‘Batman v Superman:’ Is Jena Malone Playing Female Robin?

Jena Malone: Robin in Batman v

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will reportedly feature a female Robin, with actress Jena Malone rumored to be playing Carrie Kelly, according to a local news station in Detroit.

WILX-10 News station reporter Kirk Montgomery spoke with one of the extras at Michigan State University, where a scene involving Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) was being filmed this week.

“I’ve also learned that the character of Robin is now female,” he said alluding to the film’s top secret script.

Warner Bros. declined to comment.

Malone, who appeared in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” has been seen on the WB set and recent movie premieres sporting a new red hairdo.

Casting rumors for “Batman v Superman” have been in high demand since director Zack Snyder revealed the project at Comic-Con last year.

The anonymous extra who spoke to WILX faces a hefty fine of $5 million after signing a non-disclosure agreement with Warner Bros.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” co-starring Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, opens March 25, 2016.


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  1. CaydenCreed says:

    Why is everyone speculating Robin…? She’s much too old. But red hair, late 20s, and maybe a wheelchair…? Anybody writing this crap heard of Oracle? Barbara Gordon? No? Sounds more plausible than Carrie.

    Also, by this time in Batman’s career wouldn’t Dick have grown up so wouldn’t he be Nightwing! Not Robin! I think adding Nightwing, Robin (Tim/kill of Jason in this movie), Oracle, and Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) would be awesome, then for the standalone introduce Carrie as the new Robin and have Tim leave in BvS at the end to find his own way as Red Robin where he could form the Titan’s set for a new movie of awesomeness! Or something like that!

  2. Joe says:

    I expect the movie to suck. Nothing against Jenna Malone, she is watchable and I respect that she has pubic hair. The most recent Batman and Superman movies have sucked and, aside from miscasting Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill I think it was, the problems have come from the scripts and the directing.

  3. amaro says:

    holy perfect!!!! I loved the zany female robin in the new batman animated movie

  4. Mr. Rubino says:

    When I first read about this, I assumed people would be screaming “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” or talking about “accuracy” (Code-word for the first thing I said) when they had neither touched a comic book in decades, nor had any idea what DC was basing their upcoming films on. (Unrelated spoilers: Aquaman has been able to do more than talk to fish for a while now.) All they know is some acrobat named Dirk Grayscone or whatevz was Robin on that TV show their parents watched half a century ago.
    Glad to see I’m right. I should become a police psychic with these precognitive powers.

    • Chris Hamer says:

      To be fair Political Correctness happens a lot in casting. Idris Elba as Heimdall being an example of the top of my head. In this case however it is simply committing to the Dark Knight Returns environment that the film seems to be setting up.

  5. Paul Harris says:

    Turning Robin into a woman is utterly stupid. The boy wonder as a female is the dumbest idea ever.

    • The best thing ever a female Robin especially when she’s portrayed by Jena Malone, this is gonna be a real kickass Robin in case you didn’t know. I LOVE Carrie Kelley!!!!

    • ambspock says:

      I would like to ask you WHY you think that when in Frank Miller “The Dark Knight Returns” the Robin mantle was taken up by a female Robin. You should really keep up with your comics you know; if you are a comic book reader that is

  6. Craig says:

    I know Kirk Montgomery – I worked with him when he was the weatherman at another Lansing station. Kirk is about as blustery as it gets and I’m sure the idea of breaking this story was more than he could bear. While I don’t doubt he spoke with some extras and crew members around set, I’d wager my next born that he heard a little of this and a little of that, then added 2 + 2 and got 16. That’s par for the course with Kirk.

  7. Jesse says:

    That would be terrible. She could be Bat-Girl”, Not Robin. In the Last Batman movie they had a Male Robin on his way to see Batman and that hinted at the next movie – and I thought that was great and couldn’t wait to see it. But I do not want to see a Woman in the traditional Male Role of Robin.

  8. Sean says:

    Nobody knows for sure what she’s going to be doing in the movie. Don’t you all think you’re jumping the gun a bit? Seriously, how are any of you fans of anything?!

  9. Neither WILX-TV nor Michigan State University are in Detroit. A local station in LANSING broke this story.

  10. Garrett Avey says:

    I am one more bad casting away from not seeing this movie

    • erniecrx says:

      Why do u think it’s bad casting, i think you’ve a problem with female heroes, haven’t you?

