First Look: Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck Batman Superman

While the Batman-Superman movie is still two years away from hitting theaters, director Zack Snyder posted the first look of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight on Tuesday, alongside his new Batmobile.

The Batmobile is somewhat obscured by Affleck but the black and white image gives fans a chance to debate how the new suit compares to past costumes. The Batsuit has always been a divisive feature of every Batman pic — especially since George Clooney’s costume in “Batman and Robin,” which came complete with the now-infamous “Batnipples,” gave fans an advanced warning that the Joel Schumacher production might be troubled.

The untitled Batman-Superman film co-stars Henry Cavill (Superman) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and begins filming this summer in Detroit.

Batman-Superman opens in U.S. theaters May 6, 2016.

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  1. BriteBlonde1 says:

    Glad the GOP are paying all the right wingers to post…its the ONLY jobs they have created in decades.

  2. JoeR says:

    I bet many would not characterize you as a “real” American. Certainly don’t sound like one.

  3. Vanessa Grayson for Wonder Woman.. Aww, c;mon- give her a chance.

  4. Mitch Rapp says:

    Afraid Affleck is going to do to Batman what he did to Daredevil. End the franchise. Of course he did it to Daredevil before it had a chance to become a franchise.

    • Luluinhollywood says:

      Yeah, cuz it couldn’t have been a poor script or bad directing could it..? Actually, Daredevil was perfectly popcorn entertaining. But I challenge you to watch that movie as is & honestly picture a different actor could have made it a higher caliber.

      Daredevil’s blame for bombing rests solely on writer/director Mark Steven Johnson’s choices- whose illustrious credits include ‘Grumpier Old Men’, ‘Ghost Rider’, ‘Elektra’… & not a whole lot else. But living in your mommy’s basement all these years has made you fanboys bitter & y’all love to hate on people more successful & talented than you could ever hope to be.

      I am not a Ben Affleck super fan but the hate he’s receiving is ridiculous. The man has shown to be a talented actor, writer, & director. With awards & nominations, who also happens to carry himself with class off screen. I admit he wouldn’t be the 1st person that came to mind if I were casting batman in my head. But then again I thought it strange to be doing a Batman/Superman at all- especially so soon after the Nolan franchise. BUT- then I heard it was Zack Snyder- who love him or hate him always manages to make something that could be cheesy in another person’s hands edgy & unique. So what’s so hard about giving em all the benefit of the doubt? Especially since they are putting their time & money & energy into the project & you just have to sit on your asses in the peanut gallery… Sheesh.

  5. That could be anybody. Wotta gyp.

  6. JoeR says:

    YOU obviously care or you wouldn’t state that you might avoid what COULD be an excellent movie. Me, I only care about the work. I don’t care about Affleck’s politics, I don’t care if Downey likes a toot now and then, I don’t care about Cavil’s sexual orientation…I only care about them hopefully making a fine flick.

  7. My problem is the addition of Wonder Woman. Too many.

  8. hardtruth00 says:

    Gigli as Batman?!?! Definitely a movie ill take a pass on. Isn’t ruining Daredevil enough?

  9. Eddie Cook says:

    This Batman may have greater peripheral vision, symbolic with the Batmobile’s windshield, and see the errs of Kal-El – but Affleck still has a horse head. He has an ugly body. It’s not that people hate Ben Affleck; it’s that he sucks and is detrimental to the value of movies onscreen.

  10. RedRiver says:

    Interesting look obviously taken from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. The short eared cowl is most definitely from that book. Broad shouldered look is as well. Snyder must be drawing from that take on Batman. Affleck already has a group of online haters, so I think he’s a brave soul to take on Batman. Good luck. The Batmobile looks interesting too.

  11. says:

    Ben Affleck? Really? With so many handsome, young, talented actors available why would they pick a hack like him?

