Name the Superman-Batman Movie [Poll]

Superman Batman

Despite announcing its plans for a vehicle featuring both the Batman and Superman characters at Comic-Con last summer — and practically breaking the Internet with casting announcements like tapping Ben Affleck to play Batman and Jesse Eisenberg to play Lex Luthor — Warner Bros. Pictures seems to be dragging its feet on actually naming its  inevitably lucrative tentpole before the film is set to bow on May 6, 2016.

The problem could be finding something that appeals to everyone. Comicbook fans will tell you that titles like “The Brave and the Bold” and “World’s Finest” come closest to the lore created by those reads, but neither really resonates with average moviegoers (or is particularly Internet search friendly).

So we put it you, Variety readers: Vote for your preferred title in the below poll of names generated by actual research and our own decisions. Or share your own suggestion in the comments section.


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  1. Xybernauts says:

    “Challenge of the Superfriends” j/k
    “Trinity” , it is a Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman movie

  2. MoS titles I’ve been thinkin
    The Call of Justice™
    The Dawn of Justice™
    The Winds of Justice™
    The Charter of Justice™
    Shadow of the Knight™
    The Knights of Justice™
    The Darkest Knight™
    Crusade of Justice™
    Crusade of the Knight™
    The Siren of Justice™
    The Knight of Justice™
    The Dark Crusade™
    The Knights Crusade™

  3. R. Carter says:

    Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

  4. Henry Affleck says:

    Brokeback Mountain 2: The Batman and Superman Love Story

  5. Gary says:

    Look up in the sky!!! With a logo of the S shield with the Bat light and a semi invisable jet in the sky. Or DC comics Justice dawns. Lol OMG…What the heck…its a movie about comic book hero’s being played by grown men and women its not real. Its intertainment…Well we hope.

  6. Jay Gonzales says:

    “Justice.” Period.

  7. stephen grossman says:


  8. jamie decourley says:

    Dark Justice

  9. Paul E says:

    The Dawn of Justice – The League Unites

  10. James J. Fire says:

    SUPER KNIGHTS UNITE: Superman meets Batman

  11. doug r says:

    Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

  12. Paul Weissleder says:

    Bat Soup

  13. aj says:

    Justice Rising? The dark rise of justice? Clash of Justice? Justice Alliance?

  14. Romel Saringan says:

    Hi,I just wanna share my own title suggestions for the upcoming MOS 2 movie: BVS: Justice Rises;The Trinity of Justice: MOS 2 ; The Quest for Justice: The Man Of Steel 2; MOS2: The Powers Of Justice; The Brave,the Bold and the Beauty: MOS2; MOS2: the Triple Power of Justice.

  15. eB says:

    Brokeback Superhero

  16. nothingchronicle says:

    “Batman Begins (Again) with Superman (Because Why Not)?”
    “The Dark Knight Rises With The Aid Of Superman (And Wonder Woman)”
    “Superman is Dope and so is Batman”
    “Caped Crusaders Vs Lex Luther – and Wonder Woman also turns up”
    “Super Batman Turbo Fighters”
    “What Batman Did Last Summer (with Superman)”
    “The League Of Extraordinary Super Persons”
    “How To Lose Credibility and Alienate Fans”

  17. randal batty says:

    I think the next movie should be called “Man of Steel 2.” Sure, other characters may have leading or minor roles in the film, but isn’t it a Superman movie first and foremost? If Superman is relegated to a side role, I think this would negate all the work and creativity that went into the first film. Assuming Superman still has a leading role, he should be given the title.

  18. Jacques Strappe says:

    Caped Men With Hard Steel Rising

  19. Just Confused says:

    Superman is stuck being Clark Kent 24/7/365 now that there are no more phone booths to change in. That’s how he and Batman will “meet cute” and get together when he goes to Wayne Manor to interview the millionaire philantrophist and Bruce gets him to come out of his closet. Title: SUPERMAN & BATMAN, TOGETHER AT LAST”.

  20. Q C says:


  21. occultology says:

    “Kryptonite Guano”

  22. BATAFLEK says:

    BatFleck the shite.

