Biggest Snubs and Surprises at the Golden Globes

Golden Globes snubs and surprises: Jennifer

The Golden Globes are often full of surprises, and this year was no exception, especially as the many TV categories added an extra layer of unexpected wins.


“12 Years a Slave’s” best drama win was probably the biggest surprise of the night, as many awards observers thought the film hadn’t appealed to the Hollywood Foreign Press with its very American theme and relative lack of star power, despite its near-unanimous critical acclaim. But the final win was a fitting capper for a show that had any number of counter-intuitive moments.

Completely shut out were “Nebraska” with five nominations, “Captain Phillips” with four, “Inside Llewyn Davis” with three, “Philomena” with three and “Rush”  with two, including best drama motion picture. What that means for Oscar nominations isn’t entirely clear, given the difference in sensibilities between the fewer-than-100 writers for foreign publications in the HFPA and the thousands of industry members celebrating their peers in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Golden Globes: Complete List of Winners

Proving that extreme weight loss is indeed the path to winning, Matthew McConaughey’s drama actor win nonetheless surprised, given the Hollywood Foreign Press’ love of established mainstream stars like fellow nominees Robert Redford and Tom Hanks. Co-star Jared Leto’s supporting actor win had been seen as more probable.

The mixed reaction to “August: Osage County” could have been the reason Meryl Streep went home empty-handed for comedy actress — Amy Adams surprised some observers with her “American Hustle” win instead — though perhaps already having won eight Golden Globes with 28 nominations took the sting out of her loss. The other nominees — Julie Delpy, Greta Gerwig and Julia Louis-Dreyfus — fell into the “lucky just to be nominated” category.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Globe for supporting actress surprised some who thought “12 Years a Slave’s” Lupita Nyong’o delivered an impressive performance, but both are likely to garner Oscar noms and can fight it out once again in March.

Golden Globes Draw Largest Audience in 10 Years

Many thought “Let it Go,” from “Frozen,” was robbed of a prize for best original song, but the Hollywood Foreign Press clearly wanted see Bono at its ceremony, and it got him, voting for “Ordinary Love” from “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.” It was also a victory for Harvey Weinstein, who normally collects trophies by the armful for Weinstein Co. films, whose movies were otherwise completely shut out.

Though Cate Blanchett’s drama actress prize for “Blue Jasmine” surprised absolutely no one, the real Philomena Lee was in the audience ready to accept the award for Judi Dench, who was filming out of town. A speech from Lee would have been a nice moment, even if Dench has already won two Golden Globes.


Amy Poehler’s comedy win for “Parks and Recreation” was heartily approved — and a sort-of thank you for her capable and amusing hosting — yet surprising, considering HBO’s more critically-beloved comedy thesps Lena Dunham and Julia Louis-Dreyfus that were in competition, as well as Edie Falco, a three time nominee for “Nurse Jackie.”

Jacqueline Bisset was another surprise, winning TV supporting actress for the little seen Starz telefilm “Dancing on the Edge,” especially since Emmy favorite Sofia Vergara has been nominated four times for “Modern Family” but has never won a Golden Globe. Bisset’s meandering, spacey speech provided one of those off-the-cuff moments that make the Globes so fun.

“House of Cards” and “Masters of Sex” were up against nearly insurmountable competition in universally adored “Breaking Bad,” so it’s not surprising both well-respected series were mostly shut out, with both Bryan Cranston and the show winning for actor and TV drama.

Widely-heralded performances from Aaron Paul in “Breaking Bad” and a deliciously-disguised Rob Lowe in “Behind the Candelabra” lost out to Jon Voight for supporting actor, drama in “Ray Donovan.” It was a bit surprising considering the show’s mixed reviews, though Voight is the kind of old-Hollywood talent the HFPA respects.

Inside the Golden Globes After-Parties

In its first season, New York cop comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” pulled off two surprises, one for comedy actor for Andy Samberg and one for best comedy, beating “Girls,” “Modern Family,” “Parks and Recreation” and “The Big Bang Theory.” Though the “Saturday Night Live” alum is a popular comedian, nominees Jim Parsons, Jason Bateman, Don Cheadle and Michael J. Fox were all considered more likely winners.

Though Robin Wright’s drama actress win for “House of Cards” wasn’t too shocking, many thought Taylor Schilling had a better chance for her searingly loopy convict in “Orange is the New Black.”

