‘Blackfish’ Cast Demands SeaWorld Denounce Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

Blackfish Sarah Polly

Backlash against the theme park includes cancelled concerts by Beach Boys, Pat Benatar

The SeaWorld backlash continues to spread as the theme park’s former employees who are profiled in the documentary “Blackfish” have demanded that it denounce the  capture and termination of almost 250 bottlenose dolphins near Taiji, Japan.

“SeaWorld’s silence in the midst of this record-breaking dolphin cull is deafening, atrocious and telling,” “Blackfish” cast member Dr. Jeffrey Ventre said in a press release. “Why don’t they lend their voice like Ambassador Carolyn Kennedy and Yoko Ono Lennon? SeaWorld tries to call itself a conservation organization, yet it doesn’t take action here because the drive fishery is a source of cheap assets for the marine mammal display industry, of which it is the largest player.”

This is just the latest in a series of events involving the theme park since the release last summer of Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s film about an orca that killed a SeaWorld Orlando trainer while in captivity. Musicians like the Beach Boys, Pat Benatar and Barenaked Ladies have backed out of performances at the marine park and its sister parks and advocates have pressured SeaWorld partners like Southwest Airlines to drop all sponsorship deals.

Before SeaWorld went silent about the doc, it described the film as “shamefully dishonest, deliberately misleading and scientifically inaccurate.”

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  1. scb says:

    why would SeaWorld even think about doing anything that Blackfish request? Blackfish is a movie that is one sided and filled with lies. If I was SeaWorld, I wouldn’t give Blackfish1 second of my time. Any smart person who knows anything about SeaWorld knows that no one there wants to see Dolphins slaughtered – what is wrong with you people who think they do- did you drink the kool-aid?- get your facts straight!

    • vegangirl1 says:

      If they don’t want to see dolphins die , they shouldn’t keep them in captivity, where they die at a fraction of their natural lives, suffer from conditions not seen in the wild, are unable to travel and use their sonar, and are unable to behave like dolphins at all. SeaWorld can drag this on as long as they like, but they are on their way out.

  2. Eva says:

    SeaWorld’s silence on the Taiji dolphin hunts is all too telling of their support for the captivity trade! Please boycott all marine parks and live dolphin shows. Greed for money is what continues to support this horrible practice.

  3. Deborah Jones says:

    Sea world started this madness. Stop exploiting marine animals for entertainment. If you really cared more about them than your bottom line, you would speak out. Don’t fall for the PR blitz SeaWorld is spreading on social media to save their skin. Simply watch a Sea Shepard Cove Guardian live stream on the drive hunt, they happen daily, and you’ll get what is truly going on. Greed is the root of this evil.

  4. Deborah Jones says:

    Japan has indicated that last week was the end of the drive hunt, yet everyday since the bottle nose slaughter they have decimated other pods of wild dolphins just to prove to the world that it is their legal right and “tradition” to do so. How can a tradition be only fifty years old? That is about how long people have been taking cetaceans captive. The fishermen’s parking lot is filled with luxury cars. Greed is the only tradition that they have embraced in this grisly practice. The powers that be must change the legality of cetacean slaughters. Dolphins are small whales. Everyone must tell Japan and the world how dishonorable dolphin fishing drives are. Slavery was “traditional” too, but we put an end to that. Make this end.

  5. icasnorthamerica says:

    Binghamton University is hosting an online international debate tournament on the topic of UN action against the Taiji dolphin hunt. The tournament is free to enter and is sponsored by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, PETA2, and the Institute for Critical Animal Studies. Though debate we can produce the needed knowledge to challenge the horrors of animal slaughter. Students must debate both sides of the resolution.

    To register or for the full invitation visit http://tinyurl.com/pkefg3n

  6. Patrick Schäfer says:

    Patrick Schäfer Patrick Schäfer This must end. It’s time for change. Japan’s lack of response and care regarding this matter is appalling. We used to let children work in mines too. This is not a matter of tradition or simple little fishing village. This has everything to do with greed and this being a big business for Taiji. End the dolphin capture and slaughter your cockroaches, the world is watching.

    Shame on you Japan for allowing this! Mother nature will destroy you since you will not learn to respect it. Tsunami, earthquake and your own stupid radioactive waste will kill you in the end! Don’t you get it????

    I know that many japanese people dont agree with what is hapening in taiji, all my anger is for those who direct act or in any way support the barbaric acts. I have japanese friends and i love them! For me someone that do what they are doing in taiji in fact are not a cockroache, they are worst. I think i would have an orgasm if i could put a knife in the troath of each fishermen, sorry if you dont agree but dolphins are being murdered every day by those primitive barbaric. Actually they are not fishermen, dolphins are not fish, they are inteligent and defensless mamals! So those piece of shit are not fishermen they are murderers. I really wish from the bottom of my heart they all die in a very slow agony and a lot of pain. And i dont care if they have families, the dolphins have families and the killers laugh while butcher them. “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”

  7. “about an orca that killed a SeaWorld Orlando trainer while in captivity”

    All three deaths associated with orca Tilikum were accidental.

    If you want the full analysis on the matter, request information is available on my profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyelpoured

  8. Bill says:

    Blah blah – another hit piece about a shamefully one-sided hit piece documentary.

    The cast can demand anything they flipping want to. I can demand Sea World pays me $1 billion. Oooh.

  9. Chris says:

    Go to SeaWorld Facebook page. They posted a responce saying they do not support what happens in Japan and gave more facts on it. This was before the cast of “blackfish” said to do so. THe message was posted yesterday afternoon for your information

  10. PJM says:

    Yes, SeaWorld please give an official response to the dolphin slaughter. Do you denounce it? Or are you he reason the dolphins are being captured and killed?

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