Box Office: Angelina Jolie’s ‘Maleficent’ Making Magic With $70 million Plus U.S. Opening


Angelina Jolie’s got the box office magic with “Maleficent,” with early Friday forecasts pointing to a U.S. opening weekend that could wind up above $70 million.

Disney’s assiduously marketed fantasy epic is on track to take in about $23 million to $26 million on Friday, including a solid $4.2 million from Thursday evening showings. Friday’s weekend projections for “Maleficent” ranged from the low $60 millions to the low $70 millions.

Friday business appeared to be significantly more robust than trackers had expected, which had led to recent forecasts in the $60 million range. The live-action retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story will become the highest opening weekend for Jolie, easily topping the $50.9 million launch frame for 2008’s “Wanted.”

Disney’s marketing push for “Maleficent,” which carries a $180 million pricetag, stresses her portrayal of a supernatural villain — albeit one with a human side. The studio saw a similarly strong performance last year with another fantasy-actioner, “Oz the Great and Powerful,” which opened with $79.1 million domestically on its way to a solid $234.9 million at the domestic box office.

Matinee business for “Maleficent” was in line with the performance of “Oz,” which debuted in March 2013, when far fewer children were out of school. Reviews for “Maleficent” have been mixed, with a 49% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Friday’s forecasts were less sunny for Seth McFarlane in his first live-action starring role in “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” Universal’s R-rated Western comedy was heading for about $7 million to $9 million on Friday, leading to a weekend in the $20 million to $22 million range.

That’s less than half of the $49 million opening for “Neighbors,” another Universal comedy aimed at adults.  “Neighbors” has grossed an impressive $120 million in its first three weeks.

McFarlane stunned Hollywood in 2012 with “Ted,” which opened domestically with $54.4 million on its way to a $218.8 million domestic cume and took in another $331 million overseas.

Reviewers have not been kind to “A Million Ways,” with a 34% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fox’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” showed plenty of punch at the start of its second weekend with Friday’s number in the $10 million to $12 million range on its eighth day in U.S. theaters after grossing $129 million in its first week.

The mutant sequel, which earned an A CinemaScore rating, looks likely to finish the weekend with $35 million-$38 million — representing a decline of about 55% to 60% from the three-day launch of $91 million.

That decline is at the low end of “X-Men” films in the series, which have dropped from 53% to nearly 70% in their second weekends.

The third weekend of “Godzilla” will finish fourth with about $13 million after devouring $162 million in its first two weeks.

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  1. mephistopoles says:

    Okay! I like Jolie. I like Disney…sometime. This will be the second non-superhero film so far this season staring with Captain America: “The Winter Solider” and the first I will comment on though I did like Godzilla for the most part. I am going to see Maleficent in about 3 hours but I was checking to see what the opening week-end box-office was. So far the floor for these kinds of movies and here I’m including; Comic super hero, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror Fiction and certain action films (Fast and Furious, Expendables) seems to be 70 million on opening weekend. So far none of the movies following Captain America: The Winter Solider have been able to knock him out of his top spot with an opening week-end box office of 96.2 million dollars. However and apparently since it appears to be somewhat difficult to get accurate numbers so far 1). Captain America The Winter Solider 96.2 million 2). Godzilla 93.1 million, 3). Spiderman 2, 91 million, 4). X-Men: Days of Future Past 90 million and now Maleficent a healthy 70 million. We have still coming up: Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules, Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow, Mark Walberg’s Transformers, The Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending, Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy, Chris Evan’s Snowpiercer and Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy. in my opinion any of these movies which tops 50 million with the exceptions of Transformers and Guardians of the Galaxy will be a success. Lucy and Snowpiercer could be a disappointing success if they hit between 35 and 50 million the closer to 35 the more the disappointment but they would still be successes in my opinion. One of the problems is Hollywood and it’s penchant for putting business and commercial aspects above
    creativity tend to become formulaic so that now all summer (and spring) block-busters so-called have to hit…70 million at the box office to be considered a success. The new bar for mega success is actually 150 million on the opening week-end which was set I believe by the Dark Knight Returns. If Guardians of the Galaxy are able to preempt and capitalize on the anticipation for the return of Star Wars and Avengers 3 by setting the stage for Marvel and the Avengers’ collective introduction into space it should hit somewhere between 90 and 100 million which will more further establish Marvel’s method of developing these movie products and this Universe as the correct one.

  2. Mina says:

    It was awesome. It didn’t make me tired from A to it’s Z

  3. Sarah@ says:

    We loved it. We clapped at the end. The movie showed (without spoiling it) that there is only one true love that exists and it’s not romantic love.

  4. JoAnn says:

    I watched this Movie Friday Night with 7 Family Members.Angelina Jolie was Awesome.We All Loved This Movie.We are going back see this Movie a second time.

  5. Cheyenne says:

    Going to see this during the week when the crowds thin out. I’m getting very good feedback from people who have already seen it. They all say Angie is magnificent.

  6. Julienne says:

    Watching a movie is the cheapest form of entertainment, anyone can pay for. Pro Sports and even College Sports are through the ceiling with ticket prices…and you can sit in Air-Conditioning instead of sweating in the stands…or putting-up with all that traffic from the game.

  7. Qing says:

    I personally like it very much how the story goes and the awesome actress & actors. I recommend it to watch. Don’t think because it is related to the Disney Sleeping Beauty and people dislike? Now is now, and is way better :) My full support to this movie.

  8. Luis says:

    I’m familiar with the story but I’m not that familiar with the Disney classic, went to see Angelina and she didn’t disappoint! Everyone at the theater (almost full capacity) loved her, the movie’s not great, but her performance is stunning…

  9. IT IT IT 3 says:

    Franchise slum Hollywood with STILL MORE theme park NOWHERE.

  10. willhowcoop says:

    OK, I saw 2 movies today. The Angelina Jolie film, omg. Awful. I see 20 movies a month. For 25 years. One of the worst movies I have EVER seen. I have seen thousands of movies. Horrible experience. I then saw A Million Ways…..I laughed my a** off. Critics suck. That movie is a hoot.

    • Smooth says:

      No life I guess.

    • Gabe says:

      You’re obviously a brute.

    • Chris says:

      If you have truly seen that many movies, than you know you’re lying. I went with a group of 10 people from 45 to 12 years old, everyone had a good time. The full theater erupted into clapping at the end. I believe you hated it, but there is no possible way it is one of the worst films you have ever seen.

  11. valhallaarwen says:

    I have found a majority of folks hate this movie due to the fact it is a Disney movie and it’s
    Angelina Jolie. I saw it last name and it was better than I expected. I know why they hate it, they don’t like to see strong women or women who don’t need a man to save them or complete them.

  12. Cameron says:

    Snow White retelling? Does the writer know this is Sleeping Beauty? Bad journalist

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