But that’s what makes the show worth watching — the surprises, snubs, bleeped-out profanities and flashes of wit, heart and hopefully, drunkenness.

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  1. anderson says:

    The same actor and actresses receiving awards no new written movies all the movies are the same just re-written with a part 1, 2 3, 4 etc. Same male winners same female winners no new faces a lot of non talented people. 99% all white folks. These award shows are so boring I get tired of seeing the same people take turns on receiving a golden globe, emmy, Oscar, etc. every year they just spinning the bottle around on the same people.

  2. TL says:

    I have to agree, Tatiana Maslany was robbed. Her performance in Orphan Black was head and shoulders above anyone else. She is basically the whole show. Playing several different distinct personalities, and playing them well.

  3. Amanda says:

    Tatiana Maslany was robbed! She played SEVEN different characters on ONE TV show! Her work on Orphan Black was astonishing, and I believe she deserved the award over Robin Wright.

    • The GG doesn’t honor BBC shows like Orphan Black, Sherlock, or even Doctor Who. They;re too nerdy for the Globes, no offense to an fans, but the Golden Globes people don’t give a damn.

      • Axel says:

        She was robbed. And I think The Walking Dead is one of the best dramas on TV, but people just think it is a zombie show.

  4. S.K. says:

    To me it’s a shock (well not really a shock…but irritating) that Jennifer Lawrence won at all, her performance was boring, the only acting she did was an accent. But it’s a travesty that she won over Lupita Nyongo. I don’t know if it’s racism or more that Jennifer Lawrence is the current “sweetheart” and people will award her for anything, no matter how bland the performance. Jennifer is starting to become a complete Aristedes for me, my indifference to her has turned to full-on dislike the more press outlets and fans force her down my throat as being “amazing.”

    • PT says:

      Yes, of course. Any time a white actress wins an award over an african american actress it’s due to racism…

      • Mila says:

        When a white actress delivers an average to all right performance and wins over a black actress who delivered a BRILLIANT performance, yeah, one might think racism may have come into play.

        Notice how no one is really contesting the best actor win? Because we all knew that it was neck and neck for the two (black and white) actors. They were both fantastic, so Matt’s win was fine. Jennifer? I’m sorry, you clearly just didn’t see Twelve Years a Slave, otherwise you wouldn’t even question why people are mad about Lupita’s loss.

      • 1. Lupita Nyongo is not African American.
        2. That does happen so…

      • Syd says:

        Couldn’t have said it better. When a black actor/actress wins over a White actor/actress it’s NEVER racism. But when a White actor/actress wins over a black actor/actress it’s ALWAYS racism.

  5. J.E. Vizzusi says:

    “Thank Christ we have the Oscar Nominations next as the so-called Foreign Press are complete idiots! The Academy Votes will suprise us all.

  6. Boomersmum says:

    IMO the biggest snubs were Aaron Paul and Lupita Nyong’o. I watched the first 6 or 7 episodes of Ray Donovan and frankly the reason I stopped watching was because of Jon Voight’s acting. I began to cringe every time he came on screen, then FF through his scenes, then just stopped watching altogether. Aaron Paul, on the other hand, I couldn’t take my eyes off of in any scene he was in, and not for reasons of physical attractiveness but because his performances were so raw and compelling and believable. Even watching his table reads could move me to tears. While I dreaded each of Jon Voight’s scenes, I looked forward to each of Aaron Paul’s and only wanted more.

    Jennifer Lawrence over Lupita Nyong’o? I saw both movies. Yes, Jennifer was great, but her role was nothing compared to Lupita’s. Lupita’s performance ripped my heart out. It was emotionally demanding, physically demanding and more difficult than Jennifer’s in every way: portraying being raped, beaten, whipped etc. That vote was pure politics. Jennifer’s the current “It” girl; Lupita is a newcomer. And I do wonder if race played into it. This result, plus the results of some other categories, suggest to me an underlying current of racism, and I’m white.

    I’d like to say that Michael Fassbender was also robbed, but since I have yet to see Dallas Buyer’s Club I can’t say that definitively. Speaking of actors taking chances, he doesn’t shy away from anything, puts everything into his roles and always knocks it out of the park. Like Aaron Paul, he dominated every scene he was in and it was hard to pull my eyes away. He was able to reveal the man inside the monster that was Epps. Not an easy feat.

    • Syd says:

      Boomersmum: see my comment from the previous poster. Remember – a black performer wins, NEVER racism. A White performer wins over a black performer, ALWAYS racism. Anyone who brings race into this IS a racist.

