe’s Biblical tale “Noah” is expected to top the box office next weekend.

The low-budget “God’s Not Dead” tells the story of a college student who sets out to prove God’s existence.

Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” appears in the film and shared with The Christian Post in an interview last week that his faith was strengthened as a result of the film, in which he appears as himself alongside his wife.

“I thought it was well written and it came together,” Robertson told the Christian Post, adding that the film “really raised the bar with these faith-based movies.”

Co-starring Shane Harper and Kevin Sorbo, “God’s Not Dead” is distributed by FreeStyle Releasing.

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  1. bebeb says:

    The Grand Budapest Hotel

  2. Paul Evers says:

    I saw it. This is a great inspirational movie. A must see for all Christians. Bring your children!

    • Richard Boorujy says:

      I also thought this was one of the best Christian movies I have seen. The acting and emotional challenging situations helped make this a very inspirational movie. By the way, are you the Paul Evers that used to live in Summit, NJ?
      Rich Boorujy

  3. Kathleen Sanderson says:

    I would like to say to those who are bashing the movie, Christians & our beliefs…YOU need to keep your mouth shut UNTIL you have walked in my shoes and experienced what I have experienced. No one here bashed you for your beliefs and we as Christians expect no less respect. Thank you!

  4. sandr jones says:

    This was a very well made movie for low-budget – and is NOT only for Christian audiences! I believe atheists, skeptics, spiritual seekers, evolutionists and people of other faiths would all derive something of value from its content. The ending does not tie itself up in a pretty bow. If I say anymore, I’ll give it away! Dean Cain also appears, and although you may not know all the actors by name, there are many familiar screen faces in the movie.

  5. jhon says:

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    I’ve seen it in

    even I had to download it there.

    I am sure you and your family will love this movie,
    because this movie is the best movie I’ve ever watched,
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  6. SP/5 David Phillips says:

    I, along with my pastor (& his pastor wife), and other congregation, went to see Son of God,& all of us came away with:” It was alright, but for those that know (& of) The Word, we agreed,that there was quite a bit missing (& though allll The Word is IMPORTANT),there appeared to be more pertinent missings, that had been omitted (& shouldn’t have been,and was very important,to what was going on,at the times). All agreed with me, when I said,” I do believe, that “The Message” probably did come through,at least I hope & pray,that it did). Now, we ARE we are all looking forward to seeing “God’s not dead” (which we alll enjoy at church,”Thank you Jesus”), as well as “Noah” (this coming weekend). No matter what, I, & our pastors, and the flock, WILL NOT (& DON’T) faulter, in our relationship with our Lord & Saviour,& giving Him, allll HONOUR & GLORY. Amen & Amen

    • SP/5 David Phillips says:

      P. S. As I’ve just been reminded,”Thank you, my Great Teacher,Jesus”, what has been taught (& the reason we were led to go to Son of God) to us, thru His vessels, our pastors, we have actually found out, how much we have truly learned. Amen. And, though our education has only started,we can’t wait for His continued lessons,for us, His eager students. “Praise our Lord Jesus Christ, now & forever”. Amen & Amen Selah

  7. Kathleen Sanderson says:

    Can a God that spoke and created all existence ever die…NEVER!!! Those who are born again will not die either. The rapture will happen, there will be a call for peace and there will a signed agreement for 7 years…half through it will be broke and the battle of Armageddon will stop with Jesus and those of us that is with him will defeat all evil. Satan will be thrown into the pit of fire for eternity. Then a new heaven and new earth will come down where we will be at peace for eternity. It is said that the roadway to hell was paved with good intentions…God gives us a choice to either serve Him or not. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

    • Kathleen Sanderson says:

      And…..Christianity is not any religion…it is a relationship. Everyone will have at least 1 chance to learn about and to receive Jesus…you do not have to be Baptist, Catholic, Atheist or any other. It doesn’t matter where you come from. We call ourselves “Christian” because we believe that Jesus came to pay for our sins, that we can receive forgiveness from the price paid at the cross and because of this we turn from sin and try to be like Christ (we do not believe that we are Christ). I try never to judge a person by what they believe, that is Jesus’ specialty. I will however pray that the Lord will change your heart and mind to him.

  8. Margaret Ann James says:

    Absolutely the best movie ever….will go and see again . Restores my faith and to that person that wrote that God is dying….Oh No He Is Not. Dying!! My God Lives….forever.

  9. David Echard says:

    Beautiful Movie. Saw it last night with my family. If you have the opportunity to see this…GO! Faith is Everything!

  10. Ana says:

    I want to see it here in south texas Rio Grande Valley, are you bringing to out area :( sad I don’t see it anywhere locally..please send it down to my hometown Edinburg.