  12. mostly cool suit + ben alleck = still sux

  13. Great design, love it! It hearkens to Frank Miller but it’s more based on Jim Lee’s DC “New 52” design from the current comic books (and the flagship “Batman” comic book is the #1 best-selling title right now). Can’t wait for Snyder’s film, and then the Justice League movie.

    Any screenwriters or d-people out there interested in learning more about the story behind the best superhero movies, I invite you to check out my webinar WRITING THE SUPERHERO MOVIE with The Writers Store: which will include an examination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, *12 techniques to subvert Superhero movie cliches* and much more. It will be a lot of fun!

  14. Bob in Virginia says:

    Nope. Not gong to see any movie with Ben Affleck. Ever. Period. That turd is cinematic poison.

  15. at least the suit hides him from our view; now all is needed a voice over.

  16. fred rick says:

    Ben wishes he had muscles like that.

  17. Adam West – accept no other Batman, you poor deluded moviegoers.

  18. Zoltan the mediocre says:

    batman sad. why batman look sad?

  19. I’m surprised they made the ears that short. Didn’t everyone complain about Nolan’s batsuit because the ears were too stumpy?

  20. nyguy says:

    it’s catman??? lol

  21. Frank says:

    Not bad at all! Clearly inspired by Miller’s artwork in “The Dark Knight Returns”. I like the Batmobile as well (at least what we can see of it). Good work!

    • JoeR says:

      They’ve stated at the outset that Miller’s take was what they were going for. Just wish they didn’t have to use the tiny ears.

  22. Joe says:


    • I love how everyone comments, yet know nothing about the movie. I’m no fan of Affleck as Batman either but I’m not going to bash it until I see the finished project. Too many people are so quick to judge now before even seeing results. it’s astounding.

  23. Glenn C. says:

    I still don’t get it. Why on earth is Batman going to fight Superman?!!!! They are both good guys! It’s ridiculous! Not like one is a villain anyway.

    • PhilG says:

      1. The WORKING title was/is “Batman vs. Superman”. There’s no indication that it will be the final title nor, should it stick, that it necessarily follows that they’ll fight. Titles aren’t always literal. And this one may JUST have been to stir up talk.

      2. Superman and Batman have very different world views, origins, outlooks, skill sets, methods and ideas. They clash ALL THE TIME. Sometimes physically and at great cost (c.f., say, Frank Miller’s DKR, or the retro series World’s Finest). There are many issues big and small that would see the DARK Knight clash with the symbol of hope and brightness.

  24. I like this suit. I cant wait to see Ben as Batman. I know he will be great as Bruce Wayne. I am partial because on my birthday a few years back I got to see him holding his oldest girl. I dont care about his politics, I love him in action movies. Love to see Matt Damon and him in a action flick together.

  25. jonah says:

    Batman XII?

  26. Eric says:

    I predict this will be one of the most expensive failures of all time.

  27. Vern says:

    I’m with Leslie on this one. Guess I’ll see it when it comes out on NetFlix.

  28. Bill Wilson says:

    Makes me want to go sit under a tree and read a good book.

  29. raghavendra prasad says:


  30. JoeR says:

    Just what I was afraid of. I HATE the cowl’s “mouse ears.”

  31. Fre says:

    Simply…… Not interested.
    Remember how terribly he moved as ‘Daredevil’?
    They should have got someone other than Ben.
    This is just Not for him or the Franchise.
    I predict it will be the weakest Batman of all.

  32. Nanny Mo says:

    I don’t know. This could be good as Aflac is a man of talent, but I think it’s going to be hard for me to “pretend” in the theater that he’s really batman. The box office will tell I guess. And honesty as a movie goer I’m ready for some new faces.

  33. Chelsea says:

    Holy ….., seen it.

  34. BriteBlonde1 says:

    Seriously, this looks like ALL the other modern Batmans. What is the big deal?

  35. Benny says:

    Very Frank Miller vibe. Much Dark Knight Returns.

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