First Look: Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck Batman Superman

While the Batman-Superman movie is still two years away from hitting theaters, director Zack Snyder posted the first look of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight on Tuesday, alongside his new Batmobile.

The Batmobile is somewhat obscured by Affleck but the black and white image gives fans a chance to debate how the new suit compares to past costumes. The Batsuit has always been a divisive feature of every Batman pic — especially since George Clooney’s costume in “Batman and Robin,” which came complete with the now-infamous “Batnipples,” gave fans an advanced warning that the Joel Schumacher production might be troubled.

The untitled Batman-Superman film co-stars Henry Cavill (Superman) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and begins filming this summer in Detroit.

Batman-Superman opens in U.S. theaters May 6, 2016.

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  1. F. Schweitzer says:

    But who is the clown looking dude in the mist at the left corner of the shot?? Is the Joker coming back?

    • the point im getting to is the Joker may not exist in this universe. but who knows.

    • this is a differnt universe than the other movies took place in, so joker did not die or vanished in this one, this is a less realistic batman than we are use to,it has to be, because superman could never exist in real life,the nolan movies were more based in reality , all of the gagets ect actauly exist in real life, this batman will be notting like the one from the nolan movies,you most likely will see Batman useing future gaggets , such as time travel ,robots, and maybe even a gaget to let him go into differnt universe and maybe destroy everthing , which he nearly did before, well night owl did anyway.but than again night owl is batman.

  2. It’s getting stupid.

  3. Bruce says:

    I love Batman and voted for him in the Ultimate superhero face-off. Have u voted for your favorite superhero yet?

  4. Chat Devil says:

    This batsuit sucks. It almost makes George Clooney’s look good in comparison. Something about it makes Ben Affleck really look just plain fat. His ears are stubby, his Batman chest logo is fat, and it’s really hard to imagine him fighting criminals but actually look good doing it. This looks like the first edition of the Bale batsuit gone wrong. The name ‘Batman vs. Superman’ was cheesy enough but now it seems like they’re TRYING to make the movie bad.

    Best-to-worst Batsuits from live-action film:
    1. Christian Bale
    2. Adam West
    3. Michael Keaton/Val Kilmer
    4. Ben Affleck
    5. George Clooney

    I knew outdoing Nolan’s batsuit was impossible, but this is pathetic. They barely even tried and it looks like they actually just took the previous one and made slight alterations to it.

    • I’m going to initially applaud the producers for going with the short-eared, rugged Bat-look pioneered by the amazing Frank Miller in ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ but we’ll see how the performances stack up.

      • Christina says:

        You must be kidding about putting Adam above Michael.

      • JoeR says:

        Can’t agree with you, Jeff. While I know the mouse-eared look is true to Miller’s version, it’s always been laughable to me. Not very intimidating. I can accept the suit as is if they just made the ears a little longer. Currently, it is more cat-like than bat-like.

  5. Jason says:

    WOW!!!! SO MANY HATERS ON HERE!!!,…geeezzzz. Just by a show of hands how many of you got paid to come on here and troll……nearly half you!! Sweet. How many of you have actually read the script for this new movie coming out in 2yrs. None of you???!!! Really?? That’s a shocker,.. Cause a lot of you are acting like you know what your talking about and already think this movie is going to suck. For all of you that make movies for a living what shitty actor would you have playing BATMAN, and how would your costume look and bat mobile look??? Please post your ideas so I can talk has much shit about your actor choices and shitty ideas for your BATMAN VS SUPERMAN franchise. Wait till we see the first trailor haters!,..then make your assumptions.

  6. Reblogged this on The Random Rant and commented:
    Okay, so, here it is. I’m anxious to write something about this, however, as usual, none of what I think will make any difference anyways, and the brothers Warner are going to end up doing what they want….

  7. Alex says:

    Thankfully, if BVS is as badly shot and treated as Superman…er, “Kal-El”…was in “Man of Steel”, we won’t get a chance to actually see this suit in action. Which is just as well, because it’s the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. Just totally ripped off the dreadful Frank Miller, “Dark Knight Returns” suit, where we had a fat, ugly squat Batman. They seem desperate to hide the fact that Affleck is a little weed in reality, not a superhero type at all. Having finally sat down and watched, with much trepidation, Snyder’s attempt at doing a Superman film, I now have no fears regarding this new mash-up movie.

    It will be mindless, mopey, computer-generated, cartoonishly shot, emotionally immature, camp, posing rubbish, with no attempts to address major concepts like “heroics”, or decent fight scenes. Instead, we will have two and a half hours of computer generated, eye-bleeding destruction, in which our main characters kill people, and act like super-idiots.

    Exciting new direction for BVS: Dismal black and white moodiness, as Batman starts using steroids – hence the veins and muscles – and stands about looking depressed because all his other decent costumes are clearly in the wash. Good luck, world. We’re really due another exercise in corporate bad decisions, to make money from characters we loved decades before WB got their hands on them.