  11. Alex says:

    Not bad for a film starring TV stars.

  12. Noell Reed Jr says:

    Awesome and beautiful movie. Great drama with some humour thrown in for good measure. A faith affirming movie as well! Definitely worth watching!! Will make you cry tears of joy!!

  13. Julie Helm says:

    God’s Not Dead, was powerful. This is the courage that is needed from all who know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. Loved the movie! !!!! Thank you for sharing and being apart of the communication chain.

  14. Tim says:

    I’m an atheist (don’t get angry) and while I may disagree with Christianity I believe in the fundamental right that people can believe in whatever they want to believe. The progress of America in recent times is a threat to Christian values and it is understandable why tensions flare up. Anyway I just wanted to say that the Kevin Sorbo character is an horrific caricature of an atheist and atheistic values and I’m as offended by this movie as any Christian is when their religion is mocked. I know Christians claim their faith is attacked in the media every day, which is probably true, but it is not right to demonize the other side in exactly the same way. Although I respect people’s rights to believe whatever they like, I have much more respect for people who actually understand both sides of the argument and then choose their side. If people spent just five minutes a day trying to empathize with the people they disagree with then this country would be the better for it.

    • mary says:

      Thanks for your words Tim. I did have a Biology teacher in my senior year who came over to my desk and picked up my Bible (at the time it was underneath several other books so he looked for it) and said to me and to the class, “I don’t understand how anyone can believe in such a fairytale”. The next thing he did was to raise it up high and then drop it on the floor. He turned to walk away and I stood up and told him to pick it up.

      He picked it up and proceeded to hand me the pointer he used in class for the board and told me to go to the front a tell everyone why I believed what I did. I was nervous but I walked to the front and spoke for about two minutes. When he noticed people were respectfully listening to me he grabbed the pointer away and told me to sit down. Every day after that he rode me and harassed me and tried to embarrass me. These things happen every day. At the end of the movie are 39 cases listed that are in the courts right now across this country. Cases where Christian students are being bullied and their rights are being trampled.

      I do not say that all Atheists are cruel and disrespectful. Just as I sadly admit not all people who say they are Christians act lovingly and like Jesus. But a high percentage of our universities are antagonistic towards Christianity. Thank you for being open minded enough to listen.

      • George Everette says:

        I once had a UNCW professor scream at me at the top of her lungs because I told the class that the answer for the call for prayers in Egypt was the most impressive thing I have ever witnessed. I also went into the final with a B hoping for an A and came out with a C.

    • sandr jones says:

      Tim, thank you for being so friendly! I too, though, have experienced the character’s angry atheism from several atheists in real life – and one a teacher. Although I do know other atheists who are very nice like you, Sorbo’s character is not a caricature. It happens, and often, to my friends’ kids who are in college.

    • Czepp says:

      Tim, I, personally, experienced some similar professors in college. Of course, they would never threaten to fail someone over their belief, but they absolutely did the best to belittle Christians in general and cast Christians as uneducated, wishing to believe fairy tales, etc. I found it ironic that they were speaking to people who were attending college in fields of science, medicine, technology, etc. Was Sorbo’s character over the top, sure. Can I point to hundreds of movies, tv shows and such where Christians are portrayed in a poor light, sure. If you will be as fervent to defend that characterization of Christians, I will defend you and yours. By the definition of my faith, I am going to love my enemies and those who persecute me, even if they never love me back.

    • Tim – forgive them, for they know not what they do. After all, they don’t have any rational grounding in morality. They serve their master for heavenly reward, and to avoid hellish punishment, not to respect humanity for the sake of kindness itself. Most likely, a lot of Christians who watch the film, particularly younger ones, will see the hypocrisy of the faith, and the cynicism and ignorance in the portrayal of atheism. They just need education, that’s all.

      • Janet Gruber says:

        I have to ask, did either of you actually watch the movie? I have seen, in real life, Christians confronted very similarly to how the professor confronted his student. However, the professor turned out to be a very hurt individual whose feelings were quite understandable. Had you actually watched the movie, and not just the trailers, you’d know that.

  15. Franny says:

    I hope to see this film very soon…the storyline sounds very interesting & the trailer looks very good! Another major draw for me is Kevin Sorbo who is referred to as a co-star in this article…..he’s the main star of the movie & an excellent actor!

  16. paul says:

    One of the best movies ive ever seen, far surpassed what i expected, great story, no dull monents!