  23. david t. krall says:

    no doubt, the only viable and most common-sense choice is, :”The Caped Crusaders…: that;s it!
    no subtitle…no batman first…no superman first, just and only, with its own powerful resonance,
    “THE CAPED CRUSADERS.” it says it all !!!! a powerful and dignified simplicity….
    from: david t. krall

  24. “Resolves of Steel”

  25. WMK says:

    I have alway thought of sequels names like the Star Wars sequels, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi so my titles would be Man of Steel:
    The Day of the Knight™
    Legend of the Knight™
    Legends Collide™
    Worlds Collide™
    Dawn of the Knight™
    Justice Rising™
    Legacy of Justice
    Worlds Finest…of cours
    And then theres, after todays news & less serious
    Social Justice
    Justice Network
    Network of Social Justice
    Social Knight Moves in the Dark(abit creepy)
    And last but not least…

  26. Just Confused says:

    With the new casting just having been announced, and in view of it being about the two comic book icons, Batman & Superman……

    I humbly submit for


    no compensation required or expected

  27. Mark Danley says:

    “Bad Casting at Every Level”

  28. David Webb says:

    Man of Steel: Justice

    or Man of Steel: Dark Justice

  29. Melissa says:

    Isn’t it obvious? DARK STEEL

  30. Dumy Jean says:

    Through a hero’s eyes Superman and Batman

  31. Michael John Shephard. says:

    Jim Parsons as the Riddler!

  32. Jennie says:

    How about “SWINGERS”

  33. Vol says:

    Steel Knight

  34. Chip Intelisano says:

    “Superman Vs. Batman ; We apologize ahead of time for the WonderWoman and Luthor casting.”

  35. curbcooler says:

    Worlds Finest: Batman vs Superman

  36. Larry says:

    Dark Knight of Wonder Woman Steel: or how I learned to stop worrying and copy Marvel with superhero mashups cuz they make lots of money.

  37. jim calocci says:


  38. Sky man says:

    It doesn’t matter what you call it if Zach Snyder continues to be unable to tell a story where we care enough to find out what happens to the characters. That is what made the original Superman so loved. To have a forty-five minute fight (in Man of Steel) that is repetitive and dull and which ends with Superman finding no way to stop the bad guy other than killing him is also dull and out of character. Superman would have frozen him in a block of ice and dropped him in the Antarctic or some such way. I’m growing weary of all the angst and absolutely zero fun. Zach should take a look at The Avengers to see how it should be done!

  39. Donovan says:


  40. Watcher says:

    2 Capes, 1 Woman

  41. Keitarious says:

    OK to even begin to title this you first need to grasp at least the concept of your plot. If this is a team up you need to steer away from Batman vs Superman, if this is their first meeting and your aim is to build up characters for a JL movie, why not just title it Justice Begins. That seems to be a theme Nolan and Snyder would agree on. Because it shouldn’t be a name focusing on just two characters I.e. The Dark Knight meets the man of steel. I say this because this begins to emply basically that Wonder Woman doesn’t matter in the film but I believe her character careys just as much weight. I bring up one more point to close, I wish this statement would reach the ears of the ones making this film. I want you to honestly consider doing a story true to the comics I promise you that you would have no fan displeased. Ask anyone Hollywood.

  42. Dave Briggs says:

    Superman/Batman movie. Don’t bother with a title,all you need are both insignia! Job done

  43. They should call this “Snyderman 2: Worst Casting EVER”

    • Keitarious says:

      I completely agree about the casting. Why would you cast an actor that looks like he just hit college as Luther, why would you cast an actress that will need lots of CG and stunt doubles as Wonder woman. I don’t see what so wrong with Brian Cranston(he said he’d do it) or Gina Carano(She’s perfect for it).

  44. Alix says:

    “World’s Finest” just reminds me of those chocolate bars we had to sell as kids for a fund-raiser (and I’ve seen today’s kids still selling them). While yummy, they do not particularly invoke a Superman and Batman movie thought!

    • Clark Wayne says:

      Any true Superman and Batman fan would instantly recognize that Worlds Finest is a Superman Batman movie.

      there is a reason why that is currently in the lead on this pole.

      I think Worlds finest is the top choice, but Public Enemies and The Brave & The Bold are also great Iconic choices for fans of the characters.

    • cadavra says:

      It also reminds those of us older than you are of “World’s Finest,” the DC comic that paired Superman and Batman for 45 years.

  45. cameron says:

    man of steel: darkest knight

  46. Lando says:

    Men in Tights

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