      • Chris Hamer says:

        One can have a problem with bad casting without having a problem with female heroes. With regards to why people might not like this casting: Either they don’t like the actress or they are ignorant of the comic The Dark Knight Returns.

  11. It’s Carrie Kelley, not Kelly.

  12. mightymad says:

    Not gonna lose my sh*t over this like too many people here evidently seemed to have…

    I made my peace a while back over my expectations about “Dawn of Justice”: it’s highly improbable it will not turn out to be a complete mess. There hasn’t be only casting news I heard from it that made me happy in the slightest, so really, this new addition would just be par for the course, wouldn’t it?

    ‘Reminds me of something my little league coach used to tell us, back in the day: “the surest way to not get a homerun is to go crazy trying to actually hit one.”

  13. Ryan Hart says:

    Claire Kelly is not even close to the best robin…. they should be using Dick Grayson if its the 1st time Batman and Superman meet…Zach Snyder is a shit director to me at the moment

    • erniecrx says:

      You should hear yourself talk and please it’s Carrie NOT Claire, you’re just a big crybaby, Zack Snyder is refreshing and doesn’t sing the same old boring song like you do.

      • Bman says:

        Tell us all how using any former Robin isn’t just doing the same boring song over again? If he wants to be original make a new Robin, oh wait, yeah… People forget Stephanie Brown was Robin, and um there is a person called Batgirl/Oracle that she could be playing that is kick butt too…

  14. Ryan Hart says:

    This is gonna be bad in my opinion like WTF are they going with such an old batman like when batman meets superman he is young not like 50 years old Idc if the director like batman the dark knight returns b/c its an alternate storyline not something that should be in another movie…. horrible directing and casting in my opinion. now I know why Christian Bale wouldn’t reprise for this role.

    • CaydenCreed says:

      Nobody wanted him too…? But he’s not young anymore either!

    • erniecrx says:

      @Bman Stephanie Brown isn’t redheaded, so think a little for a moment, there are so much retards on this comment site, but she can be Babs Gordon too and Carrie Kelley is new cause she’s a female Robin, that i like, it’s refreshing and original.

  15. lindsay lohan is robin? good to see her getting work again!

  16. Jim says:

    Really Carrie Kelly? I thought Carrie came later in the Batman universe, I thought this dawn of justice movie was suppose to be the start of mostly Batman and Batman and Superman first encounter?

  17. Justin says:

    Robin in the movie? Looks like another reason to avoid these DC movies. Good job blundering the framework Disney/Marvel built and showed you, WB.

  18. Curtis Yost says:

    Well there were actually two robins that were female. There was Carrie Kelly and Stephanie Brown. Just in case you didn’t know the others. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damien Wayne. Read up on this. You just might like it…….Actually I didn’t like Carrie Kelly, but doesn’t mean she will be that annoying in the movie.

  19. Mop says:

    Newsflash, here have been SEVERAL robins, not just dick grayson. She isn’t playing a genderbent dick grayson, she’s playing one of the many CANON female robins. You really don’t know anything about Batman, do you?

    • AJ says:

      As of right now in DC there’s only been 3 Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Damian Wayne (Tim Drake’s now never been Robin). There are no cannon female Robins any longer either. Didio denounced Stephanie Brown’s role as a proper Robin after her death, then the New52 erased her from existence and Carrie Kelly and The Dark Knight Rises are AUs-not cannon at all.

    • AJ says:

      Carrie Kelly wasn’t cannon. At all. The Dark Knight Returns was an AU-same with Batman Beyond. Neither were/are cannon despite obsessive fan opinion. Stephanie Brown was the only female-cannon Robin and that’s kind of iffy as Didio went on to publicly announce that she never had been Robin after her death.

      Then the New52 erased Stephanie from existence (though I hear she’s coming back as Spoiler) so-no not her either really. Of course, they took Robin away from Tim Drake (who is not actually named Tim Drake anymore, it’s a cover name) too so…

      Technically there are NO female cannon Robins to speak of and only three males.

    • Pinto says:

      “You really don’t know anything about Batman, do you?”

      You just went full dork. Never go full dork.

  20. Marko says:

    Robin is a female in that specific Batman story line, retard. It’s based completely in the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns from Frank Miller. You can buy the book on amazon or watch the animated movie. Also, just so you’ll rage more, Batman is almost 70 years old in this story.