    • Gerhard says:

      OK so you’re one of those. The perennial moaner. Everything sucks. You know best. Everything/one else is stupid.

  8. Johnny K says:

    He’s super bummed because the batmobile won’t start.

  9. BORED says:

    Does anyone in Hollywood know how to create an original screenplay any more?

  10. oddy says:

    It’s still going to suck.

  11. Sergio G says:

    I too had reservations about Affleck as the caped crusader. But that changed a bit while watching “The Town” in which Affleck actually appears as a matured actor – and yes I enjoyed it.

    Now the interesting thing here, Christian Bale as the Batman didn’t work at all for me BUT through the eyes of Nolan it really didn’t matter as he created a visual feast-fest with amazing co-actors that it could actually have worked with Jar-Jar Binks as Batman.. and I think we can all agree that Jar-Jar is the only animated character that in a court of law would be sentenced to “death by processor or ctrl-alt-delete”.

    This is Zack Snyder people, the picture already gives a hint on how he perceives “The Bat” – and that for me does the trick. Affleck is nowhere in the universe of people I would have chosen for this part – but again this is Zack Snyder at the helm.

    After the remake of “Fright Night 2” – Hollywood is no stranger to extremely poor decision-making and another would be the remake of “Oldboy” – which gives the impression that communism is only alive within the studio executives offices and the ratings-people.

    But fear not, I myself was a big dis-believer of Ben Affleck – but I also sorely believe that he has matured and grown – and with Zack Snyder you just know that it can’t go wrong.

    I was a fan of “Batman” and “Batman Returns” and the “Dark Knight”, and as a comic book-geek and movie afficionado – this movie will be a win.

  12. Tim Hull says:

    Did they add veins to the muscles on the suit? What’s next? A steroid syringe hanging out of the arm? Lame.

  13. Gomalio Fung says:

    This pumpkin head is the Ernest Borgnine of his generation. Goofy looking B lister all the way.

  14. versionthirteen says:

    Say it with me – Gigliman.

  15. Pete the cart says:

    Only if it had the entire cast of ‘Mallrats’.

  16. SSGTNELSON says:


  17. Damien Wayne says:

    Problem with Affleck is that he’s Affleck. We know him too well, so we can’t picture him as someone other than “Affleck”. We know “Batman” so well, we are seeing someone become “Batman”. You can’t have an icon play an icon. That’s why the Superman choice was so brilliant, because we could believe this guy we’d never seen could be “Superman”. People have trouble expressing it because they just know if “feels wrong”. However, that’s why it “feels wrong”. An icon can’t play an icon.

    You want to use big name actors, actually do the script from the “Joker” part of the Dark Knight, having Bruce Willis and William Defoe in the title roles. I’d crawl over broken glass to see that.

  18. GKN says:

    Affleck is gonna knock it outa the park. A far better actor than Bale. No one in the family cared to see the second Dark Knight. The first was dull enough. Go Ben!

  19. crazydog says:

    Sort of looks like Daredevil in black….still a lame choice (think kilmer and clooney) for Batman!

  20. Ron says:

    Well hell, I suppose I won’t be seeing this batman flick if he’s in it.

    Oh well!

  21. crazydog says:

    Let me see…..Clooney, Kilmer, now Afleck….think DareDevil in black….

  22. moebius22 says:

    It looks like Tim Burton’s Batman. Good for its time, but dated for today.

  23. I suspect it will be more like “Batman meets X-men”. It’s comic book franchise after all…

  24. johnfrancisx says:

    This will be trash. Nolan rules the bat cave roost.

  25. BillUSA says:

    We should go on a letter-writing campaign to get this movie kiboshed if we can’t get Affleck booted from the role first. My God, is this supposed to be a serious flick or are they going after a comedy sleep-fest?

  26. C says:

    Affleck sucks!

  27. Sergio Bungholio says:

    You never know….I felt the same as most here about Micheal Keaton in the first batman and he did great. Then again it’s Daredevil and jilly or that movie no one saw

  28. Clearly this photo shows Kevin Smith still controls everything this guy does. Fatman returns.

  29. Obamunist says:

    Supes is young, Luthor is youngish, Wonder Woman is young, but Batman is older? Affleck is just so wrong for this role….soooooo wrong

  30. Ben Afleck???? really ?? Did EVERYONE else is hollywood turn it down ? Where is Sandra Bullock – she could pull off batman better than Ben Afleck….does anyone remember the last superhero he played? I didn’t think so

  31. JeffKnox says:

    This is like telling us to judge Spiderman in a black and white photo. I need to be able to see it in color. Heck, we can’t even see the lower half of him….heck we can’t even see the utility belt. I need to see the shades of black/grey of the suit to see whether I like it or not.