      • Mila says:

        I like how you didn’t actually read anything she wrote. You just assume that she’s…what? A crybaby liberal trying to throw racism accusations at everything? She said Lupita was robbed because she was better. And if you’re so sure, why isn’t Matthew Mcconaughey getting the same response? Since, you know, he won over a black performer, and it’s ALWAYS called racist?

        Yeah, that’s what I figured.

  7. It’s ridiculous that Jennifer Lawrence won over Lupita Nyong’o. And Chiwetel lost. It’s like the HFPA refuses to acknowledge a PoC actor’s individual merit but want some sort of pat on the back for letting 12 Years a Slave win best movie drama, so they can have that feather in their cap and cross their fingers and hope no one will call them racist.

  8. Bob Kanon says:

    Is America a black and white society only? NO IT IS NOT!
    WHY are no other races rarely ever seen in TV and movies yet blacks are in EVERY movie and TV show and if they are not they are in a year or two, eg. Hawaii 5-O (finally Asians in a TV show) no blacks at start now there is? Or when I have seen Asians ina TV show they are the criminals, why is this? Why are other races never nominated in awards shows? Why…. because they are represented in TV or movies and discriminated against big time.

    • Jamin Elvers says:

      You obviously never watched Heroes, which represented almost every race, in good lights.

    • Truth says:

      Many, many years ago African-Americans are were Asians are (according to your analysis). And most roles for African-Americans are still criminals/gangsta. And if you look at the statics (& there’s A LOT), Hispanics have had the fastest, most successful insertion into the movie/TV business. But unfortunately for them the majority of role are criminals/gangsta too.
      The claim (lie) is no one will pay to see a diverse movie/TV (or where the leads are not white, or cast is non-whites).
      Either way, it has gotten way, way better than it was 25 years ago (& the 25 before that) for all non whites (& females behind the camera) but it still has a century to go for full equality.


  9. CB says:

    B-99 is god awful. What a joke.

  10. peter says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that Prisoners was not even nominated in any category. I think it deserved at least some form of recognition from the award circles. Well I think these award shows are about popularity. Jennifer Lawrence is a talented actress, but seeing her everywhere is getting really boring for me.

  11. Silvana says:

    The wors winners: american hustle and its overacted actresses, dallas buyers club and its overacted actresses not sorry actors.
    Great Winners: 12 Years a Slave, Her, Cate Blanchett, The Great Beauty.

    But the big winner of the night was RACISM!!! shame on HFPA.

  12. Nathan says:

    What!!! No Jared Leto mention!!! Hate his music, but what a movie performance!!!!! Fully deserved!!!!

  13. RL says:

    Aaron Paul was robbed once again. Bryan Cranston was brilliant but so was Aaron. Where would Walt be without Jesse. Also Jessica Lange should have won. Brooklyn 99’s win was a joke in the worst way.

  14. Ruth Lehman says:


  15. The Golden Globes are a truly meaningless award. Who cares what 100 nobody entertainment reporters think?

    • Glenn C. says:

      Agree. Too many award shows! Getting out of hand! It dilutes the importance of the ones that really count! It’s all about ratings and money! Period!

  16. Bri says:

    So happy Leonardo DiCaprio won.

  17. Armando says:

    I couldn’t believe Tatiana Maslany lost. I’m happy she got the nomination after being snubbed by the Emmy’s though.

  18. Joel says:

    Maslany was definitely robbed.

  19. Sandra says:

    Amy Adams winning over Meryl Streep is a huge joke. Obviously they did not watch August Osage County. Streeps best since Sophie’s Choice. This joke of a win going to Adams just shows these awards mean nothing. And the way Adams dressed was just disgusting.

  20. Jason says:

    No one thought Taylor was winning. They thought Tatiana or Kerry.

    • Nathan says:

      Meryl won Golden Globes for both Julie and Julia ( and what a coincidence, it started Amy Adams) and The Iron Lady! Amy Adams in American Hustle, blew Meryl out of the water!!!!!!
      And they way Amy dressed, who cares it’s her choice!

      • S.K. says:

        Amy Adam’s performance in AH couldn’t blow a whistle, let alone blow Streep out of the water. She’s wooden and uninteresting. Most things about that movie are, with the exception of Christian Bale. David O. Russell must have friends in high places, his lackluster efforts get nominated for anything they entertain the fancy of.

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