    • ambspock says:

      I approve of this message :D…and by the way Gary is it necessary to BRING/mention politics when the movie itself has nothing to do with it?..besides this is just a rumor “allegedly” said by an extra that sign a non-disclose contract..until WB comes out and say so..

  21. Kat says:

    I’m sorry but did you just compare having a female Robin to murdering millions of people? Priorities, dude.

  22. D says:


  23. Yas says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to see this movie as being pieced together using The Dark Knight Returns as a scrapyard. I understand Snyder & co. using elements from other stories to build an original one for the movies, but it’s confusing some into thinking this is going to be anywhere near the TDKR story.

  24. guest2.0 says:

    This movie is jammed packed with so many characters, they should leave robin out of the movies. Jena should play harley quinn.

  25. rayoverbythestand says:

    of all the Robins, the worst two have been Carrie Kelly and Stephanie Brown. it’s not an accident both are chicks. looks like zach synder really wants his movie to fail.

    • erniecrx says:

      Only you want this movie to fail, get over it and don’t watch it. Carrie Kelley is one of the best Robins cause she’s smart and brave and Bats praised her for that.

  26. Chelsea says:

    Yay I say get it three weeks and it will be confirmed, we all know that movie rumors are most often true. Really hope they can add Nightwing in the movie.

  27. Darth Schrader says:

    Hated to hear there was a Robin in it, but loved it when I heard it would be Carrie Kelly!! WB please make him pay the $5 million fine!!!!!

  28. Joel Emmett says:

    Carrie Kelly/Robin in “The Dark Knight Returns” graphic novel was not only the best portrayal of Robin, but easily one of the best comic book characters of all time. It looks like BvS will largely be a re-working of Dark Knight Returns, and that is a wonderful, wonderful thing to hear.

    • Chris Hamer says:

      The most overblown comment ever. She is hardly one of the best comic book characters of all time and is only arguably the best Robin. I love Carrie Kelly, but this was a little fanboyish.

  29. scififreak35 says:

    To all the people below saying how the movie will suck now because Robin is female and how this is just pandering and so on…you realize you sound like idiots (and “fake geeks”) because this is a CANON character that actually exists, right? And she’s a character in the story DC is adapting: The Dark Knight Returns. This isn’t a so-called diversity ploy. They are sticking to the actual plot. Although the character is much younger than Jena….

    • AJ says:

      Carrie Kelly and The Dark Knight Returns are NOT cannon they’re AUs. And honestly I personally thought the story was just a preteen excuse to beat up that one popular kid in middle school you never actually talked to.

      And truthfully it would be a pretty stupid move. If you’re going to include Robin why use the one that’s the least known? Especially by non-comicbook fans-who are going to make up most of the audience for this?

    • Wayne says:

      lol,….better to be a fake geek, than real moron. You can’t even your insults straight.

    • Yas says:

      Yes, yes, yes, but I truly have doubts that this movie is based on TDKR. Lots of elements lifted from that for this, but that’s it.

      • Danny B says:

        First of all. Her tenure as Robin is NOT canon. She has been introduced in mainstream continuity as something other than Robin as a wink to fans, but she only exists within the continuity of the DKR universe. Second, although people appreciate the gritty nature of the story told using her in that context, CONTINUING A MOVIE FRANCHISE using the controversially hated non canon successor to Jason Todd is a weak move at utilizing future Batman stories. Tim Drake, and Damien come after Todd. Tim being the longest standing Robin of any generation and key element of future batman stories. Kelly in the film may “work” for the DKR adaptation that nobody asked for, but Kelly represents the idea that no further films will use the canon we did ask for.

    • These people know nothing of comic books and still want to opine …

  30. Leo says:

    I am done and you should all be too. Political correctness has gone too far! I am out. Not getting any more of my money!

  31. David C Jones says:

    The fact that Warner Bros. has declined comment says they ether want us all to believe that’s the case or, it actually is.

  32. UGH! What an incredibly HORRIBLE decision! Man, that really sucks! BLAH!!!!

  33. And this movie gets ruined more and more each day

  34. Fataldeviation says:

    I’m about as feminist as they come, but seriously? Carrie Kelly isn’t even part of the main canon, and she’s supposed to be a post-Jason Todd, thirteen year old Robin! So, not only are they seriously stretching the canon boundaries, they’re adding in a much lesser known character, putting Batman way out of the “just starting out” phase, so he’s inconsistent with the superman canon that they’re going with, cast an actress who is waaaaaaaay too old for the part, AND no word at all on Nightwing/Dick Grayson? Why not use Stephanie Brown, if they’re going for the, “look how diverse and progressive we are” angle? Seriously, DC, get your crap together!