  17. Kathleen Sanderson says:

    I text’d……AWESOME movie…My dad is 82 and at Christmas he almost died. God allowed him to get well enough to be saved. He has not missed a church service since he agreed to come. My dad was a lot like some of the people in the movie…saying he didn’t believe in God. I have prayed for my family for 20+ years and I had at one point thought that my prayers were in vain. Praise God that he held onto my heart. I was really scared that my dad would die before God saved him…not only did he save him but he did so exceedingly abundantly above what I could think of (Ephesians 3:20-21). My dad calls me every week to be sure I am picking him up for church and he went with and really loved the movie and one thing that he said is that it sends a strong message. Praise the Lord…God IS good all the time!!!

  18. Marsha Abendroth says:

    This film was fantastic! One of the best movies ever! Even my husband said he can’t wait to buy the video when it comes out–and for years he used to be think, talk, and act as an anti-Christian bigot! But Jesus Christ’s love, grace, and truth won out in our home, family, and in my wonderful husband’s heart! God’s not dead — because He’s changed all of our lives for the better! Jesus LOVES you, and He will hear and answer your prayers. Also, Google Ian McCormack to Hear the true story of atheist Ian McCormack of New Zealand, stung by 5 box jelly fish, who died from their poisonous stings, and was loved back to life by the God who loves him and died for him and for all people…Know that you are loved with an everlasting love!

  19. Marie White says:

    One of the best shows for family viewing I have seen in a long time. Awesome acting by Kevin Sorbo.

  20. Kathy says:

    It was a great movie, I couldn’t believe how great Kevin Sorbo was. I didn’t realize what a great actor is is……He was a very convincing protagonist driving this film and the story right to the very end……Good job to all the actors. Again I say Great Movie. Can’t wait for Noah…..

  21. Fran says:


  22. Janet Gruber says:

    Gee Larry, how about commenting on THIS movie? Or wait – you didn’t watch it, either. Did you?

  23. Doesn’t it count as a wide release, instead of a limited one? I thought a wide release is when a film is in 600 theatres or more, like Box Office Mojo says.

  24. Larry Little says:

    I gave up on any form of religion many years ago. The flood and Noah’s ark with a pair of each species is simply not credible. How do you get a polar bear and a kangaroo within walking distance of the boat not to mention bringing food for lion, or grass for hippopotamuses? What is even more incredible is Noah’s age of 900 years and becoming a daddy at age 500.
    Susanne Atanus of Illinois is running for a Republican congressional seat, is campaigning as someone who believes God dictates weather patterns and that tornadoes, autism and dementia are God’s punishment for marriage equality and abortion access. Republicans wrote 250 pieces of religious anti-abortion/anti-gay church fed legislation last year and evidently we can expect more with the church demanding their president’s only necessary qualifications is that he will make pregnancy compulsory and abortion illegal.

  25. scarlet says:

    It was sad that kevin died love the movie I was happy and sad because alot of people believe Jesus Christ.

  26. Malissia Forest says:

    Saw it last night….It is an amazing message to all…definitely 5 stars from me
    Will buy it if it comes out on DVD …Go see it …Grab your friends and family…

  27. Kathleen Laber says:

    Went to see it today with my husband and 2 friends. It was absolutely wonderful I would recommend this movie very highly. It really would cause one to sit back and to think, “what do I believe?” I think it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time!

  28. Kelly Kafir says:

    Some of the typical comments from oh so tolerant left (that is SARCASM BTW)… So hateful and incoherent. Because the cannot allow anyone the choice to watch what they want or believe what they want. The movie was good and my favorite part was all the court cases where Christians have had to fight for their 1st amendment rights because, again, in academia, there is NO tolerance for Christians or their beliefs.

    When Hollywood makes something worth watching… we will come to see it. And BTW Variety, Noah is NOT going to do as well as you think. Word out is that Noah turned into some weird message about eugenics, environmentalism and not at all Biblical. So yet again, we see Hollywood missing the point.

    • Thom says:

      A great discussion starter and well acted and directed. The producers have pulled together a superb movie using great actors, and a engaging story line.

  29. Janet Gruber says:

    This is the best movie I have seen in a long time. It is worth watching whether you are a believer or not. The arguments that are presented, both pro and con, are stimulating and compelling. Kevin Sorbo’s performance as the antagonistic professor was very believable, and a tribute to his acting chops. Go see it!

  30. Tom says:

    Faith based films typically make a ton of money the first weekend and then drop off immediately after. This is nothing new or surprising. Christians get the word out like crazy, spamming their message boards with “GO SEE THIS MOVIE GOD COMMANDS IT JESUS SAVES AMEN”. Then a horde of glassy eyed, mouth breathing weirdos shows up opening day, each with their gaggle of 15 hideous kids in tow. Then they spam comment sections on sites like these to once again artificially inflate their numbers.

    And Sorbo’s not in the article because he’s an embarrassing shill who panders to the ignorant. So stop telling your friends to spam this comment section asking why he’s not mentioned, Mrs. Sorbo. You’re both creepy, shameless frauds.

