‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Moves to March 2016

Ben Affleck Batman Superman

Warner Bros.’ “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has moved its release date from May 6, 2016, to March 25, 2016.

The superhero hybrid, starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, was supposed to challenge “Captain America 3” during the first weekend of May, but will instead spring forward to avoid a blockbuster confrontation.

The earlier months of March and April have proven fertile ground for Hollywood tentpoles in recent years.  “The Hunger Games” and “Captain America: Winter Soldier” both opened to stellar results in March, as did several Zack Snyder-helmed films like “300,” another WB release.

Co-starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, “Batman v Superman” has been filming in Detroit for the past two months.

Warner Bros. also announced the release dates for nine untitled DC films on Wednesday. The studio is hoping its Justice League universe, which includes superheroes the Flash and Green Lantern, can match Marvel’s hit franchise “The Avengers” at the box office.

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  1. kuki caladart says:

    adoro super heróis amo todos sepermem e batmam e top amo bj

  2. zryson says:

    I think it was rather foolish for Warner Bros to think they could go head to head with Marvel. All its done is forced them into an embarrassing back-down and signal they arent so confident in their A-listers Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman going up against a former B-list character (Captain America) who can now go head to head with their most successful superheroes.

  3. Yas says:

    This is good news for us fans. Does it look like DC blinked? Who cares, really. Now there is no deciding which one to see that weekend. Plus, BvS now comes out 2 months earlier then originally planned. Great! I get both worlds in equal time. And since I am over the casting controversy, this is lining up right.

    Now they just got to get the villains in order…..

  4. mightymad says:

    Just a reminder for the nice folks who wrote here that DC didn’t really blink first here, and made the right business decision to maximize their profits:

    Marvel advised the whole movie business in 2012 they have scheduled one of their productions to be release in May 6, 2016; yet DC/Warner still decided later on to move their “Batman Vs Superman” tentpole on the same exact day, probably thinking that a picture starring arguably the two greatest super-heroes of all time would ultimately best even Captain America, which, at the time, was not such a wild guess (although it still was a very arrogant one.)

    It turns out, the only thing that could make them worry about this decision was “Guardians of the Galaxy” – any success that project could generate would prove that the marketplace trust the Marvel brand enough to chose them over most productions out there. Well… you all know the rest: GoTG didn’t just succeed – it obliterated any expectations the industry had for it, proving the MCU could make genuine third-string characters bankable, while DC could not even make successful standalone movies starring well-known Justice League players (looking straight at you, “Green Lantern”!)

    All this to say: with “Guardians” currently on fire, the guarantee success of “Age of Ultron” come 2015 (unless the end of days happens before its release, this thing will make a billion dollar globally, easy), and the undeniable momentum it will create for Cap 3 to ride on in 2016… you best believe Warner had to blink first here!

    Smart business decision… made solely because DC had no other choice.

  5. Alex says:

    DC blinked. They finally realized what the fans have known, when it comes to the movie business the name “Marvel” carries some weight now. GotG, despite being really really good proved that.

    • Jonathan Rodriguez says:

      I agree with you.DC needs to stop trying to overrun Marvel for BO dominance cuz theres no match.The Dark knight trilogy already made all the money you need so just stop trying so hard.

  6. seanmobar says:

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released in April not March.

  7. shawnsshorts says:

    It’s amazing how boring filmmaking actually is. http://wp.me/phhxW-f

  8. Eric Mauri says:

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out in April, not March.

  9. It’s not a blink or chicken type of thing, they just know what’s best for their genre as a whole – don’t cannibalize one another to the detriment of both. It was originally Christmas ’15, right? They bumped it 6 months to really get it right, so it’s not like they’re missing summer money – because the original plan never involved summer to begin with. I think it’s assured 250/750, maybe 1bil if they really nail it.

  10. obsidian says:

    The earlier the better!

  11. Living the Geek Life says:

    Reblogged this on Living the Geek Life and commented:
    They blinked!

  12. Open Matt(e) says:

    Reblogged this on Open Matt(e) and commented:
    I predicted this about two weeks ago now. The Guardians success proved Marvel is just too strong for WB to go head to head.

    • Living the Geek Life says:

      Yeah, Marvel could have easily absorbed a loss on Cap 3, but there’s no way that WB can let BvS come up short in its opening weekend. It’s too vital to their entire DCCU plan.

  13. Good to see DC/Warner acquiesce.. for a change.

    • H16H_C0MM4ND3R says:

      I don’t think it’s about being chicken… I think it’s more about why share the weekend with a competing franchise and have to force people to pick one and ultimately lose profits… It’s very smart of them to move it… And I’m not saying it as a DC fanboy… I truly love both brands and I want them to both be successful.

  14. Living the Geek Life says:

    I’m not surprised that WB blinked first. They had more to lose if Cap 3 took some wind out of BvS’ box office debut.

  15. Fan says:

    Good news for both films! Can’t wait to see them!

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