    • Dissin' Terry says:

      Do you really want the exact same stories told over and over again? ‘Reimaginings’ are basically the only suspense we have these days when it comes to comic fare. Read the graphic novel/c If you want that story told again. Let’s watch something fresh for once. So sick of these hardcore crybabies who throw a shit fit any of their precious plots gets retold. Film is a different medium, so let’s enjoy a different story. Or, ya know, throw another tantrum, then go take your time out in the corner.

      • erniecrx says:

        I completely concur, all those people here are whiners, Zack Snyder is singing a new song for once and that’s a good thing, also bringing in Jena Malone as a redheaded character is a real addition to the movie cause she’s a talented actress.

      • Mic says:

        Reimaginings are fine but not when they mess with already set characters and tropes just to do so. For one, the character of Robin has only appeared in two different Batman incarnations as far as film goes: the Adam West incarnation and the post-Burton, Schumacher Batmans. So it doesn’t really qualify as the same story being told over and over again. It’s really only been told in a meaningful way once and even that was sorry. And no, The Dark Knight rises doesn’t count as he was just some cop the entire movie, not Robin. But number two and more importantly, I dislike this move because of the simple fact that we already have a female Batman-idolizing character who tries to follow in his footsteps in Batgirl. That character has not been explored nearly enough and can easily have her background changed in multiple ways. I don’t see the point in changing the sex of a character when you essentially already have the equivalent of that character in the sex/gender you’ll be changing them too. I didn’t like it in the two variations they did it in the comics because I found it to be pandering, especially since Batgirl had pre-existed both of those incarnations. What, is Batgirl suddenly not good enough as a female heroine? I still think the movie will be fine but this news has actually upset me the most because of its frivolousness.

    • Jim Forbes says:

      Dark Knight Returns?

  35. Tyler says:

    I’m just… not going to watch these superhero movies anymore.

  36. ambspock says:

    AND why are they filling this with every known superhero known to DC Comics? didn’t they pay attention to Spider-Man 3 when they introduced too many villains? i say leave Robin out for the next Batman movie…if nothing else IF you feel like you absolutely have to then introduced Nightwing

  37. Rob Bradley says:

    Give me a break, no.

    Carrie worked because she changed the status quo of Robin, why are they trying to make this so much like The Dark Knight Returns? It’s an ORIGIN movie.

  38. William says:


  39. Ajay says:

    Where do they get $5mm? I’ve literally signed dozens of film and commercial NDAs and never do they specify a damage amount, especially $5mm on a $200mm+ film. I guess that’s what you get from local news…unsubstantiated sensationalism. And WB, that’s what you get for filming with hacks in a Right to Work state. That said, Jena Malone as Robin may get me out to see this thing in theaters instead of waiting for VOD.

  40. Charles Woolery says:

    If you can swallow Ben Affleck as Batman then anything is possible

    • Dissin' Terry says:

      Let me guess, you signed the “Ledger not Joker” campaign when that emerged for ‘The Dark Knight’ too right? Affleck’s won 2 Oscars now, the whole ‘Affleck’ sucks thing doesn’t make sense anymore. Live in the now…

  41. Well that is one stupid extra….. how is he gonna pay that fee lol.

  42. yakado says:

    reaching in the miller stuff,cool

  43. TigerClaw says:

    There was more then one female Robin actually, Stephanie Brown was the 4th Robin previously.

  44. Marlana Ramirez says:

    I’d rather have her play Harley Quinn…

  45. well, if anyone’s gonna do it. She was the best part in Sucker Punch, too.

  46. darren says:

    So instead of the “single man, raising an unrelated teen boy” gay jokes that’s been around for 50 years, we’re now going to get the “Old single man, raising an unrelated teen girl” perverted jokes. Somehow I believe that’s worse. :)

  47. Helzapoppin says:


  48. Derp says:

    Also, the movie already has Wonder Woman. Robin is just a side kick so it’s not like she’s elevating the role of women in comics as there are plenty of independent female superheroes.

  49. Carrie Kelly was Robin back in the 1985 classic The Dark Knight Returns. This has nothing to do with political correctness

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