    • Kelly Kafir says:

      Wow Tom, take a flippin chill pill dude. You’re going to bust a blood vessel with all that hate… then you won’t be able to spew your ignorant crap anymore… Gee the world will miss that! (not!)

    • George says:

      so why the hate dude? maybe YOU should see it, I think you hate Christians because your afraid you may be held accountable for your actions when you die.This causes you fear and hate of anything that reminds you….someday you will DIE, maybe in 30 years maybe in 30 seconds. Are you ready???

  31. Ronald Bryant says:

    Is there going to be a full release of God’s not dead soon? I noticed it only opened in 800 theaters. Thank you for your time.

  32. Tambra Verret says:

    I saw the movie last night with my 9yr old son….all I can say is this movie is EPIC! It will pull you from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other more than once…my son talked about it for two hours adter we left. If any one who doesn’t believe in God after seeing this movie…well they must not have a heart.

    Kevin Sorbo was excellent in his role!

  33. irwin says:

    Hey Kevin Sorbo is in this and you forgot to mention. Why don’t you kill all gay people while you’re at it.

    • Kelly Kafir says:

      Sorry dude, Christians don’t kill gays… you have mistaken them for Muslims. In Islam, they kill gays… hang them from cranes in the Iranian public square.

      • irwin says:

        Why don’t you take my comment literally, oh you did.

      • Code Inamra says:

        I think it’s unfair of you to categorize that as “Muslims”. Muslims don’t kill gays. Militant people from the middle east (many of whom happen to be muslim) kill gays in public squares.

  34. Kevin Sorbo is the lead star and you don’t even mention his name???????????????????

  35. Elaine says:

    Really Hollywood! You don’t mention Kevin Sorbo as the star of the movie because he ruffles the political feathers of “The Hollywood Machine”! Everyone has to drink your kool aid or they get put on the back burner to try and beat them in to submission! Does Hollywood even watch any of the CRAP the put on screen these days? Many GOOD movies get trampled on because they don’t conform to some Egomaniac’s way of thinking!

  36. Cindy says:

    Why’d you leave out the fact that Kevin Sorbo starred in the movie? A little Left wing political editing?

  37. Melanie Buckarma says:

    8.2 mil. first night…AWESOME!! By the way Kevin Sorbo was lead actor, kinda left him out of review. He was fantastic!

  38. Hellllooooooo!!!!!!! Kevin Sorbo is in the film. As a huge fan of his you are disrespecting him buy omitting his name from review.

  39. Katie says:

    No mention of Kevin Sorbo? At all? Really? Come on, he’s one of the main characters, playing an atheist professor.

  40. I knew the movie was going to be a big hit!! Especially with religious people. Christian’s know God is not Dead from the life the lead. I pray it does get though to Hollywood. We need it there instead of what we see in the movies now. God Bless Pure Flix!!!

  41. Larry carelli says:

    Did you not know that Kevin Sorbo is also in the movie? really!?

  42. klbn says:

    No mention of Kevin Sorbo? He’s amazing in this film.

  43. Eric Ashley says:

    Might watch this weekend. I really enjoyed Kevin Sorbo in Hercules and in all but the last of Andromeda Ascendant when it kinda went off the rails.

    I do plan on catching Noah. Not only does it look cool. but I’ve liked Russell Crowe since Gladiator, and I have a young’un who’s fascinated by floods. I hope its not too anti-biblical.

  44. chris praim says:

    It just goes to show that we dont have to have films that revolve around sex and violence to make high box office dollars. A lot of the highest and most suprising films have been ones that everyone can watch. Look at the kendrick brothers who brought us fireproof and couragous, two very low budget and sucessful films. Even high budget films such as avengers were made for families and it was also very successful. So my point on this would be that if there were more films made with the pressence of god in it you would suprise hollywood and the nation. So let this be a note that all these directors out need to think about

  45. Michael says:

    ‘God is not Dead’, is a good story of what is faith. Athiest and anti-Christians think only of demeaning the good of GODs word without thinking of the meanings behind them.
    Greed and ignorance are fitting words for them that taunt GOD and Christ.

  46. Linda says:

    Kevin Sorbo stars in this movie and I can’t believe that he isn’t even mentioned in your article. Praying that many are reached through it. Looking forward to seeing it.

  47. Cathy says:

    I highly recommend this film! It has been a long time since I hv been in a theater where the audience was so emotionally connected and engaged, clapping and cheering as if it were a live performance. Awesome movie,

  48. casey says:

    Why no mention of Kevin Sorbo in the lead role?

  49. mary talley says:

    Why did you not mention Kevin Sorbo as having the leading role?

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