    But from what I can see, it’s a decent look. But then anyone and any number of suits can look good in a certain pose that’s in almost complete darkness. This really was a poor attempt at a “first look”.

    Also, unless Affleck bulks up like Christian Bale did, Bruce Wayne and Batman will have too much of a physical difference. The suit gives off the impression of a buff guy…so I’d expect Bruce Wayne to be similar. Affleck better look the part for Bruce Wayne as well as Batman. Not only look the part but better play the part very well.

    What could have helped calm my fears of Ben Affleck as Batman would have been a good photo…this is not a good photo. My fears remain.

  32. Butch says:

    He’s going to do to Batman what he did to DareDevil.

  33. heftyjo says:

    If Ben has actually bulk up that much I’m impressed. It’ll be a testament to human growth hormones. But I have a feeling that it’s mostly the suit…..

  34. Travalot says:

    Why do they have to ruin the Batman character with Ben Affleck? Guess that’s one Batman movie I won’t be paying to see.

  35. roraw says:


  36. dam says:

    Didn’t Hollywood learn anything from Daredevil?

  37. rkae says:

    I hate each and every “rubber suit” Batman flick – going all the way back to that lousy Tim Burton junk. Fake muscles? Body armor? Utter B.S.!

    Batman is NOT bulletproof! That’s sort of THE POINT! He’s NOT Iron Man with pointed ears!

    Give him a simple tight suit. It works for Oliver Queen on “Arrow,” damn it!

    • see above says:

      Oh give me a break, Arrow’s the WORST piece of crap yet. And Ben Affleck is worse for the role than michael freaking keaton was……Mr. Mom? Geesh….g’bye!

  38. therealeverton says:

    It is a bad picture, poorly taken and somehow manages to make him look fat! Which is ridiculous, but it does.

    Should release a better one ASAP.

  39. no offense to Ben, but this thing is going to nose dive. can you make a put option on a movie?

  40. J Rogowski says:

    Ben Affleck, there goes that franchise. Kinda like that Australian stiff in the James Bond line.

  41. art gomez says:


  42. Billionaire dad says:

    He looks fat.

  43. Googi Goosho says:

    You’d have to pay me to see it, I’m boycotting all of Hollywood

    If you like foreigner flicks, South Korean movies are top notch production, wiht meaningful plots and the kind of real talent we used to see in Hollywood

  44. STAN EVANS says:

    It’s really not about the suit or the look, it’s about how the actor portrays the role. So the jury is still out.

  45. BillUSA says:

    There appears what seems to be a distorted reflection of a clown in the lower left of the picture above. Wonder if that’s supposed to be The Joker.

    I don’t think much of Affleck as an actor because he doesn’t show convincing range. I often say he comes from the Chuck Norris School of Shot Position. His best performance I have ever seen was ironically in “Hollywoodland” in which he portrayed George Reeves. He (and this movie) haven’t a lot going for it as it arrives on the heels of a very-well-imagined version of the Caped Crusader.

    Batman was my favorite superhero when I was a kid growing up in the sixties, but even then I never could believe that he could best Superman on any given day (well, maybe with a truckload of kryptonite). Why they would choose such a platform on which to launch a reboot isn’t the smartest way to go. Unless, of course, they end up aligning in order to defeat a greater menace.

    I won’t be paying to see this one. If it is well-received, I’ll wait until I can watch it for free on Amazon Prime. Yes, I know I pay for the membership.

    So thank you Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and all involved for the best treatment of my boyhood favorite superhero. It will be a very long time – if at all – until your efforts are overcome by something better.

  46. Jacques Strappe says:

    Silly poll. The picture looks like every other batman and batmobile. Just another reason for fan boys to rant about their lost childhood or shrinking testicles, I suppose. I don’t understand all the Ben Affleck hate. How is he any different from any other Hollywood actor. I’m sure he can do “brooding” like the best of them. Batman isn’t typically the most loquacious or emotive character. Affleck is fine, probably no worse or better than previous batmans. I mean Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer, seriously?

  47. T says:

    I won’t be seeing this movie in the theater because of Affleck Maybe I’ll watch it on Netflix, maybe not..

    • Norman says:

      I have a similar opinion, but the saving grace is that initially, Michael Keaton was an extremely unpopular choice as well.

  48. Rick says:

    Way to ruin a great franchise. This should take Batman right back to the bad old Clooney days. Hope they have a good big-name nemesis to offset Affleck’s lack of acting ability. Of all the possible successors to Christian Bale, they had to go with Affleck? I will never understand that. They might as well have picked Pauly Shore or Rob Schneider.

    • JoeR says:

      “They might as well have picked Pauly Shore or Rob Schneider”

      I think they were contenders for Lex Luthor before Eisenberg got the role..

  49. Kathy says:

    Who cares – I only want to see Henry Cavill as Superman. Ben Affleck is overrated.
    Christian Bale was probably the best batman.

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